• What was Llewellyn, Lewallen, Lewelling, Luallen, Lewellen, etc?
    This was the name given to the MyFamily site for Llewellyn surname research.

  • What was MyFamily?
    MyFamily was a web site run by Ancestry that allowed users to form groups for the purpose of family research that interested the group.

  • When was MyFamily in service?
    This group was in action from early 2008 until Sept. 2014

  • How do I find things in the Archive?
    The site contains a menu that contains a Search page. Use the Search function to search through this entire web site including the Archived pages. Over time, additional finding tools will be added.

  • Why are some pages not linked or missing?
    It took a tremendous effort to bring the pages back to life and so I decided that some things could be omitted. For example, purely social conversations about DNA special pricing, holiday greetings, new member greetings, recipes, etc.

  • How was this accomplished?
    When the MyFamily site closure was announced, Ancestry allowed us to create a rather useless archive so I visited every page and created a Web Archive file of each page. Technically, this preserved all text and text formatting but could not replicate the site in its entirety.

  • Does this mean all information in the Archive is now public?
    Yes. If you were a member and you see something you want removed, please email me. I cannot fund a site as sophisticated as the MyFamily site was.

  • Since all information is public does that mean anyone can use Google Search to find it?

  • What functionality has been lost from the original Llewellyn, Lewallen, Lewelling, Luallen, Lewellen, etc. site?
    The site is public, membership is not required to read our old discussions. Therefore, users cannot add or remove or organize this information. There is no calendar, chat, file cabinet, polling, or other methods for classifying information.

  • Why are there so many "broken links"?
    Many of the sites we "bookmarked" were run by individuals or organizations that stopped paying for their web hosting. In some cases, individuals hosted their own web pages using services that have since gone out of business. I tested most of the links as I copied and pasted the text but I know I missed a few, particularly when they were buried in extensive pages.

  • I recall posting a link for a specific web site and I no longer see those links. What happened to them?
    When a page had only a link and no discussion about the link, I omitted it to save time. In the near future I will identify those pages and create a Resources page with all of the links that are still valid.

  • It is difficult to follow some of the discussions, why?
    I collapsed the threading of comments to save time. Therefore, when reading a post, the lower portions may contain the answer to the original query posed in the post. In other words - you can figure it out if you try.

  • Why couldn't we have a fully functional site with memberships and some of the functions we had?
    I actually built a site with much of that capability but by the time I had it functional, it was costing me about $120 per month. This site costs $120 per year. I talked with several developers that started genealogy sites and they all told me the same thing - the small entrpeneurs cannot make money with genealogy. Although I do not necessarily want to make money, the point is, most people cannot afford monthly fees for genealogy services.

  • Do you have any Site Search tips?
    Yes. It works just like Google. Read this. If you enter a search term of Anderson you will get all pages that contain Anderson; could be Anderson anybody! If you enter Anderson Lewellen it will get all pages that contain both Anderson and Lewellen and of course it could be Anderson Smith and James Lewellen. If you really want only posts with Anderson Lewellen enter your search term as "Anderson Lewellen" and you will get all pages that contain that specific person.