At a younger age I had wished that my ancestry would yield a rich tapestry of power, intrigue, and drama. But, like so many of us, it just failed to be true. In fact, history is hiding much of the story. Very little family history was passed along from the generations as it seems to have not been valued in our family.

However, it has been handed down that William Llewellyn was my ancestor but I was quite young when this information was passed down to me. I memorized it when told but was unsure of who William's father was. I verified William's father was Anderson Lewellin.

So I start with my personal knowledge of my lineage with details backed up with some research:

First Generation

1. Anderson1 Lewellin (father unknown) was born about 1764, probably in Prince Edward Co., VA. Died about 1829. He married Lucy Rice 8 June 1784 in Prince Edward Co., VA. Lucy Rice, died about 1833 in Morgan County, TN, daughter of Charles Rice [^1] and Francis Crenshaw. The children are:

  i.Andrew Lucien Lewellin, born 7 October 1793 at Wake County, NC, died 30 November 1873, Scott Co., TN
  ii.Joel Lewallin, born about 1804 at Wake County, NC, died about 1885.
+2iii. William L. Llewellyn, born 31 August 1809, died 16 November 1897, buried at Grassy Valley Baptist Cemetery, Concord, Knox Co., TN
  iv.John Llewellyn, b. 12 February 1812, Roane Co., Tennessee, d. 16 November 1896, Taylor Co., Texas

For more information see A Father for Anderson Lewellin

Second Generation

2. William2 Llewellyn (Anderson1) born 2 August 1809 in Wake County, NC., died 16 November 1897 and is buried at Grassy Valley Baptist Church, Concord, TN. He married Nancy Wallace about 1830. Nancy was reportedly of Anderson County, TN, and died 13 June 1896 His father brought William to Tennessee sometime during 1811. He settled in what was then Roane County, TN in an area roughly bounded by the communities of Sunbright, Burrville and Glen Mary [^2] . By his 27th year he had amassed 3010 acres in Morgan County. He was a constable of Morgan County and later a District Magistrate of Knox County, TN. He and his family moved with their son John to Knox County.

The children of William and Nancy are:

  i.Levisey Llewellyn, born about 1832, died 19 December 1868, married Riley Hamby and had 7 children
  ii.Anderson Llewellyn, born 20 May 1834, died 13 September 1855 and buried at Montgomery Cemetery, Morgan County, TN.
+3iii. John Llewellyn, born 19 January 1836, died 16 February 1910 and buried at Grassy Valley Baptist Cemetery, Concord, Knox County, TN
  iv.Rebecca Llewellyn, born 5 November 1837, died 27 June 1916. Married James M. McCart
  v.Charles Howard Llewellyn, born 12 May 1845, died 25 March 1872. Married Sarah Elizabeth Dickey 6 March 1863. Charles was a Confederate war veteran
  vi.i. William Russell, born 1 February 1848, died 22 May 1919, married Sarah Scott Hendrix 10 July 1870
  v.i. Smith H. Llewellyn, born 7 October 1849, died 12 July 1904 at Lenoir City, Loudon Co., TN. He married Sarah E. J. Tilson 18 April 1868
  vi.James H. Llewellyn, born October 1852

For more information about William see William Llewellyn

Third Generation

3. John3 Llewellyn (William2, Anderson1) born 19 January 1836 at Morgan County, TN, died 16 February 1910 and is buried at Grassy Valley Baptist Cemetery, Concord, TN. He married Elizabeth Elmyra Shannon about 1860 in Morgan County, TN. Elizabeth Elmyra Shannon, born 5 August 1831, died 14 June 1902 and was buried at Grassy Valley Baptist Cemetery. She was the daughter of James and Mary Shannon of Morgan County, TN. The children are:

  i.William A. Llewellyn, born 1861, married Bell Larew, 14 June 1885
  ii.Nancy Jane Llewellyn, born 1863, married Thomas B. Aocke, 17 April 1884.
+4iii. John Bell Llewellyn, born 25 July 1865, died 8 April 1903.
  iv.Newton C. Llewellyn, born 1867, died 13 October 1935
  v.Charles S. Llewellyn, born 1870, died 1935, marred a lady named Alice
  vi.Freeman H. Llewellyn, born 19 October 1873, died 2 June 1936, married Miranda McCulley, 20 September 1906 in Knox County, TN

For more information about John Llewellyn.

Fourth Generation

4. John Bell4 Llewellyn (John3, William2, Anderson1) son of John and Elizabeth Elmyra (Shannon) Llewellyn, born 25 July 1865 at Morgan County, TN and died 8 April 1903 at Concord, Knox County, TN. He married Mary Elizabeth Reagan 25 December 1887. She was the daughter of James M. and Amy J. Reagan, born 21 July 1866, died 30 September 1946

The children are:

  i.Elsie Irene Llewellyn, born 12 January 1889, died 15 December 1967, never married, no children
  ii.Elmer Reagan Llewellyn, born 23 October 1892, died June 1964, married Evelyn Lones, no children. After entering service on May 24, 1918 became a member of Second Corp., Artillery Park Battery. After arrival overseas took part in the actions of St. Mihiel, the Aisne-Marne, and Argonne-Meuse Offensives. Attached to the French 2nd Army [^3] .
  iii.Charles Cornelius Llewellyn, born 18 August 1893, died September 1967, married Pauline Bryan and divorced, married Velma Seay, no children. Entered military service on July 14, 1918 and was assigned to the 49th Company, 13th Battalion, 166th Depot Brigade, stationed at Camp Lewis, Washington. On August 23rd was transferred to Machine Gun Company of the 12th Infantry. Was also on duty at Camp Fremont, California before being discharged on February 13, 1919 at Camp Stuart Virginia [^4] .
+5iv.Frank Ira Llewellyn, born 12 December 1898, died 18 December 1989
  v.i. Janie Llewellyn, born 12 June 1900, died December 1968, no children
  vi.Edward Oates Llewellyn, October 1902, died January 1903, infant

For more information about John Bell Llewellyn

Fifth Generation

5. Frank5 Llewellyn (John Bell4, John3, William2, Anderson1) My grandfather. No other information posted due to privacy concerns. This makes me, Rick Llewellyn, the seventh generation from Anderson Lewellin.