Book of Emigrants in Bondage 1614-1775

Billie Harris - Aug 14, 2008

This was taken from Rick Llewellyn's web site.   I've wanted to obtain a copy of the immigrants but haven't had an opportunity to get to the genealogical library to do so, and fortunately he had it on his site.   I'm sure there are probably other such records so if anyone can add to these, please do.  

Many of our early ancestors came over in bondage, and records for one of my own ancestors shows he did.

In going over the following, it appears most of these individuals arrived in Maryland.   I've rearranged these according to chronology.

Source: The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614 –  1775, p. 504

Name Facts

1735 - Samuel LUELLING stealing, reprieved for transported and transported April 1735, on ship Patapsco, with Landing certificate at Annapolis, MD October 1735 from Middlesex

1742 - Thomas LLEWELLIN stealing, sentenced for transportation at Redwick on ship Summer 1742 for Maryland

1743 - David LLUELLIN stealing, sentenced 14 yrs, November 1743, transported on the ship George William, from Middlesex

1756 - Samuel LLEWELLIN stealing calf skins, sentenced to transportation, at Trebegg, on ship Summer, 1756 for Maryland

1760 - William LLEWELLIN stealing, ox, sentenced for transportation at Lent, 14 yrs, transported on Summer, 1760 for Maryland

1771 - John LLUELLIN stealing from October to December, 1771, transported on ship Justitia, from London

1773 - Elizabeth LEWELLIN stealing, sentenced May to July of 1773, from Middlesex

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