Billie Harris - Jun 30, 2008

Going through postings on the internet last night, I came across a posting which gives all the information above, and then substantially more.   At one time I did a book on just Wiley's family, including many photos provided me by various descendants, and sent it to the family members who requested it.   That was before the internet and it included current generations which I've tried to delete from the above, however, the site gives the names of living people but no personal information on the individuals, so if you want to see a more updated version of the above, here's the site: [NOTE: broken link]

Billie Harris - Feb 27, 2010

Last night in going through Ancestry, I found both Mary (Polly) Lewallen, wife of Wiley, and Araminta Lewallen, Calvin's second wife, listed in the 1880 census for Bell County, Texas.   The information is incorporated above.   Unfortunately there's only a fragment of the 1890 census and nothing was found for either of them that year nor was I able to find anything for them in 1900 so it's possible both had passed away by that time.

Billie Harris - Oct 6, 2012

I am now adding Wiley (b ca 1795) as a son of Anderson and Lucy Rice.   Today I came across an e-mail dated Nov. 2, 2000, from Wayne Lewallen.   Wayne has always contended that Wiley was a son of Anderson's and i remember receiving this e-mail but had misplaced it until today.   Here's what he says:

"The first record I have of Anderson Lewallen in Tennessee is from a deed that I found in Clinton, Anderson County court house.   Anderson Luallen had purchased 50 acres of land from Nathaniel Taylor of Knox County.   The land was located in an area of Anderson that was later cut off as part of the formation of Morgan County in 1817.   One of the witnesses to this deed was Wiley Luallen.   The same parcel of land was sold to Anderson's son, Andrew Luallen from Anderson Luallen in Morgan County May 12, 1821.

"Wiley is listed on a Morgan County tax list, as I recall, ca 1820.

"From a land entry in Morgan County tax list, as I recall, ca 1820.

"From a land entry in Morgan County dated November 24, 1824 the survey was made February 2, 1825 for Walter Davis (brother of Malinda Davis Luallen, wife of Andrew Luallen).   the land was located on Wolf Creek adjacent to entries made by George Gilmore and WILEY LUALLEN.   Chain carriers were William and Joel Luallen (sons of Anderson and Lucy Luallen and brother to Andrew.)   I obtained the survey information from the register of deeds office in Wartburg, Morgan County, TN., land entry book 1.

"From an oral family history given to my gg-grandfather Andrew russell Lewallen b. 1849.   i should point out that Andrew was living at the same time of and knew his grandfather, Andrew L. Lewallen and Andrew L. was a son of Anderson and Lucy Lewallen.   They both lived on Wolf Creek Morgan (later Scott) county TN.

"Andrew states that Wiley was a son of Anderson Lewallen and had brothers John, Joel, William Andrew, Thomas, Jesse.   I should also point out that I received this genealogy as 3rd generation information and I can not verify its accuracy..."

Mary Harris Johnson - Oct 6, 2012

I have Wiley as Anderson's son, and I have him as the oldest and born about 1786. I have   Anderson with eight children.

Billie Harris - Oct 6, 2012

The earliest any census shows him to be born is 1795.   Another shows him born 1799.   I know what I just posted from Wayne and Wayne is an excellent Lewallen researcher... however, after posting, I still have some reservations.   By about 1810, Anderson had left Wake County, however, Wiley's first child was born there 1822.   If Wiley was born 1795, surely Anderson wouldn't have left him behind when he left for Tennessee around 1810.   It still isn't adding up right.