Lewallen Families from Georgia

Bill Crawford - Jun 7, 2008

Use the following link to view my website of Ga. Lewallens and related families. Click on any file, photo or link related items and view what you wish to see.

[NOTE: broken link]

Bill Crawford - Jun 7, 2008

Thanks Billie for the comments on my website. It is the work of several years with a lot of help from family and other Lewallen researchers. We have for a long time been trying to trace our John L. Lewallen family from either Arkansas or Tennessee into Northeast Georgia but with no luck.

Billie Harris - Jun 7, 2008

Bill, do you know of a male Lewallen who descends from John that will possibly do a DNA test?   We need to get a database and hopefully can eventually tie in some of these families.

Bill Crawford - Jun 7, 2008

Martha Lewallen's husband(Jerry Nelson Lewallen)may very well   be. He descends from Floyd Lewallen s/o John L.

Billie Harris - Apr 4, 2009

Has a genealogy for the Banks County family been put together and posted on this site?   I may be missing it but if it is, let me know because I'd like to take a look at it again.   After all, the DNA matches the one for several who descend from other lines and it would be nice if we could find the connection.