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Billie Harris - Aug 24, 2008

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ObitFinder™ searches obituaries from more than 650 national & international newspapers and the U.S. Social Security Death Index to provide the most accurate and timely obituary information available.  

Newspaper obituary information is updated daily. ObitFinder™ searches newspaper obituaries dating as early as February, 2001. However, not all newspapers have obituary information that dates back this far. A list of more than 650 national & international newspapers includes the dates available for each newspaper. Search results display the text of the obituary, photo (if available), and Guest Book (if available).

Social Security Death Index (SSDI) data used on this site dates back to January 1, 2001, and is updated weekly. Search results display date of birth, date of death, zip code, and town and state of last known residence. Please note that keyword search is not available for the SSDI data.  

Recently published obituaries can be accessed at no charge, as can Social Security Death Index information.

Obituaries from our archive can be accessed for a small fee.  

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