INDIANA - Chronology

Billie Harris - Aug 29, 2008

Indiana was a free state (slavery) and in the 1820's people were moving from North Carolina (slavery state) to Indiana so that may give a clue in researching for this

List of RIVERS in Indiana:


1830 - Census shows Thomas Luallen

1832 - William Lewallen married Mary Reaves April 26

1860 - Thomas Lewelling died.   He was born 1783 and is buried in the Lewelling family cemetery.


1909 - Rice Lewallen died at age 79 years 1 month 24 days.   He was a widower and his son, James provided information for his death certificate.   He was born 1808 Knox County, Kentucky as Anderson Rice Lewallen, and was the son of Anderson Lewallen who was born in North Carolina.


(see Wayne county below)

1820 - Census shows Thomas D. Lewellen

1830 - Census show   Thomas L. Lewellen on page 16 and Samuel R. Lewellen on page 30

1835 - John A. Llewellyn was born.   He was the son of Thomas and Anna Adams Davis Lewellyn.   (info from McDonnell web site)

1850 - Census shows Thomas D. Lewellen born 1796 KY, Anna born 1794, William born 1830, John born 1835.   Living next door William Haggard age 44, physician born Ireland.

1873 - EUB Church History.
Rev. Thomas D. Lewellyn was a circuit rider and helped found Pleasant View United Brethern Methodist Church below Borden, near the town of Bridgeport in 1873.
...In 1832 Rev. Thomas Lewellyn who came from Kentucky and settled about six miles west of Memphis [IN], organized a church which was known as "Lewellyn's."
...Rev. Thomas D. Lewellyn was born in 1795 and died 1881 being aged 86.

1880 - Census shows in June:.
Dwelling 235 Family 238
Lewellen, Thomas age 84 Farmer. b. KY. Fa. b. VA. Mo. b. MD
wife, Annie age 86 b. KY. Par b. VA.
2 grandchildren:
Lizzie, age 20, b.IN. Fa b. IN. Mo b. PA.
John, age 2, b.IN. Par. b.IN (son of Lizzie?)
Dwelling 234. Family 237.
Lewellen, George W M 27       Married. Farmer.
family:       Ida, Olvey, Darcey E., and Ivy.


1817 - Serena Luallen married William Bullington

1843 - Elias Lewallen married Catherine K. Mills

1845 - Elias Luallen married Mary Hendron
1845 - Elizabeth Jane Luallen married Pinckney Poe


1822 - Isaac LAWALLIN to Mary Gibson 6 April

1823 - Ann Lawallin married Charles Strange Dec. 26

1825 - Isaac Lawalin married Mary Gibson Apr. 6

1830 - Census shows Chloe Lewallen

1831 - Sylvester Lawalin married Lucinda Strange Apr. 29 (See Perry County)

1841 - Marriage License granted to Jesse Luallen of Martin County and Rhoda Nunly of Daviss County Aug. 30, 1841.   Married by Jeremiah Kerk 9 Sept. 1841.

1854 - Sarah Ann LewEllen married John Collins, issued July 21

1859 - Lucinda Lawellen married Thomas York Feb. 6

1856 - Elizabeth Lawallen married James simpson

1865 - Marriage license issued to Moses Lewellen and Emily Calihan Dec. 20, 1865

1867 - John Lewallen married Cornelia York

1878 - James Lewallen married Sarah A. McPeek

1880 - Charlotte L. Lawallin married George M? Jackson Jan. 2
1880 - Elizabeth Lawallin married David Himeman Jan. 2.

1883 - Margaret Lewallen married John A. Taylor Sept. 20

1884 - Mary F. Lawalin married James Snider

1885 - John A. Lewallen married Flora V. Waltrs Dec. 13

1889 - Mary Lewallen married Isaac Simpson Mar. 3

1892 - Maud J. Lawalin married John F. Gatchel
1892 - Ollie B. Lawlin married Solocan Mitchell Oct. 19

1902 - Frank Lawalin married Berta Lots? Dec. 24
Mary Ada Lawallin married Henry Mitchell

1904 - Eva Lawallin married Sylvan Mosbey

1909 - Firman Lewallen born Dec. 4 to Artie and Alice (Burriss) Lewallen

1910 - Ralph Lewallen born Dec. 28 to Everett and Lizzie (Kinnoman) Lewallen
1910 - Lavader Lawahin married Jose Schoenenberger Jan 4.   Schoenenbergr was born July 20, 1887

1912 - Helen W. Lewallen born to Arthur and Alice (Burress) Lewallen Feb. 4
1912 - Lora A. Lewallen born to Everett and Lizzie (Kinneman) Lewallen Nov. 19

1914 - Iva D. Lewallen born to Artie and Alie (Burress) Apr. 17

1915 - Fronie Lawalin married Vernon Hicks
1915 - Addie Lawalin married Edwin Baumgart

1916 - Clarence L. Lewallen born to Artie and Alice Burress Sept. 14
1916 - Mattie Lawalin married John W. Snider
1917 - James Lawalin married Ella S. Stephens Dec. 31
1919 - Barbara R. Lawalin married Emery Wm Mosby

1920 - Ada Fay Lewalin married Otis Emery Malone Jan 29.   He was born May 27, 1899


1830 - Census shows:    
   Page 407 - Benjamin Luellen, William Luellen, Joseph Luellen    
   Page 408 - William Luellen


See marriage list following.

1820 - Census shows Thomas Lewallen

1838 - Felix Lewallen married Margaret Thorp May 18 (son of Samuel and Elizabeth, from Monongalia County, W.V.
1838 - Rebecca Luellen married Abraham Life Sept. 27

1841 -   Samuel Smith Lewellen died Mar 1 at age 61 and was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Liberty township.   HIs wife was Elizabeth Gough and their known children were Rawley, Nancy and Felix.   They moved to this county from Monongalia County, West Virginia (he was the son of Thomas Lewallen and said to descend from Samuel Llewellyn)

1849 - Elizabeth (Gough) Lewallen died.   She was the wife of Samuel Smith Lewallen (see 1841)

1845 - Wells County created from part of Delaware County

Marriages of Delaware County:

           Lewellen Albert R Essie Leffler Dec 19 1900 C-13 416
           Lewellen Annie I Wilson Pidgeon Mar 19 1966 W Mar 20 1915 C-23 13
           Lewellen Arch O Lady Atwood Mar 19 1889 W Dec 8 1915 C-23 385
           Lewellen Artemissa Lewis Smith July 22 1893 C-10 413
           Lewellen Bertha H George Poland Oct 31 1911 C-19 341
           Lewellen Blanche Asa St Clair Nov 29 1906 C-17 3
           Lewellen Charles W Hazel M King Jan 18 1885 W Oct 9 1912 C-20 406
           Lewellen Edna E Clyde Martin Oct 28 1905 C-16 150
           Lewellen Felix Margaret Tharp May 18 1838 C-1 199
           Lewellen Franklin D Medora Hopking May 10 1887 W June 14 1915 C-23 134
           Lewellen Harry C Alpha Brock Oct 26 1889 W May 25 1918 C-26 193
           Lewellen Hattie Eliza Dillon June 5 1909 C-18 182
           Lewellen Ira B Kathryn McArthur Nov 13 1889 W Apr 3 1913 C-21 132
           Lewellen Jasper M Josie Duddleston Nov 27 1901 C-14 110
           Lewellen John O Hulda Campton Dec 25 1877 C-7 44
           Lewellen Jonathan M Hester Cemer Dec 22 1859 C-3 540
           Lewellen Josephus Mary J Truitt Mar 2 1854 C-3 86
           Lewellen Josephus Louisa Davis Sept 30 1869 C-5 317
           Lewellen Mary E William Bosman Nov 2 1876 C-6 487
           Lewellen Mary J Philip Moore Aug 18 1870 C-5 411
           Lewellen Mary R Carl Poland July 10 1892 W Apr 26 1917 C-25 61
           Lewellen Nora L Franklin Border June 6 1906 C-16 325
           Lewellen Osie Edward Shockley Apr 22 1902 C-14 357
           Lewellen Ray M Carrie Holt Nov 27 1902 C-14 430
           Lewellen Sarah E Charles Mason Jan 17 1878 C-7 51
           Lewellen Thomas W Bertha Bryan Dec 19 1900 C-13 417
           Lewellen Viva Solomon Christie Jan 1 1891 C-9 540
           Lewellen Wendell G Hazel Hardsog Dec 11 1894 W Jan 2 1918 C-26 8
           Lewellen Willard F Artimissa Johnson Aug 5 1880 C-7 346
           Lewellen Zerah Sarah Truitt Nov 6 1851 C-2 530
           Lewellen Zerah M Liszzie Truitt Sept 9 1894 C-11 28
           Lewellen Zerah O Mattie Confer Nov 30 1882 C-8 56
           Lewellyn Frank Edith Melson Feb 12 1910 C-18 408
           Llowellyn William F Hilda Sommers June 12 1906 C16 336
           Luellon Druzilla Leonard Nelson - Mar 18 1847 C-2 235
           Luellen Elizabeth George W Current - Aprl 19 1838 C-1 196
           Luellen Julian George Ketterman - Nov 11 1845 C-2 177
           Luellen Robecca Abraham Life - Sept 27 1838 C-1 210


1820 - Census shows Shaderick Lewellen, 1-0-0-1-0-0   1-0-1-0-0

1850 -   Census shows no Lewellens


1830 - Census shows Elisha Lewellen and Samuel Lewellen

1834 - Dennis Lewellin married Sarah Jane Johnston.

1850 - Census shows, Wabash township:
   Sarah J. Lewellen, 32, F, $300 –  Ohio
         Mary, 15, F, Ind.
         David, 12, M. Ind.
         Elizabeth A., 4, F, Ind.  


1852 - Benjamin F. Lewallen married Harriet McClain April 27

Missessinewa is just north of Marion in Grant County, Indiana Abstracts of the Records of the Friends of the Society of Friends in Indiana, Part 3, edited by Willard Heiss shows:
Messessinewa –  Marion Monthly Meetings:
1882 - 10-11-1882 John Luellen & children Martha, Hanah, Edgar and Samuel.
Joseph received a letter from Newberry.   Monthly meeting
1887 - 2-5 Alfaretta Lewellen received by request
1899 - 8-9-1899 Edgar Luellen granted a certificate.   Westfield. Monthly meeting. Indiana.
New Salem:
1894 -3-3-1894 Alfaretta Lewellen granted a certificate.   Kokomo monthly meeting.
1894 - 5-5-1894 Alfaretta Lewellen informs she has been a member of M.E.Ch. for 1 year.   Kokomo ret. certificate.   Her membership ceases
1894 - 12-15-1894 Hattie E. Lewellen received by request
1895 - 2-2-1895 Alphretta Lewellen received by request
1896 - 2-1-1896 Alphretta Lewellen resigned to join another meeting house


1830 - Census shows Matthew Lawlin  

(formed 1822, unorganized area)

Townships (map):

1820 - Census shows Meshach Lewellen.   (Meshach was probably the son of William and Mary Lewelling of Randolph County, N.C. who were Quakers and their descendants were horticulturists.   According to the 1840 census, he would have been born 1780-90.

1825 - U.S. General Land Office records, doc. 5512 shows that Meshach Luallen bought 80 acres of land issued at the Brookville land office 10 March.

1830 - Census shows Meshach Lewellen
1830 - Abstract shows in March,   Meshack Lewelling v. Ezekiel Leavell,Jesse Forkner, and Anthony Boggs, trepass on Dec. 21 1826 defendants broke fence and took from close of the plaintiff a bay mare worth $60, causing damages of $100. Then entered house and broke a clock, damage $100.   At April 1827 term of court defendants pleaded not guilty. Their defense was that in Nov. 1825 a court of assessment for the 48th Regiment of Indiana Milita held at the house of Jeremiah Meek with Thomas R. Stanford as judge advocate and Mathew McKinney as provost marshall fined Lewelling for non performance of milita duty in 1825, the said plantiff professing to be conscientiously scruplous of bearing arms; In Dec 1825, it imposed fine of $2.50. On Jan. 2, 1826 they made a list of fines to be collected, issued by Elijah Long, Senior Officer, and delegated to Sheriff Jesse H. Healey, who did not collect them. Then fines turned over to Leavell, who seized the horse and sold it at auction on Jan. 1, 1827, for $23.01. Leavell returned to Lewelling $18.07 3/4 which Lewelling refused to accept. Court found for defendants Lewelling appealed to the Indiana Supreme Court with William Butler as security. Supreme Court reversed on technicalty involving identification of the sheriff and remanded back to Henry County to new trial. Court finds for defendants
   (It appears Meshach Lewelling was a conscious objector to the war, and since he was Quaker, that was probably the

1836 - David and Abigail (Jones) Luellen came from Preston County, West Virginia, to Henry County:
HISTORY OF HENRY COUNTY”, page 769, reads:
“Jesse Luellen was born in Preston County, W. Va., Aug. 17, 1827, a son of David and Abigail (Jones) Luellen.   His parents came to Henry County, Ind. in 1836, and settled on the farm now owned by our subject.   His father was born April 19, 1796, and died May 1, 1855.   His mother was born Aug. 9, 1797, and is still living.   to them were born twelve children:   ten lived to maturity, and six are still living.   They were members of the Baptist church from their youth.   Jesse Luellen went to learn the blacksmith’s trade, when eighteen years of age, and served an apprenticeship of one year.   He worked at his trade eighteen years, at the same time carrying on his farm.   He owns forty-seven and a half acres of excellent land, on which is a pleasant residence and comfortable buildings.   For the past ten years he has given considerable attention to the treatment of diseases of horses and has met with marked success.   He was married when twenty-one years of age to Susan J. Lake, who died in 1858, leaving two children, Mary L., and Thomas.   In 1860 he married Sarah J., daughter of Cornelius and Ann Smith.   To them have been born eight children; but four are living –  Anna, Agnes, Emma and Albert.   Mr. Luellen has been a member of the Masonic fraternity twenty-five years.”

1837 -   Thomas Lewellen married Mariam Osborne 30 Sept.   (probably a son of David and Abigail Luellen...see
1837 -   Gabesh Luellen married Mary Macy 16 Apr. 1837 (probably son of David and Abigail Luellen...see
1837 - Quaker Records Indiana Yearly Meeting Duck Creek M.M. Marriages (Henry County) shows Meshach Lewelling, son of William and Mary (dead) married Margaret Williams, daughter of James and Julia Ann (dead) 27 July 1837

1840 - Census shows:
   Prairie Township:  
   David Lewallen with two males under 5, one 5-10, two 10-15, one 15-20 and one 40-50 (1790-1800)   Two females 15-20, one female 20-30, one female 40-50.   Neighbors included Russell, Fredrick, McClellan, Murphy, Davis, Taylor, Smith, Wise
   Stony Creek Township:
   Jabish Lewallen with one male under 10, one 20-30 (1810-1820), one female 20-30.   Neighbors included Blunk, finch, Current, Terhume, Mennafold, Burkett, Kesler
   Henry Township:
   Meshach Lewallen with two males under 5, one male 5-10, one male 15-20, one male 20-30, one male 50-60 (1780-90), one female 10-15, one female 30-40.   Neighbors included:   Buffkin, Madison, Chambers, Leonard, Wickersham, Dysart, Phelps, Rodgers, Williams

1840 - Meshach Lewelling made his Will Nov. 13.   To my Wife Margaret Lewelling: The following land, To-wit: WSW 21-17-10, SE 20-17-10 and ESW 20-17-10 all in Henry township. My Children: (of Jane (Brookshire) and Meshack) The NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10 divided by four (4) to wit: Seth Lewelling: The NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10     Jane Lewelling: The SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10     Henry Lewelling, no provisions;       Henderson Lewelling, no provisions,     John Lewelling, no provisions     William Lewelling, no provisions,   Mary Lewelling, no provisions,     Thomas J. Lewelling, no provisions,     (Margaret (Williams) and Meshack's children: )   Harrison G. Lewelling,   The NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10,     Jefferson W. Lewelling: The SE 1/4 " " " " " "         Davius Williams (stepson), no provisions for land.     EXECUTORS, Henry and Seth Lewelling.   Witnesses John Bond and James Barnard

Information on the internet shows the following land transactions, but the dates weren't given on all, so it would appear the Lewellings left the area perhaps around 1843:
William Lewelling to: Seth Hinshaw appointed Power of Attorney 19 Dec.1843 Deed book L, page # 181  
To Margaret (Williams) and Henry Lewelling (wife and son): The: 40 acres in northeast1/2 of the southwest 1/4 of section 18-17-10, Henry township.
Deed book L, page # 232  
James Barnard, 40 acres in the northwest half of the northwest quarter of section 21-17-10, Henry Township.
Deed book "L", page # 543  
William Lewelling (son) to: Abner Pickering, 1.5 acres in the east 1/2 of the southeast 1/4 of section 35-17-9 in Greensboro township.
Deed book "L", page # 554  
William Lewelling (son) to: David Goble, Lot in southwest corner of southeast 1/4 of section 35-17-9 in the town of Greensboro known as lot # 1, block #2.
Deed book "L", page # 555  
Henry Lewelling (son) to: Thomas Hunt, northeast 1/4 of section 19-17-10.
Deed book "L", page # 582  
William Lewelling (son) to: Cyrus Hinshaw, Lot # 2 in Blk. # 2 on Mill St. in Greensboro.
Deed book "M", page # 277

Other Lewelling Deed Records:  
Meshack Lewelling to Henry Lewelling: W 1/2 of the NE 1/4 Book "K", p. 546
Abraham Payne to Meshack Lewelling: Lot 5 in Blk. 6 in Greensboro Book "K", p. 564
Henry Lewelling to Meshack Lewelling: S 1/2 of E 1/2 SW 1/4 17-17-10 Book "K", p. 565
Jehu Wickersham to Meshack Lewelling: SW corner of Lot 1 in Blk. 2 on Mill Street.
Lot # 2 in Blk. # 2 on Mill St.
Lot # 7 in blk. # 5 on Main & Broad St.
Lot # 5 in blk. # 3 on Mill St.
Lot # 5 in blk. # 5 on Mill St.
All lots in Greensboro town. Bk. "K", p.566
Margaret Williams Lewelling, her dower to Henry Lewelling: Book "K", p.586
Southeast 1/4/ of section 20-17-10
East 1/2 of Southwest 1/4 of 20-17-10
West 1/2 of Southwest 1/4 of 21-17-10
Southeast 1/4 of Southwest 1/4 of 19-17-10
Southeast 1/4 of Northeast 1/4 of 28-17-10
128 acres of land in Wabash County and all lots in the Town of Greensboro

1844 - Feb. 28.   Margaret Williams Lewelling married Stephen Burris (wife of Meshach who died 1840)

1850 - Census shows no Lewallens  

1920 - census
Walter Luellen 51 (1869) born Ind, father born VA, mother IN
   Susan 48 IN IN IN
   Albert 20 IN IN IN
   Etta 18 IN IN IN
   William 16 IN IN IN
   George 14 IN IN IN
   Ida Belle 11 IN IN IN
   Leon 7 IN IN IN
   Sally Sweasengin 41, sister in law IN IN IN


1860 Census - Thomas Lewellen in Green Township.   Age 36 (1814) Virginia.   Wife Miriam 41, William 11, Eunice 8 and Esther 7.


History of Jay County, Indiana shows Mishach Lewallen, wife Hannah.   One of the stories in the book is about John Brooks who went to see his sister, Hannah Lewallen in Ridgeville.   There were only three families in that settlement, Mishack Lewallen, Joab Ward and Stephen Jones.   The story talks about John's wife, Mary, and the hardships she endured not living near any white people and seeing relatively few in ten years, and being by herself much of the time.   It mentions Lewallen building the first mill.   This Mishach (wife Hannah) would be the son of Shadrach and Deborah Burson Lewallen.   John Brooks was born in Pennsylvania 1790's.


1840 - Census shows P. Lewallen  


1836 - Elizabeth Lewallen married Jonathan May December 18

1840 - Census shows Moses Lewelling/Lewallen as age 50-59

1845 - court document.   Indictment for simple mayhem.   March.   State of Indiana vs John Lewelling.   ....The verdict of the Jury was ordered to be handed to the Clerk and after the adjournment of Court.   The jury returned the following Verdict, to wit:   We the Jury find the defendant not guilty as charged in the Indictment... "   (From Llewellyn Traces)

1850 - Moses Lewelling age 60 born NC is shown living with another family.   His wife was Matilda agep 40, and children Amelia 20, Jefferson 17, Mary 16, Manley 14, Emily, Alfred, Harris and Esther.

1870 - Census shows Moses Lewelling born 1785 NC age 85, wife Matilda 50, children Thomas J. 32   (probably Thomas and Amelia 34

1880 - Census shows Moses Lewelling, a widower born 1784.

1900 - Census shows Telitha (?) Lewellen listed in Geneva Township as the wife, age 40, of (Moses) Jefferson Lewellen.   Children on that census are daughter Zulu, age 14, and a son Marion age 11, as well as a son George Lewellen age 15, who doesn't figure in this guardianship.   The people who copied the information (Jim and Christine Lou-Ellen West) are descendants of Joseph Lewellen whom it iss believed was a son of William Lewelling who died 1798/9 in Randolph County, N.C.   From Llewellyn Traces Mar. June 1997

1902 - State of Indiana, Jennings County.   I, John Tomlinson, swear that I will honestly and faithfully discharge the duties of my trust as Guardian of Zula and Marion Lewellen, minor heirs of Telitha Lewellen, deceased, according to law.   So Help Me God.   s/s John Tomlinson. 28 July.   (from Llewellyn Traces.  


1891 - Pleasant Lewallen was born Aug. 16.   He died Oct. 29, 1973.   His wife was June (Byers) born 6/16/93 Sheridan, IN.   Their children were:   Marvin B. born 10/21/1913, Pleasant S. born 3/16/1916, Coral Jean born 5/10/1918, Nancy born 6/30/1933.   Pleasant was the son of Rowlet and Margaret Ann (Six) Lewallen.   Rowlet was said to have been the son of a Rice Lewallen born in KY.


1830 -   Census shows on page Burk Luallen

The Archives Division of the Indiana State Library says:   “The Civil War record of Thomas J. Lawalin, Company F, 26th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers states that his nativity was Martin County, Indiana.   That would indicate that he was born in the United States rather than having immigrated here as a small child.   His age at time of enrollment was 27.   Two others from Perry County, Indiana in the Civil War were James M. Lewellen and John Lewellen.   Both of these men were also born in Martin County, Indiana..."”

1836 - THOMAS J. (or A) LAWALLIN born Martin Co., Ind. 1/18/1836; died 5/7/1898 Perry Co., Ind.   wife Mary E. simpson born Perry Co., Ind 1834 and died 1922.   They were married 5/7/1855 (See Index to Marriage Bonds, Perry Co.).   Children:
1.   JAMES (Jim) LAWALIN born 4/25/1856; died 3/11/1909.   Married Sarah Amanda McPeek on 1/1/1878 in Perry Co., Ind.   She was born 5/4/1863 and died 7/7/1934.   Children: (1) Franklin Lawalin born 8/3/1879 and married Bertha Metz 12/24/1902; (2) Maryada born 10/10/1881 and married Henery Mitchel; (3) Lavator born 7/20/1883 and married Joe Schenberger; (4) Mattie born 10/20/1896 and married John Snyder 3/22/1916; (5) Addie born 10/4/1884 and married Edwin Baumgart 12/23/1915; (6) Kimzie born 10/23/1887 unmarried and died 1925 (7) Rosa Barbara born 4/6/1900 and married Emery Wm Mosby 5/14/1919
2.   JOHN ALVIN LAWALIN married Flora V. Walters 12/13/1885.   Children:   (1) Fred E. married Susie York and had daughter May born 10/16/1911; (2) Cecil married Roy Siebert
3.   MAUD J. LAWALIN married John F. Gatchell 12/24/1891.   children:   (1)   Joseph (Bunk) Gatchel married Cammie Aldridge and had children James, John, Betty Jo; (2) Minnie Florence Gatchel married Carl A. Kirchner.   Minnie was born 1893 and died 1945.   Children Carl, Warn, Cedric, Ralph, Eva Ball
4.   CHARLOTTE L. LAWALIN born 1861 and died 1882; married George W. Jackson in 1880
5.   FLORENCE LAWALIN married John Snyder
6.   ELIZABETH LAWALIN married David Hineman on 1/2/1880
7.   OLLIE LAWALIN married Soloman Mitchell on 10/19/1892
8.   MARGARET LAWALIN married John Taylor on 9/20/1883
9.   THOMAS E. LAWALIN born 1870 and died 1944; married Mattie F. Mizell in Fort Smith, Ark.   She was born 1874 and died 1941.   Children:   (1) Eva born 9/13/1892 and married Sylvan Mosby 11/20/1912; (2) Elmo (James) born 10/9/1894 and married Stella Stephens 12/31/1917; (3) Ada Mae married Otis E. Malone 1/29/1920; (4) Fronie married Everna Hicks 10/28/1915; (5) Lillian married Lloyd Terry; (6)   Maggie married Clarence Satterfield; (7) Alvin (Al) married Vernna Patmore; (8) Bud born 3/11/1616 and died 4/4/1944 unmarried; (9) Bessie (Elizabeth ?) married Walter Beaumel; (10) Leona married William J. Kunard 5/4/1929; (11) Thelma married James A. Lecler; (12) Florence died as an infant
1841 - Marriage License granted to Jesse Luallen of Martin County and Rhoda Nunle of Daviss County Aug. 30, 1841.   Married by Jeremiah Kerk 9 Sept. 1841.

1869 - Appa Llewellyn born 1889 - Samuel Ervin was married to Appa Llewellyn on Feb. 16.   They had a son, Herbert Richard Ervin born Ioogootee, Indiana, Sept. 16, 1911

1906 - The Department of Health, Martin County, shows a Birth Certificate –  amended –  to certify that the male, white, Ervin, was born in Loogootee, Indiana, on July 21, 1906, and that Sam Ervin, age 40, born in Martin County, Indiana, and Appa Lewelyn age 37, born in Martin County, Indiana, were the parents of said child.   Another copy of a birth certificate shows:   Herbert Richard Ervin was born in Loogootee, Indiana on Sept. 16, 1911, and that Samuel Ervin and Appolonia J. Leuellyn were the parents of said child. (see 1911)

1910 - The Department of Health, Shoals, Martin County, Indiana, shows Alfred Lewellen died Dec. 26, 1910, at Halbert Tp., Martin Co., Ind.   Age of death 94 years, sex male, color white, married, born Aug. 4, 1816 in North Carolina.   Primary cause of death was La Grippe.   wife Mary, father Alfred Lewellen and mother (NEN) Williams, born N.C.   Place of burial St. Louis Cem.   Funeral director Baker & Gutridge.

1911 - The Department of Health, Martin County, shows:   Female, white (NF or MN) Luallen, born Burns City, Indiana on Jan. 21, 1911, and that W. A. Luallen, age 33 and Clara M. Ramsey, age 28 (both born in Indiana and W.A. ‘s occupation was medicine vendor).
1911 - Appolonia J. Leuellyn (sic) and Samuel Ervin were named as parents of Herbert Richard Ervin born 16 September in Loogootee (Martin County, Indiana).


18__ census:
Thos. A. LEWELLEN Self M Male W 48 IN Farmer KY KY
Nancy C. LEWELLEN Wife M Female W 38 IN Keeping House OH OH
Udorria LEWELLEN Dau S Female W 15 IN At Home IN IN
William T. LEWELLEN Son S Male W 12 IN IN IN
Susan H. LEWELLEN Dau S Female W 10 IN IN IN
Caroline LEWELLEN Dau S Female W 8 IN IN IN
Leander LEWELLEN Son S Male W 5 IN IN IN
James M. LEWELLEN Son S Male W 1 IN IN IN


NOTE:   The family of John Lewallen born 1780 moved to Preble County Ohio, then to Montgomery, Pulaski, Vigo and Madison Counties, Indiana.   This DNA line differs than some others.)

1835 - John Lewellen married   Betsey Hart 3/15

1838 - Deed - Thomas Lewellen from Israel H. Patton S22-T18N-R5W 28 Nov. 1838. B 17-254

1839 - John Lewellen, born 1818 settled in Montgomery County about this year (or did he come before - see 1835 - BH)   He was still in montgomery County 1874.

1840 - Census shows:
 Union Township, page 224, Thomas Lewallen
 Madison Township, page 262, John Lewallen

1842 - Elizabeth Lewellen married   Paul H. Charters 3/16/1842

1843 - John Lewellen married   Minerva Coons Aug 10

1844 - Nov. 13   James Conrad, guardian for Jesse West Lewalen, aged 14 years, heir of John Lewalen, deceased

1847 - Elizabeth Lewellen married Thomas Bunda May 27

1850 - Ann Lewellen married James Weir Mar. 14
1850 - Census shows:
     161-168 Elizabeth Lewallen 48 f born Pa; Richard Hart 21 m farmer $200 born Ohio; James Lewellen 14 m born Ind; Thomas Lewellen 11 m born Ind; Jonathan 6 m born Ind.
     167-169 Jesse Lewallen, 30 m. cooper, born Ohio; ? 26 f. born Ohio; Sarah 9 f born Ind.; Mahala 6 f born Ind.; Jesse 3 m born Ind.
Page 814:
     521-523 Thomas Lewellen, 63 m farmer $600 born PA; Mary 52 f born PA; Phillip 26 m born Ohio; Margaret J., 16 f born Ohio; Thos 14 m born Ohio; Elizabeth Patton 9 f born Ind.
     522-524 John Lewellen 32 m farmer $800 born Ohio; Minerva 28 f born Tenn; John 7 m born Ind; Andrew 1 m born Ind.

1851 - Philip Lewellen married   Melinda Stonebraker 11/20/1851 (Philip was son of Thomas, born PA in 1850 census, and Philip was born Ohio.

1852 - 17 Aug. -   Mary Lewellen, guardian of Margaret Jane Lewellen, Thomas Lewellen and Elizabeth Patton, heirs at law of Thomas Lewellen, deceased.   John Lewellen surety
(Note, there was a deed of John Lewellen to Wm R. Patton but I didn't get the

1853 - Deeds:
   Phil. Lewellen, et al., from Dan Kephart, S29-T18N-R5W 17 Aug. 1853 B. 19-253
   John Lewellen from Dan Kephart, S29-T18N-R5W, 17 Aug. 1853, B 19-253
   Phil. Lewellen from Jos. H. Graham, S29, T18N-R5W 3 Nov. 1853. B 19-289

1855 - Phillip Lewellen married Mary Lewellen May 20
1855 - Deeds:
   Jesse W. Lewellen from David Smith, S28-T19N-R3W, 27 Aug. 1855. B 22-210
   J.W. Lewellen to Henry Kenyon, 19 May 1855 B20-283

1860 - Census shows:
   Mary Lewellen, 62 f $1800-$390, Pa; Margaret J. 24 F Ohio; Thomas 23 m farmer Ohio; Nancy 7 f Indiana; Mary C. Carters, 25 f Indiana
   John Lewellen 42 m (occ not given) $3000-335, Ohio; Minerva 37 f Tenn; John Jr 16 m. Ind.; Candise 8 m Ind; Eliza 5 f Ind; Thomas 4 m Ind; Elizabeth 1 f Ind

1861 - Jesse Lewellen married Ruth A. Pickering 10 july

1864 - Jesse W. Lewellen married Elizabeth Worth 17 November

1867 - Thomas C. Lewellen married Rachel Crabb 6 November

1868 - Mahala J. Lewellen married Calvin Swindler 28 May

1869 - Johnathan Lewellen married Martha A. Werth 21 April
1869 - John Lewellen married Milinda A. (sic) Lewellen 3 July

1870 - Census shows:
     Franklin Tp, page 13:
   James Lewellen, 34 m. physician $22-$150, Ind; Rebecca 27 f Pa; Eddy L. 3 m Ind; Minnie 9/12 born Dec. Ind.
   Page 40:   Jesse Lewellen, 30 m. cooper $250-$150 Ohio; Ruth A. 28 f. Ind; Margaret 1_ f Ind; Noah B. 12 m Ind; Elzida 8 f Ind.; Emma E. 6 f Ind; David S. 4 m Ind; W.F.S. 1 m Ind
   Union Twp page 28:
   John Lewellen, 26 m farmer, Ind.; Melinda 18 f (m in July) Ind.
   John Lewellen 52 m. farmer $3000 Ohio; Minerva 45 f. Tenn; Candy 17 m. Ind.; Ann 15 f. Ind.; Thomas 14 m Ind; Elizabeth 12 f Ind; James 9 m Ind; Minerva 7 f Ind; Harvey 3 m Ind.
   Mary Lewellen 73 f $2000 Pa; Margaret 27 f Ohio; Nancy 17 f Ind

1870 - Census shows:
   Sugar Creek Twp, page 198L:
   Jonathan Lewellen, 38 m farmer, Ind., N.C., N.C.; Martha A., 27 f., wife, Ind., N.C., Ohio; Nettie 9 f., dau. Ind., Ind., N.C.; Lillian 7 f, dau., Ind., N.C., N.C.,; Thomas 4 m. son Ind. Ind Ind.; Arthur 2 m son Ind., Ind., Ind.; Oliver 7/12 m., son, Ind., Ind., Ind
   Wayne Twp., page 235R:
   Henry Louallen 18 m, farmhand, Ind., In.d, Ind. (living with Harmon Utternack, age 69, born Va)
   Union Tp, page 267L:
   George Lewellen 19 m, laborer-servant, Ind. (blank, blank), living with Willis Bunch, age 36, born Ind.
   Union Tp, page 296L:
   John Lewellen, 36 m. laborer, Ind., Ohio, Ohio; Malinda 27 f wife Pa, Pa, Pa; Lida R. (or B) 9 f, dau., Ind., Ind., Pa.; Elizabeth 7 f dau., Ind, Ind., Pa; ; John T. 5   m Ind., Ind., Pa; Maggie 3 f, dau., Ind., Ind., Pa.; Minetta (?) 2 f dau Ind Ind Pa; Mary J 3/12 dau, born Feb. Ind. Ind. PA
   John Lewellen Sr, 66 male farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio; Minerva 55 f wife Tenn, Tenn Tenn; Candy 27 m son Ind Ohio Tenn; James 19 m son Ind, Ohio, Tenn; Minerva 17 f son (?) Ind, Ohio Tenn; Harvey 13 m son Ind Ohio Tenn
   Union Tp page 296R
   Thomas Lewellen 23 m farmer Ind Ohio Tenn; Francis 19 f wife (married within year) Ind Ind Ind
   Union Tp page 334L
   Mary Lewellen 45 f washwoman Ind Ind Ind; William 14 m son Ind Ind Ind; Fayette 10 m son Ind Ind Ind; Sarah 8 f dau Ind Ind Ind
   Franklin Tp page 387L:
   Jesse Lewellen 33 m farmer, Ohio Ohio Ohio; Elizabeth 33 f wife Ind. Va Va; Martha J 13 f dau Ind Ohio Ind; Hattie A 6 f dau Ind Ohio Ind
   Union Tp, page 296R:
   Thomas Lewellen 41 m farmer, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio; William 11 m son Ind, Ohio Ind; Mary 9 f dau Ind Ohio Ind; Eddie 7 m son Ind Ohio Ind; Phillip 6 m son Ind Ohio Ind; Margaret Lewellen 40 f sister, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

1874 - John Lewellen, farmer, 8 miles Southwest of Crawfordsville. Born in Ohio 1818.   Settled in Montgomery County in 1839.   Independent, Union Tp.
1874 - Ann E. Lewellen married Andrew J. Harwood 13 January

1875 - Nancy Lewellen married John Horn 18 November

1876 - Probate estate of Philip Lewellen, file box 78

1879 - Elizabeth Lewellen married John W. Grubbs 23 March
1879 - Thomas Lewellen married Francis A. Moore 28 September

1881 - Thomas Lewellen married Nancy Coleman September 1

1882 - Robert Lewellen born to Thomas and Nancy (Coleman) Lewellen June 14
1882 - a male child was born to Thomas and Fannie (Moore) Lewellen July 16

1883 - Martha Lewellen married Maiden (sic) Wright 10 October

1884 - Candy Lewellen married Fanny E. Titus 17 july
1884 - Minerva C. Lewellen married Robert N. Titus 25 December

1885 - Lida Bell Lewellen married William Wright 18 July
1885 - a female child was born to Johnithan (sic) and Martha (Worth) Lewallen 21 April

1886 - a male child was born to Candy and Fanny (Titus) Lewellen March 12
1886 - James Lewellen married Ruth A. Hopkins 3 October

1888 - W. W. Lewellen a male was born to Jesse and Elizabeth (Worth) Lewellen 26 March
1888 - Harvey Lewellen married Betty Brown June 23

1889 - a male child was born to Ham (sic) and Ettie (Brown) Lewellen 20 March
1889 - a male child was born to James and Ruth (Hopkins) Lewellen 30 December

1891 - a male child was born to Daniel and Bettie (Brown Lewellen 9 January
1891 - Mary E. Lewellen married George W. Keller 25 July

1892 - a male child was born to James and Sue (Hopkins) Lewellen 26 February
1892 - Theo Lewellen, a female, was born to Candy and Fanny (Titus0 Lewellen Oct. 15

1893 - Death records show:   Thomas Lewellen died 2 Sept. 1893, age 57 (1836)   Died in Union Tp, widower, farmer, born Ohio.   Father:   Thomas Lewellen born Ky, mother Mary Crayne born Ky or Ohio

1894 - Minnie E. Lewellen married Harry Toney 27 April

1895 - William Lewellen married Josie Davis 12 September

1896 - Probate estate of Thomas Lewellen, file box 198
1896 - B. S. Lewellyn, a male, was born to Candy and Fannie (Titus Lewellyn 9 November

1897 - a female was born to Thomas and Elizabeth (Bales) Llewellen 4 February
1897 - a female was born to James and Ruth (Hopkins) Lewellen 4 August
1897 - a male was born to William and Josie (Davis) Lewellen 25 September

1898 - Harve Lewellen married Eliza J. Steele 4 May
1898 - Ida U. Lewallen married Daniel Stephenson 19 May
1899 - Hattie Lewellen married Perry Hardaker 14 December
1899 - a female was born to Thomas and ? (Bailey) Lewellen 28 Januar
1899 - a female was born to James and Ruth (Hopkins) Lewellen 4 August

1900 - a female Lewellen was born to Thomas and ? (Burk) (sic) Lewellen 28 January
1900 - Edward Lewellen married Ella Dixon 14 July

1901 - a male was born to James and Ruth (Hopkins) Lewellen 30 September
1901 - Albert Lewellen married Grace Harwood 19 September

1902 - a female was born to Thomas and Elizabeth (Bates/Bales) Lewellen 23 Feb.
1902 - a male was born to Harvey and Eliza J. (Steele) Lewellen 6 April
1902 - Elbt Lewellen, a male was born to Elbert and Grace (Harwood) Lewellen 23 April
1902 - a male was born to Edward and Ella (Dixon) Lewellen 26 april

1903 - a female was born to Candy and Mary (Titus0 Lewellen 6 July

1904 - a male was born to James and Ruth (Hopkins) Lewellen 24 March
1904 - a male was born to Thomas and Lizzie (Balels) Lewallen 9 April
1904 - a female was born to Thomas and ? (Moore) Lewellen 1 September
1904 - Laura A. Lewallen married Merit E. McCloud 12 January

1905 - a female was born to Albert and Grace (Harwood) Lewallen 14 April
1905 - William Lewellen married Maude Steele 20 December

1906 - Robert Lewellen married Nannie Mathews 15 March
1906 - Loie (sic) Lewellen, a male, was born to Ed and Ellen (Dixon0 Lewellen 12 August

1907 - a male was born to Henry and Nancy (Mathies) Lewellen 3 January
1907 - Walter Lewellen married Edith Zachary 12 March
1907 - Zola May Lewellen married William L. Smith 27 March

1908 - Jesse Lewellen married Essie P. Hicks 10 June

1909 - Clar (sic) Lewellen, a male, was born to Thomas and Elizabeth (Bales) Lewellen 28 January
1909 - Alva Lewellen, a male, was born to Albert and Grace (Harwood) Lewellen 11 September
1909 - Dun (sic) Lewellen a male was born to Walter and Edith (Zachery) Lewellen 17 September

1910 - Laroy Lewellen was born to J. Noble and Essie (Hicks) Lewellen 25 February

1911 - Dorothy Lewellen was born to Walter and Edith (Zachery) Lewellen 2 Sept.
1911 - Godey Lewellen married Ralph W. Maxwell 7 January
Bessie R. Lewellen married Frankie Ellis 25 july

1912 - a female was born to Harvey and Eliza J. (Steele) Lewellen 28 January
1912 - Mary Lewellen was born to Archie and Catherine (Padget) Lewellen 20 Oct.

1913 - Carl Lewellen was born to Bert and Grace (Harwood) Lewellen 9 April
1913 - Leroy Lewellen was born to Thomas and Elizabeth (Bales) Lewellen 5 August

1914 - Theora Lewellen married Howard L. Royland 27 August

1915 - A. Lewellen, a male, was born to Archie and Catherine (Padget) Lewellen 25 July

1918 - M. Bryon Lewellen married Joanna Westfall 6 June
1918 - Arthur Lewellen married Frances V. Spray 20 July

1919 - Art Lewellen, a male, was born to Arthur and Frances (Spray) Lewellen 23 November 1919
1919 - John R. Lewellen married Mabel C. Wray 9 April
1919 - Hazel M. Lewellen married Lowell McMullen 5 July

1920 W. Lewallen, female, was born to Archie and Kath (Padgett) Lewallen, 20 February
1920 - Mabel Lewellen married William L. Craig 24 April


1830 - Census shows   Wilkinson Lewallen

1834 - Elenor Lewellen married Miles Bradley January 23

1840 - Census shows Moses Lewallen age 30-39

1850 - Census shows:   Moses Lewallen age 38 (1812 KY), Nancy 42 (1808 KY), Susannah 13, Nancy J. 13, Cintha A. 9, and Frances 4


(See Martin County above)

1836 - Thomas A. Lawalin was born this year (county/state ?).   He died May 7, 1898

1850 - Census shows, Leopold Twp pg 830:
House 1088, Family 1024:  
   Sylvester Lawallen, 39, M. farmer born Kentucky;      
   Lucinda 37 female born Ky;      
   Catharine 18 female born Ind.;      
   Sarah 16 female born Ind;      
   Thomas 14 male born Ind;      
   James 12 male born Ind;      
   John 10 male born Ind;      
   Matilda 6 female born Ind;        
   William 3 male born Ind.      
(NOTE:   Sylvester Lewallen and Lucinda Strange were married April 29, 1831, certificate #375.   See Daviess Co.)

1855 - Marriage certificate issued for Thos. T. Lawallin and Mary Simpson May 4, returned 22 May; married 7 May by J. Dion, Priest of Leopold.   Note:   His cemetery marker shows his middle initial as A.
1855 - Catharine Lewallen married Leonard Gates, Apr. 21.   Returned April 26.   Thomas Hanna, Clerk, Franklin Faries, Justice

1856 - James J. (or S) Lawalin was born April 25.   He died 3/11/1909

1856 - Elizabeth Lewallen married   James Simpson, July 20, 1856

1859 - Lucinda Lewellen, Lucinda married Thomas York, Feb. 6

1867 - John Lewallen married   Cornelia York, May 25

1878 - James Lewallen married Sarah A. McPeek Jan. 1

1880 - Charlotte L. Lawalin married George W. Jackson Jan. 2.   Recorded Jan. 15
1880 - Elizabeth Lawalin married David Hineman Jan. 2.   The document was filed Mrch 30, 1880

1883 - Margaret Lewallen married John A. Taylor, Sept. 20

1884 - Mary F. Lawalin married James Snyder Mar. 2

1885 - Marriage certificate issued for John A. Llewallen and Flora V. Walters Dec. 11' married Dec. 13

1889 - Mary Lewallen married   Isaac Simpson, Mar. 3

1891 - Maud J. Lawalin married John F. Gatchel Dec. 24

1892 - Ollie B. Lawalin married   Solomon Mitchell, Oct. 19, 1892

1898 - Thomas A. Lawalin   (born 1/18/1836) died May 7 and buried in the Lilly Dale Church of Christ Cemetery, as is his wife, Mary E. (1834-1922)   (See 1855 above)

1902 - Frank Lawalin married Bertha Mets? Dec. 24
1902 - Mary Ada Lawalin married Henry Mitchell Nov. 20

1904 - Flora V. Lewallen married Mathew V. Smith Apr. 10

1910 - Laveder Lawahin married Jose Schonenberger Jan. 4

1911 - May K. Lewellen was born to F. E. (Fred E.) Lawalin and S. E. (York) Lewellyn 16 October

1912 - Eva Lewallin married Sylvan Mosbey Nov. 20

1913 - Volma Mosby was born, daughter of Sylvan and Eva (Lawallin) Mosby.   She married Arthur Saterfield and died 1977

1915 - Addie Lawalin married Edwin Baumgart Dec. 23
1915 - Fronie Lawalin married Vernon Hicks Oct. 28

1916 - Mattie Lawalin married John W. Snider Mar. 22

1917 - James Lawalin married Ella S. Stephens Dec. 31

1919 - Barbara R. Lawalin married Emery Wm Mosby May 14

1920 - Ada May Lawalin married Otis Emery Malone Jan. 29

1922   Mary E. Lawalin (born 1834) died

1925 - Kinzie A. Lawalin born 1892 died

1934 - Sarah M. Lawalin, born May 4, 1863, died July 7

1941 - Mattie F. Lawalin (born 1874) died

1944 - Thomas E. Lawalin (born 1870) died
1944 - Lestel Bud Lawalin (born Mar. 11, 1916) died April 4

1947 - Article appeared in paper Sept. 19.   "A reunion of Anderson Township High School class of 1917 was held at German Ridge.   The seven members who entered as freshmen all graduated and became teachers.   All were present.   Members are Winfield Thomas, Ed Peter, Claude Miller, Clara Peter, Cecil Lawalin, Lula Terry and Agnes Terry."

1965 - James Lawalin (born 1904) died

1975 - article in newspaper that Mrs. Robert Lawalin entered St. Mary's Hospital in Evansville Sunday for skin grafting on her left leg and other surgery on her right leg.   She received severe burns in an accident Dec. 11, 1974.
1975 - newspaper article "Mr. and Mrs. John Brunner of Cannelton announce the birth of a daughter, Eva Maria, born Sept 20 at Owensboro Daviess County Hospital.   The infant weighed ten pounds 12 ounces.   Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lawalin of Cannelton and Mrs. Eva Lawrence of Tell City."

1976 - Obit in paper of Feb. 10 of Otis E. Malone who was married Jan. 29, 1920 in Cannelton to the former Ada M. Lawalin, who survives.

1977 - Marriage license of Tamela Elaine Lawalin 18, Cannelton to Elton Ray Harding II 19, Cannelton


1820 - Census shows Mark Lewallen


(NOTE:   See Montgomery County above.)

1875 - Ella Z. Lewellon (sic) married Truman G. Wheeler 5 June

1878 - Deed from Ruth Anna and Jesse W. Lewellen (from Llewellyn Traces March and June 1997):
   Ruth Anna Lewellen to Wm. J. Teeter.
   This indenture
   Witnesseth that Ruth Anna and Jesse W. Lewellen of Pulaski County in the State of Indiana convey, release and quit claim to Wm J. Teeter of White County in the State of Indiana for the sum of three hundred dollars the following real estate in Pulaski County in the State of Indiana, to wit:
   The North East quarter of the North East quarter of the South West quarter of Section No. Seventeen (17) in Township No. (29) (sic) North Range (3) (sic) West Containing forty acres more or less.
   In witness whereof the said Ruth Anna Lewallen and Jesse W. Lewallen her husband has (sic) here unto set their hands and seals this ___ day of ___ 1878.
/s/ Ruth Anna Lewellen and Jesse Lewellen
(the document was notarized by Wm. Shortridge, J.P and filed May 27,1 878, recorded May 28, 1878

1881 - Emma Lewellon married Francis Tyler 31 july

1886 - David Lieuallen married Reka Smith 30 March

1889 - Deed to David L. Lewellen
   John Smith to David L. Lewellen
   This indenture. Witnesseth that John Smith and Sophia Smith his wife of Pulaski County in the State of Indiana convey and warrant to David L. Lewellen of Pulaski County in the state of Indiana for the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars the following described real estate in Pulaski County in the state of Indiana to wit:   The undivided one half of the north east quarter (1/4) of the south east quarter (1/4) of section no. nine (9) township no. twenty nine (29) north range three (3) west.   In witness whereof the said John Smith and Sophia Smith his wife have hereunto set their hands and seals this 24th day of June A.D. 1889
   John and Sophia Smith made their marks.   The document was notarized by John F. Holsinger

1891 - William F. Lewallin married Mary Sommers 8 November

1901 - Ruth A. Lewellon married Joseph Shriner 17 October

1905 - Charles Lualin married Mary Engels 2 January


1880 - Census shows Rice Lewallen age 49 (1831) in Greencastle.   Theresa 18, Rawlet 15, Madison 13, Ida 11, James 5.   (Rice was Anderson Rice Lewallen, son of Anderson.   Rice was born in Knox County, Kentucky.   (By 1900 he was in Vermillion County, KY and died 1909 in Boone County, Indiana, a widower at the time; his death certificate information was provided byhis son, James L.)

Created 1818 from Wayne

SEE information on Old Ridgeville Cemetery which has considerable information on the family of Meshac Llewellyn.   Also see Jay County above.

Note:   This would be the son of Shadrach and Deborah Burson Lewallen.   They lived near the Mississinewa River which is a tributary of the Wabash River.   See Wayne County.   Most of the children's marriages are listed below.   Nancy married James Addington and Hannah married Absolom Addington whose relatives lived at or near Ridgeville, Indiana. (per Llewellyn Traces.)

Also:   Article from the History of Randolph Co., IN re Mesach Lewellyn. "Born probably in Loudoun Co., VA sometime between 1760 and 1765. He was the son of Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewellyn. He married Hanna (Brooks?) ca. 1790, probably in Washington Co., OH (possibly this should be PA). During his moves west he lived in Washington Co., PA, Hardin Co., KY, and Preble Co., OH before coming to Randolph Co. in 1816."   The article goes on to say there were 9 known children, but probably more. Seven were born before he arrived in Randolph Co and two of them were already married. The ones mentioned in the article are "Nancy (1791) and Shadrach (1794) in Pennsylvania; Deborah (1796), Benjamin (1796) and Isaac (1802) in Kentucky; Rachel (1805) and Mary 'Polly' (1808) in Ohio and Elizabeth (1825) in Randolph Co., IN."
   "Until after he arrived in Ohio and possibly after he came to Randolph Co., Meshack (the name is spell both ways) was a Quaker. He seems to have switched to the Methodist Episcopal Church late in life. His wife, Hanna, remained a Quaker."
   Meshack died about 1832; his wife in 1842. There is a little more on their children, one of whom, Benjamin had a son Abednego who moved to Kansas.

NOTE:   the War of 1812 shows a Shadrick Lewallen in Indiana; commissioned 5/18/1813, 8th Regt. Capt. Lewis', Private.

1817 -   John Brooks settled in this area.   He was the brother of Hannah Brooks who married Meshack Llewellyn.   The year before, July 15 1816 in Ohio (possibly Ross County) John Brooks married his wife, Mary.

1817 - July 19.   Meshach Llewellyn purchased land.

1820 - Census shows   Meshach Luallen
(According to "Reminenscences of Adams, Jay and Randolph Counties, Meshac Llewellyn's three oldest children were Shadrach (Shad), Meshac and Abednego plus other young sons and daughters.   Shad was "a little off, owing to some kind of fits." The story goes on to say some Indians were teasing him and he shot and killed one.  

1823 - Benjamin Lewallen married Jane Doty, or Jane Sutton Mar. 20.   They had 8 children, 3 girls and 5 boys.   The eldest, Hannah married Mr. Babb, Jeremiah married Rebecca Ann Weyland, Phebe married William Hammer, Jeptha married Jane Jones, Meshech (died in infancy) and Abednego were twins.   David, and Martha.   Benjamin and his family moved to Kansas 1850-55.

1824 - Rachel Lewallen married Abraham Renbarger Nov. 28 (she was the daughter of Meshach and Hannah Brooks Lewallen.
1824 - Isaac Lewallen married Sarah Miller May 3.   He was the son of Meshach.   Isaach and Sarah had two sons and one daughter - Mesheck, Shadrach and Hannah.   Isaac and the two sons died with cholera while crossing the plains on their way to Oregon in 1849

1826 - Mary Lewallen married David Hammer Jan. 12.   She was the daughter of Meshach and Hanna.

1830 - Census shows  
   Meshach Lewallen with one male under 15, one male under 20, one male under 70, one female under 15 aone one female under 70.   Next door was:,
   Isaac Lewallen with one male under 5, one male under 30 and one female under 30.   Next door to him was:
   Benjamin Lewallen with one male under 5, one male under 10, one male under 40, two females under 5 and one female under 40

1832 - Meshach Lewallen died.   (See information on Old Ridgeville Cemetery)

1842 - Hannah Lewallen, wife of Meshach, died.

1845 - Wells County created from part of Randolph County (see Wells)

1850-55 - Benjamin Llewellyn and his family moved to Kansas.

1883 - Eliza J. Lewellen married Benjamin A. Garringer April 28 (lic)
1883 - Anna E. Luellen married Walter A. Barefoot August 11 (lic)


1939 - Alfred Lewellyn (born 23 Oct 1861) died 8 Feb 1939 Shelby County, Indiana. (His parents are Samuel Lewellyn and Mary Jane Jonas). Alfred's wife's name is Rachell Lucindi Perkheiser born 1865, Shelby County


1840 - Census shows David Lewellyn with one male under 5, one male under 10, one male under 40, two females under 5, one female under 10 and one female under 40
NOTE:   This David Lewellyn is probably the one who moved TO Carroll County, Kentucky and is shown in the census there 1850.   In that census it shows him as 51 (1799) NC, wife Mary A. 46 NC, Peter 12 IN, Harrison 10 IN, Lafayette 7 IN and Samuel 5 KY.   The two daughters showing in this census were probably married by 1850.


1828 - Wiley Luallen married Ann Barnett Aug. 17

1830 - Census shows Wiley Lewallen


1840 - Census shows, Helt Twp:
   John Luellen 1-1-1-1-0-0-1   0-0-1-1-1-0-1

1900 - Rice Lewallen, 69,   in census as a servant living with Mahulda Moore 78 and Jane Moore 47.   He was born 1830 Knox County, KY as Anderson Rice Lewallen, son of Anderson Lewallen, and he died Boone County, Indiana 1909.


NOTE:   See Montgomery and Pulaski counties above)

1883 - a male was born to John and Charlotte (Davis ) Leweyellen (sic) 16 August

1885 - a female was born to John and Mary (Davis) Lewellen 30 August

1887 - a female was born to John and ? (Davis) Lewellen 23 June

1890 - a female Lewellyn was born to John and Charlotte (Davis) Lewellen 9 January

1902 - Rose Lewellyn was born to Dave and Rachael (Smith) Lewellyn 20 August

1915 - Treva M. Lewellen was born to Ellis Lewis and Blanch (Neal) Lewellen) 2 November

1918 - Thelma A. Lewellyn was born to John and Harriet A. (Thomas) Lewellyn 8 February
1930 - David Louis Lewellen died.   He's buried in the Highland Cemetery, Terre Haute.   He was the son of Jesse West Lewellen and his second wife, Ruth Anna Pickering Lewellen.   There's a photo of the marker in Llewellyn Traces March and June 1997.   the photo was from the collection of Ann (Mountain) DiPietro, Ramona, California.


1820 - Census shows Shederick Lewelling   with 10 free white polls.   (WILLIAM LEWELLING line,(William died 1799 Randolph County, N.C)

1826 - Elisha Lewelling married Jane Crow March 29

1830 - Census shows Shederach Lewallen

1832 -   Estate Settlement Records,” Shadrach Lewelling, July 1832 - Oct 13, 1836, LDS, Microfilm, 0550258, Washington Co, IN Probate Records.

1850 - Census, Washington Township,      
   Page 672, dwelling 239, family 251:        
   William Lewellen 33 male white farmer value real property $700 born Ind;      
   Sarah E. 9/12 female white born Ind.;      
   Sarah E 66 female white born No. Car;      
   Sarah A. Coffin 16 female white born Indiana

1870 - Census shows:
LEWELLING William 52 Male White IN Farmer
     Ruth 48 Female White IN Keeping House
     George F. 14 Male White IN At Home
     Thomas S. 12 Male White IN At Home
     William P. 9 Male White IN At Home
     Sarah 87   (1783) Female White NC At Home (or South Carolina)

1874 - William Lewelling's mother died.   (Sarah E. Lewelling...see 1850 and 1870 census)

1877 - "During its November 1877 term, the Supreme Court of Indiana heard a case, “The Western Union Telegraph Co. v. Lewelling,” in which Western Union appealed a lower court decision in favor of William Lewelling. In the earlier case, William Lewelling had alleged that a Western Union agent had failed to deliver a proper message, delivered to him during office hours on 22 September 1874 in Salem, Indiana, which had been accompanied by payment or tender of the usual charges. The message was from William Lewelling to his sister Jane Banta, in care of T.A. Banta. It appears Jane Banta was living in Bloomington, India, at the time. In the telegram, William Lewelling advised his sister Jane that their mother had died on the evening of 21 September 1874, and that she would be buried at 11 o’clock on 23 September. Jane Balta apparently never received the telegram. The draft message had been delivered to the Western Union office in Salem by farmer Josiah Diefendorf (58, who lived three miles north of Salem) at the request of William Lewelling."   (Posted on GenForum by Clete Ramsey)

1880 - Census shows:
LEWELLING Ruth Head Widowed Female White 57 IN NC NC Keeping House
   Thomas S. Son Single Male White 22 IN IN IN Farmer
   William P. Son Single Male White 18 IN IN IN Farm Laborer
   BANTA Jane Sister-in-Law Widowed Female White 68 NC NC NC Visiting in Family
   RENICK Alice Niece Single Female White 26 IN IN IN Teaching School
   HOGDEN Walter Cousin Single Male White 22 MO IN IN Farm Laborer

1888 - MERLE T. LEWELLING born in Salem.   Was in the army and lived at 1410 E. 6th St., Kansas City, Missouri at the time.   Served in 356th Inf. 4 Sept. 1917 to 11 Nov. 1918. as Cpl.   Served overseas 4 June 1918-11 nov. 1918 and was killed in action Nov. 11.   He was the son of William Penn Lewelling of Learned, Kansas.

1910- Census shows, Washington Township:
Wm. P. Lewelling, 38 (b. March 1862, IN), and Ada Lewelling, 32 (b. January 1865, IN), married 13 years -- Merle T. Lewelling age 11 (b. Aug. 15, 1888 IN) , Wilber A. Lewelling, 9 (b. January 1891, IN)   (Merele is said to have been born in Salem Township, Washington County).
(Wilbur probably moved to Shawnee, Oklahoma.)

1918 - “Lewelling, Merle Thurman - - - Corporal
Son of William P. and Ada D. Lewelling; born August 15, 1888, Salem, Ind. Graduate of Northern Illinois College of Optometry. Optometrist. Entered service September 15, 1917, Kansas City, Mo. Reported as the first man from seven states to report at Camp Funston, Kan., for training. Assigned to Company E, 356th Infantry, 89th Division. Overseas June 3, 1918. Killed in action 11 November 1918, Armistice Day, near Beaumont, just before crossing the Meuse River. (Burial place not known.)” “Funeral of Merle T Lewelling
Kansas City Mo., Oct 29.—The funeral of Merle T. Lewelling, whose body was recently returned from France, was held at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Lewelling in Larned, Kan., Oct. 24.   Services were conducted in the Methodist church.   A military escort was provided and the pallbearers were former soldiers.   The floral offerings were numerous and elaborate.     Merle T Lewelling was killed on the day on which the armistice was signed.   He was a member of Company E., 356th Inf., 89th Division.   Besides his parents is survived by a brother, Wilbur T Lewelling, Wichita Kan.     Before entering the service Mr. Lewelling was a refractionist for John Titus.   He was a young man of unusually high character and fine business qualifications.   Sterrett S. Titus attended the funeral in Larned.”
William Penn Lewelling (b. 23 Mar. 1862; d. 3 Apr. 1937); Ada (Davis) Lewelling (b. 1 Jan. 1865; d. 5 Feb. 1957); and Wilbur Axiom Lewelling (b. 21 Jan. 1891; d. 25 Jul. 1957), noting their burials at the Larned Cemetery, Larned, Pawnee County, Kansas.   William P. Lewelling married Ada D. Peden in Washington County, Indiana, on 31 March 1877
Regarding his brother, Wilbur:   There’s a record in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, for the 4 February 1922 marriage of Wilbur A. Lewelling to Coral E. Lozier.   The Social Security Death Index has an entry for a Wilbur Lewelling, born 21 January 1891, who died in Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, in July 1977.   The Social Security Death Index has an entry for a Cora Lewelling, born 19 September 1887, who died in Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma, in February 1974.

Formed 1811 from Clark and Dearborn

The History of Wayne County, vol. 2 pg 396 talks of early settlers of the southwestern part of the Franklin township and mentions Mesheck Llewellyn

NOTE:   This family descended from Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewallen and then the Meshach descended from William Lewelling of NC.   THIS IS CONFUSING and needs to be worked out.   Meshach lived in Neslon County, KY prior to moving to Wayne County, Indiana.

1809 - Nancy Llewellyn married James Addington

1810 -   (See 1812)   Jonas and Rachel (Lewallen) Hatfield and their children - Deborah, Thomas, Martha, Rachel, Mary, Jonas, Ann, John and Nathan moved to Warren County, Ohio 1806.   By 1810 they were in Wayne Co. Indiana   (Rachel descends from Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewallen.   Sone researchers say she was married first to Abel Janney (b ca 1739/56) and had a son Abel (born Jan. 30, 1787 in Loudoun) but the early Quaker records show that by 1787 she was already   a Hatfield.   Information (correct or not) shows the family movied to Kentucky first, then to Indiana which seems to be where the descendants of Shadrach moved.

1811 - See Davidson County, Tennessee where Shadrach was selling land belonging to Abednego Lewallen.

1812 - History of Greens Fork, Indiana reads:
Jonas Hatfield, Sr. came from Kentucky in 1812, purchased the land that the town of Washington (Greens fork) now is built on. Abel Jenny came the same year and joined lands with Hatfield, Sr.

1812 - A Zachariah Lewallen was in the War of 1812 from Wayne County, IN.   According to a posting on Roots web, he was a Colonel.   In addition, Shadrach Lewallen was in the same detachment - that of McFarland's.

1813 - Deborah Lewallen married Stephen Jones Oct. 28

1817 - Shadrach Lewallen married Elizabeth Miller October 9

1818 - Randolph County formed from Wayne

1819 - Records of New Garden MM in Wayne County shows on June 19 "Lewallen, Meshack, rect. Whitewater MM.   Whitewater MM, Wayne Co. Ind.   Set off from West Branch MM, Ohio and first held on 30 Oct. 1809.   This was the first MM to be established in what was then Indian Territory.   The eastern limits of Whitewater MM extended into Ohio.   Meshach is mentioned in the Quaker Records of 1812, 1817, 1819 and 18??   The latter date states "cert rec for Meshack (Lewallin) and sons Henry, Henderson, John, Seth and William from Back Creek MM NC and to West Grove MM (West Grove MM was held in Wayne Co. INd. Esta. 1818.)  
 NOTE:   This, then puts Meshach Lewallen as being received in the Whitewater Monthly Meeting and he came from Back Creek MM   which was in Randolph County, North Carolina.   This would have been the family of WILLIAM LEWELLING of Randolph County, NC.

1826 - Theny Lewallen married George Clark (Negroes) January 5

1899 - Charles Luellen married Daisy Dennis, both of Dalton on Dec. 12

Formed 1835 from Allen, Delaware and Randolph
(See Randolph County - this family descends from Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewallen probably)

1840 - Census shows Isaac Lewallen

1842 - John Douglas (born Crawfordsville, Cumberland Co, PA) and his wife Elizabeth (LeFevre) arrived in this county.   Their children were Mary Jane, Sarah Ann, Elizabeth Adeline, Isabella Lucinda, Margaret Melissa, John Lefevre and Fedelia.   In 1852 the family and their sons-in-laws left St. Louis, MO. for Oregon.   Elizabeth died enroute.   One of his sons-in-law was JOHN LEWELLING (SEE 1846)

1843 - Hanna Lewellyn married James Johnson Apr 6

1846 - John Luelling married Saran Ann Douglas Mar. 21   He was born in either Indiana or possibly Virginia 15 Aug. 1813 (Wells Co., Ind. shows him born in Indiana) and died Mar 31, 1910.   wife Sarah Ann Douglas, born Jan. 5, 1828 Penn and died Mar. 3, 1891.   Children:
1.   Moses Luelling born Mar. 20, 1847
2.   Isobel Luelling born Mar. 27, 1849; died Nov. 14, 1852
3.   Shadrack Luelling, born Aug. 31, 1850; died Nov. 15, 1852
4.   William Luelling born Apr 3, 1854
5.   Benjamin Luelling born Dec. 25, 1856
6.   Ishia Luelling born Feb. 26, 1859
7.   Jacob Luelling born Feb. 9, 1860; died Feb. 20, 1860 or 61
8.   Abraham Lewellen born Feb. 9, 1860 or 61 Powell Valley, Oregon; died July 31, 1939, Ontario, Oregon.   Married Sept. 8, 1895 to Catherine Tullis who was born Oct. 14, 1869 Warren Co., Iowa and died July 8, 1927 Oregon.   Son:   James Wadsworth Lewellen born July 2, 1913 Bonita Oregon and married June 25, 1948 to J. Georgia Shepard
9.   Rachel Luelling, born June 10, 1864
10.   Edith Luelling born Mar. 22, 1866

1850 -   Census shows for Rock Creek Twp (Oct. 23), page 700:
House 13:
   JOHN LAWELLIN, 28 farmer, born Ind.; Sarah 22 f born Pa; Moses 3 m born Ind.; Isabel 2 f born Ind; Shadrack, 2/12, m born Ind. (see note following re family bible)
House 14
   ISAAC LAWELLIN, 48 farmer born Ky; Sarah 48 f born Tenn.; Mashach 23 m born Ind.; Shadrach 21 m born Ind.; Elizabeth 17 f born Ind.; Hanah 14 f born Ind.; Rachael 12 f born Ind.; Martha 8 f born Ind.; Jane 6 f born Ind.; George ? 12 m born Ohio
NOTE:   the John above was, per the family Bible, born August 15, 1813.   His wife was Sarah Ann Douglas born Jan. 5, 1828 Penn.   This couple was united in marriage on March 25, 1846 by Benjamin Brown, Esquire.   Children:   Moses Luelling (born Mar. 20, 1847), Isabel Luelling (born Mar. 27, 1849), Shadrack Luelling (born Aug. 31, 1850), William Luelling (born Apr. 3, 1854), Benjamin Luelling (born Dec. 25, 1856), Isiah Luelling (born Feb. 26, 1859), Jacob Luelling (born Feb. 9, 1860 or 1861), Abraham Luelling (born Feb. 9, 1860), Rachel Luelling (born June 10, 1864), Edith Luelling (born Mar. 22, 1866)

1852 - John Lewelling and his family and Douglas in-laws left for Oregon.

1888 - Amy Lewellen married Otto L. Cupp, Dec. 23, 1888

1889 - Anna Lewellen married William Gardenour, April 28

1892 - Elizabeth Lewellen married   Frances Crum, Oct. 23, 1892
1892 - Will Lewelling married   Hattie Bumgarner, June 30

*   NOTE:   Many of the birth and marriage records were from Llewellyn Traces, March and June 1997.   Source for Montgomery county was the Montgomery County, Indiana, Birth Records 1882 - 1920, for Perry County it was th Perry County, Indiana Birth Records, Book 4 1882 - 1920 and for Vigo County it was the Birth Records 1882-1920 WPA, Vigo County.