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Billie Harris - Aug 30, 2008

If anyone can add any information to this chron, please post it and I'll edit the information in the counties and in order of the date.

NOTE:   No Llewellyn or variations of the name listed in the 1830 census for Alabama.

BENTON (or Calhoun) County

1840 Census shows:
   Wyly Lewaller, page 56


1840 - Census shows:   Jno Lewellin, 3 males under 5, one male 20-30, one male 60-70 (1770-1780), one female 5-10, one female 20-30.   Neighbors included:   Anderson, Kilpatrick, Cornelius, Parsons, etc.

Date unknown:     James Harvey Grigsby married ELIZABETH LEWELLEN.   He was born in Tennessee approximately 1811 and she was born there 1812.   During the early years of their marriage, they lived at Cherokee, Colbert County, Alabama.   They, with their four children moved to Joy, Alabama, located North of Warrior River between Blountsville and Cleveland, Alabama.   Both James and Elizabeth Grigsby are buried at the First Methodist Cemetery in Blountsville and their graves are marked by field stones.   James Grigsby was a Methodist minister.   Their children were (1) Louisa, born Tenn approx 1834; (2) John born Ala approx 1837 and killed in the Civil War; (3) Phena born Ala 1838; (4) Franklin born Ala 1840; (5) Pheby Ann born Ala 1842; (6) William born Ala 1843; (7) Columbus, born Ala 1845; (8) Elijah born Ala 1848; (9) Ira Emery, born Ala Feb. 5, 1852 and had children Fanny and Ben.   Number 4 above, Franklin, fought in the Civil War.   He married Betty Watkins.   Number 6 above, William, also fought in the Civil War.   He married Molly Watkins.   Number 7 above, Columbus, had a daughter Lena Elizabeth who married Thomas Paul Clifford.   They had a daughter Mary Edna Clifford who married Joseph Edmond Griffin and their daughter is Gladys Blevins.


1840 - Wylie Lewallen in census.   This family originated in North Carolina, then moved to Tennessee, then Alabama.   See 1850 census for Cherokee County, Alabama.

1843 - Nettie or Anita Luallen married Robert W. Witt on December 27 (she was born 1822)


See info in Blount County re James Harvey Grigsby

1850 - Census shows
   Wiley Lewallen born NC 1795
         Mary born NC 1795
         Henry 22
         Jesse 20
         Andrew 18
         Jane 13
         Rhoda 11
         Eliza 7
     Next door:
   Calvin Lewallen NC age 27
         Eliza 23 (her maiden name was Hazel)
         Mary 5
         Joseph 3
         James 2
         Elizabeth Coats 25

1851 - William Henry Lewallen, son of James Calvin Lewallen was born in January 25
1851 - Amanda Narcissus Witt was born in February.   She married William Henry Lewallen

1854 - Cintha Lewallen belonged to the Pisgah Baptist Church at Knatville, Cherokee County.   She was dismissed by letter Aug. 12, 1854.   (   Whether she was the wife of one of the Lewallens or was actually a daughter, it isn't yet known, but there were others of this family who were members of the Pisgah Baptist Church )

1860 - Census shows the family of Wiley and Mary Lewallen and the only remaining child in the house at that time was Roda/Rhoda.   The family moved on to Texas and lived in Bell County.   Both Mary and Wiley are buried in the Lewallen Cemetery at Troy.
1860 - Census shows Wiley and Mary Lewallen's son, AAndrew Lewallen (born 1833 TN) and his wife Ann.   Two children, Mary (born 1856 Cherokee County and Martha born 1859 Cherokee County.

1870 Cherokee Co, A
C Louallen   47
   Araminta Louallen   37 (1833) TN
   Mary Louallen   25 (1845)
   James Louallen   21 (1849) age matches 1860
   Henry Louallen   19 (1851) Listed as William in 1860
   Andrew Louallen   17 (1853) age matches 1860
   Catharine Louallen   15 (1855) age matches 1860
   Lucinda Louallen   11 (1859) This would have to be Elizabeth in the 1860 census
   Levi Louallen   9   (1861)
   Lorena Louallen   7   (1863)
W. Louallen 71 (1799) NC
   Pollie 70 (1800) NC
   E. Witt 24 (1846) AL daughter   .this would likely be sister of Calvin Lewallen
   M. Witt 8 AL
   F. Witt 6 AL

1872 - Jan 26.   William Henry Lewallen married Amanda Narcissus Witt.   He had moved to Texas and returned to marry her.

Formed 1883 from White, Van Buren and Independence

1930 - Census shows on same page:
 -     Herold Luallen 34 born AL and both parents born GA
     Alice A. 24 GA AL AL
     Lee R. 4-1/2
     Chester 3 1/2
     William 1 1/2
 -     Vester E. Luallen 41 AL GA AL
     May B. 34 GA GA GA
       Irene 14
       Harold 12
       Herbert ?   10
       Vibera?   8
       Virginia 4
       Hobert 1 7/12


1860 - Census shows William Lewellen born 1812 TN, Rachel 1816 Alabama, Catherine W 22 AL, John A 20 Miss, William 16 Alabama, Rebecca 13 alabama, Jimison 10 Alabama, Margare P. 6 Alabama, Thomas J. (Jefferson) 3 Alabama, Rufus L. 1 Alabama

Fayette Co., MAP OF LAND OWNED   On Map #3 at :
Lewis P. Price, Harmon Price (to the bottom right of Lewis), George Lawrence (to the right of Lewis), John Rice (to bottom left of Lewis), Daniel G. Kirkland (above Lewis Price and to the left), WILLIAM LEWELLING (below Lewis and beside Harmon), Alexander W. Palmer (to right of Harmon), Charles Palmer (above and to right of Alexander),   Charles Palmer (above Alexander).   (NOTE:   The date for this info isn't given)

1927 - Carrie Lee Luallen was born and died that year

1940 - Leslie Luallen (born 1935) died, son of Claude and Ethel.

1976 - Claude W. Luallen, born 1903, died.   He was married 1926 to Ethel R. (b 1906 and d. 1992)


Date unknown - Andrew M. Lewellen lived here.   He was the son of Bafford and Nancy Peters Lewellen who lived in Missouri, Ohio and Bafford was born Kentucky 1822

Jackson was formed 1819 from the Cherokee Cession of 1816.   The county is on the Tennessee border with the Tennessee county on the other side being Franklin.   It is also right on the Georgia border with the county on the other side being Dade and Walker

(See Anderson County, Tennessee.)

1818 - By this year, Daniel and Elizabeth (Lain) were in Alabama.   They were in Tennessee where their first son, Charles, was born 1813.

1820 - David Lewellen of Jackson County, land record.   West half of Northeast quarter of Section 5 in Twp 3, Range 7 E. subject to sale at Huntsville, Alabama, containing 80 acres and 28/100 of an acre.

1825 - ca Madison Lewallen was born.   He married Sarah Taylor about 1843 in Jackson County

1832 - William Preston Lewallen was born Jan. 7 Fackler.   He died 2/13/1909 Gumlog, Pope County, Arkansas

1834 - Daniel Lewallen received property

1840 - Census:
     Freeman Luallen, page 16,
   John Luallen page 35,
   Daniel Luallen page 39,
   Charles Luallen, page 59.

1843 - Monroe Washington Lewallen md Sarah "Sallie' Taylor, Mar,1843

1848 - John P. Lewellyn died and buried in the Lewallen Cemetery (born 1827)
1848 - Petition for guardianship of mnor children by Daniel Luallen father of Charles (note, Daniel, the father, died 1849)
1848 - Charles luallen (born 1813 TN), son of Daniel and Elizabeth, died.   His wife was Clatha (last name unknown) who was born 1818 Kentucky; she died after 1880 in Arkansas.   Known children:   Almarinda (born 8/5/1835 Alabama and died 1904 in Arkansas, Jordan (born Nov. 29, 1838 Alabama and died Nov. 25, 1905 Canadian, OK, Mary (born Nov. 28, 1842 Alabama and died Jan 13, 1925 Enterprise OK, Charles (born Jan. 1846 Alabama and died after 1910 in Oklahoma.
   NOTE:   See Pope and Independence Counties, Arkansas

1849 - Peyton Lieuallen died ca 1849 in Jackson County, Alabama.   He was born about 1789 Anderson County, Tennessee.
1849 - Daniel Luallen   (born 1780/90) died.   His wife was Elizabeth Lain (born 1793 TN).   She died in Mississippi after 1860.   Their known children were:   Charles born 1813 Tennessee, William born 1818 Alabama, James born 1820 Alabama, Monroe Wilson born 1823 Alabama, Madison born 1825 Alabama, Preston born 1832 Alabama, Freeman born 1833 Alabama, Daniel born 1834 Alabama, Andrew Jackson born 1835 Alabama, Polly (married ? Hamons) and M. J. (married ? Lipscomb).
   Daniel's siblings were:   John, Peyton, Freeman, Sarah, Polly, Elizabeth, and Cynthia

1850 Federal Census:
               District 19
   John Luallen 60 (1790) born unknown
         Nancy 60 (1790) NC
         Jane McCarver 26 GA
         Sarah McCarver 11 AL
         Nancy McCarver 8 AL
         Riley McCarver 6 AL
   Freeman Luallen   55 (1795)
         Mary 43 KY
         Cynthia 11 AL
         Leroy 9 AL
         Margaret 7 AL
         Louis 4 AL
   Elizabeth Luallen 57 TN   (see 1880 below)
         Preston Luallen 18 Alabama
         Daniel Luallen 15 Alabama
         Andrew Luallen 13 Alabama
   Madison Luallen 25 AL
   Sarah 28 AL
         Elizabeth 6 AL
         Nancy 4 Al
         Jones 3 AL
         John 2 AL
1850 - Name of slave owner in Jackson County was Elizabeth Luallen and she had one black male age 29                  

1854 - Nancy Jane (Jenny) Lewallen was born February.   She died 1904 Gumlog, Pope County, Arkansas.   Her husband was William Howell Jones.

1855 - From Llewellyn Traces, March and June 1997
"Jackson County, Alabama, guardianship records 1855
   "Joseph Minor, Guardian of Jordan (sic), Charles, Mary E. Lewallen, minor children of Charles Lewallen, deceased, in account current with the Court on final settlement with said wards made this 31st day of July 1955.
   "Dr. To this amount of Money that come into his hands due said wards from the Estate of Daniel Luallen, their guardianfather (grandfather?)
   "Interest on same $179.34, plus $29.83
Lefs by vouchers $209.17 and $32.68
Cr. by vouchers $176.49
No. 1 Joseph Minor, guardian-law (sic) $18.68
No. 2 Judges fees $10
No. 3 RCT Gill Printers fees $4.00 --- $32.68
   "J. G. Dixon, Judge of Probate for said county of Jackson and State of Alabama do hereby certify that the foregoing contains a full and correct statement of the settlement of the guardianship of Joseph Minor, guardian of the above named minors had on this day July 31st 1855.   /s/ J. G. Dixon
   "Received of J. G. Dixon, Judge of Probate for Jackson County one hundred seventy six Dollars and forty nine cents in full of the amount deposited with the Court by Joseph Minor due the minor children of Charles Lewallen from said minor (sic) as their guardian on the 31st...document ends here."

   "It is frustrating and unfortunate that this document from the files of Llewellyn Traces ends where it does, leaving to our imagination its conclusion.   Howeverenough of this estate settlement shows to indicated that Daniel Luallen, deceased, was the father of Charles Lewallen, who himself was deceased by 31 july 1855, leaving three minor children:   a child named, as nearly as we can read the record, Jordan, a son Charles and a daughter Mary E. Lewallen.
   "Perhaps the Daniel Luallen of this court record was the Daniel Lewallen for whom we have records from several researchers.   That Daniel Lewallen, seemingly a brother of Peyton Lieuallen, was born ca 1789 in Anderson County, Tennessee, and died ca 1849 in Jackson County, Alabama.
   "Perhaps a researcher of this family has the full account of this settlement record."

1858 - Calthia Lewallen paid taxes on 210 acres in Independence County, Arkansas.   She was the wife of Charles Lewallen.   Their children were Jordan, Mary, Charles, all born in Alabama.   Jordan and Charles served in the 2nd Union Infantry of Arkansas in the Civil War, rank of Private.

1860 - John Luallen died in May at the age of 73 (born 1787).   He was born North Carolina, a farmer.   He died of Dropsy.
   NOTE     See Wake County, N.C. where John Lewellen married Nancy Roberts.   IF Jane McCarver showing in the 1850 census is their daughter, she was born 1824 in Georgia which means they would have been in GA by 1824 and in Alabama by 1839.
1860 - Census shows Nancy Luallen 70 (1790) N.C.
1860 - Real estate value of William Tipton given as $2,000 and $3,500.   He was a farmer.   Wife Elizabeth (see 1863)

1863 - William Tipton, son of Shadrach Tipton (1760 MD-1830 Madison Co., AL), died in Fackler.   His wife was Elizabeth Luallen/Lewallen who reportedly was born in South Carolina.   She married William Tipton in Jackson County.   They had no children and his estate was given to his widow and siblings.   William Tipton is shown 1813 in Madison County and then in 1840 in Jackson County.

1868 - James Madison Lewallen married Nancy Jane Holder.   Madison died in Jackson County (date not given.) (Note:   I found this on the internet but am not sure whether or not it's the right person - From his probate he left the following heirs:
J.P. Lewallen, Elizabeth Lewallen, Daniel Lewallen, Amanda McGill, Nancy Gist, James M Lewallen dec'd, Elisha Lewallen, dec'd)

1869 - Elizabeth Luallen/Lewallen Tipton died.   Her estate papers were filed in 1870 and all her belongings went to various Lewallens.   Polly Luallen Hammons was listed in a Jackson County probate records as the niece of Elizabeth Tipton.   Cynthia Lewallen also mentioned in the probate records.

1878 - J. P. Lewallen married A. Lovelady
1878 - Sarah Lewallen married James A. Webb

1879 - Nancy Lewallen married Henry H. Gist 1879

1880 - By this year Elizabeth Lewallen and her son Daniel and his family were in Alcorn County, Mississippi.   See the 1880 census for Alcorn Co. MS for the listing.   Daniel had brothers Preston and Andrew, and all three were born in Alabama)

1888 - Daniel Milton Lewallen was born Fackler, Alabama April 28.   He was the son of Elisha and Eliza Lewallen. Eliza's mother is Pricey Holloway and her father is Dr Henry McLin Roach. Eliza and family migrated to Milam Co., TX.   Daniel's siblings were Madison, Flossie Dawson, Ethel Steel, E.L. (wife Bessie Carlton).   Daniel's wife was Essie Anna Giles born 2/7/1891 Comanchie, Texas.   From all indications the family lived in Oklahoma.  
1888 - Katie A. Lewallen (born 1885) died and is buried in the Lewallen Cemetery
1888 - John M. Lewallen, (born 1883) died and is buried in the Lewallen Cemetery

1933 - Tennessee A. Lewellyn died.   She was born 1859; buried Lewallen Cemetery


1816 - Mary Wofford died in Huntsville.   Mary was born 1749, daughter of Hugh Lewellyn/ Luallen of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; she married Benjamin Wofford of Spartanburg SC.   The Lewallens moved from Pennsylvania to Spartanburgh County, South Carolina.   Her sister, Martha, married Joseph Wofford and died in Spartanburg 1826.

Formed 1818 Choctaw Session

The Sessions are showsn as early pioneers of Marengo County.

1840 -   Census shows Charles Lewellyn

1843 - Erasmus Sessions married Susan Stegall July 2.   It shows him as T.W.E.K. Sessions when he married.   (Erasmus is said to have been the son of William Varner Sessions born ca 1789 who's found 1830 in Loundes County, Alabama.)

1846 - Martha Sessions born April 22 and died Oct. 23, 1846

1848 - Frederick Erasmus Sessions born April 6, 1848 and died Feb. 13, 1850

1849 - William Varner Sessions born Dec. 18, 1849 and died April 1852

1850 - Census shows Erasmus Sessions born ca 1820 Georgia, wife Susan 22, William V. age 0.   Living nearby was the Griffin Stegall family.   Griffin was born 1790 Virginia (probably Susan's family.)   Susan was born 1827
   Also in the county was a John V. Sessions, two years older than Erasmus (according to newspaper article.   This John was a native of Alabama and moved before 1860...maybe the middle initial stood for Varner?

1851 - Charles Sessions born apr. 3 and died April 7, 1852

1853 - April 10 Erasmus Sessions Jr. born.   He married Granada Jordan, moved to Texas and had children Thomas and Susie.   He died 1912

1855 - James Augustus Sessions was born March 17.   He married (1) Annie Johnson and (2) Mrs. S.A. Morgan.

1856 - Samuel Sessions was born May 7.   He married Miss R. E. Jordan and died 1919

1858 - Ralph Sessions was born Nov. 2.   He married Cestia Morgan

1860 - Benjamin V. Sessions was born Oct. 2, 1860.   He married Lizzie L. Morgan.
1860 - Census shows E. E. Sessions born 1821 Georgia, wife Susan, children Erasmus 7 (1853), James A 5, Sami 4, Ralph 1
1860 - Erasmus Sessions enlisted in the 43rd Infantry.   His wife, Susan, widow, applied for his confederate pension May 29, 1893.

1862 - Frederick Sessions was born Oct. 2.

1864 - or 1865Erasmus Sessions was wounded in service and died on his way home of pneumonia.   He's buried at Half Chance.
1870 - Census shows Susan Sessions age 42, with Erasmus 17 (1853), James 15, Samuel 13, Ralph 11, Ben 9, Frederick 7.   (Erasmus was living in Newton County, Texas 1900; the census there shows his father and mother born Georgia.)

1902 - Susan Sessions died and is buried at Camp Grounds Cemetery


1840 - Census shows William Llewellyn


1840 - Census shows   Hiram Lallin


1850 census shows:
James M. Lewallen age 53, born So. Car., occupation farmer
 Elizabeth Lewallen, age 47, born So. Carl
 Minerva, age 20, born Tenn
 Martha E., age 14 born Tenn
 Eliza C., age 11, born Tenn
 Mary H. M., age 8, born Tenn.

1861-65 - Confederate Soldiers, 51st Partisan Rangers shows Andrew Lowellen
A. Louallen was a Pvt in Co. D, 51 Alabama Calvary (Partisan Rangers).   He enlisted   27 May 1862 at Oxford, Alabama for 3 years or duration of the war.   Was held as a Prisioner of War, paroled at Talladega, Alabama 25 May 1865.   None of the cards give his age or any other details about him.
There are only 4 cards in the set and one of them is a duplicate.   Oxford is also in Talladega and Calhoun Counties.   (Info from Sue Cooper)


1821 - Robert Turner Flewellen Sr was born.   the family moved to Macon Co., Georgia shortly after
   Robert T. Flewellen
   Robert Turner FLEWELLEN, Sr., is the second son of James and Elizabeth Person FLEWELLEN, late of Warren county, GA. In 1821 the parents removed to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where Robert was born, on the 2nd of October, of that year. The family returned to Georgia the following year, settling near the city of Macon, where the father died in 1829, leaving a wife, and four children, with limited means for education and support.
     The widow removed to the village of Culloden, in Monroe County, GA, where the subject of this sketch received his literary education, and grew to manhood. He read medicine in the office of Dr. D. H. Hammond and Dr. John C. Drake, of Thomaston, GA. He attended one course of lectures in the Medical College of Charleston, SC, and another in the Medical Department of the University of New York, graduating from the latter institution in the spring of 1845. Returning to Culloden, he begun the practice of medicine the following year, 1846, paying special attention to orthopedic surgery, then in its infancy, as a branch of practice.
   In 1848 Dr. FLEWELLEN was married to Miss Carrie Bivens, and in 1850 emigrated to California. In 1853 he removed to Texas, and settled in Washington County, as a planter; was elected to the House of Representatives from Washington County in 1859, and again in 1861 from the district of Washington and Fayette counties. Having become a widower in the meantime, he married, 1860, Miss Eugenia, the second daughter of the late John D. and Eugenia Edwards of Houston.
   In 1872 he was elected to the Presidency of the Texas State Medical Association, of which body he has long been a member and presided at the Waco meeting, the following year. In 18?? he removed to Houston, his present abode, and was in 18?? elected to represent Harris County in the Legislature. It was he who introduced, and secured passage by the Legislature for the first bill for the charter of a medical college in Texas; and has ever advocated a high standard of professional character and purity of the profession, and has always insisted upon protection of the practice of medicine by law.
     Dr. FLEWELLEN is yet in the prime of his life, and is universally esteemed as a physician and a citizen.
   Source: Types of Successful Men of Texas, by Lewis E. Daniel, pub. E. Von Boeckman, Printer 1890
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1823 - Betsy Davis married William Lewallen Jan. 16

1850 - census shows William Lewallen born ca 1816 TN, Rachel (wife) born Alabama), Catherine 13 Alabama, John 11 Alabama, William 8 Alabama, Roberta 4 Alabama, James 1 Alabama   (See Fayette County for 1860 census)

Sheila Wingate - Jul 19, 2009

What are the chances that anyone has any info on the entry above "1843 - Monroe Washington Lewallen md Sarah "Sallie" Taylor Mar, 1843"?  

Worthy Lewallen and wife Elizabeth named their last 3 of 4 sons, Taylor, Monroe, and Washington... (They had 10 sons all together of their 13 children.)

Billie Harris - Jul 19, 2009

Sheila, that's really ironic.   It seems there should be a connection.

Don't know if this has any bearing on it or not, but I notice 1840 Freeman Luallen in Jackson County and just this morning, I was researching some info for Jefferson County, Kentucky and came across Freeman Lewelling.   It was 1785 when he assigned his land to Robert Goode.   It didn't appear Freeman ever lived in Jefferson County so maybe he received the land from the Rev. War and didn't actually live there.   Freeman, incidentally, is from the Prince Edward County, VA. Lewallens.

My Lewallens in Alabama were connected to the Witts, the Goodes, and the Taylors.

Sheila Wingate - Jul 20, 2009

I've seen the land patent for Freeman Lewallen in AL and have seen his name in census.. My line is this:   Worthy Lewallen, son: Taylor Lewallen (until he married Sarah E. Johnson in 1876, then it became Luallen)... son: Vester Luallen.... dau: Videra Luallen Starr... who is my mother.  

Two things of interest that have interested me all my life.....
A... have heard through the family that there was   "fight/argument".. whatever and that was why Taylor changed the spelling of his name.
B... somewhere between 1929 and 1932, Vester's farm house burned.   The family lived in Jacksonville, AL during the time it took for Vester and his oldest brother, Tillman, to rebuild it.   My uncle H... Luallen is the oldest member still living and he doesn't know who they lived with as he was born in 1928 and was a very small child.  

All of the older children are dead now, including my mother who was #4 child.   My grandparents had 7 children at the time and I have wondered WHO they lived with...   WHAT relatives were living in Jacksonville, AL at that time?  

The fact that my uncles that are still living have thought that there was a Luallen who had married a native Indian, is interesting, and other things that I've heard have interested me, as it is reflective of the fact that at least in Taylor's generation, they were probably "in contact" with other Lewallens that were from other sides of the family... or at least "heard of them or about them"...   What do you think?

I did make a one mistake on my earlier post.... Worthy apparently did not have a son named Monroe, though I have seen that name somewhere.   The last 4 sons are named:   Taylor b June, 1847, Leroy b 1849, Washington b 1850, and Alfred b 1852.   I think that Leroy, Washington, and Alfred died as young children as they do NOT appear on any census after 1870...

Billie Harris - Jul 20, 2009

Sheila:   I've edited the Alabama information above to show your Vester and his family as well as a Herold Luallen living a few doors from him.   Vester was 41 and Herold 34.   Did they have the same mother?   Herold shows his mother born GA while Vester shows his born AL.

Sheila Wingate - Jul 20, 2009

CLEBOURNE COUNTY -------- should be Cleburne Co.

1930 - Census shows on same page:                            
This Census is incorrect... this family is actually the son of Taylor & Sarah as is Vester Luallen.

Herschel Culah Luallen b 04 Jun 1895   d 07 Nov 1961 with wife Alice Enerviann Jacks b 23 Apr 1904 d 31 Dec 1995 Powder Springs, Cobb Co., GA with children:  

Cuelah Leroy Luallen M 10 Sep 1925 b AL d 12 Oct 1985 Paulding Co., GA
Chester Luallen         M 07 Feb 1927 b AL d 13 Aug 1993
Wilburn Bertis Luallen M 18 Feb 1929 b AL d 20 Nov 1993
William Luallen           M   29 Nov 1930 b AL d   ?

the later children are:

Charles Melvin Luallen M   b 14 Mar 1933 d 22 mar 1933
Euvinnia Mae Luallen   F   b 12 May 1934
Kathleen Julie Luallen   F   b 06 May 1937  
Annie Yvona Luallen     F   b   22 Apr 1940
Carol Ruth Luallen       F   b 14 Jun 1943
Donita Lee Luallen       F   b 19 Mar 1945
Shirley Jane Luallen     F   b 20 Sep 1948

Vester's name is: Vester Ester Luallen b 31 Oct 1888 in AL d 14 Feb 1963 in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA    

He married Lillie Maybelle Maxwell b 06 Nov 1895 Haralson Co., GA and died 20 Apr 1991 in Marietta, GA.

They married 02 Aug 1914 in Bremen, Haralson, GA.

Both are buried at the Concord Cemetery in AL.   As is Worthy Lewallen though there is NO marker or record that I know of.... just what family members have told me... many of the Luallens of this family are buried out there.

The children of Vester on the census are:

Oma Irene   F b 30 May 1915 Muscadine, Cleburne, AL   d 25 Feb 2008 in Heflin, AL

Harold Bernard M b 14 Aug 1917   Muscadine, Cleburne, AL d 09 Oct 1986 Atlanta, GA

Herbert Woodrow M 10 Jun 1919 Muscadine, Cleburne, AL d 01 Jan 1948 Lexington, SC

Videra Felisia b 17 Jun 1921   Muscadine, Cleburne, AL d 13 Oct 1989 Arlington Co., VA

Herman Harding M 30 Jul 1923 Muscadine, Cleburne, AL d 07 Jun 2007 Albany, Dougherty, GA

Virginia Maybelle F 08 Apr 1926   Muscadine, Cleburne, AL 01 Nov 1999 Atlanta, Dekalb, GA

Hobert Musco M b 10 Sep 1928 Muscadine, Cleburne, AL -- legally changed the spelling of his first name to HOBART and is still living....

additional children:

(a living daughter)   b 15 Feb 1931)

Hoyt Windell M b 03 May 1933 Muscadine, Cleburne, AL d 10 May 1973

( a living son)   b 02 Jul 1935   Muscadine, Cleburne, AL

Harlen Foster M b 19 Sep 1936 Muscadine, Cleburne, AL d 17 Oct 2005 in Ocala, FL

(a living son) b 22 Oct 1940 Muscadine, Cleburne, AL

Vester's family farm was near Fruithurst and about 2 miles over the GA/AL border.

Billie Harris - Jul 20, 2009

I've made the change of Cleburne and it's possible I misread the Herald for Herschel.   Some of the census records are very difficult to read

Rick Llewellyn - Jul 20, 2009

I'm pretty certain that the Freeman you mention is actually 2 different people. The Freeman in AL was the son of Richard Luallen (Anderson Co, TN), son of Daniel Lewellin (Prince Edward Co., VA). The Freeman from Prince Edward Co., VA fought in the French & Indian War (1754 - 1763). Freeman shows up repeatedly in my family of William Lewellin, son of Anderson.