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1780 - Richard M. Lewelin married Letice Winn in Abbeville & 96 Districts

1787 - Matthew Henry Young married Floria Josephine Todd in Aug.   (See Newberry)

1803 - Will of Richard Lewallen.   Wife Lettice to whom he gives two Negroes, Molow? and Jacob, 1/2 land they lived on by the Savannah River, horse, sheep, cattle, left to her by her father.   Gives a $2 bequest to his sister Lettice and mentions his brother Mays Lewallen.   The Will was witnessed by James Baird, Andrew M. Goocher unto Andrew Hamilton.   Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $10,000.
(NOTE:   The given name of his wife and his sister are both usual names. In 1752 Norfolk County, VA, Edward Lewallen named two daughters in his Will - Lettisha and Lettas so Lettas could have been Lettuce -- not the same as the wife of Richard, of course.   In 1768 Letta Lewallen married Benjamin Bunting in Norfolk.   I'm only pointing this out because of the similarity of names and the fact Richard may have been related in some way to Edward although Edward's Will doesn't mention a


1735 - Jonathan (John) Lewellen arrived as an indentured servant in a town near the French Church in Charleston.   He was a carpenter and his master was a Mr. Reynolds.


1869 - Militia Enrollments of Men Between 18 and 30 shows Ellison Lewallen


1790 - Federal census shows Jonothan Lualin


1810 - Lenard Clayburn in census


1800 - Census shows William Cleburn

1820 - Census shows Lecinder? Lewellen

1860 census shows R. Lewellen 45 (1815) South Carolina, Carline 15, Martha 13, M.A. 10, Sarah Shum 20, Wm Shum 2, J. P. Shum 1 month


According to the Leonardo Andrea Collection, File 285, Flewelling of Laurens County, South Carolina, Phoebe Garrett was the daughter of Thomas Flewelling of Laurens County, SC. According to Mr. Andrea, Thomas Flewelling executed a deed in Laurens County granting property to his "daughter" Phoebe Garrott, Joseph Potts & wife Milleah, William Dillard, and Joseph Martindale. According to Andrea, Thomas Flewelling's children were Phoebe Garrett wife of John Garrett, Sr.; Milleah wife of Joseph Potts; Susannah wife of William Dillard; Mary wife of Joseph Martindale. Susannah Dillard died in 1837 (Union Co., SC?) survived only by sisters as heirs and their names were Mileah Potts, Sarah Fincher, Elizabeth Ellis, and Elvina Gray, so it would appear there are additional sisters   (from a posting on GenForum)

1785 - James Flanagan was born Oct. 18.   He was the son of Ann T. Fluellen (daughter of Anne Thomas of Philadelphia) and Reuben Flanagan (born Mar. 6, 1764 in Newberry district, S.C..   Ann T. Fluellen was born August 28, 1752 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.   He married Margaret Valentine on June 6, 1813 (per Llewellyn Traces, Dec. 1990)

1787 - Elvira Flanagan, daughter of Reuben and Ann T. Fluellen was born.     She married Henry Gray on Oct. 27, 1908.

1800 - Thomas Flewelling in census


1860's - Listed in the Civil War records were:
   Jessee B. Lewellyn, Civil War Roster, Marion Co. SC
   B. Frank Llewellyn, Civil War Roster, Marion Co. SC


1800 - Census shows Matthew Young with four in the household under 16 and two over 16.   (See Abbeville and Warren County, KY)

(Note:   Pendleton County was discontinued.   See Pickens and Anderson counties)

1788 - ca.   Joseph Lewellen married Martha ? , presumably in Pendleton District.   It has been said Joseph C. Lewellen was born 1763 in Ashboro, Randolph County, N.C.   however Randolph County wasn't formed until 1779:   They had six children:   Christine (b 1792), Jonathan (b 1795), John Franklin (b 1796), Joseph Jr. (b 1798), Worthy (b 1803), and Tabitha (b 1806).    

1790 - Federal census shows Joseph Lewallen.   Other names on page:   Robert Box Jr and Sr., Geo Sadler, James Davenport, Littleberry Tony

1792 - Christine Lewellen born

1795 - Jonathan Lewellen born, son of Joseph

1796 - John Franklin Lewellen was born, son of Joseph.  

1798 - Joseph Lewellen Jr. born

1800 - Census by William C. Stewart shows:
   Page 45 - #332 –  Joseph Lewellen –  51110-01100-00.   Other names on same page:   More, Willoughby Pugh, Richard Ship, Randolph Lee, Francis Miller, Wm Sullivant, Wm White, Richard Perry, Elijah Hen, Baker, Hooper

1800 - Census shows Harris Claburn

1803 -   Worthy Lewellen born, son of Joseph and Martha Lewellen.   By 1806 they were in Franklin County, Georgia.


1750 -   William F. Medlin "Quaker Families of SC & GA (1892: Ben Franklin Press) p. 59, lists HUGH LLEWELLYN in 1750 with the WIR meeting in Spartanburg; p. 110 Hugh Luellyn, Ch: Martha b. 1752 PA, d. 1826, m. 1786 Benj. Wofford.  

1768 - Mary Luallen (daughter of Hugh Luallen of Pennsylvania) married Joseph Wofford of Spartanburg.   Her sister, Martha, married Benjamin Wofford and the family moved to Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama.   Note:   A book on the Woffords say that the Woffords moved from the Rock Creek area of Maryland to Spartanburg in the 1770's.   If, in fact, Mary and Joseph were married 1768, then they must have moved to Spartanburg prior to the 1770's.
From a GenForum posting:   "...Hugh Llewellyn as a Quaker and a member of the Bush River and Wateree Meetings. Shows a date of 1750 for Llewellyn. I am not sure exactly what the date represents. If Martha was born in 1752 in PA, then her father wasn't in SC quite as early as 1750, but the date could be approximate..."
"History of Spartanburg County" by Dr. J. B. O. Landrum has 4 pages mentioning Martha (Wofford) Llewellyn

1800 - Census shows:
   Daniel Luallen with neighbors David Allen, ? Allen, Jesse Griffin, David Jones, Jonathan Davis, Byer   (NOTE:   Union County and Spartanburg County was right next to each other - see Union for 1800 census)

1810 - No census record of Luallen

1825 - Martha Luallen Wofford died.   She was born 1752 Pennsylvania, daughter of Hugh Luallen   (See obit posted in History section)

1835 - Mary Luallen Wofford died.   She was the daughter of Hugh Luallen of Pennsylvania and had married Joseph Wofford of Spartanburg, S.C.   She was brought to South Carolina by her father when she was a child.


1810 - Census shows James Lewelling

1820 - Census shows:
   Elizabeth Luellin with neighbors Joseph Hodge, Ripley Coplen, Caleb Copelin, William Singleton, William Honeycut, John Frazier

1860 census shows:
Louis G. Leuallen 42 (1818), Julia 30, Harvey 8, May 4, Susan 1, Mary Adkinson 75 (1785 SC)   (the 1850 census shows Mary Adkinson living with the John McLeod family)

1870 census shows:
R. Luellen 77 (1793) S.C. and Mary age 40 living in Shiloh
L. J. Luellen 62 (1808) SC, Julia 32, Harvey 15, Adeline 12, Nancy 10, Thomas 7, Alice 5, Eliza 3, George 11/12

1880 Census shows:
L. J. Luellen 73 (1807) SC, Julia A. 42, Lewis Thomas 18, Eliza Ann 13, George D 9, Harvey A. 26 and Frances 23.   (Frances was probably Harvey's wife.)

Created 1798 from District 96

1797 - Shadrack Llewellyn attended a Quaker meeting

1800 - Shederic Luallin on the census, with 2 males in his household 26-44 (he would be about 26 years old if born ca 1774 which according to the way the children are listed in the Quakers records for Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewellen, he was born about that time), 2 females under 10, 1 female 26-44 and one female 45 and over.
Others on same page:   Brock, Brummitt, Jacobs, Smith, McDaniel, Everhard, Wood (Josias and Isham Wood)
NOTE:   Apparently from here he moved to Buncombe County, N.C.

Formed 1802 from Georgetown District

1820 - Census shows Simon Lewellen over 45 years of age with male and female children both under and over age 10.   (Note:   the only Simon we've found to date was the son of Alexander Lewellin of