Billie Harris - Aug 31, 2008

Where have I heard the surname of Swofford before?   Does anyone have it in their genealogy?

Billie Harris - Sep 1, 2008

For the Banks County people, can you tell me where the middle given name of Brofford came from?   I just noticed it in the Lewallen online tree that Kristi posted.

Bill Crawford - Sep 1, 2008

That's the only time I've seen the name. I haven't seen Swofford either in Lewallen families. There are numerous Swoffords in census in Alabama, Arkansas among other states. Some census show Swoffords born in Georgia.

Billie Harris - Sep 1, 2008

Bill, thanks.   I was grasping at straws on something and I just found that it wouldn't work.   We already have information on here for the Woffords:

[NOTE: broken link]

I did note that one of the Banks County information - I beieve it was Bill Crawford's -   gives Joseph's place of birth as Ashboro, Randolph County, N.C.   1763.   Does anyone know where that information came from?   There was a Joseph Lewalling that signed the 1788 petition to make the court house in Randolph County in a more central location.   That's the only reference I've found for him in Randolph County.   He wasn't listed in the 1788 petition nor in the 1790 census so sometime about that time, he must have moved elsewhere.

I've just posted in the History section the chronology of the history of Randolph County.   In part, it states:   "1740-1770 First white settlers (Germans, Scotch-Irish and English) came from Pennsylvania and also from the Eastern Seaboard of North Carolina. All this area was then part of Rowan and Orange counties..."  

From that, it seems those researching for Joseph's parents might want to check Pennsylvania or the eastern seaborad counties of North Carolina.  

Incidentally, William Lewalling who died in Randolph County 1799 named his son Joseph in his Will but Joseph isn't mentioned anywhere in that county so it's possible it was he who signed the petition in 1785 and had moved elsewhere by 1788.   There's a Joseph living in Pendleton District, South Carolina 1790 and 1800.   Since we have a Banks County, GA. descendant doing a DNA and one from William Lewelling of Randolph County, we should be able to find out if there is, in fact, a connection of the two families.