Last Will and Testament of James Crewes 1676 (Crews, Turkey Island, Daniel Llewellyn)

Billie Harris - Sep 10, 2008

I'm posting this so it won't get lost in the other posting regarding Daniel Llewellyn whose daughter, Margaret, is said to have married James Crews/Crewes who was hanged for his part in Bacon's Rebellion.

The Will was found on GenForum and the person had obtained it from the University of Virginia library.

July 23, 1676. In the name of God, Amen, I James Crewes of Turkey Island, planter in Henrico County, being of sound and perfect memory, praised be God, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following:

First, and principle, I commit my soul into the hands of Almighty God, my Creator, hoping and also believing through the merits, death, and passion of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer, to have and obtain free, full, remission and pardon for all my sins.
As touching any and all my worldly estate, either here in Virginia, in England, or elsewhere due either by bill, bond, or arrest:

Item. I give and bequeath unto Mary Carter, daughter to Giles Carter, ten thousand pounds of tobacco and cask, one feather bed, two blankets, and one good rug, this to be paid in three years after my decease, the interest hereof to be towards her clothing.

Item. I give unto Susan Carter ten thousand pounds of tobacco and cask, one feather bed, two blankets, and one rug, to be paid as abovesaid.

Item. I give unto my man Tero his freedom, he serving three years after my decease and at the expiration of the said time, I give unto him one cow, one sow, if I have any left, and as much land as he shall tend for him and another during life.

Item. I give unto Hannah Carter, wife to Giles Carter, my Negro maid Keate forever and her increase.

Item. I give unto Daniel Price my best suit and coat and hat.

Item. I give unto Giles Carter what he owes me by bill or book; and further the plantation, which I have formerly left him, that he, his wife Hannah, and children shall have it during both their lives rent free, only paying one grain of Indian corn when demanded and further it is my will that what I have given to the said Giles Carter’s children that if either of them should die that it should come to the rest of his children; it is further my will that when the said Hannah Carter, wife to the said Giles Carter shall die, then the said Negro wench return to Theodorick Carter, her son, and if she hath any children they to be at her   disposing who she will give them to.
Item. I make my loving cousin Mr. Mathew Crewes my sole executor of all my lands here in Virginia or elsewhere and all the rest of my estate to him or his heirs forever, my just debts being paid.

Item. It is my desire that my loving friend Giles Carter should live here in my said house and command my servants and make crops or any other thing as shall be convenient and necessary for the said plantation, and so to give an account yearly if my said executor shall order.

James Crewes. Test: Thomas Forehand and Dermot Enroughty.
Probated in Henrico County Court to be the last will and testament of Capt. James Crewes (deceased) by the witnesses to the same as by their depositions taken the 10th of December 1677 (in case of mortality) will appear certified and entered amongst the records of the said court this 2nd day of August 1680. H. Davis, Esq. (Henrico County, Virginia, Records, p. 139)