Price, Hallom, Lewellen, Matthews, Carter, Crew / Crewe

Billie Harris - Sep 12, 2008

In trying to prove or disprove the connection of James Crewes who was hung because of his participation in the Bacon Rebellion to Margaret Lewellyn, daughter of Daniel   and Ann (Matthews Price Hallom) Lewellyn, I've put together a chronology of early information with the names that somehow connect to them.  

1611 - In May John Price arrived in Virginia on the STARR with Sir Thomas Dale.   Per The William and Mary Quarterly, it doesn't mention his return to Wales or his marriage there.
However, that same publication on pp 211 & 212 lists John's son Matthew as having been born in Wales in 1615 and died in Henrico Co., VA, and it lists seven generations of his descendants. It mentions a Matthew Price (age 20) who came to Virginia in 1635

1615 - ca.   Matthew Price was born, son of John Price

1617 - John Price's wife, Jane, died Oct. 7  

1619 - In Feb 1619 John Price received a land patent of 150 acres in Henrico Co. This land on Turkey Island was inherited by sons Matthew and John

1619 - England -   November 1619 order to "send a hundred women, maids young and uncorrupt to make wifes to the inhabitants and by that means to make the men more settled and less moveable."

1620 - Ann Matthews arrived on the ship the Francis Bonaventure as did Robert Hallom
1620 - ca.   John Price married Ann Matthews

1623 - Adventures in Purse and Person” pages 274-5 shows:
“Ann (---) Price (b 1604) who came to Virginia in the Francis Bonaventure and was living with her husband John Price at neck of land, Charles City   in 1623.

1623 - The List of the Living in Virginia 16 Feb 1623: John PRICE & unnamed wife at Necke of Land, Charles City; The Muster of Inhabitants in Virginia

1624 - Muster - John PRICE, age 40; his wife Ann, age 21; Mary, age 3 mos. 2 houses, corn, cattle, poultry, & ammunition
1624 - .24 June   John PRICE, aged 40, wife Ann, aged 21, & Mary, aged 3 months, at Necke of Land, Charles City.   Both of those lists include other PRICEs -- his brother William, Hugh, and Edward.
(NOTE:   John Price would have been born ca 1583 and Ann would have been born ca 1602)

1624 - Robert HALLOM   24 Jan Muster shows himt, age 23, as a servant of Luke BoyceE at Necke of Land, Charles City (per Genealogies of Virginia Families, Wm & Mary Quarterly Vol V p 728)

1625 - John PRICE was a member of the House of Burgesses and the Assembly which convened 10 May 1625 to draw up the protest against any change in government to be sent to the King; he appeared as a witness before the General Court 25 May 1625.
Lists children of John I & Ann -- Mary, Mathew and John PRICE II,

1627 - ca - John PRICE II son of John and Ann Matthews Price was born.   He died before 1662 in Virginia.   His wife was ? Rowen

1636 - 6 Mar Richard COCKE was granted 3000 acres west of John PRICE's land (now in the tenure of Robert HALLUM) & north of main river..
1636 - John Price I died BEFORE 6 Mar 1636, Charles City, VA.-because his widow,   Ann,   had remarried before that date.  
1636 - Robert Hallom was granted 1,000 acres adjoining Edward Osborne opposite Falling Creek for transporting 20 persons. June

1637 -   1 Nov There was a regrant of this land.p. 214 - 6 May 1638 Anne HALLOM, widow, granted 1000 acres adjoining land of Richard COCKE & John PRICE. This 1000 acres was from Richard COCKE's 3000 acres, as negotiated by Arthur BAYLEY.
(Robert Hallom, second husband of Ann Woodward Price, died by May 6 when Ann Hallom, widow and heirs of Robert Hallom were granted 1000 acres.   (The had three children:   Ann (Grundy), Sarah (Woodward & Sturdivant) and Robert Hallom

1638 - Robert and Ann Hallom   had a trading account with Robert's brother Thomas HALLOM, in which they received merchandise in exchange for tobacco from 1636 through 1638. A 1639 statement shows that Thomas is owed over 220 pounds sterling.. It appears that Ann's 3rd husband, Daniel LLEWELLIN, may have assumed responsibilty for this debt.

1638 - 23 May -   Matthew PRICE was granted the 150 acres originally granted to his father in 1619, it being in the possession of "his mother, Anne HALLOM, widow". (Patent Book 1, p. 558)

1639 -40 ca - Ann Price Hallom married Daniel Llewellyn.   Some sources state Daniel Llewellyn arrived in the colonies from England 1642 although some state he arrived earlier.

1642 - “Daniell Lewellyn, Gent. 856 acs. The Northermost part beg. Above Mrs. Heyman, N. on the upper branches of Turkey Island Cr. And S. on the head of Mr. Aston’s land.   The southernmost part extending to Mr. Aston and W. upon Joseph Royall between Dockermans Cr. And Sherley Hundred.   Trans. Of 17 pers:   Michael Peacock, Charles Edgar, Tho. Morgan, James Foster, Robert Hopps, Tego Frayle, Hen. Hitchcox, Robert Ward, Tho. Richardson, John Devall, Robert Hallome, Frances Hallome, Eliza Jackson.   Page 845.   Oct. 27, 1642
(Among Daniel LLEWELLIN's headrights were Robert and Frances HALLOME on 20 Aug 1642. Might these have been the children of his wife, Ann MATTHEWS PRICE HALLOM, who were being returned from a visit with their HALLOM relatives in England? Maybe Frances was the aunt of Robert (the wife of his uncle William.)

1644 - Margaret HALLAM releases Danl. LLEWELLIN from debt   (She was probably the wife of Thomas Hallom, brother of Robert and was releasing her former sister-in-laws' new husband.   See above and see 1645

1645 - Daniel LLEWELLIN agrees to pay his "sister Margarett HALLAM, widow," of Brodstreet, London 8750 pounds of tobacco in seven annual installments of 1250 pounds

1645 - Daniel Llewellyn   acquired on 4 June   956 acres on branch of Turkey Island Creek and toward Sherley Hundred

1646 and 1647 - Daniel LLEWELLIN paid Margaret HALLAM 1426 pounds of tobacco

1648 - Wm. MASON, husband of the widow Margaret HALLAM, describes the difficulties in England and urgesDaniel LLEWELLIN to pay his bill

1649 - Wm. MASON again describes the troubles in England and urges Daniel to live up to their agreement.

1650 - William HALLAM to Daniel LLEWELLIN regarding conditions in the kingdom and urging payment
1650 - Daniel Llewellyn acquired 26 Oct   270 acres at Shirly in Charles City Co., VA

1652 - Rrleases Dan'l Llewellin from claims by Wm. HALLAM
1752 - Mr. Richard Cocke, 2,482 ac. Henrico Co. 10 Oct. On No side of James River, 1860 acs near head of Turkey Is Crbounded from corner tree of JOHN PRICE   by W. & c. to head of Mr. HALLAMs land & c.   622 acs commonly called the name of Bremo, bounded along the heads of Capt. Harris' land & other devdts, belonging to Curles, N & E., thence along the Cart Path, along Mr. HALLAMs land to the river & c.   100 acs due to patent to Temp Bayley 20 Sept 1620; 2000 acs by patent to sd Cocke 10 Mar. 1639; a residue for trans of ___ pers; Cornel Canadia, Neal White, Luce Davis, David Clobe, Willm Shoemaker, Robert Boane, Meredith Langford, Humph Miles

1655 - [Westover, 17 Dec 1655] "The whole difference betweene Capt David Peibils and Ja: Crewes is referred to the award and finall determination of Coll Edward Hill esqr Capt Henry Perry esqr Mr Thomas Drewe and Mr Anthony Wyatt, or an Umpier by them or the major part of them elected, And to be done the 20th day of January next

1656 - "A James Crews, who had much to do with the shipping of tobacco to England, kept on claiming in court that Capt. Peebles owed him a balance. Several times various justices or others audited the accounts, and Capt. Peebles paid, but Crews continued his demands, and finally engaged in personal dispute —  and was worsted. He then took his claim to the General Court of the Virginia Colony. Orders of Assembly, 1 December 1656, re suit of ‘James Crews of Henrico against Capt. Peebles’ disposes of the actual accounts in several paragraphs, ruling that certain payments be made by each to the other, then this follows: ‘…and for the Stabs and Blows mentioned …  they were occasioned by Crewes unworthy and uncivl provocation, for which Nothwithstanding, Peebles hath given satisfaction, and …  no just proof appears on Crewes part, whereas we humbly Conceive that the said Crews ought to be made example of for such foul Base and unworthy defamations against Capt. Peebles …  by paying costs of Suit and a fine to Capt. Peebles …  and that this be a final Determination of the differences between them, this Report being by Unanimous Vote of Both Houses.’
"Even that did not stop Crews. Without paying what he owed, he continued to sue Capt. Peebles in county courts

1656 - "Abstract. Bond. No date. 20000 lb tobo., to abide my settlement of dif. betw. Peibils and Crewes, by Capt. Henry Perry and Mr. Antho: Wyatt. Signed: David Peibils, James Crewes. Wit: John White, Patrick Jackson. Recorded 12 July 1656."

1657 - [3 Feb 1657/8] "Abstract. Mrs. HANNAH ASTON is dismissed from the suit of Mrs. Elizab: Peibils with costs."

1663 - Thomas Ludwell, Esq., 961 ac 1 furlong & 26 perches, being an irregular tract known by the name of timber Slash, Henrico Co. 16 June 1663, p. 103 (599).   Beg. at cor tree between Mr. Cocke & Mr. CREWES, hard by a Cart path & c. E by the 4 Mi Cr & c. W. up on land of Thomas Taylor, E. by land of Bryan Smith & c. Trans of 20 pers:   Phill Ludwell, Wm Broadib, Wm Drakford, Ann Drakeford, Wm Huglett, Robt Jarrett, Rich Crome, Rich. Talbot 2 Negores; Tho Barton, James Duckett, Roger Heywood, Robt. Ward, John Venne, Dn. Comacke, Hugh Berry, Ralph Parkson, Seth Dobson
(Early Virginia Families Along the James River by Louise Pledge Heath Foley, Vol.)

1664 - Geo. BULLINGTON, 503 ac. Henrico Co. 21 June 1664, p 224 (133). On N. side of James Riv. beg. at Thomas Fields Cr.   Trans of 10 pers:   JAMES CREWS, Jno Tomson, Mary Huffe, Wm Harding, Eliz. Arnell, Wm English, Negro, Margaret, Eliz. Hart, Edw. Cooke. (may have copied that
1864 - Mr. John Beauchamp & Mr. Richard Cocke, Sr., trans of 60...21 June 1664...Mary Deth Langford, Ann Thompson, Simon Owin, MARY CREWS.

1666 - Mr. Henry Randolph, 961 ac., 1 furlong, 26 perches, Henrico Co., known as Tymber Slash 23 Oct. 1666, p 224, Bet. Mr. Cock & Mr CREWE'S yard by a cart path by Ely Run of 4 mi Cr., adj. Tho TAYLOR, Bryan Smith & c. Granted to Tho. Ludwell, Esq. 16 June 1663, deserted, now granted by order & c & due for trans of 19 pers.

1673 - Mr. William Fry, 750 acs near the head of Chichamony Riv. on S.W. side thereof, 7 Apr. 1653, p. 192.   Beg at Fleets quarter includeing a small indian feild & c. Trans. of 15 pers:   GILES CARTER, Ralph Spendlowe, Jane Walker, Miles Noble, Anne Williams, William Brooke, Ralph Burton, Andrew Miller, Alice Archer, the sd Fry's wife and his three children; Dorothy Miller, Wm. Hoccadie

1653 - Daniel Llewellyn acquired on11 Jul 1653 -- 200 acres in or near Sherly hundred.   "Capt. Daniel Luellin, 200 ac. lying in or near Sherly hundred, which was late in possession of Edward Gardner, dec'd, bounding E into the woods, W. upon the river, N. upon 40 acs. purchased by Edward Maddin, and S. upon land lately belonging to serjeant John Harris. Sd land formerly granted unto sd Luellin by order of the Quarter Court dated --- and alsoe for trans. of 4 pers:   Jno White, Geo. Midlemore

1651 - or before, James Crewes arrived in the colonies.

1652 - 10 Oct Richard COCKE was granted 2482 acres adjoining the land of John PRICE and Mrs. HALLOM

1652 - ca Hannah (   ___   ) Carter was born

1654 - Charles City County:
10 Aug 1654 Samuel & Sara WOODWARD sell to Wm. EDWARDS, cooper, all their int. in a third part (p. 243) of 1000 acres "purchased of Richard COCKE and given unto Sara by will of her dec'd father, Robt. HALLAM, vidzt, that part lying next to the land downwards wch was purchased by the Edds of our brother John GUNDRY".
Signed: Samel (X) WOODWARD, Sarah WOODWARD.
Wit: Daniell LLEWELLIN, Margaret LLEWELLIN.
Ack by Dan'l. LLEWELLIN for Sam'l and Sarah WOODWARD 1 May 1665.
q6tr - 15 Aug 1654 John GUNDRY of Elizab. City Co., gent and Ann his wife sell Willm. Edwards, cooper, 333 acres in Henrico Co., adj land of Richard COX and Samuell WOODWARD.
Signed: John GUNDRY, Ann GUNDRY .
Ack in Court by Daniel LLEWELLIN for John and Ann GUNDRY 1 May 1665.
By 3 June 1661 Wm. EDWARDS had sold or leased 150 acres of the purchased 666, so he transferred the remaining 516 acres to James CREWES and John BEAUCHAMP.
[This must be the 500-acre plantation that William RANDOLPH acquired from the heirs of James CREWES after they had prevailed against the claim of Giles and Hannah CARTER in 1685. The consideration for the sale was "three acres and fifteen pounds of lawful money of England."]

1655 - Daniel Llewellyn acquired on 10 Mar   636 acres at Shirley hundred
1655 - William HALLAM to Daniel LLEWELLIN saying that his nephew Thomas HALLAM is being sent to Virginia to be supported and cared for by Daniel. He also authorizes Thomas to receive accounts due from Daniel.
1655 - A similar letter from William MASON

1656 - Hannah Aston was the wife of Coll. Walter Aston.   Coll Aston died 1656, after which she married Col. Edw. Hill.   James CREWES witnessed a document signed by Hannah 1656.
1656 - Jan court - Capt. Daniell LEWELLIN was sworn in as high sheriff of Charles City Co. for a year, with Daniell SCOTT as under-sheriff.
1656 and 1657 - Receipts from Thomas HALLAM, Jr. declaring the entire debt paid. James CREWES was a witness to the 1656 receipt.

1656 - Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Charles City Co., Va. Vol. 10, page 63 of copy, page 81 of original. Date 1656-7. Itt is ordered that JOHN STITH who married the relict of Jos. Parsons, dec’d Do give a full and true inventory of the sd Dec’d dts (Dec.’dts) estate within fourteen dayes XXX at Buckland XXX for the division thereof according to the will.

1657 -   Thomas HALLAM gives a receipt to Daniel LLEWELLIN for payment in full of account p. p. 184 with William HALLAM and 1384 pounds of tobacco on the account with Margaret HALLAM.
[Comment on the RootsWeb site:   Most of the letter mention the boy, Robert HALLAM Jr., who is with his Aunt Ann ]
[Some of the wording in the letters causes me to wonder if Margaret HALLAM MASON might have been a sister of Daniel LLEWELLIN. The receipt on p. 184 refers to "my uncle LLEWELLIN"][Arthur BAILY/BAYLEY appears to be the agent handling the transactions between the English HALLAM's and Daniel LLEWELLIN. Arthur BAYLEY also entered into the negotiations when Ann HALLOM acquired1000 acres.]
1656-7 - Feb. court - Daniell LEWELLIN produced a 1645 general acquitance of debt to Arthur BAYLEY. The court declared the debts null and void and then reversed the previous decision.
Same year and court -   Capt. Dan'l. LEWELLIN and others allowed to have an Indian in service.
1656 - Daniell LLEWELLIN & James CREWES were witnesses of a sale 4 Dec

1661 - See 1664

1661 - Charles City County:   14 Sep 1661 Court gave James Crewes permission to keep an Indian. (In Orphans Court) (Note from Roots Web posting:  
From the estate inventory of James CREWES, we discover that his male servant Tero , who received a bequest, was Native American.
The estate inventory also includes an unnamed Native American boy, an African-American man named Mingo, an African-American woman named Keate, and an English maid servant named Mary Herringer--with 2 years remaining on her indenture.
1661 - See 1685 mentioning land of Henry ROWING and Alee his wife and Robert BULLINGTON

1662 - Will of   John ROWEN.   The Will made a bequest to John Rowen, his nephew (son of his brother HENRY) a cow.   To his brother Henry he gave items to him for the bringing up of the two sons of JOHN PRICE, deceased, and managing their estate.   To the two orphans, Daniel and John Price, he gave items. To GILES CARTER he gave a cow and gift.   Margaret Crewes witnessed the Will.  
(These chidren, Daniel and John Price, were Margaret Crew's half-brother's sons)
(Note:   In most Wills where I've seen a cow bequeated to a child, the child was

1663 - JOHN STITH and SAMUEL EALE. Feb. 15, 1663. 500 acres. An irregular tract of land without the land of. Capt. Henry Perry called Hening Creek or Brookland, & on the north side of James River
1663 - Thomas Ludwell, Esqr 961 acs...known by the name of Timber Slash, Henrico, 16 June 1663...Beg. at corner tree between Mr. Cocke & Mr. CREWES, hard by a Cart path & c.   E. by the 4 Mi Cr & c. W. up on land of Thomas Taylor, E. by land of Bryan Smith & c.   Trans of 20 pers ...."

1663/4 - Daniel Llewellyn died in England.   A summary of his Will shows:
     Daniel Llewellyn of Chelmsford, Essex, England, Planter of Charles City County, Virginia.   Will dated February 6th 1663/4, proved March 11th 1663/4
“Lands, tenements, heriditaments, in Charles County in upper part of James River in Virginia, to wife Anne for life, then to son Daniel Llewellyn.   Ditto as to goods but to daughter Martha Llewellyn Jones, Daniel’s sister, two seasoned servants.   Also to son Daniel Llewellyn best suite, cloake, coate, and hatt, second best hatt with sivver hatband, all Linnen and my sayle Skinn Truncke, to friend Mary Elsing of Chelmsford, spinster, for care, one of best white rugs and my piece of Dowlas, saving sufficient for a winding sheet to bury mee.   To Mary Deerington of Chelmsford, widow, one of worst white rugs.   To daughter Margaret Llewelyn Cruse 40 shillings for ring and to her husband ditto.   To son-in-law (stepson) Robert Hallam ditto.   To Master Chr. Salter living in Wine Court without Bishipgate and Anne, his wife, 10 shillings each for gloves.   Goods sent over from Virginia this spring and summer to be sold for debts due, rest to son Daniel.”
Executors:   Thomas Vervell of Roxwell, Essex, Gent.:   James Jauncey of Cateaton Streete, London, Merchant; Giles Sussex of Thomas Streete, London, Hottpresser; and Master William Walker of Colchest, Essex, Shopkeeper
“To be buried in Parish Church of Chelmsford, neare the Reading Deske, and friend Doctor James Michelson to preach.”
Witnesses:   Robert Lloyd, Tim Code, senior, scivenor.

1664 - Virginia Land Patent Book, 1:454. 1684.
dated 1 Apr, recd. 1 Apr. Edward Hatcher of Henrico to Thomas Jarvis of Kiquotan in Elizabeth City Co, Gent. who m. relict of   Nathaniel Bacon decd 50a in Varina Parish, next to land formerly   belonging to widow Parker and now in occupation of Will Byrd, Esq., part of 200a formerly belonging to Will Danks,   purchased by Will Hatcher, Jr.   and Hen. Hatcher of Robert Bullington and Hen. ROWING and Alee his wife in two deeds dated 1 Feb. 1661, and by Hen. Hatcher, the survivor of the joint purchasers, sold to said Edward Hatcher 20 Aug. 1667. Wit Hen. Randolph, Wm Hatcher. Henrico Co, VA Wills & Deeds
1664 - 21 Jun - James CREWS a headright of Geo. BULLINGTON in Henrico Co

1664 - Geo. Bullinton 503 acs Henrico Co. 21 june.   On N side of James Riv beg. at Thomas Feelds Cr. Trans of 10 pers:   JAMES CREWES, Jno Tomson, Mary Huffe, Wm Harding, Eliz Arnell, Wm English, Negro, Margaret, Eliz. Hart. Edw. Cooke
1664 - Mr. John Beauchamp & Mr. Richard Cocke Sr 2994 A...S side of Chickahomeny SW....trans of 60 persons, including MARY CREWS

1666 -15 May A regrant of the 636 acres to Danll./David LUELLIN/LEWELLIN, son of Danll
1666 - Patent book 23 Oct, Mentions Hen. RANDOLPH's land between Mr. COCK & Mr. CREWE's yard in Henrico Co.,

1667 - An act was passed by the House of Burgess to disable John Stith and Edward Hill from holding office. The were accused of creating misunderstandings between the government and the people and were the cause of oppressive taxes and other grieveances. This act was later appealed.

1670 - ca Hanna (maiden name unknown) married Giles Carter

1673 - 28 Oct, John STURDIVANT's 71 headrights 4 times, included Ja. CREWES

1676/7 - James Crewes was hanged for his part in Bacon's Rebellion.  
1676 - Stith was a participant in Bacon Rebellion (royalist side)
1676 - July 23, 1676. In the name of God, Amen, I James Crewes of Turkey Island, planter in Henrico County, being of sound and perfect memory, praised be God, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following:
First, and principle, I commit my soul into the hands of Almighty God, my Creator, hoping and also believing through the merits, death, and passion of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer, to have and obtain free, full, remission and pardon for all my sins.
As touching any and all my worldly estate, either here in Virginia, in England, or elsewhere due either by bill, bond, or arrest:
Imprimis Item. I give and bequeath unto Mary Carter, daughter to Giles Carter, ten thousand pounds of tobacco and cask, one feather bed, two blankets, and one good rug, this to be paid in three years after my decease, the interest hereof to be towards her clothing.
Item. I give unto Susan Carter ten thousand pounds of tobacco and cask, one feather bed, two blankets, and one rug, to be paid as abovesaid.
Item. I give unto my man Tero his freedom, he serving three years after my decease and at the expiration of the said time, I give unto him one cow, one sow, if I have any left, and as much land as he shall tend for him and another during life.
         Item. I give unto Hannah Carter, wife to Giles Carter, my Negro maid Keate forever and her increase.
       Item. I give unto Daniel Price my best suit and coat and hat.
         Item. I give unto Giles Carter what he owes me by bill or book; and further the plantation, which I have formerly left him, that he, his wife Hannah, and children shall have it during both their lives rent free, only paying one grain of Indian corn when demanded and further it is my will that what I have given to the said Giles Carter’s children that if either of them should die that it should come to the rest of his children; it is further my will that when the said Hannah Carter, wife to the said Giles Carter shall die, then the said Negro wench return to Theodorick Carter, her son, and if she hath any children they to be at her   disposing who she will give them to.
Item. I make my loving cousin Mr. Mathew Crewes my sole executor of all my lands here in Virginia or elsewhere and all the rest of my estate to him or his heirs forever, my just debts being paid.
         Item. It is my desire that my loving friend Giles Carter should live here in my said house and command my servants and make crops or any other thing as shall be convenient and necessary for the said plantation, and so to give an account yearly if my said executor shall order.
James Crewes. Test: Thomas Forehand and Dermot Enroughty.
Probated in Henrico County Court to be the last will and testament of Capt. James Crewes (deceased) by the witnesses to the same as by their depositions taken the 10th of December 1677 (in case of mortality) will appear certified and entered amongst the records of the said court this 2nd day of August 1680. H. Davis, Esq. (Henrico County, Virginia, Records, p. 139)

1676 - Att a Court Marshal held at Green Spring, the 24th day of January 1676-7. Present, Sir William Berkeley Knt. Governor and Capt. Genl. of Virginia. Jas. Crewes. James Crewes being brought before the court for treason and rebellion against his most sacred majestie, and pleading nothing in his defence, and the court being very sencible that the said Crewes was a most notorious actor, aydor and assistor in the rebellion; therefore the court are unanimously of opinion, and doe adjudge him guilty of the accusation: Sentance of death therefore past upon him to returne to the prison from whence he came, and from thence (on Friday next) to be carryed to the gallowes, there to be hanged by the neck untill he be dead.

1677 - Giles Carter presented James Crewes' Will in Court (Dec.)
1677 - John' Price's sons, John III and Daniel, inherited 150 acres at Turkey Island. It was from either the the patent to their grandfather, John PRICE or the the one to their uncle, Matthew PRICE. In 1677 they sold the 150 acres to William HATCHER, whose son Benjamin sold it in 1681 to John PLEASANTS
Note:   From a posting on the internet, the 150 acres sold by Daniel & John III Price   in 1677 was from Matthew's 1638 grant
1677 - In 1677 the Henrico Records show that Daniel Llewellyn (Jr) called himself the "son-in-law" of Capt. John STITH. This could mean that he had married a STITH daughter or that his mother had married John STITH

1680 - April The 1000 acres patented by widow HALLOM had been granted to the daughters p.216 of Robert HALLOM and was now deeded to Samuel WOODWARD, Jr., son of Sarah (HALLOM WOODWARD) STURDIVANT

1681 - 18 Oct   Wm. Hatcher's son Benjamin conveyed the 150 acres bounded by Samuel

1682 - Att a Cort held at Southwarke for the County of Surry July 4th. 1682. Prest. Lt. Coll. Browne, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Mason, Mr. Malden, Comrs.
" Judgmt. is granted Wm. EDWARDS against MARY PRICE Adms. of Estate of JNO. PRICE deced. for six hundred thirty two pounds of tobo and Caske with Costs ali Exec."

1684 - William Randolph bought 60 acres from Giles Carter which was given Giles and Hannah by 24 Aug 1684 - "Wm. RANDOLPH of Varina Parish, Henrico Co. Gent. from Giles CARTER & Hannah(X), his wife, of Parish & C. afsd. 20 pounds strl.,60 a. which was by the last will & testament of Capt. James CREWES (dated, 23 AUG 1676) given unto sd. Giles & Hannah CARTER being part of ye dividend of land or plantation at Turkey Island of
which sd. Crewes died seized, wch. tract of land or plantation is since purchd. by sd. Wm.
Randolph of ye heir & exor. of Sd. Crews, decd. as by conveyance dated 24 Augt 1684.
Recd. 1 April 1685 Vol. 3, p 1380 6
(Henrico Co. Records 1677-1691, p 302)
[The Avant book (p 145) gives the date as 25 Feb 1684/5, and says 50 acres.]

1684 - 25 Aug   William RANDOLPH acquired the entire 500-acre plantation from the heirs of James CREWES in exchange for "three acres and fifteen pounds of lawful money of England."    
1684 - Virginia Land Patent Book, 1:454. 1684. dated 1 Apr, recd. 1 Apr. Edward Hatcher of Henrico to Thomas Jarvis of Kiquotan in Elizabeth City Co, Gent. who m. relict of
Nathaniel Bacon decd 50a in Varina Parish, next to land formerly   belonging to widow Parker and now in occupation of   Will Byrd, Esq., part of 200a formerly belonging to Will Danks, purchased by Will Hatcher, Jr. and Hen. Hatcher of Robert BULLINGTON and Hen. ROWING and Alee his wife in two deeds dated 1 Feb. 1661, and by Hen. Hatcher, the survivor of the joint purchasers, sold to said Edward Hatcher 20 Aug. 1667. Wit Hen. Randolph, Wm Hatcher James Crews' WillROWING

1690 - Daniel LLEWELLIN was married to Jane STITH, daughter of Col. John STITH, per her father's 1690/94 will, which says, "My Daughter Jane the now wife of Capt. Daniel Luellin."

1692 - Daniel Price died this year.   He was married to Susannah Carter, daughter of Giles and Hannah Carter.   After his death, she married   Thomas Williamson

1691 - 24 Apr 1 John GRUNDY, son of John & Ann, conveys to Wm. RANDOLPH the 1/3 interest p 216 of their deceased uncle HALLAM in the land he acquired from James CREWS'

1693 - John PRICE and his wife Jane sold to George Blighton 26 Jan 1693/4, 800 acres, part of the 1360 acres purchased by John WALL, grandfather of said John PRICE, from Rice HOE, bounded by James River near the mouth of Ward's Creek. [This is the John Price married to Jane Pugh.] John WALL died before 4 Feb 1664/5.

1694 - WILL OF JOHN STITH: "Gentleman.
To oldest son John, all land I live on and my mill lately built, and all other lands belonging to me except my land on eastern branch of Herring Creek, which I give to my son Drury.
To my daughter Jane, now wife of Capt Daniel Luellin, 5 pounds.
To my daughter Ann, now wife of Mr Robert Bolling, 10 pounds.
To my daughter Agnes, now wife of Mr Thomas Wynne, 5 pounds.
All rest of my estate divided in three parts to my wife Jane and sons John and Drury. Drury is to take his share of personal estate at plantation left to him, but if more than his share, then surplus to the other two.
To my loving friend Hugh Davis, 20 shillings to buy him a ring.
He is to settle any difference amoung my executors. Dated 13 Nov 1690
Wit: James Batty, Frances (FH) Batty, John Gay, Hugh Davis
Signed John Stith Recorded 3 April 1694
1694 - Codicil: I originally divided my estate in three parts. Since marriage of my son Drury, I have allowed him his third of my personal estate and made over the plantation left in my will. Therefore rest of estate is now divided into 2 parts for my wife and son John. 3 Oct 1693.
Witt: William Cole, John Jones, Thomas Grig. Recorded 3 Apr 1694 Charles City Co., VA
Codicil: I give and bequeath to my daughter Agnes, the now wife of Mr Thomas Wynne, the sum of fifteen pounds sterling. Oct 3 1693, proved 3 Apr 1964.

1701 - Giles Carter of Henrico County died Feb. 12, Turkey Island.   His wife was Hannah, son Theodrick, son Giles, daughters Susannah Williamson and Mary Davis

1704 - 16 Jan Capt. Thos. COCKE, by virtue of his power of attorney from Samuel
p 216 WOODWARD, a grandson of Robert HALLAM, transfers to William RANDOLPH the half of 1/3 of the Turkey Island property that had come to his mother from her brother who died without heirs of his body

1710 - Daniel LEWELLIN's 1710/12 Charles Co., VA will indicates that his wife and his daughter had died. He left his plantation to his grandson Lewellin EPES; but should his grandson die, to his "Cozen Richard JONES, son of Richard Jones dec'd." Richard JONES, Jr. was Daniel's nephew, son of his sister Martha

1710 - John PRICE of Henrico Co., Virginia, planter, for love and affection to my son Pew PRICE, land where I now live, on Four Mile Creek, 120 acres, negro slave Robin, after death of myself and wife Jane. If he has no issue, then to my son Daniel PRICE. Dated: 31 Aug 1710   Witnesses: William RANDOLPH, JR. Signed: John PRICE

1713 - Hugh LIGON and Jane his wife, relict of John PRICE, late of Henrico Co., Virginia, planter, dec'd, for love and affection to John PRICE, of tract where Henry PEW, father of said Jane, formerly lived. Dated 7 Dec 1713. Witnesses: Charles BALLOW, Robert HANCOCK   Signed: Hugh LIGON, Jane LIGON Recorded: 7 Dec 1713.
1713 - Deed # 79 pg 236
4 Jan 1713: James COCKE, Gent, of county and parish of Henrico, to John PRICE, planter, of same, in exchange for a tract of 50 acres on north side of James River, in Henrico Co., given by Henry PEW to his daughter Jane, then the wife of John PRICE, 31 Jul 1688, and since made over by Hugh LIGON, and said Jane his now wife to said John PRICE, who is eldest son of said Jane, by deed 7 Dec 1713, sells 50 acres in same parish near Chickahominy Swamp, where said James COCKE, latelty built a house on said 50 acres.
Witnesses: Thomas JEFFERSON, John ARCHER Signed; James COCKE Recorded: 1 Feb

1713 - 4 Jan 1713: John PRICE, planter, of county and Parish of Henrico, to James COCKE, Gent., of same for a tract of 50 acres in Henrico Parish on Chickahominy Swamp, where said James lately built a house, sells to COCKE 50 acres given by Henry PEW, decd., to daughter Jane, mother of said John, and now wife of Hugh LIGON, and given by the LIGONs to said John. Witnesses: Thomas JEFFERSON, John ARCHER Signed: John PRICE Recorded: 1 Feb 1713.
1713 - Deed #82 pg.244
1 Feb 1713: James COCKE of county and parish of Henrico, to Robert BLAWS of same, for 20 pounds, 50 acres on south side of James River given by Henry PEW, dec?d, to his daughter Jane and by Jane and her husband Hugh LIGON, to her son John PRICE, and by him to James COCKE. Witnesses: Francis EPPES, Richard RANDOLPH
Signed: James COCKE Recorded: 1 Feb 1713.

Much of the above comes from a Roots Web posting.   Documents are found in many sources which the compiler has provided so great research has been done on this family:

Billie Harris - Sep 12, 2008

Here's a summary and hopefully it will be able to make a Crewes/Lewellyn connection and show relationships of the family.  

John Price's first wife was Jane.   They had at least one son, Matthew Price.   Jane died and Johm married Ann Matthews about 1620.   By 1624 they had a daughter Mary.   John Price also had a son named after himself but whether John Jr was by Jane or by Ann, records don't seem to say, however, Matthew appears to be the oldest.   John Price patented 150 acres on Turkey Island.   I can't find anything to state who John Price II married but postings on the internet show he married a Rowen/Rowan.

John Price died before 1636 because by that time Ann had married as her second husband Robert Hallom who had arrived in Virginia at the same time and on the same ship as Ann.

In 1638 Matthew Price was granted the original acreage that belonged to his father on Turkey Island which was at that time in possession of his mother, Ann Hallom.

Robert and Ann Hallom had a daughter Sara ( married Samuel Woodward) and I believe Ann (married a Gundry)   and Robert Hallom (Jr.)

Robert Hallom died and Ann married Daniell Lewellyn. The property he acquired included 856 acres on the upper branches of Turkey Island Creek, 956 acres on Turkey Island Creek, 270 acres at Shirley Hundred in Charles City County, and another 200 acres at Shirley Hundred.   Daniel was continued to be asked for money due them from the Halloms of England.   Whether there was a relationship of Daniel to Margaret Hallom - a sister perhaps - or if Margaret Hallom was the sister-in-law of Ann's, it doesn't state but we must note   one of Daniel's daughters was named Margaret.   Also something to note is that Daniel witnessed a land transaction of Samuel and Sarah (Hallom) Woodward (Sarah being Ann's daughter) and the other witness to the transaction was an Margaret Llewellin.   That was in 1654.

In 1662 John Rowen died.   He bequeathed monies for bringing up the two sons of John Price who was deceased, John and Daniel.   This deceased John Price would have been son of John Price and Ann (Matthews Price Hallom Lewellyn) and note above that John Price Jr married a Rowen.   He also gave to Giles Carter a cow and a gift.   Margaret Crewes witnessed the Will.   Margaret Crewes would be the daughter of Daniel and Ann Lewelling.   The John Price Jr would be Margaret's half brother and John and Daniel Price would be her nephews.   Plus note that he gave a cow to Giles Carter.   Cows were usually given when there was a small child in need of milk and because of an additional bequest to Giles, it would seem there's a relationship of the John Rowen to Giles Carter.

In 1663 Daniel Lewellyn died in England perhaps while there on business.   His Will named his wife Ann, son Daniel and daughters Martha Jones and Margaret Cruse.  

About 1670 a Hannah (last name unknown) married Giles Carter.

James Crewes Will of 1676   left items to Giles Carter, to Mary, Giles' daughter, Susan also Giles' daughter (both receiving items such as feather beds, blankets, tobacco, etc), a Negro maid to Hannah Carter (Giles' wife) and to Daniel Price his best suit and coat.   The bequests to Mary and Susan Carter were significant in those days and the fact that he left it to just those two children show a relationship of James Crewes to them.   His will further states that if either of thej, Mary and Susan, should die, it goes to the "rest of the children" without naming any of them.   (Susan would be Susannah)

The 1677 land transaction for John Price Jr's (John Price Jr being the son of John and Ann ( Woodward Price Hallom Lewellyn) sons, John and Daniel   involved the 150 acres of land they inherited.   Daniel Price Jr married Susannah Carter, daughter of Giles   .   After Daniel Jr. died, she married a Williamson.   Now whether the land involved land inherited through Susannah's parents (Giles Carter and his first wife) or through the Prices, I haven't found out.

In 1680 the 100 acres patented to the "widow Hallom" had been granted to the daughters of Robert Hallom and were now deeded to Samuel Woodward Jr, son of Sarah (Hallom Woodward) Sturdivant.

In 1684 William Randolph bought the 500 acres of land from the heirs of James Crewes.

It appears the genealogies would go something like this:

John and Jane Price
John and Ann Price
   John.   John married a Rowen and died by 1662
           Daniel was left clothing by James Crewes
             Will in 1667.   He married Susanna Carter,
             daughter of Giles Carter.

Robert Hallom and Ann Price
   Sara (married Samuel Woodward)
   Ann (married John Grundy)
   Robert Hallom (said to have died in England)

Daniel Lewellyn and Ann Hallom
   Daniel Lewellyn (married Jane Stith.   His Will mentioned
       no children or wife and made bequests for grandson,
       Lewellin Epes and to his cousin.
   Martha Jones
   Margaret Crewes.   Married James Crewes.   She had
       died before he did and according to his Will,
       there were no children although he made bequests
       for Giles Carter and two of his daughters and a
       bequest for Daniel Price.

Billie Harris - Sep 15, 2008

In reading the Carter (not my line) postings regarding Giles Carter, it seems many/most believe that Giles' wife, Hannah, was the child of James Crewes who married Margaret Lewellyn (daughter of Daniel) and an Indian woman.   It apparently is an assumption that someone made and others have agreed.   I've posted my thoughts on it and if any of you would like to read it, here's the post.   The post, of course, does mention Daniel Lewellyn and his family.