Shirley Hundred Plantation Collection - James Llewellin

Billie Harris - Sep 16, 2008

The Shirley Hundred Plantation Collection Guide shows the following:

Sept. 20, 1650.   Survey of the "Rich Level" portion of Shirley Hundred for JAMES LLEWELLIN

(This was apparently the land of Daniel Llewellin because ...see next)

Jan. 1710.   Extract from Daniel Llewellin's Will bequeathing "Rich Level" plantation to his grandson Llewellin Epses.   Extract sent to Charles Clark.

The guide also has one other entry for Daniel:

Aug. 26, 1656.   Deed of sale of 60 acres.   Daniel Llewellin to Col. Edward Hill.

Then on another site on the internet, I found this for 1655-8 and, unfortunately, I didn't copy the web site but it should be easy to locate:

1655-8 - Ordered that the court make good the debt and damage against Capt.
Daniell Lewellin for the escape of Elias Webb for want of a prison according to act. Page
116. The order obtained by Capt. Daniell Llewellin late sherr agst the court for the escape
of Elias Webb is reversed and made voyd and the sd escape appearing by default and
neglect of the sd sherriffs officer Mr. Charles Sparrow plt agst Webb is left to the benefitt
of his proceedings agst the sd sherr