Father of Thomas Marion Lewallen, B 1846 Giles Co., TN. (father - David)

Jay Lewallen - Jun 8, 2008

Several of us Lewallens have been searching for the father of Thomas Marion Lewallen, who was born near Pulaski, Giles Co., TN on 27 December 1846.   I have a Lewallen bible in which Thomas' father is mentioned as David or Dave Lewallen and another reference suggests his name was David Daniel Lewallen and that he was born in about 1820.   This same reference also states that he was married to a Sarah Young, who lived on until after 1880.   The 1900 U. S. Census, Limestone Co., TX shows that Thomas' father was born in South Carolina.   My sources also state that he died in a Nashville hospital before Thomas was born in 1846.
   Below I have pasted part of a register report for Thomas Marion Lewallen, in hopes that some other Lewallen out there might benefit from it and also have some information on his father which would be the connection I want and need.   It would be wonderful to hear from anyone with information.

                                                     Jay Mayne Lewallen
                                                     San Antonio, TX

Register Report for Thomas Marion Lewallen

   Thomas Marion Lewallen.   He was born on 27 Dec 1846 in Pulaski, Giles Co., TN (14 miles north of city). Moved Aft. 27 Dec 1846 to Adamsville, McNairy Co., TN). Military service Jul 1863 (Volunteered with the Confederate Army and served under Gen. Payne). Member Aft. 1890 (Woodman of the World). Deed on 17 Dec 1895 in Jewett, Leon, Texas, USA (Bought 200 acres out of the Cartwell league from V. A. Monroe, paying 40, 500 lbs. of "lint" cotton.) Letter on 07 Dec 1896 in Jewett, Leon, Texas, USA (from James Franklin to William Henry indicating residence in Jewett, TX). Residence 1900 in Limestone, Texas, USA.
   Honored Abt. 1931 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant, TX, USA (on return from Confederate Reunion at Montgomery, AL). Fact on 29 Jul 1934 in Austin, Travis, Texas, USA (Died in Confederate Home in Austin, TX). His death on 29 Jul 1934 in Austin, Travis, Texas, USA (Acute indigestion). Burial Aft. 29 Jul 1934 in Thornton, Limestone, Texas, USA(Tidwell Cemetery, west of Thornton, Limestone Co., TX). He was also known as Tom. Nationality was Scotish/Welch. Occupation was Farmer. Religion was Presbyterian.

Notes for Thomas Marion Lewallen:

General Notes:
Thomas Marion Lewallen (1846-1934)

Thomas Marion Lewallen was born on December 27, 1846, in a place fourteen miles
north of Pulaski, Giles Co., Tennessee and died on July 29, 1934 in the Texas Confederate Home in Austin, Travis Co., Texas. He was the oldest of nine children by David Daniel Lewallen and his wife, Sarah Young. He was of Scottish/Welch descent and favored the Presbyterian religion.
In July of 1863, when Thomas was still sixteen years old, he volunteered to serve in the
cavalry in the Confederate Army and began that service under a General Payne. In November of 1864, as part of the Army of Tennessee, he was under General John Bell Hood's command as they drove north toward Nashville. Then, he served under General Nathan Bedford Forrest”s command in the Battle of Murfreesboro (Thomas” brother, James, was wounded in the right arm in this battle). Thomas served under Forrest until the end of the Civil War. In 1865, he ”just quit after Lee”s surrender, unable to compete with the enemy” (as stated in his pension application). He returned to his home, where he found and married Charlotte Amanda Riddell on January 21,
1866 in Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co., Tennessee, in her parent”s home.
In September of 1890, Thomas and his family moved from Tennessee to Jewett, Leon
Co., Texas. It was there in 1896 that his oldest son, James Franklin Lewallen wrote his younger brother, William Henry Lewallen, who now lived in Hays Co. Co., a letter asking if he would like to come back to live with him and Thomas in Jewett (this letter also indicated that Thomas had become interested in reading the bible and expressing some of his own strong religion convictions). Then, in about 1900, Thomas moved on to Thornton, Limestone Co. Shortly thereafter in 1901, Charlotte died of Pneumonia and, in a year or so, Thomas married Martha Sephonia Ross. This marriage produced a daughter in 1903, named Linnie Marie Lewallen.
By November of 1913, Thomas was living in Mart, McLennan Co., Texas. In November of
1914, he applied for a military pension, as a soldier in indigent circumstances. By November of 1915, the Commissioner of Pensions began to suspect that Thomas had more property than the pension law allowed. In March of 1916, three friends swore that Thomas owned no property, except household furniture, four horses, one cow and a calf. In April of 1916, Thomas” pension was re-instated and he was able to move into the Texas Confederate Home in Austin. He lived there for 18 years until his death in July of 1934, at the age of almost 88. The cause of death was acute indigestion (a large number of watermelon rinds were found under his bed). Thomas was
taken back to Thornton in Limestone Co. for burial with his first wife, Charlotte, in the Tidwell Cemetery. Thomas was known and visited often in the Texas Confederate Home by my father and mother, R. J. & Dorothy Lewallen. And, I have memories of them showing me the home where Thomas, my great grandfather, lived and died (it was near the location of my paper route).

Compiled by Jay Mayne Lewallen in September, 2006 from genealogy information maintained in his file.

Billie Harris - Jun 8, 2008

Looking at the map, Giles County is right on the Alabama border.   Wiley Lewallen's family lived in Tennessee, then about 1833, they were living in Alabama.   I don't have the county where they lived   in Tennessee nor the county where they lived after moving from Tennessee to Alabama, but I do know they lived in Calhoun and Cherokee counties at one time.   Neither of those counties are far from Giles where your Thomas Marion Lewallen was born 1846.

There's another family of interest, and that's the one of John Lewallen, first sheriff of Scott County, Tennessee, born 1812 Roane County, Tennessee and died 1896 in Taylor County, Texas.   Scott County is more northeast of Giles County.   It would be good if we could get a DNA of one of his descendants to see if there's a relationship to yur David and to my Wiley.   I'm making a posting in the History site now of a web site with photos and info on John Lewallen of Roane/Scott counties, Tennessee, plus there's some information in the book about this family.

Billie Harris - Jun 11, 2008

Jay, when you get a chance, would you add your genealogy to the site.   You've done such a good job with it and perhaps others might recognize some of the names in the family.

Bill Crawford - Jun 13, 2008

Jay, were there any other names mentioned in the Family Bible. I'm interested in Lewallens that migrated into Northeast Georgia mountains in late 1700's and early 1800's. I'm looking for John L. Lewallen's parents.   He was born abt 1840. Thanks.

Billie Harris - Jun 13, 2008

Bill, by any chance is this family yours?

JESSIE LEWALLEN born Banks County, Ga. Wife:   Margie. Son:
JOHN J. LEWALLEN born Banks County, Ga. Died 1913 Banks Co.   Wife Liza Mize, died 1926 Banks Co. Son:
WALTER B. LEWALLEN born Banks Co., Ga. Wife Harriett Farmer.   Children:
1.   Adger Lewallen born 4/20/1919 Banks Co.   Wife Monteen Newsome born 7/25/1923 Banks Co., Ga.
2. Carson Lewallen
3. Freeman Lewallen
4. Aaron Lewallen
5. Corbin Lewallen
6. Lorenia Moore
7. Ora May Arrowood

How about this one?
WILLIE CLAUDE LEWALLEN born 8/10/1877; died 9/15/1952.   wife Bertie Creasman born 5/10/1898.   Children:
1.   John A. Lewallen born 3/18/1925 Banks Co., Ga. Wife Myrtle Poole
2. Mrs. Fred Denton
3. Mrs. John H. Smith
4   Mrs. Gil Leiminez

Or this one?

JOHN LEWALLEN married Polly Andrews.   Children:
1.   WILLIAM LEWALLEN born 1810.   Died Aug. 11, 1900 Banks Co., Ga.   Married Terry Shore.   Children (listed as A,B,C,D,E)
A.   Jessie G. Lewallen born 12/30/1847 Banks County, Ga.   Died 2/18/1932.   Married Eli Miles.   Children:   Thomas, Mary, Martha, William Riley, Lizzie, Walter Brafford, Dock, Noah, Maudie, May, Maggie.
B.   John A. Lewallen born 12/30/1847; died 2/18/1932
C.   Nealie Cheek
D.   Mary Horton
E. Sallie Lewallen
3.   TURSEY WADE, married Bill Wade

Or how about this one?

JOHN WOFFORD LEWALLEN born and died in Banks County, Ga.   Wife:   Mary Connally, also born and died in Banks County, Ga.   Children:
4.   CARRIE COFFEE married Jim Coffee
5.   MARTHA POOLE married John Poole
7.   LIZZIE RAY married Jeff Ray
9.   HARVEY DANIEL LEWALLEN born 10/24/1890 Banks Co., Ga.; died 1/30/1960, Msacon, Ga.   Married Fannie Lee Crump born 4/24/1894 Banks Co., Ga.   Children:   (1) Ruth Rebecca Aaron (born 12/8/1911 Banks Co., Ga; (2) Donny Lee Horton (born 7/29/1913 Banks Co., Ga) (3) Ola Belle Dye (born 11/19/1917 Winder, Ga; died 4/25/1941 Macon, Ga); (4) Clyde Vasco Llewallyn (born 1/15/1915 Banks Co. Ga.   Married Hazel Trawick and had children Norma June Cochran, Gary Kenneth Llewallyn and Deborah Susan Llewallyn)  
(The spelling was from “Luallen” to “Lewallen” after John Wooford.   It was changed to “Llewallyn” after moving to Macon Ga. in the 1930’s.)

Jay Lewallen - Jul 9, 2008

Bill, I have now taken a look and there were no other names in the bible that would connect with your interests.   I am sorry.