William & Samuel Llewellyn, sons of Priscilla Kirkland, Jefferson Co., MS

Billie Harris - Sep 17, 2008

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Will of Thomas Marston Green  
of Jefferson County, Miss

Wife - beloved wife Priscilla [Priscilla Kirkland was his
second wife]
Slaves - Quashy, Peter, Dan’l, Judy, Peggy, Maria, Phillip,the daughter of Judy, and Ned in possession of her father. Also, property given her by her uncle,   Samuel Kirkland, dec’d.
Son - Joseph Kirkland Green
Slaves - Tallton, Emanuel, Andrew, Peter, L- , John & Esther
Daughter - Elizabeth Davidson, her eldest son, Thomas Green Davidson
Son-in-law- John Davidson
Slaves - January, Martin, Ross, Milley & Joe
Son-in-law- John Hopkins and Granddaughter Mary Jane Hopkins
Slaves - Jack, Charlotte & Jude
Daughter - Mary Howell
Slaves Charles, Antoino, Harriett & Rachel
Daughter - Jane Kirkland Green
Slaves - Peter, Sal, Lizy & Goose
Daughter - Lamenda Hinds
Slaves - J__, Lewis, Amy & Hanny
Daughter - Rebecca Green
Slaves - Phil, Booker, Alvy & thier infant child Hager
Daughter - Augusta Green
Slaves -Ana_Ancha, De__, Jesse, Polly
Friend & relation - Obediah Kirkland and his son Joseph Kirkland.
Son - youngest - Thomas Marston Green
Sons - youngest - three - Thomas Marston Green, Filmer Wills Green & William Marston Green.
Stepsons - William Llewellyn & Samuel Llewellyn, sons of Priscilla
Son-in-law and friend, Charles B. Howell
Trusty Servant - Ma_el, my hand spun clothes.
Son-in-law and friend, Thomas Hinds
Witnesses - Henry Folks; Charles Riley; Marston Harper
Dated: December 5, 1812

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