DNA test Results Table - updated 7/22/2009

John Corn - Sep 19, 2008

Billie Harris - Nov 17, 2008

Many thanks for doing this, John.   It does help to separate them into related groups and now it's up to us to research and find the connections if one exists here in the colonies - and my guess is that there is..  

For those of you who wonder about the Haplogroups, what I've found out (and correct me if I'm wrong), they go something like this:

R1b - Most common.   These are Welsh, Scots, English, Ireland

   These would include those who descend from Wiley, Anderson and those from Thomas Llewellyn.

I - Middle East, migrated into Balkins and eventually into central Europe.

I1 and I1a - Nearly completely restricted to Northwest Europe.   These would most likely have been common within the Viking population. (Scandanavian countries)
   See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I1a
   This would be Thomas Marion Lewallen's line.

J - Fertile Cresent - Israel, West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq; into Mediterranean.   Around 30% of today's Jewish population.   Today, in Middle East, North Africa and Ethiopia.   (My note:   There were early Jewish settlers in the colonies, particularly in South Carolina early on...bh)

E3a - African lineage

G - Middle East, perhaps close to Himalayan foothills in Pakistan or India and later to central Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

G2 - Through modern Turkey and S.E. Europe.

Billie Harris - Jun 25, 2009

Let's see if I can get these lines down a little so we'll know how they descend and then we'll know which ones we don't have and need DNAs for:

WYLIE - through James Calvin, then William Henry

ANDERSON - through Andrew, Walter Davis and William Jasper

WILLIAM - through Meshach, William Asa, Lucius Guy

JOHN L. - (1841-1883) Banks County - Floyd (1885-1955)

THOMAS - (1771 Virginia - 1861 NC) - Samuel, Samuel, Samuel

JOHN - (born 1780) - to Preble County Ohio to Indiana (Mongtomery, Pulaski, Vigo and Madison counties)

THOMAS MARION - (1846 Giles Co. TN to Travis Co. Texas).   His father MAY have been, and probably was,   Aron Lewallen.

For those who've had tests, is this correct?

Billie Harris - Oct 8, 2009


Carol's dad's DNA markers were upgraded to 25 and the results are back.   They are an identical match with the others, Larry's, William Michael's, Rick's and Mike's.   Carol descends, of course, from Anderson Lewallen.

We also have another member's DNA being tested, that of Lloyd Luellen.   Lloyd descends from Samuel Luellen who died 1790 in Monongalia County, Virginia.   I'm really anxious to see if his DNA connects with any of the other lines.   I must learn patience though because it takes a while to get results.

This is exciting.   If any of you know of other Llewellyn, Lewallen, Luellen, etc fellows who will test, let me know.

Billie Harris - Dec 8, 2009

Lloyd Luellen's DNA results are back in and they don't match with any of the others.  

Is there anyone on here who is familiar with DNAs and DNA charts and would like to handle this for us?   John Corn who's done a great job for us in the past is wrapped up right now on a Corn book and doesn't have a lot of extra time.   If anyone can help with this, please get in touch with me - halnbillie@sbcglobal.net

Billie Harris - Jan 13, 2010

We have had another individual test, David LewAllen, brother of Rebecca who's a member of this site.   Rebecca's earliest known ancestorswere Charles Walter LewAllen Sr   and Dollie Stockwell.   Their son, Charles Jr   married Emma Oneita James July 6, 1925.   Charles. was born ca 1895 and lived in Battle Creek, Michigan.   His place of birth was given as Stockton, California. and he was a private chauffeur.   Rebecca informs us   she wrote to the county for Stockton California for a birth certificate and they responded that they had no record.   He died March 5, 1927 in Jackson, Michigan and she has the State of Michigan death certificate.   He left two sons (one unborn at death), Ralph David LewAllen born 5-8-1926 and James Frank LewAllen.

Unfortunately, the DNA doesn't match with any of those listed above.   His haplogroup is I 1 which apparently originated in a Scandanivan country.

If anyone has information that could help Rebecca, please post it.   She can use our help in finding out more about her ancestors.  

Also, I repeat once again, if any of you can handle our DNA project as John Corn has done, please let me know.   We need someone to keep the chart updated and we should consider and discuss letting FamilyTreeDNA put a public web site up for our project.   There's much to talk about before doing that, but it could help generate more participants in our DNA project.

Billie Harris - Jun 20, 2010

We've had the results of another DNA test, that of Chris Llewellyn's.   His numbers are:

DYS   393   390   19   391   385a   385b   426   388   439   389-1   392   389-2

         13       24   14   10     11       14       14     12     12     13       13       29

In comparing it with the above, there are no matches, at least not yet.  

Chris' earliest known ancestor is Richard Llewellyn b. 1756 whereabouts unknown but Wales is strongly suspected.   Richard married Mary Gilbert at Abbey Dore , Herefordshire , England in 1788 ( had 5 children there) and he was buried at Abbey Dore in 1825.

Thanks for sharing   the information with us, Chris.   Perhaps one of these days we'll have someone else test that matches yours.