Immigrants to the U.S.

Billie Harris - Sep 19, 2008

The following was taken from Ancestry and from various lists:


Daniel Lewellin 1633 to Virginia
Daniell LeJon Lewellin 1637 to Virginia
Jon Lewellin 1637 to Virginia



William Lewellin 1650 to Virginia
Elizabeth Lewellin, 1655 to Barbados
David Lewellin 1657 to Virginia

Jno. Lewellin 1666 to Virginia


John Lewellin, 1671 to Maryland
Peter Lewellin 1677 to Virginia



Thomas Lewellin 1690 to Nevis
Audry Lewellin 1695 to Maryland
James Lewellin 1691 to Maryland


Jane Lewellin 1703 to Virginia
Elizabeth Lewellin arrived 1773
Samuel Lewellin arrived 1756
Thomas Lewellin arrived 1742


David Lewellin (b. ca 1802) from England to N.Y. (showing on 1820-50 passenger list)
Ruth Lewellin b. ca 1820 arrived NY Aug. 28, 1848
John Lewellin arrived 1844 America
James Lewellin, b ca 1820 arrived 1852 Dubuque Co., Iowa
Anna Lewellin b ca 1833 from Liverpool Eng. to N.Y.
Henry Lewellin arrived Oct. 13, 1863 N.Y.
Ruth Lewellin b. ca 1821 arrived NY 1848
Sarah Lewellin b ca 1855 arrived in N.Y. (year?)

As time permits, I'll try to find other spellings on Ancestry of immigrants.