Susannah Llewellyn McIntire (N.C., GA)

Resa Miller - Sep 19, 2008

I have just discovered a new Llewellyn in my family tree.   Another branch in the tree.   Susannah Llewellyn married William McIntire and had a daughter, Nancy Charlotte McIntire.   Nancy was born around 1803 and she married a man last name of Moss and had 1 child Llewellen Moss, who was adopted by her second husband Joseph Watts.   She must have been born in the last quarter of 1700's.   I haven't been to find out anything else.   Does anyone else have her in their family?? or know anything about her??

Billie Harris - Sep 20, 2008

Resa, do you have information on where they lived?

Resa Miller - Sep 20, 2008

Nancy Charlotte McIntire was born in NC that is all I know.   Also, she died in Morgantown GA.   Her mother was Susannah Llewellen or Lewallen. (I guess depending on who was spelling it)
Also, it said she may have been part indian.   Were any of the Llewellyns ,interracial, so to say?   Or maybe it was the McIntires. (or McEntires)
It is funny how sometimes just getting the name right make everything fall together.

Billie Harris - Sep 21, 2008

Boy, that's going to be a hard one.   Morgantown is in Fannin County and Fannin is right on the border with Tennessee and North Carolina.   I did note from the map that Banks County isn't all that far from Fannin and we do have some Banks County researchers here on the site.   Maybe they can help.

Here's information on Fannin County which might or might not help:

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