Arkansas 1926 Poll Tax

Martha Lewallen - Sep 23, 2008

Lewallen, Comer -----Saline ----Ward One----Benton
Lewallen, J. J.       -----Owens----Alexander
Lewallen, J. W.     -----Bauxite----Bauxite
Lewallen, Jodie   ------Jefferson--Reform
Lewallen, Joe       ------Walnut Bottom ----Reform
Lewallen, Mrs. J. W. ---Bauxite---Bauxite
Lewallen, W. E.   --------Saline----Ward One---Benton

Billie Harris - Sep 24, 2008

Interesting.   I didn't see any of my ancestor's names on there and yet I do know they paid a poll tax.   Thanks, Martha.

Martha Lewallen - Sep 24, 2008

W. E. Lewallen is brother to Floyd Lewallen and Comer Lewallen is his son. William Ellis moved to Arkansas before 1910.