John Lewallen (1812 Roane Co. TN - 1896 Taylor Co. TX - 1st Sheriff Scott Co TN

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There's also information on him in the book posted in the History section

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From the book, here's the info we have on John Lewallen and his descendants.   His father was probably Anderson Lewallen.   See section on Anderson.


ANDERSON LLEWELLYN, born about 1764.   Married Lucy Rice June 8, 1784 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.   Anderson’s children were (listed as No. 1 through 4)

1.   JOHN LEWELLEN, the first sheriff of Scott County, Tennessee.   He was born Feb. 12, 1812 in Scott County, Tennessee, and died Nov. 16, 1896, in Shep community, Taylor County, Texas.   He is buried in Bluff Creek Cemetery near Bradshaw, Texas, about 30 miles from Abilene.   He served as Scott County’s sheriff from 1850 to 1855.   He married (1) Delilah Reed in 1833.   She was also born in Scott County, Tenn. in 1815 and died in the same county May 24, 1865.   John married (2) Emily Reed McDonald on Dec. 9, 1865.   She was born Aug. 29, 1834 and died Mar. 17, 1907.   She was the sister of Delilah Reed and was a widow with either three or six children, three of whom were girls. John resided in Morgan and Scott Counties, Tennessee, Wayne County, Kentucky, and was an early resident of the Shep Community in Taylor County, Texas, arriving from Bell County, Texas, about 1879.   They returned to Bell County in 1886.   He purchased 160 acres.   His old frame house is still standing and is owned by his granddaughter, Elva Brewer.   John had ten children by his first wife and two by his second.   They are:

A.   ISAAC LEWELLEN born 1834 and died 1908 in Temple, Texas.   He is buried in the Lancaster Cemetery.   He was owner of over 100 acres of land in Bell County.   He married (1) Nancy McDonald (1836-1888) and (2) Fannie Lane.   He had twelve children by his first wife and ten were named in his Will dated Apr. 12, 1906, Bell County, Tex.   They are:
   (8)   MATTIE R. McLAIN

B.   ANDERSON (Cash-up) S. LEWELLEN, born June 4, 1836, Tennessee.   He died Feb. 26, 1912 in Temple, Bell County, Texas, and is buried in the Hillcrest Cemetery.   He had 8 children by his first wife and 4 by his second.   He married (1) Sarah McDonald Feb. 28, 1852.   She was born Dec. 18, 1833, and died Aug. 3, 1869.   (2) Nancy McDonald on Nov. 14, 1869.   She was born 1835 and died May 5, 1900.   Nancy and Sarah were sisters.   He married (3)   Sallie Jane Boyce on May 8, 1902.   She died Oct. 7, 1906.   Children:
   (1)   COLUMBUS LEWELLEN, born Nov. 27, 1857 (or Nov. 24, 1852), wife Dorothy
   (2)   JAMES B. LEWELLEN , born Dec. 12, 1859, Tenn (twin)
   (3)   NANCY ALMIRA LEWELLEN born Dec. 12, 1859, Tenn (twin)
   (4)   JOHN R. LEWELLEN, born Dec. 27, 1861 (or Sept. 27, 1861)
   (5)   ALLEN LEWELLEN, born Nov. 15, 1862; died June 2, 1872
   (6)   CAMPBELL (E. OR C) LEWELLEN born Mar. 16, 1864, wife Julia.   He died Sept. 9, 1898
   (7)   SHERMAN LEWELLEN born Dec. 16, 1865
   (8)   EFFIE ARLENA LEWELLEN, born Oct. 17, 1868/69.   Married Willis Vaughn
   (9)   SARAH BALZOURIA LEWELLEN, born Mar. 15, 1872.   Married Will Webb
   (10)   EBINEZER LEWELLEN, born Jan. 25, 1876.   Died Glendale, CA.   Married Francis York on Apr. 21, 1902
   (11)   BALZADA LEWELLEN born Feb. 12, 1877.   Married Robert D. Anderson
   (12)   GRANT LEWELLEN, born May 25, 1879

C.   ELIZABETH (BETTY) LEWELLEN, born 1837, Tennessee.   Married Lehut McDonald

D.   CAMPBELL C. LEWELLEN, born Aug. 5, 1839 Morgan County, Tenn.   Died Sept. 16, 1918 Glenmary, Scott County, Tenn.   He was a soldier in the Civil War and received his discharge at Louisville, Ky. in 1865 as a private.   He was 5’11” tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, and a farmer.   He married Malinda (Millie Ann) Young, daughter of matthew and Rodiann Young on Oct. 12, 1865.   malinda was born Oct. 3, 1839 and died Sept. 25, 1917.   Their children:
   (1)   ARMINDA LEWELLEN born Nov. 16, 1866 Wayne Co., Ky.   Married Alvin Hembree
   (2)   LOUVANIA (or Luevany) LEWELLEN born Sept. 1, 1868, Wayne Co., KY.   Married Campbell Watts
   (3)   LOUISA DELILIA LEWELLEN born june 4, 1874 Scott Co., Tenn.   Married Campbell Watts.   (NOTE:   Information provided me for this genealogy shows two females in this family marrying Campbell Watts so there must be an error somewhere…bh)
   (4)   NANCY ELIZABETH LEWELLEN, born July 5, 1878, Glenmary, Scott Co., Tenn.   Died Jan. 10, 1957, and buried family cemetery, Glenmary, Tenn.
   (5)   ULYSES MATTHEW LEWELLEN, born June 20, 1884 Glenmary, Scott Co. Tenn.   Died Sept. 12, 1935 and buried in the family cemetery Glenmary, Tenn.   Married Abbie Pemerton
   (6)   MARY JANE LEWELLEN, born Oct. 5, 1872 Wayne Co., Ky.   Died Mar. 12, 1960 Dayton, Ohio.   Buried family cemetery, Morgan Co. Tenn.   Married William Riley Human on Sept. 25, 1890 Glenmary, Scott Co. Tenn.   He was born Sept. 1, 1868 Morgan County, Tenn and died Nov. 19, 1910 Morgan Co. Tenn.   Children:
         a.   STARLIN ROUSAU HUMAN born 10/26/1891 Morgan Co., Tenn.   Died July 2, 1963 Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio.   married Alice Bunn and laura McCart
         b.   ANNA DARCUS HUMAN born 7/28/1893; married Sam Bunn and Frank Buel
         c.   MAUDE AMANDA HUMAN born 10/18/1895; married Cordell Hamby
         d.   CHARLES WESLEY HUMAN born 9/14/1899; died 6/22/1966.   Married Mable Bumgardner and Mae Brumet Scott
         f.   DILLARD LEMAN HUMAN born 2/17/1901.   Married Ester Sensebaugh
         g.   MAYNARD BASIL HUMAN born 3/23/1903; married Fannie Clark
         h.   WILLIAM EARL HUMAN born 1/20/1907; married Mildred Anderson
         i.   WILEY RING HUMAN born 3/20/1908; married Florence Barbee and mary Pearson
         j.   WILEY RING HUMAN born 3/20/1908; married Florence Barbee and Mary Pearson
         j.   RILEY CLIFFORD HUMAN born 9/30/1910; married Christena Gouge
   (7)   JOHN HARRISON LEWELLEN born Aug. 28, 1870 Wayne Co., Ky.   Died May 21, 1954 Glenmary, Scott Co., Tenn.   Married Lydia Landrum, born Feb. 12, 1873 and died July 25, 1957 Scott Co., Tenn.   Both are buried in the Lewellen Cemetery.   Children:
         a.   ARCHIE LEROY LEWELLEN born 1893 Scott Co., Tenn.   Married Ellie Miller
         b.   HUGH TAYLOR LEWELLEN born Sept. 3, 1895 Scott Co., Tenn.   Died in WWI 1918, and never married
         c.   GEORGE HENDERSON LEWELLEN, born 1897 Scott Co., Tenn. and died 1973.   Married Mabel Griffith
         d.   NELLIE MAE LEWELLEN born 1899 Scott Co., Tenn.   Never married
         e.   MILLIE LUVANIA LEWELLEN born Sept. 1, 1903 Scott Co., Tenn.   Never married
         f.   RAYMOND E. LEWELLEN born June 19, 1901 Scott Co., Tenn.   Married Pearl Canatser
         g.   ERNIE REVA LEWELLEN born May 14, 1906 Scott Co., Tenn.   Married Virdon Huckleby
         h.   MARY ETTA LEWELLEN, born Feb. 20, 1908 Scott Co., Tenn.   Never married
         i.   KATHLEEN LEWELLEN, born Sept. 13, 1922 Scott Co. Tenn.   married H. J. Fulwiler

   E.   ANDREW LEWELLEN born Feb. 9, 1842 Scott County, Tenn.   Died 1915, Temple, Texas.   Married (10 Barbara Blevins 1865; (2) Alice Foster 1873

   F.   WILLIAM (or possibly Harry William) LEWELLEN born 1843 or 1846

   G.   NANCY LEWELLEN born Feb. 28, 1845.   Died 1879 McAlester, Oklahoma.   Nancy married Haden Burke, son of Jonathan and Nancy Cooper Burke about the year 1862 and lived on No. Business Creek.   The family moved to Oklahoma about the year 1878 and lived in the Canadian Indian Territory when Nancy passed away on Feb. 20,1 879, eight days short of her 34th birthday, and was buried in McAlester, Okla. near the present site of Lake Eufaula.   After her death the children returned to Scott County, Tenn.   Children:
         (1)   LOUVERNA BURKE born 1864.   Married Allen Reed
         (2)   JOHN BURKE born 1865.   Died 1949 and buried McAlester, Okla.   He married Phoebe Melvina Huntley (1863-1941) and had a son, Shoemake (1914-1941).   His children were Alma, Leon Dale, Freddie Eugene, Clariece, and Vernon Roy

   H.   COLUMBUS SCOTT LEWELLEN, born March 3, 1847 Scott Co., Tenn.   Died Jan. 20, 1934 and buried at the Little Flock Cemetery.   On Aug. 8, 1866, he married Dorcus Koger who was born Apr. 28, 1845 and died Aug. 22, 1933.   Their children:
         (1)   JOHN WILLIAM LEWELLEN born July 27, 1869.   married Kitty Garrison
         (2)   JAMES CALVIN LEWELLEN born June 3, 1871 Kentucky.   Died June 1938 and buried in the Roberts Cemetery, Haskell, Tex.   Married Maude Williams
         (3)   NELLIE D. LEWELLEN born Sept. 21, 1873, Kentucky.   Died June 10, 1956 and buried in the Little Flock Cemetery, Temple, Texas.   On Aug. 25, 1891 she married Walter Scott Shook who was born may 23, 1870 and died Oct. 13, 1913.   Her middle name was Delia.   Children:   (a)   Mamie Shook born 1893/4.   She married Joel Halbert and George Wayland and had one child, Jewell Halbert.   (b)   Ada Shook, born May 21, 1896 and died Oct. 17, 1963.   She married a Bilbrey and later married Walter Barham about 1927.   No children.
         (4)   NANCY (NANNIE) MELVINA LEWELLEN born Dec. 10, 1874, Bell Co., Texas.   Died Feb. 2, 1945 and buried at Forest lawn in los Angeles, CA.   She married John Henry BeVille
         (5)   ISAAC JEFFERSON LEWELLEN born July 31, 1876 Bell Co., Tex.   Died Sept. 25, 1940 and buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Temple, Tex.   Married Laura Bell Koger
         (6)   CHARLIE FRANCIS LEWELLEN born Apr. 21, 1878 Little Flock, Temple, Texas.   Died Dec. 5, 1918, and is buried in the Little Flock Cemetery at Temple.   He married Myrtle A. Withers (Aug. 16, 1884 –  Dec. 13, 1949) on Nov. 12, 1902 in Temple, Tex.   Children:   (a)   Faye Lee Lewellen born Aug. 21, 1903 Temple.   married Jess Coleman; (b) Harry Dave Lewellen born Nov. 23, 1906 Temple, Tex.   (c)   Roy Floyd Lewellen, born Nov. 9, 1908 Roberts, Haskell, Tex.   On Dec. 21, 1935 he married Thelma Haley; one son, Roy Nelan Lewellen born Jan. 15, 1938, wife George Ann Ritter and children Cherl Denise, Susanne Marie, Julie Ann and Jeffery Royce; (d)   Anita Fern Lewellen born July 12, 1910 Haskell, Tex.   Married Marvin Thompson; (e) Charlie Haskell Lewellen born Mar 21, 1912 Temple, Tex.   Died Feb. 19, 1977 and buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Temple, Tex.   (f) Ted Lewellen born Sept. 27, 1914 Little Flock Community; (g) O. D. Lewellen born Jan 28, 1918 Little Flock, Bell Co Tex.
         (7)   BABY boy, born Aug 6, 1880 and died Aug. 15, 1880
         (8)   MARION ALVIN LEWELLEN born Aug 18, 1881 Little Flock, Temple Co, Texas and died June 5, 1948 and buried Little Flock, Temple.   Married Annie Thompson
         (9)   MARY ALICE LEWELLEN born Aug. 18, 1881; died Aug 22, 1881 (twin)
         (10)   SARAH LEWELLEN born June 25, 1883 Bell Co. Tex.   Died Nov. 27, 1930 and buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Temple.   Married Fred Withers.
         (11)   ELMER COLUMBUS LEWELLEN born may 18, 1885 Bell Co. Tex.   Died Oct. 14, 1952.   Buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Temple, Tex.   married Mae Turner
         (12)   ALBERT KOGER LEWELLEN born Mar 26, 1889 Bell Co. Tex.   Died Oct 6, 1943 and buried Little Flock Cemetery, Temple, Tex.

   I.   LOUISA (or ELIZA ANN) LEWELLEN born 1849.   Married (1) William   Walker; (2) Peter Burke (born 1821, brother of Haden Burke.   They moved to Oklahoma in 1889.   Children:
         (1)   MARY ETTA BURKE
         (2)   ZEDA BURKE
         (3)   THURMAN BURKE
         (4)   SIGEL BURKE
         (5)   PETER BURKE
         (6)   WILLIE BURKE (1882-1970)
         (7)   SARAH BURKE
         (8)   MAY BURKE

   J.   LUCINDA LEWELLEN, born March 1, 1850, Tenn.   Moved to Temple, Tex. June, 1874.   Died June 20, 1938, and buried at Little Flock Cemetery.   Married Calvin Bell of Parmleyville, Ky. on Jan. 13, 1870.   He was born 1833 in Kentucky and died 1912.   Children:
         (1)   ALBERT G. T. BELL, born approx. 1859 Kentucky
         (2)   MARY P. BELL, born approx. 1871 Kentucky
         (3)   JOSEPH A. BELL, born approx. 1875 Texas
         (4)   GEORGE W. BELL, born approx 1876 Texas
         (5)   X. B. BELL, born approx 1878 Texas
         (6)   Female, born 1879 or 1880 Texas

(John Lewellen’s children by his second wife:)

   K.   TENNESSEE LEWELLEN, born June 4, 1868 Kentucky.   Died 1946 and buried at Bluff Creek Cemetery.   Married James Ewing in 1902.   They moved to Shep Community in 1879, and lived on John Lewellen’s farm of 160 acres.   He divided the 160 acres between Tennessee and Texas Lewellen.   Children:
         (1)   LOWELL EWING, married Sallie ?
         (2)   ELVA EWING married Newt Brewer

   L.   TEXAS LEWELLEN, born Wayne County, Kentucky April 17, 1870.   Died Oct. 6, 1946 and is buried Shep Cemetery, Taylor Co., Tex.   Married Bascome Hurt (first name Cattlett) (May 30, 1865 Montgomery Co., Ark –  Apr. 11, 1944 Taylor Co. Tex) in 1889 in Bell Co., Texas.   Children:
         (1)   MARY TINNIE HURT, born Aug. 18, 1890 Bell Co. Tex.   Died 1976 buried Shep Cemetery.   Never married.
         (2)   JOHNNIE CATTLETT HURT, born Apr. 8, 1892 Bell Co., Tex.   Died 1977.   Married Ethel Carrington.   One child, Johnie Mae Hurt
         (3)   ADA MELINDA CLEVELAND HURT born May 5, 1893 Bell Co., Tex.   Died Sept. 1963.   Married James C. Allison.   Children:   (a)   E. Vernon Allison born 1912; (b)   Olga Lonita Allison, born Feb. 9, 1914; (c) Oz Villie Hurt born 1915; (d)   Dennis Lewis Allison born Nov. 10, 1917; (e) Lena Allison born 1919; (f) Desmond Clyde Allison born Mar. 5, 1921; (g) Albert Burlan Allison born 1923 and died 1935; (h) Carlton Allison born 1925; (i) Harles Allison born 1928; (j) Novice Allison, born Dec. 1, 1930; (k) Loyce Allison; (l) Joyce Allison; (m)   Wallace Alliscon born Oct. 16,1926
         (4)   ALBERT BASCOM HURT born Apr. 13, 1895 Shep Community, Taylor Co., Tex.   Died Dec. 17, 1971.   Married Amelia Lowrey.   Children:   (a) Albert Ferrell Hurt, born 1924; (b) Norman Lowrie Hurt born 1928; (Mary Frances Hurt born 1920; (d) Anna Bell Hurt born 1934; (e) Carolyn Ruth Hurt born 1938
         (5)   ISAIAH BROYLES HURT born July 2, 1897 Taylor Co., Tex.   Died 1975.   Never married.
         (6)   THOMAS HOWARD HURT born July 6, 1901, Taylor Co., Tex.   Died Apr. 23, 1977.   Married Alberta Coffam
         (7)   VADA ZELDA HURT born Oct. 16, 1903 Taylor Co., Tex.   Married Ray Othma Dean.   Children:   (a) Darrel Othma Dean (born Apr 24, 1926 Nolan Col and married Laura Casey and had 5 children)   (b)   Betty Ann Dean (born Nov 6, 1930; married Joe Casey and had 5 children.
         (8)   ALBANY HURT, born Dec. 30, 1906 Taylor Co., Tex.   Married Helen Herbert Ballard.   Children:   (a) velda Hurt, (b) Melba Hurt (c) Lynda Hurt
         (9)   J. V. HURT born May 27, 1910 Taylor Co., Tex.   Married Wanda Lightesy Snuffer

2.   JOEL LEWELLEN born 1800 North Carolina.   Married Rachel ? who was also born in North Carolina.   They lived in Scott County, Tennessee.   Children:

   A.   CHRISTINER LEWELLEN, born 1830

   B.   CLARINDA LEWELLEN, born 1835

   C.   Possibly:   WALTER LEWELLEN born 1828, wife Ann.   Son:
         (1)   A. R. LEWELLEN born 1849

3.   WILLIAM L. LEWELLEN born Aug. 2, 1809 North Carolina.   Married Nancy Wallace, born Tenn.   From “History of Knox Co., Tenn” his father, Anderson, brought him to Morgan County when he was two years old.   Children:

   A.   ANDERSON LEWELLEN born 1834

   B.   JOHN LEWELLEN born 1836 Morgan County, Tenn.   He was Constable of Morgan County for several years and moved to Knox Co.   He married Elizabeth Shannon.   Children:
         (1)   WILLIAM A. LEWELLEN
         (2)   NANCY JANE LEWELLEN
         (3)   JOHN B. LEWELLEN
         (4)   NEWTON C. LEWELLEN
         (5)   CHARLES S. LEWELLEN
         (6)   FREEMAN H. LEWELLEN

4.   ANDREW L. LEWALLEN, born Oct. 7, 1795.   He died Nov. 30, 1873 Scott County, Tenn and is buried in the Carpenter Cemetery near Glenmary.   He married Malinda Davis, born Apr 1, 1792 or 1793 and died Apr. 11, 1876.   She was born in Tennessee an dAndrew in North Carolina.   He was in the War of 1812, entering service in 1814 in Co. 5 Seast Tenn.   He received 160 acres of bounty land about 1855, filed for pension in 1871.   From his military record and information from old time residents of Scott County, “Shade” Lewallen and Andrew are possibly one and the same person.   Children:

   A.   ELIZABETH LEWALLEN, born Aug. 4, 1818.   Married ? Davis

   B.   NANCY LEWALLEN born Mar. 1, 1821.   Married Solomon Young on Feb. 14, 1837 and had eleven children

   C.   RHODA ANN LEWALLEN born Feb. 15, 1825

   D.   ANDREW RUSSELL LEWALLEN, born Oct. 28, 1824 and died Dec. 27, 1896.   Buried Glenmary, Tenn.   Married (1) Peliscia Davis, his cousin, on Nov. 15, 1846; (2) Susan B. Rose Sept. 9, 1886.   He had 12 children.   in addition to those children listed below, one descendant submitted the names of Frank, Wink and Lucinda who married Thomas Russell as children:
         (1)   ANDREW F. LEWALLEN born 1847
         (2)   ROBERT H. LEWALLEN born 1848 and married Martha ?.   Son George Lewallen
         (3)   JOHN F. LEWALLEN born 1851 and married Mary Russell.   Children Nannie and Zaddie
         (4)   CHARLOTTE J. LEWALLEN born 1854.   Married William C. Russell.   Children:   (a)   Ann Russell born 1876 and married Charles Hoebbel.   They had children Albert, Fredia, Ruben, Harry, Willard and William
         (5)   SARAH E. LEWALLEN born 1855 and married John Russell
         (6)   WILLIAM B. LEWALLEN born 1859.   Married Sarah Smith.   Children:   (a)   Clark Lewallen married Jane Thompson; (b)   Joe Lewallen married Vertie Thompson; (c)   Bertha Lewallen married ? Summers; (d) Tom Lewallen; (e) Myrtle Lewallen married ? Dawn; (f) Gorman Lewallen
         (7)   CHARLES R. LEWALLEN born 1866; married Emma Galloway
         (8)   E. W. (possibly Esau) LEWALLEN born 1868
         (9)   GEORGE LEWALLEN TODD, married (1) Saline Morris (2) Louise Miller and had son Millard Todd

   E.   WALTER DAVIS LEWALLEN, born Apr. 4, 1831 Scott Co., Tenn. Buried Morgan County, Tenn.   Married Anna Brown Oct. 5, 1848.   Anna was born May 24, 1833 and died Aug. 29, 1906 Morgan County.   Children:
         (1)   NANCY MELINDA LEWALLEN born Apr. 20, 1851.   Died July 1, 1924.   Married James Stoneciphar
         (2)   MARY LEWALLEN born Mar. 24, 1853.   Died Apr. 17, 1945
         (3)   JOHN G. LEWALLEN born May 5, 1855
         (4)   SAMUEL A. LEWALLEN born Sept. 18, 1857
         (5)   RHODA E. LEWALLEN born Mar 15, 1860
         (6)   WILLIAM JASPER LEWALLEN born Mar. 7, 1863
         (7)   JOSEPH B. LEWALLEN born July 5, 1865.   Died Aug. 5, 1898.   Married Elsy Galloway
         (8)   LEVY WAYNE LEWALLEN born July 14, 1867.   Died Nov. 19, 1895
         (9)   CYNTHIA JANE LEWALLEN born July 25, 1869.   Died Jan. 29, 1892.   Married Franklin Rose
         (10)   JAMES D. LEWALLEN born Dec. 30, 1871
         (11)   FRANK B. LEWALLEN born July 3, 1874.   Died Sept. 27, 1938
         (12)   HENRY W. LEWALLEN born Mar. 15, 1876.   Died Mar. 15, 1876
         (13)   ANDREW RUSSELL LEWALLEN born July 17, 1849 Morgan County, Tenn.   Died May 22, 1937 Glenmary, Tenn.   Married Nancy Carpenter Peters on Oct. 12, 1868.   She was born Dec. 24, 1841(?) and died Dec. 26, 1914 Glenmary, Tenn.   Children:   (a)   John Granville Lewallen born July 2, 1869 Morgan County, Tenn; married Cynthia Jane Greer, born 1870’s at Fentress Co. Tenn.   Their children were Ben, Andrew, Hollis, Walter Depew, John Granville.   (b)   Calvin Kingsley Lewallen born Mar 12, 1879 Glenmary Tenn, wife Margaret Webb born 1878 Glenmary; children Calvin Jr, William Ernest, Burnice Webb, Mildred Lewallen Proctor; (c)   Horace Lewallen born Jan 22, 1871; (d) Hollis Lewallen born Jan 9, 1876 and married Minnie Lancaster Oct 10, 1903; (e)   Rolando Lewallen born Sept 7, 1877; (f) Alonzo Herman Lewallen born Nov 13, 1880; (g) Anna C. York born Mar 20, 1874; (h) Linnie Peters born Oct 16, 1872; (i) Lurie Maud Davis born July 5, 1884

The foregoing genealogy was supplied by Everett Hoebbel, Walter Depew Lewallen, John Granville Lewallen, one of Calvin Kingsley Lewallen’s children, Roy Floyd Lewellen, and Faye Lee Lewellen Coleman.

Excerpts taken from the “County Scott and its Mountain Folk” by Esther Sharp Sanderson published in 1958 reads in part::
“The Llewellyns –  William, John and Leutian were sons of Grant Llewellyn, who came directly from Wales.   After the Llewellyn clans, who ruled Wales, were overcome by English rulers, they were banished to North Carolina.   The sons came from there over the Wilderness Road, thence through the gap of the mountains to Smokey.   John and William served through the Civil War with the Union Forces.   After they returned, William married Elizabeth Hembree.   They resided in Huntsville until their deaths.   “Aunt Betty” as she was commonly called, was a charter member of the Presbyterian Church in Huntsville which was organized in 1882.”

“…’Shade’ Lewallen, a Scott County Welchman, fought in the Battle of New Orleans under Andrew Jackson.   It was a favorite pastime for Shade to tell his nephews, Bill, John and Leutian about ‘Jackson’s War’ and how the Tennessee boys in buckskin rallied around Old Andy at ‘Orleans’.   His grave is in the oldest cemetery in Huntsville, beside the Presbyterian Academy lot …”


Scott County Deeds shows:
William Russell from William Good and Patsy Good, his wife, a tract of land in Dist. 9 dated Oct. 15, 1878.   Witness:   A. R. LEWALLEN and W. C. Russell.   Deed Book N page 152

William Russell from A. R. LEWALLEN and PERLECY ANN LEWALLEN, dated Jan. 21, 1881.   Witness:   W. C. Russell and T. F. Horton.   Deed Book N page 356

William Russell and Anna Russell, his wife, to A. R. LEWALLEN, tract of land in Dist. 9 dated Jan. 21, 1881.   Witness:   W. C. Russell and T. F. Russell.   Deed Book 0 Page 305

Scott County –  the following was submitted but I do not have the source of the info:
   CLARK LEWALLEN, a retired school teacher of Robbins, Tennessee, is the author of a number of poens that have been published in Scott County “News”.   He has contributed many amusing articles to Vic Weals column in the Knoxville “News Centinel” concerning odd happenings in Scott County.
   Don C. Jeffers, son of Horace and Ardella Lewallen Jeffers, graduated from the Oneida High School and later from Lincoln Memorial University in 1957.   His major was mathematics.   He is working for Western Electric in Lincoln Laboratories in Lexington, Mass., a branch laboratory of Mass. Institute of Technology.

Scott County Marriages shows:

William C. Russell to CHARLOTTE J. LEWALLEN April 4, 1875
ANDREW R. LEWALLEN married Susan Rose (2nd marriage) Sept. 9, 1886

Scott County 1860 Census shows:
LEWLLEN, A.R. 33 born Tenn., Peliscia A. 31, Andrew F 12, Robert F 11, John F 10, Charlotte J 7, Sara E. 6, William B 2
LEWALLEN, Malinda, 68, living with Solomon Young

Scott County 1870 Census shows:
LEWALLEN, Andrew R. born Tenn 47, Peliscia A. 43, Andrew F. 23, Melvina 30, Robert F. 22, John F. 19, Charlotte J. 17, Sara 15, William B. 11, Charles R. 4, E. W. 2

Scott County –  source of the following unknown:

“An agreement between Susan B (or R?) Lewallen, widow of Andrew R. Lewallen and the heirs of Andrew R. Lewallen, dated April 7 and April 9, 1897, shows heirs as:   John F. Lewallen, W. B. Lewallen, C. R. Lewallen, Mrs. Anne Phillips, Mrs. Lucinda Runnell Russell, W. E. Lewallen, R. H. Lewallen, Mrs. Minnie Wright, Mrs. Abbie Lindsey, Julia B. Russell (by W. C. Russell), Hughey Russell (by W. C. Russell), Susan B. Lewallen


1850 Scott County census shows:

Household 94 - Andrew Leuallen, age 21
Elizabeth age 20
Euel ? age 2
Redon age 11/12

Household 95 - John Leuallen age 38
Delela age 35
Isaac age 16
Elizabeth age 13
C. C. age 10
Andrew age 8
Nancy age 5
Louisa age 1
Collumbia age 3
Lucinda age 6/12

Also living next to them were Samuel Lawson age 45, Jacob Lawson age 21 and his family, Elijah Phillips, Jonathan Phillips.

Billie Harris - Aug 8, 2008

I'm confused about the Andrew Lewallens above.   I found a posting on GenForum stating he was born 1824 Morgan County, Tennessee, and died 1915.  

The birth year would fit the Andrew Russell Lewallen, son of Andrew L. Lewallen, but the date of death would fit the Andrew Lewallen who was born 1842 and died in Temple County, Texas, son of   John who was the first Sheriff.  

My guess is that there was a mix-up by the person posting on GenForum and it should be the Andrew Russell Lewallen, son of Andrew L. Lewallen who was John's brother, but perhaps someone can clarify this for me.

Billie Harris - Apr 3, 2009

For the record, John Lewallen (first sheriff of Scott County), his wife Louisa, and their son Campbell, are all shown in the 1870 Wayne County, KY. census.   Wayne County   KY borders Scott County, TN

Dorothy Campbell - Apr 3, 2009

His first wife was Delilah Reed. I never heard of him being married to a Louisa.

Campbell's mother was Delilah Reed Lewallen. His second wife was Emely Reed McDonald a sister to his first wife Delilah Reed Lewallen.

His second wife Emely had been married to Sterling McDonald , he died in 1863 and Delilah died in May 24, 1865, so John & Emely married December 09, 1865. Together had two daughter Tennessee & Texas. Tennessee is the grandmother of Venita Gaston a member on the site.

John died November 16, 1896 in Shep, Taylor County, Texas and is buried in Bluff Creek Cemetery, Bradshaw, Taylor, Texas.

Emely died in March 17, 1907 in Shep, Taylor County, Texas and is also buried there.

He was living in Wayne County, Ky when his daughter Tennessee was born in June 04, 1868, that is where she was born, but it would have been with Emily, her mother I believe. Also Texas was born April 17, 1870.

Maybe Venita or Kathleen can tell us if there was a Louisa. .

John & Delilah were also the grandparents of Kathleen Lewallen Fulwiler.

Billie Harris - Apr 3, 2009

Dorothy, I may be wrong about the Louisa.   When I got on Ancestry, all I could do is retrieve the names of the Lewallens and their approximate birth years for Wayne County, KY.   Here's what there is for 1870.   Maybe someone can figure out who the Louisa would be.   Does it appear that the McDonal S. (for Sterling?)   Lewallen might have been an adopted son since Sterling McDonald died 1863?

1870 - Census shows the following individuals (not known who belongs to which family - census needs to be researched
John Lewallen born 1813 (age 57) (This would be the age of John, the first sheriff of Scott Co. TN)
Louisa Lewallen born 1814
Campbell Lewallen born 1839 (age 31) (would be the son of John, first sheriff of Scott Co.)
Milly Ann Lewallen born 1840 (wife of Campbell)
Driscilla Lewallen born 1846
Lucy Lewallen born 1849
William Lewallen born 1852
McDonel S. Lewallen born 1855
James Lewallen born 1856
Helen Lewallen born 1858
Sarah Lewallen born 1860
Sarah Lewallen born 1860
Hiram Lewallen born 1861
Martha Lewallen born 1862
Aminda Lewallen born 1867
Thomas C. Lewallen born 1868
Granville C. Lewallen born 1869
John Lewallen born 1869
Eliza Jane Lewallen born 1869
Lurana Lewallen born 1869
Texas Lewallen born 1870

I notice from the above genealogy that John named one of his daughters Louisa and Campbell named one of his daughters Louisa, too.

Dorothy Campbell - Apr 4, 2009

Yes, John had a daughter named Louisa Delilia Lewallen born about 1849.

Campbell had a daughter named Louisa Delilia Lewallen   born June 04, 1874.

I don't know who Louisa Lewallen born 1814 is unless it is Delilah which I have born in 1815.

Maybe her first name was Louisa and she never used it. Since they named a daughter and granddaughter both   Delilia Lewallen. Only thing that makes sense to me.

I have 7 kids for Emely & Sterling McDonald.

Sarah Lewallen born 1860 is listed twice on Census.

I am not sure who all these people listed are, will have to go through names and dates and see if I can figure them out. I am sure   they are kin some how or another. In laws or step children, or grand kids.

Billie Harris - Apr 4, 2009

Dorothy, since John and Campbell both had daughters named Louisa Delilia, then it seems logical that it was Delilah (born 1815) who is listed in that census as Louisa.   If I'm not mistaken, when census takers took dates of birth in those days, they just subtracted the ages at the time the census was recorded so maybe she was actually born 1815 instead of 1814 as is shown on the census.

I think this would be pretty good substantiation that Delilia's first name was Louisa.

Dorothy Campbell - Apr 4, 2009

Yes, hard to pin point an exact age from Census, because of dates taken. Some where I used to have the dates and all that info on making a closer guess, maybe I will run across it some time.

Sounds logical that her first name was Louisa. Funny it has never been mentioned anyplace that I have seen yet.

Resa Miller - Apr 4, 2009

Who is Kathleen's parents?   I think I'll start adding everyone to my family tree so I can see the relationships.   Louisa Delilah Lewallen was my Dad's grandmother. I wonder if they knew each other.   They are near the same age, my dad was born Nov 22, 1918.   He was a little older even though he was a gggrandchild of John and Delilah.   Ok, I figured it out Kathleen and my Dad's dad are first cousins.   My granddad was much older than Kathleen.   Millard Watts was his name.   Ok, now I can go to bed.

Dorothy Campbell - Apr 4, 2009

[NOTE: broken link]

Yes, it is good to have a tree going to keep track.

Kathleen was the baby of the family and had several grown siblings, when she was just a baby. She and I have that in common, we both had grown siblings when we were babies. Mine were 16, 18, 19 & 20 years older than me. Mom was 36 when I was born. She had a span of 20 years with her children.

Billie Harris - Apr 4, 2009

There's something that's confusing and just doesn't add up to me on the genealogy of the descendants of Anderson and Lucy Rice Lewallen.

Note Anderson and Lucy were married 1784.   The children given for them are:

Andrew L., born 1795.   That's 11 years after they were married.

Joel was born 1800.   That's 16 years after they were married.  

William L. was born 1809 which is 25 years after they were married.

John, Sheriff of Scott County,   was born 1812, 27 years after they were married.

It just seems like a long period of time to between the date of their marriage and their first child and a long period for Lucy to have had children.   Could William and John have been   grandsons?

The information we have for Wake is:

1789 - By this year, Jesse Lewellen was in the county.   He was from Prince Edward County, Virginia.   (a guess is that he was a brother of Anderson's...billie)

1790 - Census shows:   Moses Laulin and Jesse Loalan

? -   Date unknown but between 1771 and 1796 A deed from Jesse Lewellen to Moses Lewellen proved by George Barbee.

1795 - Jesse Lewellen married Delpha Fogaty (sic) 30 March; bondsman Anderson Lewellen; witness J. Rice

1800 - Census shows, Hillsborough District:
Jesse Lewellen, 2 males 0-10, 1 male 16-26 (1774-1784), 1 female 26-45 (1755-1774)
Anderson Lewellen, 3 males 0-10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45,(1755-1774)   3 females 0-10, 1 female 16-26
Francis Lewellen, 2 males 0-10, 1 male 10-16, 1 female 0-10, 1 female 16-26 (1774-1784)

1808 - John Lewellen married Nancy Roberts 26 December; bondsman William Smith; witness K. Jones

Was Francis in the 1800 census a widow or was Francis the young fellow 10-16?  

Comments please.