Alabama Land Patents

John Corn - Sep 25, 2008

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Billie Harris - Sep 25, 2008

John, many thanks for that.   "My" (and others') Wiley Lewallen lived in Cherokee County.   Seeing a Henry in there at the same time, same township and range, indicates Wiley probably had a brother or father by this name (more than likely brother) and this is new to me.   Some of these names are also names we come across in Anderson County, Tennessee, who were, I believe, connected to Richard Lewallen but whether they were related to him or not, I don't know.

Billie Harris - Sep 26, 2008

I have a book of patent maps for Cherokee County, Alabama.   I've just posted plats showing Wiley and Henry Lewallen's properties.   If anyone has family in that county and would like me to check for land for them, let me know.

Cindy Lewallen - Sep 28, 2008

Billie:   Jonathan, b 1769 (maybe Wiley's father), had a brother Mesach m Jane Brookshire.   They had a son Henry b 1807 in R. County, NC.   Henry died 1853 in IN, so he probably was not the Henry mentioned, but he may have had a son.   Also, William, b. 1740 had a brother Mesach b 1738 who had a son Henry b. 1762.   I think this Henry may have been too old, though.

Billie Harris - Sep 29, 2008

You may be right about that, Cindy.  

I've always thought Jesse was probably Wiley's father but I'm wondering if Jonathan may have been.

We do have the DNA results from one of William Lewelling's descendants to come back and if I'm not mistaken, William and Jonathan were probably brothers.   We just need to find more people to test from some of these to see if there is a connection somewhere.