William Lewallen, Banks County, Georgia 1862

Martha Lewallen - Sep 29, 2008

The Banks County marriages has:
William Lewallen and Tharica Sheradin 26 Feb 1862 by Oliver H. Bond Jp

Is this Jonathan's son William? The 1870 census has William and Terry Lewallen listed.
Is Terry, Tharica. Or which William is this?

Thank you for the help

Billie Harris - Sep 30, 2008

Martha, I'm sure others from the Banks line can help you with this but it would seem Terry would be a nickname for Tharica.

John Corn - Sep 30, 2008

Good Question, Martha. This is specifically my family line.   I have gone round and round on this one and never found any actual proof one way or the other.   The dates certainly work.   William L. Lewallen (1812-1900) first married Margaret Whorton (or Horton) in 1848 in Habersham Co.   Margaret is there with the family in the 1850 census but gone by the 1860 census.   Verbal family history says William's second wife was "Terry Shore". And the 1870 & 1880 census both show Terry as the wife of William so they had to have married after 1860 but before 1870. As Billie points out, going from Tharica Sheradin (or Sheridan) to Terry Shore is a fairly small leap of faith.   So I believe you are probably correct but I cannot prove it.   Pehaps Dennis Lewallen can help us on this one.   This is not his specific line but very close.   He descends thru Jonathan's brother John Franklin.

I have a distant cousin from this line who lives just outside Atlanta.   I'll check with her and see if she can verify this one way or the other.

FYI - Terry is supposedly buried in Gillsville, Banks Co but I have no proof yet and no cemetery name.

Billie Harris - Sep 30, 2008

I've looked on Ancestry in 1860 and 1850 for anyone with the first name of Tharicia in Georgia and could find no one but in looking for any female with the given name of Terry for 1860, here's something that might help.

Household of Terry Shore (female) age 32 (ca 1828) North Carolina, living in Militia District 1 of Banks County.   In the household:   Cintha Sheridan 15, Nancy J. Sheridan 13, Thamer Sheridan 11 and Elizabeth Garby 38.

I don't find a Terry Shore in the 1870 census.

Does anyone have a copy of the marriage license showing the spelling of "Tharica"?   Could it have been copied wrong?

Dennis Lewallen - Oct 2, 2008

It's been such a long time since I dealt with this particular line.   But early on, I thought that I might be part of Jonathan and Sarah's line--and I do remember seeing a marriage certificate for William and Margaret Whorton--and William and Terry (I believe the last name was Shore),   But Billie's posting seems to solve that question with the 1860 census:   Terry Shore, with children named Sheridan.   I've never heard the name Tharica.   Has anyone checked census records for "Theresa" or "Teresa"?   Remember that census takers were notorius for spelling names phonetically or "guessing" at names.   Lewallen is, itself, spelled any number of ways throughout these census records.

I checked the Banks County Cemetery book and the only Terry Lewallen listed is a male.