Lewellen in Bedford Co. Va

Resa Miller - Oct 9, 2008

Aug. 8 1789 Susannah Lewellen married William McEntire in Bedford Co. Va.   I can't find out anymore information on her.   Does anyone know who her parents were or brothers or sisters?   I do know that in 1803 they were living in NC. but don't know if they stayed there or moved.   They had a daughter that was born in NC in about 1803 and she died in Morgantown Ga.   I don't know if her parent moved there or when she moved there.   All I know is Susannah married in Bedford Co. and gave birth in NC.   I know from Billies book there were other Lewellens in Bedford Co.,but from what I can tell it was after she moved to NC.

Carol Redd - May 1, 2011


In reading Billie's post earlier today, I clicked on the link she provided.   Seems like Richard has done quite a lot of research which we (me) may be overlooking.   Thanks to Richard for doing the research and to Billie for re-directing our attention to it.

Carters:   You might also find some of Richard's work interesting since it's about Bedford Co, VA.
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Now that we have an exact match at 67-markers w/ Carters of Bedford Co, VA, we can be sure that these Lewallens (and all variations of sp) were there.   Please understand that I'm a newbie to Lewallens and will welcome all the help I can get.   We don't have the smoking gun which says which Lewallen fathered my John Preston Sexton, but we definitely know that he carried the same dna as Richard's John b 1836 TN.

Richard, have you considered upgrading your dna markers to at least 67?   I've not yet studied what if any benefits there are to doing the upgrade to 111-marker test, but it's possible that the expanded results might further identify lineage differences between cousins as opposed to brothers' lines.   I'll look into what others who have upgraded are finding.

Thanks for all the work you've done and for sharing with us.   Have you written a book?   If so, where might we obtain copies?

Billie Harris - May 1, 2011


Do you think Susannah might have been the daughter or sister of Charles?   Charles had property in Bedford apparently, although it isn't recorded until a few years after Susannah was married.

Do you know if Susannah and William McEntire were Quakers?   Charles was, as was his son, Green Berry who married Elizabeth Carter.   James was probably a son of Charles, too, and he was Quaker.  

And the article Carol referenced was about GreenBerry as you'll see in the following.   (Scroll down to Bedford and to Campbell counties.)

[NOTE: broken link]

Angela Carter Ridder - May 4, 2011

Billie from researching other family members not related I understand there was a land grab in Georgia in the late 1700's. Some people from Vrginia went there to stake a claim. (Sorry for nonpost lately-sick)

Carol Redd - May 4, 2011


Sorry to hear you're not feeling well.   Good to know history when it comes to genealogy.   I didn't realize about the land offer in GA late 1700s.   Thanks, and get well soon!