Billie Harris - Oct 11, 2008

From Abstracts of Norfolk County Wills:

...of the County & Borrough of Norfolk Vintner

Book 1 page 167 dated 28 April 1750 Proved 22 J(torn) 20 July 1750 Administration (torn) - Capt. John Hutchings

---unto my beloved wife Sarah - (torn) boom & Bobspritt, and a Rudder ... (torn - to be equally divided between my said Wife and seven children -- (torn -hard Danai Abel John Paul Elizabeth & Frances Leweling (torn) - and two Hundred acres of land, not touching my son Richard (torn) - disposed of and then an Equal Division to be made ...

/s/ Abell Lewel(torn)

Witness:   William Nash, George Rouviere, William Pool

NOTE:   Wouldn't "Danai maybe have been Dan'l?