Mrs. Lewallen, Knox Co, IL. 1836 (from Indiana)

Billie Harris - Oct 22, 2008

Exerpt from:
When Knox County Was New
Eunice Housh Snow
Not published, from a presentation she made to the Maquon Illini Club
Oct 23, 1930

   In 1836, David Housh, his twin sister Betty Burnett, with their companions and families, and their niece, Rebecca Ireland, came from Indiana in covered wagons, and settled in Haw Creek Twp. on the farm now owned by J.F. Burnett, and the one joining it on the west. In 1837 their brother George Housh, (Mrs. Lewallen and my great grandfather), came with his wife and children in a covered wagon and settled in Haw Creek Twp. on the farm known as the Chas. Mills farm, at the top of the Gilson hill. In 1838, other great grandparents of mine came from Ohio, John and Elinor Mowrey, and settled in Haw Creek Twp. on the farm owned now by my father. Their home was about halfway between my parents home and where ???Donaldson now lives. They kept an Inn and the stage coach stopped there overnight. Their daughter, Elizabeth, married Thomas Housh, son of George Housh. This couple are Mrs. Lewallen and my grandparents. Our grandfather served nine months in the Civil War. He took part in the battle of Perryville, Ky. and the raid after Gen'l Bragg and his forces. He came home on April 1, 1863, and a son, Grant, my father, was born ten days later.