Alexander Lewelling (VA - Edgecombe Co., NC), died 1792

Billie Harris - Jun 11, 2008


Alexander lived in Amelia County, Virginia,   in 1766, perhaps before.   Keep in mind that Amelia was the parent county of Prince Edward County.   Prince Edward County was formed from Amelia 1752 and were right next to each other.   (Amelia was formed 1734 from Brunswick and Prince George counties, Brunswick formed 1720 from Prince George and others and Prince George formed 1700 from Charles City County.)  

Amelia County -   1752 - THOMAS Lewellin's estate was appraised.   His wife was probably Susanna and he had at least one son, Jesse because on

Amelia County - May 24, 1753 - William Craddock of the County of Amelia sold property to SUSANNAH Lewelling and to JESSE Lewelling, her son of the same county.   That would indicate Jesse Lewelling was of age and living in Amelia.  

Amelia County -   May 15, 1766, John Crane and MARY Lewelling were married.   The surety for the marriage was ALEXANDER Lewelling.   (Was Alexander a son of Thomas and brother of Jesse?)

Prince Edward County - 1784 - ANDERSON Lewelling married Lucy Rice.   Was the reason he married her in P.E. county because the Rice family lived in Prince Edward or was the property of his family near the P.E. border?

Prince Edward County - 1785 -   ANDERSON is shown living right next to JESSE Lewellen and WILLIAM Lewellen as well as Matthew Rice.   Matthew Rice was probably Anderson's brother-in-law since he married a Margaret Llewellyn/Lewelling.   Anderson is shown with 3 whites, no other dwelling there, and no buildings.   William is shown with 4 whites, one other and no buildings.   Jesse has 8 whites, one other and no buildings

Amelia County - April 29, 1786 -   Abraham Forest of Amelia County sold to ANDERSON Lewelling for 36 L a tract of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres.   Witnesses were John Smith, RICHARD and JESSE Lewelling.   Generally witnesses to transactions   were somehow related to those selling/buying the property in those days.

Sometime between 1786 and 1788/9   the Lewellings all moved south into North Carolina - ALEXANDER into Edgecombe and JESSE and ANDERSON into Wake.   There's only one county separating Edgecombe and Wake - Nash County.   Some of the Lewellings must have remained in Amelia County though because:

Amelia County - 1804 - MOSES Lewelling married Sally Grant December 3.   Note the last name of his wife - Grant.   Anderson Lewelling's middle name has been given as Grant.   Question:   Were there Grants living in Amelia and could one of those females have been Anderson's mother giving reason for his middle name to have been Grant?


Wake County - 1789 - August 3, JESSE Lewelling of the County of Wake, State of North Carolina, sells to Richard Phillips of the County of Prince Edward, State of Virginia.   This would seem to establish a connection of the Lewellings of Wake and those of Prince Edward County.

Edgecombe County - 1790 - Census shows EDMUND Lewellin, ALEXANDER Lewallin, and THOMAS Llewellin.  

Edgecombe County, N.C. - 1792   - the Will of ALEXANDER Lewelling was filed.   It mentions his wife ELIZABETH, sons JAMES, JOHN, SIMON, daughter FANNIE and son-in-law BENJAMIN AMASSON.   Witnesses to his will included JAMES Lewelling.   Question:   Did he have a brother or cousin named James because it seems unusual for a son to witness his father's Will?

Who was the Benjamin Amasson and would that tell us anything about this family?   From research on the internet, there were two Benjamin Amassons, a Sr. and a Jr.   The one who was son-in-law of Alexander was probably Sr. although at the time of Benjamin's death in 1819, he was married to a Martha Woodard.   His Lewelling wife must have died before March 1798 because Elisha Woodard's Will made a bequest to his daughter Martha Amerson, wife to Benjamin Amerson.   Benjamin (Sr) died 1819 and Martha filed a Petition stating he died in April.   The Lewelling female would not have been married to Benjamin Jr because his children were still minors when he died in 1823 and Alexander's daughter would have had children before then.   Jr.'s wife died after having a daughter, Nancy Matilda and then he married Mary Deberry 1815, however, he left her after a few weeks and lived with another woman.  

Martin County - 1793 - Will of JOHN Lewelling.   (does not name a wife but she was alive) Gives bequests to wife's daughters:   Mary Bowers, Chloe Bowers (wife of William Bowers), Clary Southerland (wife of John Southerland), Charlotte Staton (husband Arthur Staton), Gracy Mooreing (husband John Mooring), Anness Moore (apparently her husband's name was William), Susannah mooring (husband James Mooring), son JOHN Lewelling.   He refers to all of the children as his wife's and then makes an additional bequesti to "my son" John Lewelling so we can assume all of these children were his since he makes bequests for each of them.   Appoints Coll. Nathan Mayo, William Wallace and his son, JOHN Lewelling as executors.   Witnesses were Matthew Bennet, Martha Close and Francis Burnett.  
   NOTE:   Martin County is right next to Edgecombe.

Edgecombe County - 1794 -   Inventory was taken for the Estate Feb. 25, 1792 by ELIZABETH, ALEXANDER's wife, but then it was again taken November 19, 1794 by JOHN Lewelling and William Wallace.

Edgecombe County - 1794 - November.   JOHN Lewelling Senr. had died because in November, an inventory was taken by JOHN Lewelling and William Wallace

Edgecombe County - 1794 - CHLOE Lewelling Grimes died Dec. 8, wife of Thomas Grimes.   According to "Bible Records of Early Edgecombe, N.C.", Chloe's brother, Capt. JOHN Lewelling was foremost Tory in Martin County.

Wake County - 1795 -   JESSE Lewellen married Delpha Fogarty March 30.   ANDERSON Lewellen was the bondsman.   J. Rice witnessed the marriage.

Edgecombe County - 1797 - Inventory of Thomas Grimes taken by Thomas Grimes and J. Lewelling.   Thomas Grimes (Sr, deceased)   had married CHLOE Lewelling

Surry County - 1800 -   Census shows ANDERSON, JESSE and FRANCIS, all over 45.

Edgecombe County - 1801 - Inventory of John Southerland, deceased, was taken Dec. 18.   Account of sale of residue by JOHN Lewelling, admr.   James Southerland, JOHN Lewelling and MARY Lewelling were noticeable buyers.

Edgecombe County - 1807 - JOHN Lewelling sold land formerly granted to JOHN Lewelling, dec'd. in Jan.

Edgecombe County - 1809 - Inventory of the estate of Frederick Jones (shown as Jones Frederick) by JOHN Lewelling and John W. Mayo, executors, Feb. 21.   Elizabeth Jones was the principal buyer and Allen Jones bought.

Edgecombe County - 1811 - Ann Jones, widow of Wm. Jones, dec'd released to JOHN Lewelling, guardian of the orphans of her late husband her dower right to the land.

Edgecombe - 1829 - WILLIAM W. Lewelling and STEPHEN Lewelling sold land jointly Sept. 29.   WILLIAM Lewallen of Edgecombe County died (Pitt Co. 11/3/1831

Edgecombe County - 1835 - NANCY (ANN) Lewelling was probably wife of STEPHEN W. Lewelling and co-signed a deed in July

ANDERSON's oldest known son, Andrew, was born 1795 in North Carolina.   By 1812, the family was in Tennessee, probably Scott County.   Some moved on to Temple, Bell County, Texas, where we also find the descendants of Wiley Lewallen born 1795 North Carolina.   Wiley was still in North Carolina in 1822 when he son James Calvin was born but by 1828 he was in Tennessee when his son Jesse was born, and in Alabama by 1837.   It's speculated that Wiley's father was probably Jesse Lewallen (or one of the various surname spellings of Lewallen)


1.   What happened to the children of Alexander Lewelling -
           James Lewelling
           Simon Lewelling
           John Lewelling
           Fannie Lewelling
Could John have been one of the John's above?

From a posting on GenForum, Richard Lewallen was born in Prince Edward Co, VA in 1763. He served in the Revolutionary War for two/three months enlistment's, April 1781 through June 1781 September 1781 through November 1781. He volunteered in Prince Edward Co, VA where he lived at that time. He fought in the Battle of Yorktown
against Cornwallace. Richard filed for his pension August 29, 1832 in
Anderson Co, TN. He died less than one year later, May 8, 1833.

2.   What happened to
           Jesse Lewelling
           Francis Lewelling



I found the following in the Llewellyn book which I did.   The source wasn't given so where I found it, I don't know, but if it's correct - and with exact birthdates it probably is accurae - we may have been looking in the wrong county for information on Alexander.

York County - Alexander and Elizabeth's children were born in York County.   Source unknown.   Alexander Lewelling born about 1738 Charles City VA.   Will dated June 20, 1791 Edgecombe County, N.C.)   Wife Elizabeth born Va 1742.   Children:
1.   EDMOND LEWELLING, born 1764 York Va
3. NANCY LEWELLING born May 3, 1768 York, Va
4. MARY LEWELLING born Apr. 22, 1770 York, Va.   Baptised 4/22/1770
5. JAMES LEWELLING born Aug. 5, 1772 York, Va. Baptised 9/12/1772
6. JOHN LEWELLING, born Aug. 15, 1777 York Va.   Baptised 2/16/1777
7. FANNY LEWELLING born June 3, 1779 York Va.   Baptised 8/8/1779  
All baptismal were at Charles Parish

Also in the book for York County is:

"Virginia Wills and Administrations 1632-1800 Index" shows JNO LEWELLIN 1733 York County.

Also the Will of Peter Robinson 1732/40 mentions Mistress Mary Llewellyn in York County.

Then we have:

Lydia Lewellen, daughter of James and Agnes Lewellen, born Nov. 8, 1726, was baptized Dec. 11, 1726
Mary Lewellen, daughter of John Lewellen married Daniel Moore of ‘New Porson” (?), York County
Nancy Lewelling, daughter of Alex. And Elizabeth Lewelling, born May 30, 1768, was baptized June 26, 1768.

While the following site pertains to the Drewrys, it has some good information on Charles Parish in York County.

Billy Mayo - Jun 18, 2008

Let me sort out some things for you starting in Edgecombe 1794-That is John W. Llewellyn II with inventory taken by John W. Llewellyn III. Also John W. Llewellyn II was the famous Tory.
Edgecombe 1797--Inventory by John W, Llewellyn III.
Edgecombe 1801-That is John W. Llewellyn III.
Edgecombe 1807- That is John W.Llewellyn III selling John W.Llewellyn II land.
Edgecombe 1809-that is John W. Llewellyn III and John Williams Mayo.
Edgecombe 1811- That is John W. Llewellyn III.
Edgecombe-1829- William W. Llewellyn is actually John W. Llewellyn IV and brother Stephen.
Edgecombe 1835- Nancy Ann (Otterbridge) Llewellyn was John W. Llewellyn III wife and the mother of John W. Llewellyn IV and Stephen Llewellyn.

Billie Harris - Jun 18, 2008

Billy, thanks for that info.   From that, I take it that John W. Llewellyn and William Lewelling named in Edgecombe wouldn't be related to Alexander, Jesse, and Jesse Lewelling, right?   At that time, I know Edgecombe was a big area and that it's possible more than one family lived there.

Billie Harris - Sep 7, 2009

Lea Ann Russell descends from Alexander Lewelling of Sevier County, Tennessee.   So that I won't lose what I've written her, I'm posting it here for future reference.


Lea Ann's line is as she has stated in the News section:
John Lewelling married Martha Haggard
   Wallace Lewelling married Margaret Flynn
         Decater Wallace Lewelling married Minnie Hill
               Ollie Lewelling married Cecil Samuel Beckner

It appears from the following John Lewelling was the son of Alexander Lewelling of Sevier County, Tennessee.

1850 - Sevier County, Tennessee, shows Alexander Lewallen 57 (1793) born South Carolina.   (He was born October 7 and died sometime between 1880 and 1886 in Sevier County.   His wife was Prudence (maiden name Clark) age 45 born N.C.   Their children were Katharine 22 TN, Martha 17, TN (she married Laben Jenkins), James 15, Ashley 12 (which was probably Atchley), Susanna 9, Jane 7 and also in the household was John Clark age 84 born NC who was probably Prudence's father.

Living a couple doors away was William Lewallen age 21 (1829) born TN, his wife Louisa 23 and daughter Margaret 3.   More than likely, he was a son of Alexander and Prudence's.  

There was also a John Louallen age 25 (1825) born Tennessee, his wife Martha 25, son William 2, and Hulda 0 in Sevier County 1850 so he, too, may have been a son of Alexander and Prudence.   I say that because living next to him was Robert Atchley and his family, a James Jerrat and his family, James Haggard and his family, and Thomas, Isaac, William, and Washington Atchley in the same area.   Recall the Haggard and the Atchleys were related through marriage.

1860 - Sevier County, Tennessee's census shows:

John Lewelling age 35 (1825) Tennessee, his wife Margaret 35 (1825) Tennessee, William 12 TN, Hulda 10 TN, Sarah 8, TN, and Alexander 6 TN.   This would be the John showing in 1850 since William and Hulda are showing in that census and show in this one. Note the given name of Alexander as a child.

1880 - Sevier County, Tennessee's census shows:

Ashley Lewelling (Atchley?) and his father was born SC and mother born SC.   Wife Dica and children John 14, Nancy 12, Pruda (short for Prudence probably) 10, William 9, Margaret 7, James 3   (This would be Alexander's son)

It also shows:

James, a widower age 44 (1836), with Mary 12, Pruda 9, William 6.   The census shows his father born Alabama and mother SC, however, where his father was born could have been a mistake.   Often someone other than the head of the household provides information.

It also shows:

Hulda Lewelling age 30 with children M. Jane 12, Bruce 8, Martha 5, Luther 3 and living next door to her was Marion Haggard.

1900 - Census for Sevier County shows:

William Lewelling age 52 (born Dec. 1847 Tennessee and both parents born Tennessee.   Margaret A 53 born Tennessee June 1846,) Samuel W. 19 (Jan. 1881), Charles W. 17 (Apr 1883) and Wallace D. 9 (July 1890).

(This would be William and Margaret Flynn and the Wallace D. would be Wallace Decater, her ancestor)

The 1920 census shows :

Cater Lewelling 31 born Tennessee and both parents born TN, Minnie 33 TN, TN, TN, Bruce 12, Frank 9, Carl 7, Ollie 5, Wallace 3 years 7 months (born 1916) and James 1

(Wallace married Gertie Dyer August 7, 1937 in Jefferson County, Tennessee, and the Ollie is Lea Ann's ancestor that married Cecil Samuel Beckner)   Cater was renting his house and could both read and write.

Now we'll go back to Alexander showing in the 1850 census.   He would have been born ca 1793 South Carolina.   Information shows he died 1880-1886, no doubt in Sevier County.     At this point, I don't know who Alexander's parents were.   Alexander isn't a common name, but here's a strong possibility.  

I made a note to myself which I can't find now but someone has that there was an Alexander born about 1738 in Charles City, Virginia and he died 1792 Edgecombe County, N.C.   There's no record of any kind supporting an Alexander in Charles City County and the Daniel Lewellyn of that county left no male descendants.

There's documented information showing 1766 Alexander Lewelling in Amelia County, Virginia in which he was surety for the marriage of Mary Lewelling to John Crane but there's no more documented information for him there.  

On his Will which was filed 1792 Edgecombe County, Alexander names his wife Elizabeth and sons James, John, Simon, daughter Fannie and son-in-law Benjamin Amasson.   A witness to the will was James Lewelling.   I wouldn't think the James witnessing his Will would be the same person as his son.

Since Alexander was old enough to have a married daughter when he died 1792, my guess is that one of his sons was the father of the Alexander Lewelling born ca 1792 in South Carolina and found 1850 in the Sevier County, Tennessee, census.  

The only person so far that I've found in South Carolina who MIGHT be a possibility is Simon Lewallen found in Williamsburg County, S.C. 1820 who had children under and over 10 years of age and he, himself is shown as being over 45.