Billie Harris - Oct 27, 2008

Resa, a lot has been found out about our families since Jean wrote that in 2000 so it may not be entirely accurate at this point.   I really don't believe anyone has found that Andrew L. Lewallen had a nickname of Shad or Shadrach, or if so, no one has provided any information to that effect.   The information she wrote about Andrew L. didn't sound like he would have been a minister, but I'm just not certain but what she didn't get Andrew and Shadrach mixed up.  

And I've seen the information she wrote about Grant Llewellyn coming here from Wales in other postings as well but so far, I haven't found a Grant Llewellyn in all of my research.   Again, if there's anyone here on the site that has any type of records showing he did, please post them.  

Thanks for bringing that old posting back though.   If you come across others, post them as well so we can discuss them because not all are accurate.