Question about john lewelling x2

Renee Nazario - Nov 2, 2008

While researching my mother's other family line the Crisp. I found a John Lewelling on the same page with the Crisp in the 1784-1787 Martin County North Carolina census. Do you know which family line he comes from? I also found a John Lewallen born in Ada Oklahoma about 1897 on the Chickasaw Nation Reservation, where my Grandmother Crisp was born, I noticed the name because my Grandmother would later marry a John Lewallen from Texas. Thought they may have met because of a family relationship between the Oklahoma Lewallens and the Texas Lewallens, interesting though migration how many times, my ancestors on both sides of my family (mother and father) have crossed paths. Thanks.

Billie Harris - Nov 3, 2008

Click on this and see if it helps regarding the John Lewelling in Martin County

[NOTE: broken link]

Billy Mayo - Nov 3, 2008

I have a Susan Crisp 1816/1860 who married Lewellyn Staton in Edgecombe County NC. She died in Madison County TN and is buried in the Mayo Cemetery there. Nothing more on her lineage. Lewellyn's parents were Julie Williams Mayo and Winfield Staton. The John Llewellyn you speak of in Martin County is Capt. John W. Llewellyn (Tory) 1714/1794. His grand grand son 1797/1853 migrated to Smith County TX and died there.