Last Will & Testament - Anderson S. Lewallen, Texas 1912

Billie Harris - Nov 12, 2008

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Bell Co. Texas, Wills: Anderson S. Lewellen
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Last Will and Testament of Anderson S. Lewellen

 Feb 24, 1912          

The State of Texas ( )
County of Bell       ( ) Know all men by these presents; That I, A. S. Lewellen,
of the County of Bell, and State of Texas, being of sound and disposing mind and
memory, do make, declare and publish, this my last Will and Testament, hereby
revolking all other Wills at any time heretofore made by me.

1. I direct that my executors, hereinafter named, shall as soon after my death
as practicable, pay all my just debts, including expenses of my last illness and

II. I give, devise and bequeath the remainder and residue of my estate, real and
personal, and mixed, wheresoever situated, of which I may be seized or possessed,
and which I may be entitled at my death, to mt eleven children, t-wit: Columbus
Lewellen, James Lewellen, Nancy Almira Lewallen, wife of Tom Lewallen, John R.
Lewellen, Campbell C. Lewellen, Sherman Lewellen, Effie Arlena Vaughn, wife of
Willis Vaughn, Sarah Balsouria Webb, wife of Will Webb, Ebenezer Lewellen,
Balsada Anderson, wife of   Bob Anderson, and Grant Lewellen, to be divided
equally between my said children that is to say: share and share alike.

III. Whereas, during my life time, I have advanced to my son Columbus Lewellen
the sum of Eighteen Hundred and Fifty ($1850.00) Dollars; to my son James
Lewellen, the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty ($250.00) Dollars, to my daughter
Effie Arlena Vaughn the sum of Eight Hundred ($800.00) Dollars, and to my son
Grant Lewellen, the sum of One Hundred and Seventy-five ($175.00), it is my will
and I so direct, that said sums advanced to my said four children, shall be
deducted as advancement from the porpections of my estate hereby devised and
bequeathed to them, my said four children respection that is to say; that unless
my children shall return to me said sums of money before my death, then said
sums of money shall be deducted from their portions of my said estate, and said
sums are now declared to have been advancements made by me to my said four
children above named. And i further direct that if at any time before my   death,
I shall make advancements to any of my children, then said advancement shall be
deducted from the portion of my estate hereby willed to the children to whom
said advancements may be made.

IV. In the event that any of my said children shall oppose the probating of this
Will, or in any manner concest the same in the Courts, or shall institute a suit
in the Courts, having for its purpose the judical partition of my estate, then
the child or children opposing the probating of this Will, or contesting the
same, or instituting said suit for partition, shall not receive the bequests
and legacies herein named to them, but the part of my estate which he, she, or
shall abide by and accept the terms of this Will, to be divided among them
equally, share and share alike.

V. I nominate, constitute and appoint my sons, John R. Lewellen, and Ebenezer
Lewellen, joint executors of this my last Will and Testament, and direct that no
bond or security shall be required of them or either of them as executors, and
that no proceedings shall be had in any court in reference to my estate, other
than to probate this Will and file an inventory, an appraisement and list of
claims, as is required by law. And I hereby authorize and empower my said
executors, jointly, to convey and sell all or any part of my estate, real and
personal, of which I may die seized or possessed, at public or private sale, at
such time, and on such terms and conditions as they shall deem best; and to
execute, acknowledge and deliver all proper writings, transfers and deeds of
conveyance therefor.   In the event that either of my said executors herein above
named shall be deceased at the time of my death, then the survivor of said
executors, shall be the executor of this my last will and testament. I further
direct that my said executors or executor shall receive a commission of two per
cent upon all moneys handled by them or him.

VI. In order that there may be a fair, equal, just and equitable division of my
estate among my said children, I direct that my executors shall sell and convert
into money all my estate, real, personal and mixed, as soon as is expedient and
for the best interest of said estate after my decease.

In witness here of, I here unto subscribe my name at Temple, Texas, this the
24th day of February 1912, in the presence of B. J. Roop, and Henry Moore, whom
I have requested to subscribe as attesting witnesses.

A. S. Lewellen


 Separate Property of Anderson S. Lewellen      
   Feb. 26, 1912

Land 288   65/100 acres               $25,920.00                                                    
         17 ?  acres             2,437.50                                                              
         9 acres                 1,200.00                                                                
         Lots                     500.00

Promissary Note - William Franklin     246.58
 W. L. Lewellen       37.04

Money on hand         $1070.00
Ins Policy               57.00
Blacksmith tools, forge and anvil???         2.50
Wagon????????             5.00
Turning plow?????           3.00
2 sets of harness????           12.50
1 horse????           25.00  
8 pigs????           16.00
3 mules????         325.00  
3 heads of cattle         40.00
18 hogs           85.50
About 60 chickens????           15.00
2 peafowls????             .00
Sulky plow, cultivator, planter, 6 hoes       6.50 (amount unreadable)
Sorghum mill             10.00
Iron safe           10.00
200 bu corn           140.00
Total                   $32,258.00

Billie Harris - Apr 30, 2009

Can someone tell me when the Lewallens from this line went to Texas, and where in Texas did they live?

Wiley Lewallen's family moved from Tennessee to Alabama and then around 1870-something into Texas.   They lived in Temple, Bell County, Moody, McLean County.   In 1884 they were inFannin County.   They all remained in Texas except for my great grandfather who moved to Pile County, Arkansas.  

I was just wondering if maybe Anderson might have moved about the same time as Wiley to Texas.

Mary Harris Johnson - May 2, 2009

In my   notes Anderson S.   and Nancy Lewellen, along with family members, including   his father and stepmother John and Emily Lewellen, moved around 1872-1873 by wagon train, and settled in Bell County, Texas.

Billie Harris - May 2, 2009

Mary, thank you.   From the DNAs, descendants of Anderson's and descendants of Wiley's show the familes connect.   I believe the fact Wiley's moving from Alabama and Anderson's moving Tennessee about the same time to the same area, substantiates there's a relationship, but where?   The connection is in North Carolina and hopefully one of these days we'll find who Wiley's parents were.

Melba Boyd - Jan 12, 2011

My notes read that the Lewellen's settled in the eastern part of Bell County,Texas in the communities of Little Flock, Old Howard, and Troy. These Communities are near Temple, TX.

Billie Harris - Jan 13, 2011

That's exactly where my Wiley and Mary Lewallen settled.   One of their sons started the Lewallen Cemetery in Troy.   I know we haven't been able to connect these (though DNA does connect them) but obviously there was a connection somewhere.