Society of Friends (Quakers) records in Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania

Billie Harris - Nov 25, 2008

From records of the
Society of Friends in Indiana

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NOTE:   The wife and children of Shadrach Lewelling of the Fairfax MM of Quakers (in Fairfax or Loudoun County, VA) shows the family moving to the New Castle MM after Shadrach died,   but there are no Lewellings or Bursons or anyone with the surnames in theFriends group in New Castle.   At the very bottom of this page is the portion extracted regarding Shadrach and Deborah.   And please look those over.   Can someone tell me what the references to Rachel mean?   Also read past the Fairfax MM of Quakers because there's more.   It appears Deborah and her family went from the Fairfax meeting group to the one in Pennsylvania after Shadrach died, and from there back to Fairfax.

So the question is:   was Shadrach, Thomas and Isaac mentioned in these Quaker records connected to the William Lewelling family of Randolph County, N.C.   whose family was also Quakers.   Shadrach wouldn't have been William's father but he could have been a brother.   William of Randolph County named his a son Shadrach and so far we can't find where William was from.   Or, it's possible these were two entirely different families.



Duck Creek MM

Henderson b 4-23-1809 Randolph Co NC s/o Meschach & Jane (Brookshire)
Elizabeth b 4-8-1815 Randolph Co NC dt/o John & Hannah (Littler) Presnall
ch: Alfred b 11-30-1831
Mary b 3-14-1833
Asenath b 12-6-1834
Henry b 10-14-1807 Randolph Co NC s/o Meschack & Jane (Brookshire) d 6-1850
Rachel b 12-31-1806 Randolph Co NC dt/o John & Hannah (Littler) Presnall
ch: Jonathan b 1-14-1828 d 5-10-1848 bur Clear Spring MM
Jane B b 2-27-1830
John b 12-14-1831
Jehu b 1-22-1834
Meschach b 9-2-1836 d 5-18-1844 bur Duck Creek
Elizabeth b 5-2-1839
Hannah H b l-5-1842
Henry Clayton b 12-18-1843
Martha Ann b 8-4-1846
Rachel E b 8-8-1849
John b 1-16-1811 Randolph Co NC s/o Meshach & Jane (Brookshire)
Elvy b 10-11-1815 dt/o Jacob & Ann (Stone) Elliott
ch: Sarah b 6-29-1834
Meshack d 5-18-1844 ae 87y 6m 16d bur Duck Creek
Meshack b 1-29-1787 Randolph Co NC s/o Wm & Mary d 11-30-1840 bur Meshack Lewelling’s bur place Henry Co
Jane b 8-25-1789 Randolph Co NC dt/o Thomas & Sarah Brookshire d 8-11-1835 bur Meshack Lewelling’s bur place Henry Co
ch: Henry b 10-14-1807 Randolph Co NC
Henderson b 4-23-1809 Randolph Co NC d 6-1850
John b 1-16-1811 Randolph Co NC
Mary b 5-11-1815
Wm b 9-28-1817
Seth b 3-6-1820
Thomas b 8-29-1822 Henry Co
Jane b 8-21-1825
Margaret (Williams) 2w b 12-23-1809 Deep River MM NC
ch: Harrison b 7-25-1838 Henry Co
Jefferson W b 12-9-1839
Meshack jr b 2-8-1841

New Castle MM

Mary C. Lewelling, b. 1-1-1828 Chatham Co., N.C. d. 12-30-1893 New Castle, bur. South Mound.

Spiceland MM

James M b 2-8-1841 Henry Co s/o Meshack & Margaret
Augusta F (Byers) m 1871
[Meshack h/o Jane d prior to 1822 NC?]
ch: Henry
[Margaret (Williams)] 2w [m 7-27-1837 Duck Creek MM]
ch: James M b 2-8-1841 Henry Co


Society of Friends, Fairfax Monthly Meeting
(These entries are from: Early Church Record of Loudoun County, Virginia, 1745 - 1800 by Marty Hiatt)

1759 Oct -   Deborah Lewellen, formerly Burson, produced a paper condemning her outgoing in marriage

1760   - Oct 23 Marriage of Benjamin Burson and Ann Roberts: among witnesses were Shadrick Lewelin and Thos Lewillin

1762 Jul -   Deborah Lewellin, formerly Burson, did in the 9th month 1759 condemn her outgoings, which is now accepted.

1762 Dec 16   - Marriage of John Conard and Elizabeth Potts: among witnesses were Shadrick Lewellin and Deborah Lewellin

1772 Jan 08 -   Marriage of Benjamin Burson and Hannah Young: among witnesses was Thos Llewellen

1772 Nov 30 - Shelburne vestry lays levy on Shadrach Lewellen for supporting Rachel Miller, 3 months? 425 pounds of tobacco

1774 Dec 20 -   Shelburne vestry lays levy on Shadrach Lleuellin of 1304 pounds of tobacco

1776 Aug - Shadrach Lewellen and children Isaac, Anne, Margaret, Mesheck, Deborah, Mary and Hannah received into membership

1778 Jun - Rachel Lane   {Lewellen} requests membership

1778 Jul -   Friends appointed to visit Rachel Lawellin and report is now safe to grant request

1779 Sep -   Complaint against Rachel Lewellen for having an illegitimate child

1785 Feb 10   - Goose Creek Monthly Meeting Shadraach Luellen buried 10 Feb 1785 Goose Creek Graveyard

1785 Jul - Deborah Lewellen and 6 children in their minority: Masheck, Deborah, Mary, Hannah, Shadrack, and Sarah; also daughters Ann and Margaret, who are of age, request certificates [to move]

1785 Aug 27 -   Hopewell Monthly Meeting - Margaret Lewellin is about to remove and settle west of the Allegania Mts and is clear of marriage engagements

1785 Jul - Isaac Lewallen requests certificate to Hopewell Monthly Meeting

1785 Dec - Certificate to Westland Monthly Meeting was produced for Isaac Lewellen

1785 Dec 24 Fairfax Monthly Meeting - Deborah Lewellin and her five children Deborarh, Mary, Hannah, Shadrack and Sarah to Westland Monthly Meeting

1786 Oct-   Rachel Hatfield, formerly Lewellin, condemned her breach of chastity



Westland MM, Washington County, Pa. opened 12 Nov. 1785.   The verge of the meeting included Washington, Alleghany, Westmoreland, Fayette and Green Counties, Pa. and adjacent counties in Virginia (now west Virginia) and Ohio.
1786-6-22 Margaret (Lawallen) m. Isaac McNamee
1786-5-13 Isaac recf Fairfax MM dtd 1785, 12 24
1786 –  5-13   Deborah and ch. Deborah, Mary, Hanna, Shadrach and Sarah to cf Fairfax MM, dtd 1785, 12, 24
1787-1-15 Ann roc f Fairfax MM, dtd 1785-8-27
1787-5-12 Margaret McNamee (form Lewellin) rocf Fairfax MM, dtd 1785-8-27
1787-11-24 Ann dis.
1791-5-28 Deborah (Lewallen) Jr. dis
1792-5-26 Mary and Hannah dis.
1806-11-22 Saran Vantruse (form Lewellen) rpd. Mou.

Billie Harris - Nov 26, 2008

This site gives good information on the location of the Quaker meeting houses, including information on Goose Creek where Shadrach, Deborah, and the family attended.

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Cindy Lewallen - Nov 26, 2008

At one time I thought Wiley's family had been part of the "Back Creek" meeting place.   When I went into the site you recommended and traced pages back, the site does have a blurb about Back Creek, but no names of members.   Does your research show any members of the Lewallen family having meetings at Back Creek?

Billie Harris - Nov 26, 2008

Cindy, I don't find any record to that effect, however, if there's anything at all, then it might help us find more out about who his family was.   That would be a really, really good clue.   Can you think of any way to obtain the information?

Thomas Lewellen - Dec 17, 2008

Billie, I am not sure who/what the source is but this site has your Shadrach and William of Randolph County as brothers.   I found this randomly using a google seach.

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Click Lewallen from frame on the left hand side.
Click to open word document "Descendants of Thomas Llewellyn"

Billie Harris - Dec 17, 2008

Thanks for posting that site.   Personally, I believe they were brothers but so far there's nothing to substantiate it and we haven't found where William was from before Randolph County, N.C..   Some of the others listed in that genealogy though, I do question.   It would be good if we could contact the person who put the site together and ask for sources.   Would you do that for us?

Thomas Lewellen - Dec 28, 2008

sent email today

Billie Harris - Dec 29, 2008

Thanks for doing that.   Will be looking forward to his reply.

Resa Miller - Jan 24, 2009

21.   ANDREW LEWTIAN6 LEWALLEN (RICHARD5, RICHARD4, JESSE3, THOMAS2 LLEWELLYN, THOMAS SR.1) was born Abt. 1795 in North Carolina, and died WFT Est. 1831-1886.   He married MALINDA DAVIS WFT Est. 1810-1842.   She was born Abt. 1793 in Tennessee, and died WFT Est. 1831-1888.

I copied the above   from "The Decendants of Thomas Llewellyn"

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27. i. HEROD7 LEWALLEN, b. June 1821, Morgan Co, Tennessee; d. Abt. 1903, Morganton, Arkansas.
28. ii. WALTER LEWALLEN, b. Abt. 1828, Tennessee; d. WFT Est. 1861-1919.

Is this the same Andrew Lewtain Lewallen married to Malinda Davis that, I thought he was the son of Anderson Llewellyn and Lucy Rice.   Also the father of Andrew Russell Lewallen and brother of John Lewallen the fist sherrif of Scott co. Tennessee.
Is there more than one of these couples? or am I wrong?

Billie Harris - Jan 24, 2009

Resa, there are some members on here who descend from the Scott County, Tennessee, Lewellens.   Perhaps they can answer your question better than I, but it was Anderson Llewellyn who married Lucy Rice in 1784 Prince Edward County, not Alexander.

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Resa Miller - Jan 27, 2009

I corrected that, I meant Anderson.

Billie Harris - Jan 30, 2009

Resa, in addition to what Rick has, there's also a website with photos and documents by Terrilyn Young, a member of this site, on the Scott County Lewallens.

Rick Llewellyn - Jan 28, 2009


I am descended from Anderson Llewellyn and Lucy Rice.

About 12 years ago when I first started geneaology I was in contact with a lady named Kathleen L. Fulwiler of Scott County whose father, John Harrison Lewallen was descended from Anderson Llewellyn on her paternal line and from Andrew L. Lewallen on her maternal line. She left me a copy of her own Ancestor Chart identifying Andrew L. Lewallen as being born 7 October 1793. Married Malinda Davis 1814 in Roane County, TN. Andrew died 30 November 1873. I believe this information came his military records. (I think I have that record).

She did not identify Andrew L. as son of Anderson. However, the original grave marker for Anderson and Lucy was found in a field on her property. And, I have found several documents showing he was the brother of Joel and William (my GGGGF) and I know from other documents and family stories that Anderson was my GGGGGF. Therefore Andrew L. Lewallen would be a son of Anderson Lewallen.

Here is more info that came from his descendants:

Andrew came to Tennessee with his parents and brothers, Joel and William, when he was about 15 years old. [John the Sheriff was born in Tennessee 1812. Another source says the brothers arrived in 1811.] According to sources, he was sometimes called Shadrach, Shade, or Shad. Andrew entered military service at the age of 19 and fought at the Battle of New Orleans under Andrew Jackson's command. Sources say that before marching off to war, he managed to get away long enough to meet his sweetheart, Malinda Davis, in Kingston where they were married. She was 3 years older than him. [disagrees with Kathleen Fulwiler's notes saying that she was born April 1792.]   After the war, Andrew returned to tennessee and he started his family. He received 160 acres of bounty land about 1855. He filed for his military pension in 1871. After the war, while raising his family, he was a farmer and a devout Methodist minister. Written family history says he was tall and slender. [As am I, and my grandfathers]

Andrew L. Lewallen is buried at the Nydeck/Carpenter Cemetery in Scott Co. His service was with Co. 5 of the East Tennessee Volunteers. he lived on the headwaters of Black Wolf Creek.

I have a good deal on the genealogies on Anderson's other sons, John, Joel and William.

Renee Nazario - Feb 1, 2009

Thank you for your posting.   Would you also post what you have on Joel Lewallen, I am a descendent through that line.   My grandfather John Edward Lewallen was 6'4 and about 140-150 or so pounds.   I am 5'9 and 126 pounds guess some things are in the genes.   Renee

Carol Lewallen - Feb 2, 2009

Thank you Rick for your posting   it was very informative. The one thing I've been wondering. Who have you traced for Anderson Grant Lewallen's father? I have Daniel Alexander Llewellyn (1710-1785) he married to Mary Burkes in 1736. This birth data is from the Family Data Collection on the I'm so puzzled over all this.
Carol Lewallen