John A Lewellen of Virginia, b. 1806, Indiana, Missouri (DNA)

Bill Llewellyn - Dec 2, 2008

In 1806, was born in VA, exact location uncertain, John A. Lewellen. In 1844 he married Lovina, no last name, of Kentucky, in Indiana. They produced 4 children there, Sarah, James Henry, M.A.(poss Maggie), Horace M., and after moving to N.E Missouri, George B.

Horace, my ancestor, married Ella Fredrick of St. Louis, and moved to Centerville Iowa. They has 3 boys, William B., Lewis, and Fred. in the 1898-1902 time frame.

William B married Goldie Hazel Brown, and they had eight children in Des Moines Iowa.

Lovina was born in 1825, and outlived John A. She remarried in 1885.

John A. is the mystery man here. I don't know exactly where in VA he was born, or to whom. He may well have married in the 1827 time frame, but I can find no record of it. I also have found no record of his death. If I were looking for graves, I'd try Marion, Grundy, Missouri, as James seems to have been buried there.

He did NOT marry Sarah Haymond, as that John (R.) died in 1875 in Ohio.
I do not believe he married Lavinia Shannon either.

I ran in to a grand nephew of Ella Fredrick in the Air Force, who told me that his mother has records of the Horace and Ella marriage. Don, are you out there?

Billie Harris - Jul 23, 2009

For the record, Bill's DNA is a match with that of descendants of Anderson, Wiley, William, etc.   See the DNA chart.