Pleasant Lewellen b. 1815 KY Information (Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Tennessee)

Billie Harris - Dec 21, 2008

One of our new site members, Debbie Lewallen, descends from Pleasant Lewellen.   Here's what I've found and if anyone can add anything to it, please do.   Or if you have any ideas on who his parents may have been, let's discuss it.


The father was born in Tennessee and the mother born in Kentucky.   Three known children at this time - Pleasant, Sarah and Rachel.   And there's a question as to whether Elias and Anderson may have also somehow been connected to this family.



Born ca 1815 Kentucky

Married NANCY (SCHOONOVER) VANFOSSEN (a widow) Jan. 7, 1836 in Harrison County, Indiana.   Nancy was married previously.   Her First marriage to John VanFossen was May 29, 1834.   (Nancy was the sister of Emanuel Schoonover who married Pleasant's sister.   Her parents were: William Schoonover b. 1777 PA d. 1850 IN and Jane Brink b.1775 PA d. 1850 IN. and William was son of Rudolphus Schoonhoven and Hannah Hyndshaw. )   Between 1845 and 1860, the family moved from Indiana to Iowa and between 1856 and 1860, Nancy died.  

The 1840 Harrison Co., Indiana census shows Pleasant Lewallen, 1 male 20-30, 2 females under 5, 1 female 20-30

Pleasant Luallen's name appeared in database "Iowa 1841-1849 Tax Lists Wapello Co., Iowa". "Iowa State Census Collection 1847 Wapello" shows Pleasant Luallen, Elias Luallen & Anderson Luallen on the same page.   The question at this point is was Elias and Anderson somehow related to Pleasant and if so, how?   Was one of them a father of Pleasant perhaps?

10-16-1850 Wapello, Iowa Census:
Pleasant Lewallen, 35, b. KY
Nancy Lewallen, 32, b. Indiana
Adelade Lewallen, 12, b. Indiana
Sarah Lewallen, 10, b. Indiana
Margaret Lewallen, 9, b. Indiana
William Lewallen, 5, b. Indiana
Mary A. Lewallen, 4, b. Iowa
Manuel Lewallen, 10 months, b. Iowa

"Iowa State Census Collection-1856-Wapello" shows:
Pleasant Lieuallen, 41, b. KY
Nancy Lieuallen, 39, b. Ind.
Adalade Lieuallen, 18, Indiana
Sarah E. Lieuallen, 16, Indiana
Myra J. Lieuallen, 13, Indiana
Mary Ann Lieuallen, 8, Iowa
Emmanuel Lieuallen, 6, Iowa
John Lieuallen, 4, Iowa

6-2-1860 Wapello Iowa census:
Pleasant Luallen, 45, KY
Evaline Luallen, 18, Indiana
Mirah J. LUallen, 16, Indiana
William A. Luallen, 14, Indiana
Emmanuel Luallen, 10, Iowa
John Luallen, 7, Iowa
Dicy Miller, 37, Tennessee
Amanda Denton (can't read clearly), 12, Iowa
Amos Miller, 4, Illinois

1870 Neosho, Labette, Kansas, census:
Pringle, Sinna, 52, keeping house, b. KY, cannot read/write
Luallen, Pleasant, 54, farmer, b. KY
Luallen, Rachel, 56, keeping house, b. KY cannot read/write
McCowan, Francis, 23, farmer, Indiana

6-8-1880 Neshoa, Labette, Kansas census:
Pringle, Synna, 61, keeping house,   b. KY, father b. TN, mother KY
Luallen, Pleasant, 68, brother, farmer,       ditto
Luallen, Rachel, 70, sister, blind,               ditto
McCowan, Frank, 33, boarder
Synna & Rachel are marked "cannot read or write" but Pleasant doesn't have that mark.   Rachel makes sense, because she's blind

PLEASANT LEWELLEN served in the Union Army in Iowa as a private in unit IA 7 Reorg Cav. D.   This birth information is given as Kentucky and the cemetery as Walnut Grove in Corning, Adams, Iowa.   burial places of Civil War soldiers.   Apparently, Pleasant served in the Union Army in Iowa.  
Comments: enl 10 Jan 1863 age 43 res Ottumwa trans IA 7 Reorg Cav D on roster as LUALLEN; also served IA 15 Inf K and D and reportedly in IA 39 Inf (unable to locate record of service in IA 39)
This information came from a database on burial places of Civil War soldiers on Ancestry.

Children.   These may not be accurate but check the above census records because there is some confusion:

Born ca 1837/8 Indiana

2.   SARAH E. LEWELLEN (her middle name was probably EVALINE)
born ca 1840/2 Indiana

born ca 1841/3 Indiana

born ca 1846 Indiana

Born 1846 Iowa

6.   EMANUEL LEWELLEN (also known as just Manuel and as M.S. (the S standing for Schoonover).   Born December 17, 1850 and died July 9, 1914, Adams County, Iowa.   Emanuel was probably named for Emanuel Schoonover who was probably Emanuel Lewellen's uncle.   (See posting in Sources.)
Wife:   Clara Clapp, born Ohio 1852 and died Adams County, Iowa 1828.   Married in Iowa.   Children:
           Born 1877 Iowa.   Wife Edith Harlow born Iowa 1879, parents were Boliver W.  
           Harlow   (born Indiana) and mother Lydia Kelley (born Indiana)
           A   WARREN K. LEWELLEN, born 1909 Iowa
           B   MARION F. LEWELLEN,   born 1910 Iowa
           C   LORNA M. LEWELLEN, born 1912 Iowa
           D. ROGER M. LEWELLEN, born 1914 Iowa
   (2)   ALTA LEWELLYN (Alta was a daughter or daughter-in-law)
           Born January 8, 1885.   Died July 6, 1935

born ca 1853


Born Sept. 1816 Kentucky.   Died January 7, 1890 Crawford County, Indiana.
Married Emanuel Schoonover, aka Manual who was born 1810 Pennsylvania and died December 12, 1871 Crawford County, Indiana.   Manuel was the son of William Schoonover b. 1777 PA d. 1850 IN and Jane Brink b.1775 PA d. 1850 IN. William was son of Rudolphus Schoonhoven and Hannah Hyndshaw.  

Emanuel and Sarah Jane Luallen were married July 22, 1834 in Harrison County, Indiana.


Born 1835

born 1838

Born 1839

Born 1843

Born 1849.   Married   Benjamin Northcutt Stephenson

born 1853  


Rachel is shown in the census with Pleasant in Neshoa, Labette, Kansas 1870 and 1880.   Apparently Rachel never married.

1,   1925 Taylor County, Platte Township, Iowa census

2.   Adams County, Iowa cemetery records:

3.   Posting on GenForum:
Emanuel Schoonover aka Manuel, b. 1810 in PA,d.12 Dec 1871 Crawford Co.,IN, married 22 July 1834 in Harrison Co.,IN to Sarah Jane Luallen (Luellen, Swallen, Lewellen)b. Sept, 1816 in KY,d.7 Jan 1890 Crawford Co., IN.
Children: Elizabeth b. 1835, William, b. 1838(my ggrandfather),Mary E. b.1839, Sarah Cartrine b. 1843, Nancy Jane b. 1849, Julia Ann b. 1853. Emanuel was son of William Schoonover b. 1777 PA d. 1850 IN and Jane Brink b.1775 PA d. 1850 IN. William was son of Rudolphus Schoonhoven and Hannah Hyndshaw of NJ> I can continue back to Claas Hendrick Van Schoonhoven b. 1615. Email me for more info

4.   Census records shown above.

Debbie Lewellen - Dec 21, 2008

So much information to go over
I Thank Billie so much for putting that all together!!!!!!
- mostly I am looking for Pleasant Lewellen (Lewallen - Luallen) linnage -

some information to add to the above:

- Manuel Shoonover Lewellen and Clara E Clapp
From a family bible I have the complete dates of births, deaths and marriages
 Their Children:
(1) Merton Ellis Lewellen Married Edith Harlow
     One more child not listed is a son Manuel Harlow died at 4 mo and the daughter Lorna that is listed died at 16 years 10 mo and 4 days

(2) Clara (Carrie) Elberta b 1881 died at 10 mo 1882
(3) Ethel Louise b 1879 Married Warren N. Knowles 10-17-1912 and died 1921
(4)Frank Newton (My grandfather) born 8-10-1877 died 1-11-1954 Married Alta May Falconer on 2-15-1905 - (I have pictures of Frank and Alta May)

The bible is mostly the Clapp family from this I have the Clapp generations going back to 1609 all stateside.

Billie Harris - Dec 21, 2008

Debbie, thanks for adding the information.   I'll take that and edit it into the original post.  

When I have time, I'll see if there might be a connection to line of Anderson Lewellyn of Prince William County, Virginia.   I do know some of his descendants moved into Kentucky and with the given name of "Anderson" in same county at the same time as Pleasant, there may be a connection.

Billie Harris - Dec 26, 2008

Incidentally, Anderson and Pleasant are both shown on the same page of the census where Elias is about 9 pages away from them.   I have come across other postings on a different surname that Elias was actually Elisha so whether that's the case here or not, I don't know.

Billie Harris - Dec 30, 2008

Debbie and I have been discussing whether the Schoonovers were from Walpack, New Jersey or from Pennsylvania.   Monroe County, Pennsylvania, has been given as the area where the father of William Schoonover was born, however, Monroe County wasn't formed until the 1830's so the county at the time of his birth had to be a parent county for Monroe.   And from what I've read - which needs substantiation - Walpack Township, Sussex County, in New Jersey is across the river from what is now Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

The following information is from Genforum and although I haven't read and digested it, it mentions a Rodolph Schoonover and it mentions Walpack Township.   This shows Rodolph as son of Hendricus but it also shows his wife as a Dorothea and his brother Henry's wife as Hannah so whether this Rodolph is the same as William's father or not, I don't know.   As I said, I haven't fully digested the posting on GenForum yet.

Benjamin Schoonover (ca. 1741-1813) and Margaret Schoonover Part 1
Posted by: Jade (ID *****8954) Date: December 07, 2008 at 23:10:11
In Reply to: Re: Thomas Schoonover VA/WV1770 by Clarence Lee   of 1643  


Based on research by the poster and Ms. Marsha E. Smith.

Divided in two sections due to file size limitations on this message board.


Benjamin Schoonover was son of Nicholas (Niclaes) and Peternella (Westfall) Schoonover. Benjamin's baptism 12 July 1741 was recorded at the Dutch Reformed Church, Walpack Twp., Sussex Co. NJ. The will of Benjamin's father, Nicholas Schoonhoven of Walpack, written Jan 1759 with codicil 6 Oct 1761, bequeathed to wife Pattenella / Peternela, son Hendricus (eldest: the house and lot deeded to him); sons Peter (third son), James, Benjamin, Ezekiel, and Joseph, and daughters Sarrah and Mary. Estate to be divided among the children. Wife to have use of all estate while widow, 40 pounds if she remarry [West Jersey wills 12:235, 59S-W, proved 28 Sep 1764]. Note that this Nicholas did not therefore die ten years later (about December 1, 1774) as stated in the Schoonover Master Tree [#16], and most likely died in the Walpack vicinity rather than in Orange Co., NY.

The will of Margaret's father, Hendricus Schoonover of Walpack, written 20 Apr 1767, bequeathed to wife Hanah, sons Henry (oldest), Rodolph and John, and to daughters Rachel, Cornelia, Margaret, Elisabeth, Catherine and Mary, and to various others (grandchildren), among them Johanna daughter of Benjamin Schoonover [West Jersey wills 155S - W; proved 4 Oct 1771]. We have not found documentation of Margaret's date of birth in Minisink region church records. Her mother is believed by Schoonover and Montanye researchers to have been Johanna (Decker).

The Moravian missionary, Brother Sven Roseen, repeatedly visited the area of Lower Smithfield, (now) Monroe Co., PA and went across the river to Walpack, Sussex Co., NJ. Translation of the portions of Roseen's diary between July 1748-July 1749 is reprinted in The Dansbury Diaries 1748-1755 (Camden, ME: Picton Press, 1994). "Dansbury" was the name of the settlement that later was named Stroudsburg. The missionary repeatedly mentions Nicholas Schoonover and his wife and family, and once mentions Nicholas' son Benjamin. He also mentions Henricus Schoonover (Nicholas' brother) and their neighbor Benjamin Smith and Catherine his wife. All had varying degrees of sympathy toward the views of the United Brethren, except for Nicholas' wife, who Roseen states was steadfast adherent to the Reformed Dutch church. Roseen mentions the visit in 1748 to Walpack of Abraham Smith, son of Lt. John Smith of "Shenandoe," calling Abraham son of Nicholas Schoonover's sister.

The gossipy Roseen mentions comment by Benjamin Smith on 10 acres conveyed to the Brethren by Nicholas Schoonover and one Brink for a school; Roseen wrote that Smith told him this was "really" part of Smith's land [Diaries p. 94, June 29 1749]. Candace E. Anderson has abstracted early records of Northampton Co., PA, which at the time included Lower Smithfield. In her first volume, Ábstracts of Deeds . . . 1752-. . .1773 (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 2000) she includes abstracts of documents bearing various dates preserved within an unpaginated book in the Northampton County Clerk's office. On Anderson's p. 179 she lists a plat of 10-3/4 acres in Walpack Twp., then in Hunterdon Co., NJ, adjacent the Delaware River on the west, on the N and E next to Nicholas Scoonhoven's land and on the South to Company land. Written on the plat is some ownership history. The 10-3/4 acres was part of a 500-acre tract "Marah" conveyed (in part?) in Oct. 1725 to Nicholas Scoonhoven and Thomas Brinck, and (part?) to Joseph Kirkbride in June 1746. Then N. Scoonhoven, T. Brink and Benj. Smith conveyed a plot on the bank of the Delaware "where the schoolhouse was" to Jos. Powell, David Brice, and Joseph Shaw (no date given). The latter three men are among the United Brethren who had responsibility for the Smithfield-Walpack area, according to related material about the Moravian mission reprinted in Dansbury Diaries. Then 23 May 1765 Nath'l Serdie [sic in abstract, identified as Brother Seidel in _Dansbury Diaries_] of Bethlehem PA made an agreement with James Vandemark of Walpack allowing Vandemark to occupy the schoolhouse for four years. The reason for this document's filing in Northampton Co. records seems to relate to the last entry on the plat, which states that Thomas Shaw (one of the four grantees of the schoolhouse lot) left Walpack in April 1747, his first wife was May [sic] Jones and his second was lost at sea in Oct. 1747.

Accompanying the plat was a list of "Members of Shaw's Church," including (of Walpack) Nicholas Schoonhoven and wife, Rudolph and Dorothea Scoonhoven, Henry and Hanna Scoonhoven, Benj. and Cathar. Smith. The undated list also mentions Joseph Powel and James Burnside in Walpack, 1746.

On 8 Sep 1764 Aaron Dupui and Jemmima his wife, of Lower Smithfield Twp., agreed to convey 205 acres on McMicles Ck. in Lower Smithfield to Jacobus Schoonhoven of Walpack Twp., Sussex Co., West New Jersey (land originally patented to Dupui in 1762) [recorded 20 Apr 1768, Northampton Co. PA deeds B1:153-156, Anderson p. 86]. Then 12 Mar 1767 Jacobus Schoonoven of Walpack Twp. and Hannah his wife agreed to sell to Benjamin Schoonoven of Lower Smithfield Twp., 118 acres in Lower Smithfield, already possessed by Benjamin, part of a larger tract conveyed to Jacobus by Aaron Dupui and wife Jemmima; witnesses: Joseph Montanye and Peter Scoonhoven [also recorded 20 Apr 1768, Northampton Co. PA deeds B1:156-157, Anderson p. 86].

Benjamin Schoonoven, administrator on the estate of Peter Vandermark of Lower Smithfield Twp., requested an audit of accounting in Northampton Co. PA Orphans Court, 11 August 1774. The estate included 93 acres adjoining Samuel Drake and Jacob Minor. [Candace E. Anderson, _Genealogical Abstracts of Orphans Court Records Volumes A-E_; this in Vol. D.; Anderson omits original page numbers; Anderson's p. 83].

Benjamin Schoonhover was among those in Capt. Timothy Jayne's Northampton Co. Militia company who took an oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in Smithfield, on 7 August 1777. [_Northampton Co. Miscellaneous Public Records 1767-1779_, following p. 225; abstract by Anderson, this entry on her p. 202]. In the _PA Archives, 5th series_, Vol. VIII, p. 560 ff. are transcripts of Capt. Benjamin Schoonover's company pay rolls for 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781 and 16 Apr 1782. He was discharged 26 May, 1782. In Northampton County, returns of Officers of the 6th Battalion of Militia of Northampton Co., June 18, 1777, Benjamin Schoonover was listed as 2nd Lieutenant, Capt. Samuel Hover's Company, serving under Colonel Jacob Stroud [_PA Archives 5th Series_. VIII:425]. Anyone interested can track the majority of men in Capt. Schoonover's Company in Lower Smithfield Twp. by means of tax lists and the 1790 US Census.

In a letter datelined Lower Smithfield, Northampton County, Septem'r 27th, 1778, several of those in charge of the militia outline dire circumstances: "Above us in Deleware & upper Smithfield, a fine Contry near thirty miles in length, is almost Evacuated, the people moved over to new Jersey for safety; & in this Township there is only a Guard left at Cornl. Stroud, whoes times is almost expired & will soon return home, & unless they are replaced with others we shall lay expos'd to the Ravages of the savages." [John Van Campen, John Chambers, Sub Lt., Benjamin Van Campen, Sub Lt., Nicholas Depui and Jacob Stroud, Cornl. to George Bryan, Vice President of the Supreme Executive Council; _Pennsylvania Archives First Series_ VI:767]. It seems likely that this evacuation to New Jersey was an opportunity for Benjamin and Margaret Schoonover's daughter, Johannah Schoonover, to meet the family of the widowed Keziah (Pelton) Smith, including her son, Platt Smith. Documentation of disposition of these families has not been found, but some may have been taken in by inhabitants well away from the Delaware River, between the settlements of Hope and Hackettstown. The Smiths at this time lived in the vicinity of Vienna, Independence Twp., present Warren Co., NJ.

Tax assessment rolls for Lower Smithfield Twp., Northampton Co., PA, including those for both State and Federal assessments, are held by the Northampton County Clerk. Some are detailed itemizations, some give only an assessed valuation, some just list the tax owed. They were read and most generously shared from microfilm of the documents by Fran W. All valuations and tax assessments are in pounds-shillings-pence, presumably ‘Pennsylvania money' of the time. Note that 'James' was frequently substituted by English-speakers for the first names of men known as 'Jacob' in their home communities. The Peter and 'James' Schoonover in the tax lists are most likely older brothers of our subject Benjamin. Rodolphus / Dolphus / Dolves Schoonover in these assessments was probably Margaret's brother of the same name, who was about the same age as Margaret's husband Benjamin. Some Benajah Mundy and Casparus Vanauken are mentioned here because they had children who married children of Platt and Johannah (Schoonover) Smith.

For 1779 Benjamin Schonover was assessed on 100 acres, of which 45 acres was cleared and 8 acres sown, and on 3 horned chattles, 3 horses and 5 sheep. Dolphus Schonover was assessed on 200 acres, of which 60 acres were cleared and 15 sown, and on 6 horned chattles, 4 horses and 8 sheep. Peter Schonover had 56 acres, 30 cleared, 5 sown, as well as 4 horned chattles, 3 horses and 5 sheep. James Schonover had 188 acres, 40 cleared and 12 sown, 5 horned chattles, 3 horses and 7 sheep. None of the Schonovers were assessed on a trade or occupation. Neither Platt nor John Smith were listed, nor was Benajah Monday.

For 1780 Benjamin Schoonover was assessed on a valuation of £115.11.2, Dolphus Schoonover not found listed. Peter Schoonover's assessed valuation was £23.11.3, and James' was £51.11.2. Again there was no listing for Platt or John Smith, nor for Benajah Monday.

For 1783 there were two different tax assessments listed, not clear from the documents whether they were State or Federal. Benjamin Schoonhover owed £2.15.6 and £1.17.6, Dolphus owed an illegible amount and £4.11.9. Peter's taxes were £1.18.3 and £1.5.3, and James' were £3.15.9 and 2.10.9. Platt Smith was assessed £0.4.0 and £0.2.0, John Smith owed £10.12.6 and £6.12.6. Benajah Monday owed £0.7.0 and 0.5.0.

To Be Continued

Benjamin Schoonover (ca. 1741-1813) and Margaret Schoonover Part 2
Posted by: Jade (ID *****8954) Date: December 07, 2008 at 23:13:29
In Reply to: Re: Thomas Schoonover VA/WV1770 by Clarence Lee   of 1643  


Based on research by the poster and Ms. Marsha E. Smith.


A 1785 itemized assessment found Benjamin Schonover with 100 acres assessed at £1, 2 horses and 3 cattle, on which he owed £1.4.0 tax. Dolphus Schonover owed £2.13.7 on 200 acres assessed at £2.4, 4 horses and 4 cattle. Peter Schonover owed £0.18.2 on 55 acres assessed at £4.5, 4 horses and 4 cattle, while James owed £1.15.3 on 185 acres assessed at £1.4, 5 horses and 4 cattle. Platt Smith owed £0.1.0 on his cow, having no land or horse to assess. John Smith owed £5.8.4 on 230 acres assessed at £5, 6 horses and 9 cattle. Benajah Monday's assessment was not copied.

An itemized assessment for 1786 states Benjamin Scoonhoven was assessed on 112 acres, 2 horned chattles, 4 horses and was assessed £0.9.11. Dolphus was assessed £0.13.7 on 220 acres, 4 horned chattles, 3 horses. Peter was assessed £0.7.11 on 55 acres, 4 horned chattles, 4 horses. James Scoonhoven was assessed £0.16.4 on 188 acres, 6 horned chattles and 4 horses. Platt Smith was not listed, but John Smith was assessed £1.7.0 on 250 acres, 5 horned chattles and 6 horses. John Smith and Benjamin and James Scoonhoven were called "Esq." in this roll, but the significance of this is uncertain. The listing for Benajah Monday was not copied.

For 1788 Benjamin Scoonhoven was assessed on £5.12.2, Dolphus was taxed on £11.11.9, Peter owed tax on £3.18.4 and James on £8.19.9. Platt Smith was not assessed. John Smith was assessed on £11.11.9, and Benajah Monday was assessed on £1.17.6 valuation.

A 21 Feb. 1788 Federal ? detailed tax assessment showed Benj. Shonoven with 112 acres, 2 horses and 4 cattle, owing £0.14.5. Dolves Schoonhover was assessed £0.19.6 on 220 acres, 3 horses and 4 cows. Platt Smith was taxed on his ‘joiner' occupation and on a cow, owing £0.2.3. John Smith had 300 acres, 6 horses, 8 cattle and was assessed £1.19.7. Beniah Monday's tax was £0.7.8 on an assessment not copied. Casper Vanauken was assessed £0.3.0 on his horse and two cows.; Jacob Vanauken had a ferry, 130 acres, a horse and 4 cows and owed tax of £0.12.7. Just for comparison, Jacob Stroud, the former Militia Colonel for the County, was assessed on 1400 acres, 14 horses and 21 cattle, owing £5.16.0.

Platt Smith's household is listed next to that of Benjamin Schoonover in the 1790 US Census for Lower Smithfield Twp. [1790 US Census, PA, printed version p. 174, manuscript p. 240]. Platt's family included a male over 16, 2 males under 16 and 4 females. His first name is written and indexed as ‘Plato'. Benjamin Schoonover's household included a male over 16, a male under 16 and one female. Their immediate neighbors were James Dingman and Jacob Vantelbergh on one side, and Joseph ‘Muntanney' and Jean Vandamark on the other.

Joseph Montanye was not assessed in 1788 or 1790 in Lower Smithfield. In the 1790 assessment, Benjamin Schoonhover was charged £0.4.9, Dolves was assessed £0.6.6, Platt Smith was not assessed, and John Smith was charged £0.14.0 plus £0.3.0 for other land. Beniah Monday was not listed in 1790 or in later 1790s assessments.

Benjamin Schoonover and Platt Smith were both among the myriad persons who bought warrants for 400 acres of land in old Northampton Co. Their warrants for survey were dated 26 Feb. 1793 [PA Archives 3rd Ser. XXVI:181], Platt's no. 676 and Benjamin's no. 679. From the surveys we couldn't tell where the actual land was, but it seemed to be in a swampy area--possibly in the NW part of today's Lehigh County. Platt's was surveyed 24 Oct 1794, and Benjamin's the next day [Penna. Archives Land Office C-191:185,203]. The patents for these tracts were issued 27 Oct. 1794 to one Robert Wescott who acquired a great deal of the land from the warrants of this era [Benjamin's as ‘Salem', P-22:301; Platt's as ‘Smithfield', P-24:14, among Penna. Archives Land Office records of patents]. We did not locate sale deeds for the grant land; a common practice of the time was to write the assignment on the back of the warrant for survey.

For 1793 the assessments were hard to read; that for Benjamin Schoonhover was illegible. Dolves was taxed £0.14.? Platt Smith was charged £0.0.9. John Smith was assessed £0.7.? and this is the last year he was assessed in Lower Smithfield. Joseph Montonia was assessed £0.4.4.

For 1796 Benjamin Schoonhoven was assessed on 118 acres, 2 horses, 6 cows and possibly on a tavern. Rodolphus was not listed for this year or thereafter. The only John Smith listed was one who had only a cow to tax. Platt Smith was assessed on his occupation ‘carpenter', and there are no listings for his having horses or cows.

Benjamin Schoonover (Schoonhoven) and Margaret his wife in 1796 sold their 118 acres on the waters of Bushkill, Lower Smithfield Twp., then in Northampton Co. PA [Northampton Co. Deeds C2:186-188], located NE of present-day Stroudsburg. In June 1797 Benjamin and Margrit Schoonover, then of Walpack Tp, Sussex Co. (now Warren Co.), NJ agreed to purchase some 200 acres on the Delaware River in Walpack, opposite Lower Smithfield Twp. [Sussex Co. NJ Deeds S:155-157].

The 1797 and 1799 Lower Smithfield assessments list no Schoonovers, no Platt Smith and no Joseph Montonia / Montanye.

In May 1812 Benjamin Schoonover with no wife mentioned sold the 1797 purchase [Sussex Co. Deeds Z:205-206]. Since Margaret did not relinquish or separately sell her interest in this land, it appears that she was dead by this time. US Census enumerations for New Jersey for 1800 and 1810 do not survive, so further information on when Margaret was still living is not available from those sources.

Several children of Platt Smith and Johannah (Schoonover) were baptized, their records entered in those of the Smithfield Reformed Dutch Church, located at the former village of Shawnee, PA, in the old Lower Smithfield (then in Northampton Co. PA). Some give Johannah's maiden name as "Schoonhover". [NYG&BR 57 (1926): 148, 150, 151 and NY Geneal. & Biographical Society Collections VII: 105, 106, 107].

One other document names Platt and Johannah as husband and wife. In a Tioga Co., NY deed of 23 Feb 1804, Platt Smith and Johannah, his wife, then of Onondaga Co., NY, sell land on the Susquehannah River in Owego Town. The Smiths acknowledged the deed from Seneca Co., NY, on 1 Sept. 1805; Seneca Co. had been erected in 1804 from Cayuga Co., and Cayuga had been taken from Onondaga Co. in 1799 [Tioga Co., NY Deeds 6:460-462]. We did not locate a conveyance by which they bought this land.

The date of Platt and Johannah's purchase of the Tioga Co., NY land is unknown. But on 8 May 1798, Platt agreed to buy 50 acres of the North half of Lot 99, Ovid Town, then in Onondaga Co., NY. The land was designated this way from the original Military Tract surveys for Bounty Land owed to Revolutionary War soldiers. On the same day, his probable brother, Obadiah Smith, agreed to buy 50 acres of the South half of Lot 99, Ovid Town, from the same man; both Smiths were then already of Ovid Town [Onondaga Co., NY Deeds G:218]. Platt and Obadiah are each enumerated as head of household in Ovid Town, Cayuga Co. in the 1800 Census enumeration, but the bottom of the page with most of the tallies for their households has been cut off [pp. 552-553]. Immediate neighbors included Kings and Woodworths whose family members would later intermarry with the Smiths' descendants.

A "Return of Electors in the Town of Ovid, County of Cayuga" for 1801 listed both Platt Smith and Obadiah Smith as electors possessed of freeholds of the value of £100 or more ["Census of Ovid in 1801," The Independent, Ovid, NY, 11 Aug 1880]. The editor explains that the town of Ovid was established in March 1794, including the original Military Townships of Ovid and Hector, comprising what is now the Towns of Ovid, Covert, Lodi and Hector.

No single document names all of Platt and Johannah's children. The will of Benjamin Schoonover of Ulysses Town, proved in Seneca Co., NY 18 May 1813 [dated 7 May 1813; Seneca Co., NY Wills A2:2 and Surrogate Court File #2380] names "Hanah my daughter" and bequests to three of her children -- Joshua Smith, Elijah Smith and Peggy Smith -- as well as bequests to others. Baptisms of five were recorded in the Lower Smithfield Reformed Church records -- Joshua, Peggy, Mary, Johannah and Elijah Smith. Platt Smith conveyed his own land in Lots 98 and 99, Ovid Town (now in Covert Town) to children Alvah, Lovina, Benjamin, Robert P. and Keziah (giving her husband's name) [Seneca Co., NY Deeds F:88-89, R:22-23, R:337-338, V:214-215, V:215-216, V:216-217]. No estate probate record for Platt Smith is known; his acknowledgment of the last group of deeds, in Feb. 1830, is the last record we have of him. Alvah Smith's heirs-at-law were all nieces and nephews, proven to be children of his siblings Joshua, Peggie, Hannah, Keziah and Robert P. Smith [Tompkins Co. Surrogate Court, "S" Administrations Files, June Term, 1873]. Testimony in the estate probate record of Platt & Johannah's son Benjamin, of Tioga Town, Tioga Co., NY, stated that he, Benjamin, was the eldest child and gave relationships for some of his siblings, nieces and nephews [Tioga Co., NY Surrogate Court Wills E:367-406]. These estate files contain numerous affidavits by relatives and by others (who may have yet-undocumented blood ties).

In December 1812 Platt Smith and Joshua Smith [his son], both then of Ovid Town, agreed to purchase the land in Lot 23, Ulysses Town, that was disposed of in the will of Benjamin Schoonover [Seneca Co., NY Deeds G:499-500]. It is possible that Benjamin Schoonover supplied the money for the purchase. This Joshua Smith is probably the one who on 15 May 1812 signed a receipt for payment of a judgment in his favor in the docket book of Nathaniel VanAuken, Justice of the Peace, then of Walpack Town, Sussex Co, NJ; one Benjamin Schoonover had been a witness in his favor in the hearing resulting in the judgment [NJ Archives, Oversize File #41; case Joshua Smith vs. Cornelius VanHorn, p. 61].

We do not know for certain when Benjamin Schoonover left Walpack. He may have moved with Platt and Johannah first to Tioga Co., NY, but returned for the above-mentioned hearing and to sell his land. If this is what happened, it is possible that Margaret died in NY rather than in Walpack Twp.

This Joshua Smith was bequeathed 100 acres of Lot 23, Ulysses Town, in the Will of Benjamin Schoonover, and by May 1813, the date of the will, already lived there. He is called "Joshua 1st" to distinguish him from his brother-in-law, Joshua Smith "2d" [who married Peggie, daughter of Platt and Johanna (Schoonover) Smith] both (then of Ulysses Town) together with Platt Smith of Ovid Town were appointed Executors and Trustees of Benjamin Schoonover's Will.

Details on the life-paths of descendants of Platt and Johanna (Schoonover) Smith are omitted here, but some information is available on request.

Good hunting,
Jade, a descendant of yet another Joshua Smith

Billie Harris - Dec 30, 2008

Incidentally, one of the Schoolovers went on to become a fairly well known movie star who went by the name of Gloria Jean.   Following is her line of descent, followed by two sites on her movie credits and a photo.   She's apparently still alive.

Re: Movie-Gloria Jean Sch
Posted by: f.g. schoonover Date: May 11, 2000 at 14:57:29
In Reply to: Re: Movie-Gloria Jean Sch by Connie Schoonover Hitchings   of 1643  

gloria jean was born april 14, 1926, the daughter of ferman & ??
schoonover, who was connected with universal pictures inc., pacific coast studios, universal city, ca. she was married, divorced and has one son.
ferman the son of isaac e. & ellen ??
isaac the son of jacob & mary emmons
jacob the son of wm. & susanna spangenburg
wm. the son of rodolphus & martha martin
rodolphus the son of henry & rebecca montague
henry the son of henricus & hannah decker
henricus the son of hendrick claessen &
cornelia swartout
hendrick claessen the son of claes hendrick &
neeltie fredrickse
claes the son of hendrick & ????

This site has several items you can click on and to bring up her pictures, clinck on "Photos."

[NOTE: broken link]

Debbie Lewellen - Jan 1, 2009

From the Schoonhoven (Schoonover) line I have might help with some of the linage (but I do not have any documents for proof just the posting I found)   - ??   I found that there are two Rudolphus --- Rudolphaus Van Schoonohoven was married to Anna Dorothea Van Der Marken - could be the Dorothea --   (He died abt 1756) The mention of Rudolphaus married to Dorothea was not dated but the next listing after the members of Shaw's Church gives a 1746 date (middle of Part I) --- and Rudolphaus would still be alive then - Their Son - being Rudolphus Schoonhoven born 29 April 1752 Smithfield Twp. married to Hannah Hyndshaw - their son being William Schoonhoven --- Another interesting note two paragraphs below the Shaw Church members lists that Benjamin Schoonoven was administrator for a Peter Vandermark - I noted the resemblance to the maiden name of Rudolphus wife Anna Dorothea Van Der Marken ---

Billie Harris - Jan 2, 2009

Sure sounds like the Vandermark and the VanDerMarken could be the same.   Good catch.   Just look at the different ways we've found Lewellyn spelled