Question Re: Lydia Lucy Rice

Renee Nazario - Dec 27, 2008

Hello: Happy Holidays to everyone. Does anyone know if the parents of Lydia Rice are? Matthew Rice 1735 and Margaret Llewellyn or Charles Rice 1733 and Frances Granger Crenshaw. I see both a Matthew Rice and a Charles Rice referenced on the 1783 and 1785 Prince Edward Census Records. Also, the wife of Joel Lewallen is it Rachel Sue Taylor or Rachel Russell? I have seen both listed on various family trees. Thanks. Renee

Billie Harris - Dec 27, 2008

Regarding the Rices, apparently Charles was Matthew's brother and Charles the father of Lucy Rice.   Matthew Rice, however, was a next door neighbor of Anderson Lewallen.   Read this:

[NOTE: broken link]

I don't know about Rachel.

Resa Miller - Jan 1, 2009
This has a lot of Rice family members

Billie Harris - Jan 1, 2009

I also note the name of French and somewhere on here I've come across that name before.

Clete Ramsey - Mar 13, 2011


Recently, rooting around in Bell County, Texas, I found a Lewallen/Lewellen-French match.

There was a Lucinda French, born in Alabama on 2 June 1862, whose Texas death certificate listed her parents as Calvin and Aminta [Arminta] Lewallen.   A housewife whose place of residence was given as Bell County, Texas, she died in Austin, Travis County, Texas, on 3 September 1928, at age 66.   The death certificate listed her status as “Married,” but did not name her husband.   She was buried at Troy, Texas, on 3 September 1936.

A “Find A Grave” listing notes Lucinda (Lewallen) French was buried at the Lewallen Cemetery in Troy, Texas, and that her father was Calvin Lewallen (1822-1879).

There was this household on the 1880 census in Precinct 5, Bell County, Texas; one of a number of Lewellen-headed households there.

LEWELLEN Arminta Head Widowed Female White 44 TN TN SC Keeping House
LEWELLEN Allen L. Son Single Male White 16 AL SC TN Works on Farm
LEWELLEN Eliza L. Daughter Single Female White 13 AL SC TN
FRENCH Henry Son-in-Law Married Male White 25 VA VA VA Farmer
FRENCH Lucinda Daughter Married Female White 18 AL SC TN

Households headed by Andrew Lewellen (25, b. AL) and Polly Lewellen (78, b. NC) were nearby (which can be a relative term in Texas).

A WorldConnect family tree maintained by Linda Duncan identifies Lucinda (Lewallen) French’s father as James Calvin Lewallen, a son of your Wiley Lewallen.

Could she be the Lewallen-French connection you recalled?



Billie Harris - Mar 13, 2011

I tell you, my brain doesn't work sometime.   Yes,Clete, you're right;   she was from my James Calvin Lewallen line.   The Polly Lewallen who's living in the household of Andrew (son of Wiley), is Wiley's wife Mary.   Her age, according to census records, varied between 1795 and 1806, as did Wiley's.

The Araminta was Araminta Isham Lewallen, second wife and widow of Calvin Lewallen, son of Wiley.

[NOTE: broken link]

Clete Ramsey - Mar 13, 2011

1880:   Precinct 5, Bell County, Texas

LEWELLEN Polly Head Widowed Female White 78 NC NC NC Keeping House
WITT Eliza Daughter Widowed Female White 35 AL TN NC*
WITT Francis GDaughter Single Female White 15 AL AL TN

*The widow of Pleasant Witt (b. ~1839, AL), and the daughter of Wiley and Polly Lewallen.

1880: Precinct 5, Bell County, Texas

LEWELLEN Andrew Head Married Male White 25 AL AL AL Farmer
LEWELLEN Nancy J. Wife Married Female White 17 TX AR TN Keeping House
LEWELLEN Jas. C Son Single Male White 1 TX AL TX
LEWELLEN May B. Daughter Single Female White 7M TX AL TX
TABER William Other Single Male White 22 AR TN SC Works on Farm/Boarder

Melba Boyd - Mar 14, 2011

Renee, I have in my notes, Rachel Russel listed as the wife of Joel Lewellen.
I have Charles Rice listed as a brother to Matthew Rice also.