Jonathan Lewallen

Cindy Lewallen - Jan 4, 2009

Billie had asked about the three Jonathans with relation to William Lewallen.   Jesse and Ann Owens had a son named William b 1740 and they also had a son Jonathan, William's brother.   Dennis Lewallen does not have any information re: a brother of Wiliam's named Jonathan, but was kind enough to provide the following information:

The Jonathan listed on tax/deed documents in NC in the 1760's Dennis believes is William's cousin or brother.   This Jonathan is married to someone named Ruth.

William b 1740 and Mary Dawson had a son Jonathan b 1769.   William also had a son named Joseph, b 1763 who is related to many of those on this site.  

Joseph had a son named Jonathan, William's grandson.   So, there are three generations of Jonathans:

1)   William's brother/cousin   (Jonathan & Ruth)dob unknown
2)   William's son b 1766 or 1769   (Jonathan & unknown)
3)   William's grandson b 1790 in SC died about 1871 (Jonathan & Sarah)

In 1790 NC census there is a Johnathan Luallin in Randolph County, but also a Jonathan Luallin in the Camden Diestrict of Fairfield County, SC.   He's listed as "head of family" with no children, but three adult females.   This is not far from where Joseph was in 1790 - the Pendleton district of SC where Joseph had his own son, Jonathan, b 1790.

By 1800 there was no Johnathan in SC, but one still listed in Randolph County (Joseph was still in Pendleton)   Jonathan is also listed in the 1810 census (Randolph County)   By this time, Joseph has moved to GA.   1810 is the last census for Johnathan that anyone has found.

The Jonathan in SC in 1790 was Joseph's brother and William's son.   It is believed that Jonathan returned to NC to his larger family.

Hopefully this will provide more links for Wiley's parents.

Billie Harris - Jan 4, 2009

Thanks, Cindy.   I need to take some time to study these Jonathans and all of this is very helpful.

I wonder if we can find anything out about Mary and her Dawson relatives.

Rick Llewellyn - Jan 7, 2009

Here is additional information from my notes:

Revolutionary War Records Virginia
Section II (18) [Document No. 44] (18) List Of Non-Commissioned Officers And Soldiers Of The Virginia Line On Continental Establishment, Whose Names Appear On The Army Register And Who Have Not Received Bounty Land, Richmond, 1835.
Jonathan Fluellen, Soldier

The Douglas Register, by William McFarlane Jones
Ann Laurence m. Jonathan Flewelling, both in Goochland, 20 OCT 1772.

Register of St. Peter's Parish, pages 141-160 - New Kent Co. VA
1753. Jonathan son of John & Elizabeth Flewellin, born May 17, baptized June 24.

Land Record
Patentee, Land Office, Doc., Date, Base Line, TWP, Range, Section, Acres
Jonathan LEWELLEN, Pontotoc, 14055, 1843/11/28, CHICKASAW, 11S, 1W, 25, 160.0000

Georgia 1838, The Cherokee Land Lottery, Containing a Numerical List of the Names of the Fortunate Drawers in Said Lottery.
No. 144, Ninth District, First Section, Cherokee, Jonathan Lewelling, 250th, Walton County

Index to Volunteer Soldiers in the Indian Wars and Disturbances, 1815 –  1858
2nd Sargent Jonathan Lewalling, served in Lucas’ Co of Williamson’s 1st Georgia Volunteers in the Creek War.
Private Jonathan Lewalling , served in Brewster’s Co. of Stoke’s 1st Georgia Military in the Cherokee War.

South Carolina
South Carolina Department of Archives and History
Jonathan Lewelling mentioned in will of Thomas Owen, 12/15/1828

North Carolina
Jonathan Lewelling Sr., Jan 1763, Anson Co., mentioned in an estate sale

Anson County Deed Abstracts1749-1766
Jonathan Lewellen, cooper, 11/22/1757

Anson County Land Grant
Jonathan Lewallen, Grant No. 980, issued 7/25/1774, 77 acres on the south fork of Mountain Creek

Randolph Co.
Jonathan Lewallin, written 4/28/1848, wit. August 1848, wife Jane, son McLaren, Dawson, John, daughters, Elizabeth Lay, Mary Luthor, Sarah Ramsown, Rebecca Lewellin, Lewind ?, Ann Lewallen. [ have copy of original]

Source Not Recorded
Jonathan Lewellyn, signed petition 10/9/1769, (signers were Regulators)

Billie Harris - Jan 8, 2009

Rick, many thanks for adding the information.   I notice the Will of Jonathan Lewallin in Randolph County.   In it, he names his son Dawson.   Many/most have given the name of the wife of William Lewelling who died 1799 in Randolph County as Mary Dawson.   I haven't found where her maiden name came from but seeing That Jonathan's son's name was Dawson, it might have been from Mary's maidenname.