DAR Patriots

Diane Langston - Jan 6, 2009

The following Llewellyn men are recognized by the DAR as Revolutionary War Patriots. Copies of the member applications can be ordered for $10.00 from www.dar.org (go to Genealogy, Record Copy, Instructions for Ordering Application Record Copies).

Llewellyn, Christopher; spouse: Catherine
Member of the Gloucester Co VA Militia
Baptized 8 Oct 1758 Gloucester Co, VA
Died 1805 Gloucester Co, VA
DAR members: 2 thru son William Foster

Llewellyn, Doctor; spouse: Catherine
Ranger in Capt. George Miars’ 5th Co., Penn.
Born 25 Aug 1757 VA
Died 23 Mar 1847 Monongalia Co, VA
DAR members: 4 thru son Jesse; 2 thru daughter Mary

Llewellyn, John; spouse: Elizabeth Jordan
Member of Committee of Safety, St. Marys Co, MD
Born ca 1716, St. Marys Co., MD
Died Sep 1785, St. Marys Co., MD
DAR members: 5 thru daughter Mary Jane Eleanor

Llewellyn, John; spouse: Catherine Devall
Private, Ranger on frontier; served Capt. Nicholas Shinn, Penn.
Born ca 1760-65
Death before 25 Feb 1827 Somers Township Preble Co, Ohio
DAR members: 3 thru son Daniel; 1 thru son Phillip

Llewellyn, Philip; spouse: not known
Served Capts John Hogland, Ezekiel Rose; Col. Wm Crawford, Washington Co, PA
Born ca. 1747, PA
Died 1833 Amwell Township, Washington Co., PA
DAR members: 1 thru son Zadock; 2 thru son Samuel

Llewellyn, Thomas; spouse 1: Chrisia; 2: Sarah Adams
Served Capt William, Col. Patten, 2nd Batt’n, NC
Born 17 May 1726, South Wales
Died before 23 Mar 1786, Greensville Co., VA
DAR members: 1 thru son Lyson

Llewellyn, Thomas; spouse: not known
Served Capt. Daniel Trigg’s Co Militia, Montgomery Co, VA
Born ca 1750
Died after 2 Sep 1791; living at one point in Botetourt Co, VA
DAR members: 1 thru daughter Nancy

Llewellyn, William; spouse: Susanna Wilson
Served Capt John Lyndsay, LtCol Caleb Davis; 6th Batt., Chester Co, PA Militia
Born ca 1748 NC
Died 26 Nov 1825 Charlestown, Chester Co., PA
DAR members: 5 thru son David

Llewellyn, William; spouse: Mary
Civil service as overseer of roads, NC
Born ca 1748 NC
Died before Nov 1799, Randolph Co., NC
DAR members: 4 thru son Meshach

Llewellyn, Richard; Spouse: 1)Gracey Stokely   2)Parazeda Vowell
Born 1763, Prince Edward Co., VA
Died 8 May 1833, Anderson Co., TN
DAR members: 1 thru son Samuel Smith Lewallen

Billie Harris - Jan 6, 2009

Diane:   Thank you so much for posting this.   What valuable information on here.

I didn't know you could become a member of the DAR based on civil service as overseer of roads such as the William who died 1799 in Randolph County, N.C.   Interesting !