Zachariah Lewallen's Civil War Records - Madison Co., Arkansas

Renee Nazario - Jan 13, 2009


Does anyone have information on Zachariah Lewallen's Civil War service.   I have looked on the usual sites but found nothing.   I found one document on Ancestry it is:   The Eleventh Census of the United States Special Schedule for Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, and Widows, etc.   Precinct #8 Falls, County Texas, June 1890.   Zachariah Lewallen is an add on as an U.S. Soldier.   On another note in Campbell County and Scott County Tennessee the Lewallens married McDonalds and the McDonalds married Lawsons.   On the 1873 pention application of Lucretia Lucy Lawson Thompson for her deceased husband Blagburn Thompson.   They married in June 1809 Campbell County, Tennessee.   On the pention dated February 23, 1873.   "We, Zachariah Lewallen and Nancy (McDonald) Lewallen, of the County of Madison, State of Arkansas, say we were well acquainted with Blagburn (sic) and Lucretia Thompson from about the year AD 1838, up to about the year AD 1855 in Campbell County, Tennessee, and that their children who we have know was A.G. Thompson, Harmon Thompson, B. M. Thompson, Milly Thompson, Annie Thompson, Sarah Thompson, and Lucretia Thompson, Nancy Thompson, and Martha Thompson.   Blagburn (sic) and Lucretia Thompson left Campbell County Tennessee to the County of Madison, State of Arkansas.   Zachariah Lewallen's age is 51 years the 26th date of April AD 1873, and Nancy Lewallen's age is 55 years old the 18th date of February AD 1873".     This is an excerpt from the petition to give a time line for Zachariah and Nancy Lewallen being in Campbell County, Tennessee and Madison County Arkansas.   Thanks.   Renee