Lewis C, James, Susanna (Wolfe) Lewellyn, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania (John & Jane Gregg Lewellen)

Billie Harris - Jan 17, 2009

From Llewellyn Traces, March and June 1997

"Lewis C. Lewellyn of Fayette County, Pennsylvania

"Lewis C. (Lewellyn), a son of James and Susanna (Wolfe) Lewellyn, was born at Masontown (Fayette County, Pennsylvania) 7 May 1847.   He was educated and brought up in Fayette County.

"Although his school attendance was limited to the common schools of Masontown, he is a fine mathematician.   Until 1892 he followed his trade, that of blacksmith, but since that time he has been in the revenue service of the United States government.   He is active in politics, and is a Democrat.   With his family, he attends the Presbyterian church.

"He married Sarah Ellen Hague, daughter of John and Nancy (Weltner) Hauge, who was born at Masontown, in July of 1853, and who died in July of 1890.   Her father was a native of Fayette County, and her mother, a daughter of John Weltner, also lived in the county.

(Their) children (are):   Clement Gregg, Elizabeth, Pearl, almeda, Charles and Dana.

"The oldest child of Lewis C. and Sarah Ellen (Hauge) Lewellyn was Clement Gregg Lewellyn.   He was born in Greene County, Pennsylvania, 23 June 1872, but was brought up at McClellantown (Fayette County) Pennsylvania.   Here and at Masontown he attended the public schools.   From these he went to the Southwestern Normal School and in 1897 he graduated from the Normal School at Indiana (Indiana County), Pennsylvania.   At Waynesburg College, Waynesburg (Greene County) Pennsylvania, he did special work in pedagogy.   In 1890 he began teaching in Henry Clay Township, Fayette County.   For six years he taught in Washington County, at Brownsville, Pennsylvania.

"In 1901 he was elected principal of the Brownsville High School.   Four years later he was elected Superintendent of Schools at Fayette County, and he was re-elected in 1908 and again in 1911.   He also has been, for seven years, a member of the Brownsville City Council.   He is interested in all public enterprises.   Among his special interests are the Young Men's Christian Association and the new hospital.

"His fraternal societies are Brownsville Lodge No. 60, Free and Accepted Masons; Chapter No. 164, Royal Arch Masons, in which he is now an officer; Olivet Council of Greensburg, Pennsylvania; St. Omar Commandery No 7; Knights Templar, in which for two years he was eminent commander; Uniontwon Lodge of Perfection, in which he is an officer; the Constistory in Pittsburgh; the Mystic Shrine, and the Syria Temple, Pittsburgh.   He is active in Masonry, and has taken thirty-two degrees.   He is past officer of the Blue Lodge, the Commandery, and the Lodge of Perfection.

"He is a Democrat, and a member of the Presbyterian Church.   Mr. Llewellyn has not married.

"Elizabeth Lewellyn, after finishing the public schools of masontown, attended the Southwestern Normal School at California (Washington County), Pennsylvania; the University of West Virginia at Morgantown, and the University of Chicago.   in each of the universities, she won the highest honors.   She has also spent one year abroad.

"At the Normal School she has since been for seven years a training teacher and now holds a lucrative position in the high school at Pittsburgh.

"Pearl Lewellyn attended Southwestern Normal School and after graduation she studied at the University of West Virginia, taking a classical course.   At the Normal School and at the University music was a special object of her attention, and while taking her two years' classical course at the University, she also graduated in music; her musical studies have since been continued at Oberlin, Ohio; at the University of Chicago, and in private under an eminent instructor.   Two years were spent in musical study in Vienna, Austria.

"Almeda Lewellyn attended the Southwestern Normal School, but on account of her health did not continue her education beyond this stage.

"Charles Lewellyn graduated from the Southwestern Normal School.   During his course there he was winner of an oratoriacal contest between two societies in the school.   He afterward graduated from the law school of the University of West Virginia, and is now a member of the law firm of Sterling, Highbee, Matthews & Lewellyn of Uniontwon (Fayette County), Pennsylvania.

"For two years he was principal of high schools in North Union Township, Fayette County, and for one a year a principal at Brownstown.

"Dana Lewellyn (is) deceased.

"References:   Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania (Lewis Historical Publishing Company: 1912), pages 778 and 779; Billie Harris, Llewellyn, Lewallen, Lualin, etc., etc. (Sacramento: 1981), pages 191 and 192.

"Lewis C. Lewellen (sic) was a grandson of John (1779-after 18510 and Jane (Gregg) Lewellen of Fayette County, Pennsylvania.   For further articles about John Lewellen (1779-after 18510 and his family, please see Llewellyn Traces 2:2, page 28; 5:1, page 12; 6:3, page 45; 7:1, page 3, 7:2, page 34; 8:2 page 28, and 8:3/4, page 55."

Billie Harris - Sep 11, 2009

James (wife Susannah Wolf) would be the son of John and Jane (Gregg) Lewellen.   I'll be posting the descendants of John and Jane which came from Mrs. Shirley Lewellen once I get a chance, but James' siblings were:   John (half brother), William G., Jacob, Jeremiah and Rebecca.