Charles Lewallen, Daniel Lewallen, Jackson Co., AL, (Peyton, Anderson Co TN)

Billie Harris - Jan 20, 2009

From Llewellyn Traces, March and June 1997

"Jackson County, Alabama, guardianship records 1855

   "Joseph Minor, Guardian of Jordan (sic), Charles, Mary E. Lewallen, minor children of Charles Lewallen, deceased, in account current with the Court on final settlement with said wards made this 31st day of July 1955.
   "Dr. To this amount of Money that come into his hands due said wards from the Estate of Daniel Luallen, their guardianfather (grandfather?)
   "Interest on same $179.34, plus $29.83
Lefs by vouchers $209.17 and $32.68
Cr. by vouchers $176.49
No. 1 Joseph Minor, guardian-law (sic) $18.68
No. 2 Judges fees $10
No. 3 RCT Gill Printers fees $4.00 --- $32.68
   "J. G. Dixon, Judge of Probate for said county of Jackson and State of Alabama do hereby certify that the foregoing contains a full and correct statement of the settlement of the guardianship of Joseph Minor, guardian of the above named minors had on this day July 31st 1855.   /s/ J. G. Dixon
   "Received of J. G. Dixon, Judge of Probate for Jackson County one hundred seventy six Dollars and forty nine cents in full of the amount deposited with the Court by Joseph Minor due the minor children of Charles Lewallen from said minor (sic) as their guardian on the 31st...document ends here."

   "It is frustrating and unfortunate that this document from the files of Llewellyn Traces ends where it does, leaving to our imagination its conclusion.   However enough of this estate settlement shows to indicated that Daniel Luallen, deceased, was the father of Charles Lewallen, who himself was deceased by 31 July 1855, leaving three minor children:   a child named, as nearly as we can read the record, Jordan, a son Charles and a daughter Mary E. Lewallen.
   "Perhaps the Daniel Luallen of this court record was the Daniel Lewallen for whom we have records from several researchers.   That Daniel Lewallen, seemingly a brother of Peyton Lieuallen, was born ca 1789 in Anderson County, Tennessee, and died ca 1849 in Jackson County, Alabama.
   "Perhaps a researcher of this family has the full account of this settlement record."