Estate Inventory 1752 Amelia Co. VA, Thomas Lewelling

Diane Langston - Jan 21, 2009

There is NO will for Thomas Lewelling in Amelia County, Virginia. Only an inventory and settlement of estate.

Amelia County Will Book 1 (1734-1761), page 87
Thomas Lewelling

At court held for Amelia County the 25th day of June 1752 This inventory and appraisement of the estate of Thomas Lewelling, deceased, was returned by William Cradock administrator and ordered to be recorded.
   Samuel Cobb, Clerk

9 Hoggs 3bl 5 piggs 15
1 feather bed bolster, 2 blanketts, 1 sheet
Bedstead cord and hide
2 pillo with two old ruggs. Sheet bedstead
Cord and hide
1 old coat, jacket, shirt & oznob[?] breaches
1 pile [?] old books, 12, 2 old chests 12/6    
1 frying pann. 2/6.   3 old water pails 7/
5 [?] bottles.   1/3. a old book.   21  
1 old post and hooks    
2 old axes    
1 old table, 1 old [?]. 3 old stools. 1 old
bench. 1 old tray. 1 old half bushel
3 old dishes. 1 old bason. 3 old plates.   6}    
Spoons. 1 punch bowl. 7 old _ forks
1 old pink mugg      
1 cow & calf, one heifer & one young steer
1 mare. expired afterwards    
William Cradock admin
William Moore
Jacob Magahue
Henry Legon (his mark)
The Estate of Thomas Lewelling Deceased

[The numbers listed after each item are money amounts, probably pounds, shillings, pence. I added the zeros for clarity since the original record has the money listed in columns]

To his Bond payable to Wm Cradock and interest   8.19.4
To Robt Holderess for Cer. Of Job ..150 nails   0.14.6
To bush’l corn for the horses.. provision for [?]   0.3.8
To Cash paid the Inspectors 0.0.6
To Charles Burke for 63 ½ job post in the _ and cask 0.13.7
To Jessey Lewelling from estate for stringing and drying of tobacco 0.15.0
To John Nash for his bond and interest   5.1.4
To Richard Burke for rum and sugar 0.9.7 ½
To Mr. Ligon for a coffin and diging the grave   0.15.0
To paid Col. Cobbs   0.11.3
To Clerks office   0.10.6
To paid the appraisers   0.15.0
To my expenses   0.15.0
To balance due to the estate 1.6.2 ½
[total]       21.10.6 (pounds, shillings, pence?)

Enumerated and tallied by Saml. Tarry

[next column]
By __tobacco __   7.15.0
By   __ Old hoggs & 5 piggs   2.1.3
By 3 beds and furniture   5.7.8
By a parcel of old clothes, 2 chests 5/6   0.8.7
By 1 pott and hooks & frying pann   0.10.2
By Pewter. Lunber & sold for     0.19.10
By 1 cow and calf   1.15.0
By 1 heifer and young steer
By 1 horse
[total]       21.10.6

Billie Harris - Jan 21, 2009

Thanks for posting this, Diane.  

Thomas Lewelling must have somehow been related to Daniel Lewellen of Amelia County.   Note Charles Burke's name above.   Charles Burke was the father-in-law of Daniel Lewellen.   Daniel married Mary Burke 1736.

It doesn't seem from records we have that Thomas and his wife, Susannah, had sons other than just Jesse.   So what was the connection of Thomas to Daniel?   Were they brothers?

Sheila Wingate - Mar 6, 2013

Because of what I have seen on more than one occasion while writing the early history of the Courtland Township in MN, AND based on the information I posted here:   [NOTE: broken link]      the Thomas and Daniel Lewellen could be cousins, OR Uncle and nephew.  

Also, even though Susannah who was married to Thomas only mentions a Jessey,   you have to keep in mind that as the youngest child, he remained on the farm to care for his parents, so IF Thomas, the father, has died, then it would not be unreasonable for only Jesse to be mentioned as the others were grown, married and gone.   Jesse was grown, single, and living at home to care for his parents.

Billie Harris - Mar 7, 2013

Sheila, you may be right but I believe legally the property would have been divided among all the children.

Landy Gobes - Mar 8, 2013

This Thomas was perhaps the right age to be the father of the Thomas Lewellen who owned property in
western Loudoun Co, VA.  

The Loudoun Co man had sons who were born from early 1740' s to early 1760's.

Would that seem likely?


Billie Harris - Mar 8, 2013

Seemed to be a lot of Quakers in Loudoun.

Here's what we have on the people in that county.

[NOTE: broken link]

Gina Fox - Mar 8, 2013

Where can I find the family tree of this Thomas Lewelling?   I want to know if there is a
connection to my Alexander?

Rick Llewellyn - Mar 8, 2013

I have done a good bit of research in Amelia County and
with this Thomas. That Jesse
was a son is not conjecture, as his birth appears in the
Bristol Parish Vestry book while
identifying Thomas and Ann (Susannah) as parents.

As to Landy's comment - go find the 1744 Amelia County
tax list and you will find that
Thomas, Jesse, Thomas, and Robert are identified. This
infers that there is a Thomas
Sr. and a Thomas Jr.   Although this could be the Thomas
you seek, there is a Thomas
in Brunswick Co that could be this Thomas Jr.

Also, from a Prince George County deed, Thomas Sr. is the
son of Richard Flewellin.
This matches in terms of time and location and accounts for
the shifts in county
boundaries over time.