Ann T. Fluellen Flanagan, b 1752 Dinwiddie County, VA

Billie Harris - Jan 25, 2009

Following is an excerpt from Llewellyn Traces, Dec. 1990.   Note Ann Fluellen's middle initial of T and also that her mother's name was Thomas.   Also note the date she married Reuben Flanagan.   Is it possible Ann was a Thomas who married a Fluellen and then as a widow married Reuben Flanagan?   If she was a Thomas, it means her marriage to a Fluellen wasn't necessarily in Dinwiddie County but perhaps in another county or maybe even in another state such as South Carolina.

Also of interest is the name of Valentine here because the early Edward   ffuellen/ Llewellyn of Norfolk County married married Margaret (Ballentine) Markham and the Ballentines are mentioned in other ways with that family.   See Norfolk County, Virginia in the History section.

"Ann T. Fluellen Flanagan

"Ann T. Fluellen, 'daughter of Anne Thomas of Philadelphia,' was born 28 August 1752 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.   In 1784 she married Reuben Flanagan who was born 6 March 1764 in Newberry District, South Carolina.

"Their children, both born in Laurens District, South Carolina, were James Flanagan, born 18 Otober 1785 and Elvira Flanagan born 21 May 1787.   Through the marriages of these two children, James Falnagan to Margaret Valentine on 6 June 1813 and Elvira Flanagan to Henry Gran on 27 October 1808, allied names associated with this family include Valentine, Gray, Tench, Linch, Childs, Howard, Dade, Lomax, Smith, Dawkins, McKnight, Row and Atkinson.

"This information comes from records found in Ann T. (Fleuellen) and Reuben Flanagan's family Bible which was published by Mark and Charles Kerr......

"Ann T. (Fluellen) Flanagan died 3 June 1826 and her husband, Dr. Reuben Flanagan died on 3 July 1829...."