Descendants of Thomas and Mariah Llewellyn, arrived in US 1830

Billie Harris - Jan 27, 2009

The family of John Llewellyn settled hear Harper's Ferry, Virginia, where he was a 'machinist.'   His father was Thomas, his mother Mariah, sisters Ann and Mariah and brothers Thomas and William.   All were born in Wales, John in 1812.   the family came to America about 1830 to settle at Harpers Ferry where the father and his three sons worked at the Amory there.   By 1836 John was in Texas and he fought in the Battle of San Jacinto.   The family he left back at Harpers Ferry went to Macon, Georgia, during the Civil War.   Two of John's sons, Joseph E. and Alfred H. M. were with Hood's Texas Brigade.   John had a third son, John T. and one daughter, John Llewellyn married Sally Russell in Virginia after 1836.   The sons and daughter are buried in Texas but efforts to locate the graves of John and Sally Russel Llewellyn have been fruitless.   John's sister Ann married W. M. D. Copeland, and they are buried in Belmont County, Ohio.   A Copeland allied name is Boswell.   John's second sister Maria did not marry....   (from Llewellyn Traces, which continues:   ... Alfred H. M. Llewellyn, 'the first county judge of Archer County, Texas, to serve in the 'new' courthouse,' died 4 November 1926, rather than on the date given in the newspaper account...")

Harper's Ferry is now in Jefferson County, West Virginia.   Jefferson County was formed from Berkeley County which was formed 1772 from Frederick County, Virginia.