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Anson County was created 1750 from Bladen County

1753 - ROWAN COUNTY was created from Anson

1753-1757 - Tax list has no Lewellings

1757 - Deed:   JONATHAN LEWELLEN to William Byrd 11/22/1757, Deed 5-247, Hitcock Creek
(See Bladen County for earlier info on Jonathan Lewellen/Lewelling.)   Note, the Deed abstract of Nov. 22 shows William Byrd of Anson, laborer, sells to JOHNATHAN LEWELLAN, cooper, for 30 pounds, land on branch of Hitchcock's Creek, N.E. side Pee Dee adjoining Thomas Stafford Williams 300 acres

1760 - Feb. 3 Robert Ratford of Anson, laborer, sells to Thomas Jones land on NE side of PeeDee on W. side of Rocky Fork of Hitchcock creek, 1200 acres granted to Ratford 27 Sept. 1756.   Witnesses JONATHAN LEWELLING and RICHARD LEWELLING

1761 -   Aug. 8 JONATHAN LEWELLING of Anson county, Joiner, sells to Thomas Gibson, land on NE side of Pee Dee, 100 acres part of 200 tract gran to Lewelling 5 Dec. 1760
1761 -   Aug. 8 JONATHAN LEWELLING of Anson county, Joiner sells to Thomas Smith Jr land N.Side of Hitchcock Creek.

1762 - MECKLENBURG County was created from Anson

1763 - Tax list shows:   WILLIAM LEWALLING   (Note:   This William Lewelling is probably the one who died in Randolph County, NC)
1763 - Deed:   JONATHAN LEWALLING SR. to   Thomas Smith, Jr. –  Jan. 1763 –  Deed 3-20, Hitchcock Creek   NOTE:   The Deed Abstracts by Brent Holcomb 1794 shows Thomas Smith Jr. of Anson county, "cordwiner" sells to JONATHAN LEWELLING SENIOR, joiner, 100 acres, part of 200 acres on Hitchcock creek, granted to Lewelling, sold to Smith

1767 - Deed - JONATHAN LUALLING to Geo. Webb 12/12/1767 - Deed-HI-171-Hitchcock Creek

1772 - The May Wilson McBee collection for Anson county court abstracts shows:   JONATHAN LEWELLAN   to be constable of Road in room of Wm. McKahey 14. Oct.

1773 - Deed - JONATHAN LUALING to Patrick Sanders –  4/3/1773 –  Deed K-38 Pee Dee River

1775 - Deed - JONATHAN LUALLEN & Wife tO   Robt. Webb-7/10/1775-Deed-K-386-Rocky Fork
1775 - Apr. 13 the Mary Wilson McBee collection shows:   JONATHAN LEWELLAN to be overseer of Road from Rocky Fork to Old Cheraw

1779 - MONTGOMERY COUNTY was created from Anson
1779 - RICHMOND COUNTY was created from Anson

1787 - JESSE LEWELLEN (born Virginia) lived and died in Anson County (Lane's Creek) and was in this county by 1787.   (See notes farther down because there's an exact date of death for him in 1840)
   Jesse Lewellen was born ca 1763 Virginia and died before 1840 at Lane's Creek in Anson County.   His wife was Dorcas Shepherd who was the daughter of William Sheppard and Jemina Johnson.   Their children were Elizabeth, Jemina, Mary, Sally, Isaac, Jesse, William C., Alfred B. Thomas Amon and Ellis
See:   [NOTE: broken link]
 His son, Isaac's family moved on to Tennessee, then by 1854 to Tishamingo County, Mississippi, then some on to Hill County, Texas.
Per:   A Memorial, Bigraphy History, Johnson & Hill County” by The Lewis Publishing Company in 1892
   Jemina married Nathaniel Bivens and moved to Marshall County, Tennessee.

1790 - No Lewellens or variations shown in census.

1795 - Deed - JESSEE LEWELLEN to   William Shepherd, Sr. –  12/16/1795 –  Deed D & E, 231 Cowpen Br   (Note:   Jesse Lewellen's wife was Dorcas Shepherd, daughter of William and Jemina)
1795 - Isaac Lewellen born April 12, Lane's Creek

1796 - Deed - JESSE LEWELLENe –  State of N.C. 4-18/1796 –  Grant –  D & E 438 –  Vicars Branch

1800 - Census shows:  
 Jesse Lewallen, 2 males 0-10, 1 male 26-45 (1755-1774), 2 females 0-10, 1 female 26-45   (1755-1774)      

1801 - ca. Jesse Lewellen, son of Jesse and Dorcas was born.   He died July 1864 in Marshall Co., MS

1803 - William C. Lewellen, son of Jesse and Dorcas was born Jan. 5.   He married Sarah Fryer 1828 and he died Oct. 3, 1856 in Tippah Co., MS

1812 - Alfred B. Lewellen was born about this time, son of Jesse and Dorcas  

1814 - Deed - JESSE LEWELLIN to Stephen Hasty-10/19/1814-Deed-R-280-
1814 - Deed - JESSE LUALLEN to Thos. Ward-10/24/1814-Deed-T-318-Warsaw Branch

1816 - Deed - JESSE LUALLEN - State of NC - 1/21/1816 - Grant - R524-Adj Isaiah Watson
1816 - Isaac Lewellen married Mary Trimble Watts.   (She died Sept. 27, 1864 in Carrolville, Prentiss County, MS)
1816 - Thomas Amon Lewellen was born about this time.

1817 - Deed - JESSE LEWELLEN to   James Poe –  4/11/1817 –  Deed –  P&Q 111-Lanes Creek
1817 - Deed - JESSE LEWELLEN to   Isiah Watson –  12/31/1817 –  Deed –  S-109 –  Flat Fork Branch
1817 - Deed - JESSE LEWELLIN to James Poe-4/11/1817-Deed-P&Q-112-Lanes Creek
1817 - Isaac Lewellen married Mary Watts, daughter of Thomas and Lavina (Huntley) Watts.   Their children were Oliver Perry (b ca 1819 Anson and died Oct. 10, 1888 Tippah, MS), William Brownlow b ca 1820, Lavina (b ca 1821 Anson, married James. R Harrell 1840 and died 1890 Prentiss MX), Jessie Ellis (b 1822 Anson, m. 1843 Rebecca Frances Blythe and d. Oct. 23, 1863 Carrollville, MS), Sarah H. (b. July 28, 1825 Perry Co TN, m. 1843 Robert Lowry and d. 9/19/1857 Tishamingo, MS), Thomas Lafayette (b Dec. 22, 1826 Perry TN, m. 1848 Emily Jane Robinson, and d. mar. 5, 1914 Hill, TX), George Washington (b july 3, 1831 Perry TN, m. 1859 Martha Ann Long, and d. Mar. 21, 1866 Prentiss MS), Francis P. (b. 1822, m. Jesse Graham), William, Joel W. (b 1839 Perry Tn, m. 1866 Nancy McWorter, and d. Nov. 20, 1903 Heber Springs, Arkansas), and Josephine b ca 1846 MS.

1817 - March.   Jesse Lewellen witnessed the Will of John Walden

1818 - Deed - TYSON LEWALLEN-   State of N.C. 4/10/18181 –  Grant-S-230-Adj. Isaiah Watson

1820 - Census shows ISAAC LEWELLEN and JESSE LEWELLEN   (Note:   Jesse was the father of Isaac.)
1820 - Deed - JESSE LEWELLEN to John Osbourn 9/22/1820-DeedU-134-Vickers Branch
1820 - Ellis Lewellen, son of Jesse and Dorcas was born.

1822 - Deed - ISAAC LEWELLEN to John Osburn-10/14/1822-Deed-U-301-Lanes Creek
(Note:   About this time, and by 1825, Isaac and his family had moved to Perry County, Tennessee, and from there to Mississippi.)

1822 - William Shepherd wrote his Will.   Named his wife Elizabeth Shepherd, Michael Shepherd and Jesse Lewellen as executors

1823 - Deed - JESSE LEWELLIN to   Joseph Shepherd –  2/7/1823 –  Deed-V-107-Lanes Creek

1825 - Deed - JESSE LEWELLEN to Thomas Shepherd –1/7/1825 –  Deed –  V 108-Lanes Creek

(note re the above deeds from Jesse to the Shepherds.   Jesse's wife was Dorcas Shepherd who was the daughter of William and Jemina (Johnson) Shepherd so these Shepherds may have been his brothers-in-law.)

1830 - Census shows Jesse Lewellen
1830 - Deed - JESSE LEWELLEN to   Calvin Lacy & Wife by Atty –  12/6/1830-Deed X-491-Lanes Creek

1840 - Jesse Lewellen died at age 70 on October 7, Lane's Creek.   His wife was Dorcas Shepherd and children:   Amon, Isaac (1795-1855), Jemima, Elizabeth, Alfred, Jesse Jr (1801-1864), ellis, Mary (1810-1850) and Sally according to researchers.   ( pedigree chart shows he was the son of Jesse Sr and Delphy Fogarty and born in Virginia.  

1840 - Deed - LEWELLEN, Est. by Freeholders, JESSE-DORCAS LEWELLEN-10/7/1840-Dower-10-169 Shepherd Spring Branch   (This would indicate Jesse Lewellen had died and Dorcas was deeding at that time.   Dorcas made her Will out 1842)

1841 - In Union County, Feb. 6.   William C. Lewellen sells his portion of is father's (Jesse Lewellen) land to L.B. Lewellen.   L.B. Lewellen is believed to be either the wife or son of Jacob Lewellen who was deceased.

1842 - UNION COUNTY was created from Anson and Mecklenburg

1842 - Will of DORCAS LEWELLEN
I Dorcas Lewellen being of sound mind and memory make this my last will and testament in manner and form following, to wit,
“First I give and bequeath to my son ALFRED LEWELLEN one negro man named Tom provided he the said Alfred shall first pay the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars in equal parts to my three daughters that is SALLY LEWELLEN, JEMINA BIVENS and MARY HOUGH.  
“Second I give my son Alfred Lewellen and my daughter Mary Hough one bed and furniture each.
“Lastly I leave all my stock of horses cattle hogs and sheep all my house hold and kitchen furniture tools and utensils of all kinds and all other property which may be found belonging to me to be sold to the highest bidder and the proceeds of such sale after paying the necessary expenses thereof and such other just debts as may come against me, to be divided as follows, that is, to my sons ISAAC LEWELLEN five dollars, JESSE LEWELLEN five dollars, AMON LEWELLEN five dollars, ELLIS LEWELLEN five dollars to my daughter ELIZABETH BENNETT five dollars to each of my grandsons JESSE B. LEWELLEN and BENJAMIN F. LEWELLEN the sum of fifty (or possibly five) dollars and to my son WILLIAM LEWELLEN five dollars then the balance, if any, to be eually divided between my three daughters Sally Lewellen, Jemima Bivins & Mary Hough.
“And I hereby nominate and appoint my friend and neighbor James Marsh Executor of this my last will and testament.   In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the first day of April AD 1842.   Dorcase Lewellen (seal) her x mark
Witness:   Daniel Watts, Frederic Threatt, Richmond McSheppard

(NOTE:   Regarding Alfred Lewellen and others, see RANDOLPH County)

1842 -   Amon Lewellen of Shelby County, Texas, sells his portion of land in Anson to Alfred Lewellen.   The land had belonged to the estate of their father, Jesse, per the document.


1849 - Henry Lewallen, son of Jesse and Elizabeth Sluder Lewallen was born July 26, Back Creek Township

1870 - Census shows Mary Luallin age 65 (1805), Catherine 50, Susan 35

1871 - Calvin W. Luallen married Eliza Pennington 31 March.   witness John Pennington.


1790 - Census shows Geo Lallen

Created 1734 from New Hanover and Bath counties

1741 - A deed involving a latr sale describes a tract of land as one previously owned by JONATHAN LEWELLING who purchased 100 acres from Geoffrey DAWSON (part of original Geoffrey Dawson 1737 patent) in 1741.   He sells it to Geoffrey Dawson's son, William Dawson, but William Dawson then sells that tract back to Jonathan Lewelling Sept. 1750
(from Devon Dawson)   (NOTE:   See South Carolina prior to 1741 for Jonathan Lewelling)

1745 - An abstract for a record for an Administration Bond for Jefferey (Geoffrey) Dawson who apparently died sometime during this year.   The subjects of this bond were William Dawson (Geoffrey's son) and Jonathan LEWELLIN.   See

1747 - Frances Russ married Jonathan Dawson ca 1747.   He was probably the brother of William Dawson and son of Geoffrey Dawson.   They had no children and Frances remarried William Dawson and had several children, including possibly Mary that married William Lewelling.

1750 - Anson created from Bladen county.

1750 - Elizabeth Gibson (dau Walter Gibson an Margaret Jordan) was born.   She married Joseph Dawson, born about 1750.   Joseph was the son of William Dawson and Frances Russ/Rouse.

1750 - William Dawson sells 300 acres on the Cape Fear River to JONATHAN LEWELLING.   This land was previously obtained by William Dawson in 1740 from Thomas Armstrong.   The 1750 deed was signed by JONATHAN LEWELLING and his wife RUTH LEWELLING

1752 - ORANGE created from Bladen, Granville and Johnston

1754 - Cumberland created from Bladen

1755 - Jonathan LEWELLING sells 100 acres (part of the original Geoffrey Dawson patent in 1737 and obtained from William Dawson in 1750) to Gideon Allen   in Cumberland (formerly Bladen) County.   The deed was signed by both JONATHAN LEWELLING and RUTH LEWELLING.   The deed also mentions that Gideon Allen was a ferryman, probably operated Dawson's Ferry.   (Note...the land was right across from the Lower Little River if you look at the map of Cape Fear

1755 - JONATHAN LEWELLING sells 300 acres (those obtained from William Dawson) to Gideon Allen on 20 Sept. Gideon Allen acquired a lot of property between 1750-1760, then sold most of it off.   This land was part of Thomas Armstrong's original 1740 patent which was adjacent to Geoffrey Dawson's land.   NOTE:   Jonathan Lewelling and Gideon Allen are both mentioned as a joiner/joyner (finish carpenter) in this document.

1758 - This is a quote from the book "They Passed This Way" by Malcom Fowler.   "The Welshmen, JONATHAN LLEWELLYN and Gideon Gilbert and many more, for whom the valley had already gotten too crowded and too civilized, were long way, in the Pee Dee country (including Anson County) and beyond, to tame another wilderness.

1764 - Brunswick created 1764 from New Hanover and Bladen

1770 - Will of Deborah (Singletary, dau of Broughton and Deborah Flewelling Singletary) Jordan left her Will.   In her abstract, she lists brothers Ithamar and John.   Daughter Margaret Gibson (m. Walter Gibson 1741 in Tyron NC).

1787 - ROBESON created from Bladen

1808 - Columbus County created from Bladen and Brunswick

Formed 1791 from Burke and Rutherford

1810 - 30 Aug 1810, Shadrack Llewellyn of Buncombe Co. NC sells his share of this lot as heir of A. Llewellyn (registered 31 Jan 1811. Davidson Co. TN Deed Book, p. 80).   In 1811, on 21 March, Isaac Llewellen of Nelson Co. KY, and, on 4 April, Meshack Lewallen of Wayne Co. Indiana Territory also sell.   Llewellyn appears in the Nelson Co. KY tax lists for 1800, which substitute for the census, and in the 1810 census.   NOTE;   This line would be from Shadrach and Deborah Burson Llewellyn's line.

1810 - Shadrach Lew Allen is shown in the census with one white male under 10; one white male 26-thru 44; one white female under 10; one white female 10 through 15; one white female 16 thru 25; one white female 26 thru 44.   Also on that census was John Lockhart, Andrew Lockhart, John Justice Sr and Jr, William Justice, John and Samuel Laughlin, George Marshall, Shelton, Smith, Hill
NOTE:   This is probably the same Shadrach found in 1810 in Union County, South Carolina.

1814 - (the following from a GenForum posting):   NOTE:   Some researchers have stated the surname wasn't Luellen but instead was George Saling and that it was proven to be Saling.)
George Luellen, John Kuykendall, James Kuykendall and Simon Kuykendall named as Legatees of Abraham Kuykendall, deceased when they sell to Samuel King land which was granted to Abraham Kuykendall in Buncombe Co. NC. The deed is dated 8 Oct 1814 and recorded in Buncombe Co. NC Deed Book H, page 354-357-358 (it skipped 355). George Luellen signed with an X but when it was proven in the January sessions 1817, it states that the execution of the deed was proven in open court of April Sessions 1815 as to James Kuykendall, John Kuykendall, Simon Kuykendall by the oath of Jeremiah Taylor one of the subscribing witnesses and proven as to the handwriting of George Luellen done by his wife proven by Bazel B. Edmundson. Would like to know the name of George Luellen's wife. She would be the daughter of Abraham Kuykendall, (1719-1812)by his 1st wife Elizabeth (surname not proven), (2nd wife Bathsheba,) a Revolutionary War patriot of Tryon Co. Rutherford and later Buncombe, now Henderson Co. buried in Mud Creek Baptist Cemetary in Flat Rock, Henderson Co. NC

1870 - Census shows:   Lucinda Louallen 32 NC, Ruben 14, Francis (female) 12

1893 - John Llewellen was co-principal in a murder trial but was acquitted.


1768 -   Ordered that Moses Springfield orphan of Thomas Springfield be bound to Joshua YARBROUGH untill he attain to Lawful Age the said appreentice being now about the age of four years old, his said Master to Learn him to read & write and the trade of a Cooper.
Bute County, North Carolina Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1767-1779
Thursday after the second Tuesday in November 1768

Formed 1792 from Mecklenburg

1804 - ENOCH LUALEN married Mary Chamberlin July 18.   Bondsman John Chamberlin.   Witness John Simianer

1850 - WILLIAM LEWALLEN married Sarah E. Rhone 24 August.   Bondsman L. S. Bingham.   Witness R. W. Ford

1857 - H. K. LEWALLEN married Mary Woodall 31 December.   Bondsman James M. Leuallen? witness N. Slough

1858 - Elizabeth Carolin Lewallen married Wiley Kely Jan. 26.   Bondsman J. R. Lewallen.   Witness N. Slough, Clerk.



Edgecombe County was created from Bertie County 1741

NOTE:   See Martin County for more on John Lewelling.
NOTE:   Some of the Lewellings in this county are from the family of William Lewelling who died 1752 in Norfolk , Virginia.
(It does not appear to me that the Edgecombe County Lewallens and the Wake County and Martin County ones were


1746 - GRANVILLE COUNTY created from Edgecombe, Orig. Glasgow

1755 - By this year some of the residents of Norfolk County, VA had moved to this county, including the Aquilla Sugg family.

1758 - HALIFAX COUNTY was created from Edgecombe

1761 - John Flewellen married Sarah Hobby Dec. 24   (See Johnston County)

1777 - NASH COUNTY created from Edgecombe

1790 -Census Halifax District, Edgecombe Co.:
# ? - THOMAS LLEWELLIN (Note:   Thomas and Edmund are one page apart on the following census record:

NOTE:   Could Alexander have been a son of William Flewelling showing in Halifax County?   See Amelia County, VA 1766 where he was surety in a marriage of a Mary Lewelling to a Crane.

In the name of God..Amen…
“I Alexander Lewelling of Edgecombe County State of No. Carolina being very sick but disposing memory, Thanks be to almighty god for the same do make & ordain this to be my Lsast will & Testament in manner & form following, that is to say first & principally I bequeath my soul unto the hand of almighty god hoping for the (word I cannot read) of all my sins thro the merits of my blessed saviour Jesus Christ & my body I commit to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discrefsion of my wife & children hereafter named & as touching my worldly Estate which it hath pleased god to bless me with I give and dispose in manner & form following, to wit…
“I give to my son EDMUND LEWELLING Five Shillings
“Item.   I give to my son in law BENJAMIN AMMASON Five Shillings
“Item.   I give to my son JAMES LEWELLING Five Shillings.
“Item.   I give to my son JOHN LEWELLING Five Shillings
“Item.   I give to my son SIMON LEWELLING Five Shillings
“Item.   I give to my daughter FANNIE LEWELLING Five shillings
“Item.   I give to my dearly beloved wife ELIZABETH LEWELLING all the rest of my estate viz all the household furniture all my stock of hogs & my horse & crop & working tools; I do hereby leave my beloved wife Elizabeth Lewelling Executor to this my will & do make & ordain this to be my Last will making void all other wills by me before made & do make and ordain this to be my Last will & Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 20th day of June 1791.   His X mark   Alexander Lewelling (seal)
“In presence of us Edmd Stucky x his mark   James x Lewelling his mark
“Edgecombe County Feby Court 1792.   The with (cannot read word) will was duly proved in Open Court by the Oath of Edmund Stuckey the Executrix, Qualified at the same time & the will ordered to be recorded.   Edward Halle”
1792 -Estate Records of Edgecombe County, North Carolina 1730-1820” by Joseph W. Watson at page 167 shows:
“LEWELLEN, ALEXANDER.   Inventory taken by ELIZABETH LEWELLEN Feb. 25, 1792.   Feb. Ct. 1792.”

1793 - (I'm not sure if this goes in Edgecombe or another
“CLARA LLEWELLYN (JOHN, died 1793) married John Southerland (died ante 1813).   His father was John Southerland of Edgecombe County, North Carolina.   Their son, John Llewellyn Southerland (1792-1873) married Martha Eliza Reeves and had a son, James (1834-75).   James married Imogen Latham and their daughter was born in Memphis, Tenn. 10/21/1868.”

1794 - “Estate Records of Edgecombe County, North Carolina 1730-1820” by Joseph W. Watson shows on page 167:
“LEWELLING, JOHN, SENR, inventory taken by JOHN LEWELLING and William Wallace, Nov. 19, 1794. Nov. Ct.
SEE MARTIN COUNTY, N.C. for more on John Lewelling Sr

1794 - “Bible Records of Early Edgecombe, N.C.” by Williams and Griffin shows page 167-168: “Mayo-Grimes Records from the William Grimes Bible.   Original owner of the Bible was William Grimes, son of Thomas and CHLOE LEWELLING Grimes…”Thomas Grimes, father of William Grimes, d. May 8, 1797.   Chloe Grimes, mother of William Grimes, d. Dec. 8, 1794…
“CHLOE LEWELLING, w. of Thomas Grimes, owner of the Bible, was dau of William and Frances Llewelling of Martin and Tyrell Counties, N.C.   Chloe Llewelling’s brother, Capt. JOHN LEWELLING was foremost Tory in Martin Co…”
“The House of Plant” shows:
Page 118 –  Wife of Thomas Grimes and the mother of Mrs. Luke Ross was a Llewellyn.   Of her there is positive evidence that she came from Norfolk   Va.   Her father, WILLIAM, died in Va and his will drawn in 1751 names his wife, Frances, and their children.   Will of Frances drawn in North Carolina 1770.
Pages 221/3 –  John Llewellyn was in Tyrell (Martin Col) 4/24/1765.   This was brother of Chloe Llewellyn, mother of Mrs. Luke Ross.   John died between 10/2/1793 and 8/-/1794, leaving only one son, John.
William Llewelling of Western Branch of Elizabeth to wife:   Frances.   Son, John.   Grandson, William Manning.   My children:   John, Sarah, Franki, Chloe, Liddia, Abbie and Anna.   Witnesses:   william Bustion, John Owens, Daniel Culpepper.
Page 223 –  Will of Frances Lewelling of Tyrrell Co., No. Carolina, mentions beloved husband, William, and children, John, Anny, Chloey, Liddia and Abbey.   Grandchildren:   william Manning, willis Culpepper and Fanny Culpepper.
NOTE:   Frances Llewellyn who left children John, Amy, Chloe, Lydia and Abby, died 1775 (Family Tree Maker CD 509, North Carolina Willis, 1665-1900, An Abstract of NC Wills 1760-1800, Martin Co., NC)

1797 -   “Grimes, Thomas.   Inventory taken by Thos. Grimes and J. LEWELLING June 5, 1797, Aug. Ct. 1797.   Account current with JOHN LEWELLING and Thomas Grimes, exrs.   A legacy was paid to John Grimes (May Ct. 1799)."  
(NOTE:   Thomas Grimes m. CHLOE LEWELLING, dau. Of WILLIAM and FRANCES LLEWELLING of Martin and Tyrrell Counties, N.C.

1800 - Census shows John Llewelling.   Also shows a Nathan Davis

1802 - “Southerland, John, inventory taken Dec. 18, 1801, May Ct. 1802.   …Account of sale of residue by JOHN LEWELLING, admr.   James Southerland, JOHN LEWELLING, and MARY LEWELLING were noticeable buyers…”

1806 - A Sarah Lewelling   is named as the the daughter of George Bruce when he wrote his will in Edgecombe Co. in Dec 1806 but doesn't say who she was married too

1807 - DB12-178 JOHN LEWELLING sold and formerly granted to JOHN LEWELLING, decd. Jan. 17, 1807.

1809 -   “Jones Frederick, inventory taken by JOHN LEWELLING and John W. Mayo, exrs. Feb. 21, 1809, Feb. Ct. 1809.   Account of sale by the exrs. Jan. 4, 1809.   Elizabeth Jones was the principal buyer and Allen Jones bought.   Nov. Ct. 1810. Account current with the exrs.   Audit and settlement of account. Feb. Ct. 1811.”

1811 - “DB14-81.   Ann Jones, widow of Wm. Jones, decd released to JOHN LEWELLING, guardian of the orphans of her late husband her dower right to the land.   The orphans were Edward, Rachel, Gilly and William Jones. Jan. 11, 1811.”

1820 - Census shows John Lewellen

1820 - A document on file in Edgecombe County dated November 27, 1820, names ANN LEWELLING, the widow of JOHN LEWELLING. (See Martin County for John's Will)
   Another document on file in Edgecombe County indicates that John Lewelling’s property was by the Martin line.
"Account current with Winfield D. Staton, administrator, began 25 november 1820.   an account paid to Ann Lewelling and sundries were furnished for the widow.
   "Inventory taken by W. D. Staton, administrator, 25 December, 1820.
   "Accounts of sale held 25 December 1820 and 8 February 1821, and account of hire of Negroes and rent of lands for the year 1821 and 1822.
   "Allotment made to the widow for her year's support, February Court, 1821.
(From "Llewellyn Traces":   In regard to the records in this article, W. (Winfield) D. Staton, administrator of the estate of John Lewelling (Lualling), Jr. was a son of Arthur and Charlotte (Lewelling) Staton.   Charlotte (Lewelling) Staton was the daughter of the John William Lewelling who died in Martin County, North Carolina, in 1793, whom we believe also to be the father of John Lewellen, Jr. of this document.   Therefore we can assume that W. D. Staton was the nephew of the John Lewelling of this estate.
   "John mooring, appointed guardian of John Lewelling's orphans, was the husband of Gracy (Lewelling) Mooring, another daughter of the John Lewelling who died in 1793.   therefore we can assume that John mooring was the brother-in-law of the john Lewelling of this estate.
   "John Lewelling evidentaly was named John William Lewelling and created records by either name or as John William.   Therefore, the November 1822 petition of the widow of Nancy Lewelling above concerning the 'late William Lewelling' actually is the John Lewelling, Jr. of the other records of this article.
   "The will of the John Lewelling who died in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, in 1793, is in Llewellyn Traces 5:4, page 69.   This man was the famed Martin County, North Carolina, Tory (Llewellyn Traces 6:3, page 53).
   "The son of the John Lewelling the Tory, was another John, whom we assume is the executor of his father's will.   A listing of Llewellings and Lewellings named in various Edgecombe County court records also is in Llewellyn Traces 5:4, on page 68.
   "Concerning the infant (minor) sons of John Lewelling, Jr., William W. Lewelling, and Stephen W. C. Lewelling:   William W. Lewelling 'died in Pitt County, North Carolina, in 1831,' and we know nothing of Stephen W. C. Lewelling
   "Records of a contemporary researcher shows that she believes 'her' Stephen Lewellen was the Steely or Stele Lewellen who created records in Mercer and Jessamine Counties, Kentucky, and who died intestate in Pike County, Missouri, in 1843 (Llewellyn Traces 2:2, page 37).   The 1800 tax list of Mercer County, Kentucky (Llewellyn Traces 8:2, page 25), shows a John, a William and a Stell (sic) Lewelling.   It doesn't seem possible that William and Stell of the 1800 tax list could in 1822 have been John Lewellen's minor sons William and Stephen Lewellen.
   "Mercer County, Kentucky, records show that a John Lewellen married Nancy ? Bottom, widow of John Bottom, in 1804.   It's impossible to determine if she is the Nancy (ann) of these records.
   "Because the names Nancy and Ann often were used interhchangeably, we assume Nancy and Ann of John Lewellen's records were the same person.
   "Although it seems that the relationships described here are logical and fall into place naturally, there really isn't any proof of relationship based upon the records cited here."

1822 - (OR 1828)   petition was filed with the Court of Edgecombe County dated November (the year was difficult to read and is either 1828 or 1822) with NANCY LEWELLING as petitioner, together with STEPHEN and WILLIAM LEWELLING were asking for distribution of negroes from the late WILLIAM LEWELLING.   Stephen and William were “infants of tender years” to whom John Mooring had been appointed guardian.   Apparently Nancy was asking for distribution of one-third of the negroes.   The document was hard to read.   From another document, it appears that the order was made for distribution

1822 - In Maury County, Tennessee:   John Lewelling of Egdecombe Co, NC was called as a witness in 1822 in a Joseph Terrell vs Randall Johnston law suit.

1829 - “DB-355 –  Division of land by Commissioners between WILLIAM LEWELLING and STEPHEN LEWELLING, heirs at law.   May 22, 1829.”

1831 - –  “DB –20-284.   WILLIAM W. LEWELLING and STEPHEN LEWELLING sold land jointly Sept. 29, 1831.   WILLIAM LEWALLEN Lewallen of Edgecombe County died –  PITT Co. 11/3/1831.”
1831 - “Edgecombe County Deaths 1801-1867” shows WILLIAM LEWELLEN Nov. 3, 1831, Greenville.

1835 - DB 21-198 NANCY   (ANN) LEWELLING was probably wife of STEPHEN W. C. LEWELLING –  co-signed deed July 28, 1835.”   NOTE:   By 1840, Stephen W. Lewelling was in Marshall County, Mississippi and owned 640 acres.   He died by 1855 because his property and negroes were sold at that time.

1840 - Edgecombe County 1840 Census, District 11, shows page 39:
PAYNOR LEWELLING, 2 males 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 30-40

1855 - WILSON COUNTY created from Edgecombe, Johnston, Nash and Wayne Counties

Formed 1770 from Rowan and Orange

1785 - Rockingham County formed - see that county.

1787 -   Shadrach Lewelling (no parents listed) was born July 7.   (This Shadrach has been said to have been the son of William and Mary Lewelling (William died Randolph County, N.C. 1799)

1810 - Fannie Lewelling, daughter of Shadrach and Sarah Hobbs Lewelling was born May 27.     (See Randolph County and for Shadrach, see Washington County, Indiana where he died and Sarah was living with their son)

1870 - Jeanett Lewallen, daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth Sluder Lewallen was born.


The descendants of Richard FLEWELLEN of Charles City and Prince George County, Virginia, were in Halifax.   One son moved to Johnston County.   Before Charles City, see York and Warwick counties, Virginia.

1753 - William Flewellen was born (info from newspaper in Carrol County, TN   says from this county so may not have been born here)

1763 - ca William Flewellen arrived in this county from Prince George County, VA.
1763 - Tristram Drake of Hal to William Flewellin of Pr Geo VA 16 Mar 1763, £120, 125a pat to Emanuel Rogester 1 Dec 1727, on S sd Rocky SW, jng S sd Fishing Ck. 100a part of pat to Thomas Williams for 400a 26 Jul 1743, jng Haynes Branch, Rocky Sw. wit Jesse Lee, James Wyatt, James (x) White. recd 20 Oct 1764

1765 - William Wiggins of Hal to John Chappel of Sussex Va 15 Nov 1764, £146.13.4, 210a jng Wiggins. wit William Flewellen, Tristam Drake, Margaret (x) Connell. recd Jul 1765.
1765 - William Wiggins of Hal to John Chappel of Sussex Va 15 Nov 1764, £146.13.4, 210a jng Wiggins. wit William Flewellen, Tristam Drake, Margaret (x) Connell. recd Jul 1765.

1766 -   David (x) Wiggins and wf Elizabeth (x) of Hal to John Vincent same 28 Jun 1766, £30, 200a a Granv grt to Thomas Drake 3 Jul 1760, jng William Tant, Harris Branch, Tan Tringle Branch. wit WILLIAM FLEWELLIN, Thos Wiggins. recd Oct 1766

1767 -   William Conyears of Hal to Henry Jones same 20 Feb 1767, £65, 300a jng Henry Jones, Thomas Hill. Mary (x) Conyears also sig. wit John (x) Woods, Morris (x) Linam, HARVEL FLEWELLIN. recd Apr 1767   (could this have been Howell Flewellin instead of Harvel?

1772 - John (x) Seouls and wf Penelope (x) of Hal to John Daniel same 28 May 1772, £25, 150a jng Breeches Sw, John Marshall. wit WILLIAM FLEWELLIN, John Marshall. recd Nov 1772
1772 - Joseph Montfort of Hal to HOWELL FLEWELLIN same 13 Jul 1772, £66.13.4, 360a orig grt to Philip Lake who conv it to William Irby and has since become vested in sd Joseph Montfort, on N sd Pig Basket Ck, jng Robert Young, William Braswell, Robert Stanfield. wit Ambrose Ramsay, WILLIAM FLEWELLIN. recd Nov 1772.

1775 - Joseph Montfort of Hal to WILLIAM FLEWELLIN same 7 Oct 1775, £133.6.8, 450a jng Jumping Run, Calhoon's former corner, Hunter, Abraham Hill, Irby, Mr. Lane. wit Henry Montfort. recd Nov 1775.

1778 - William Daniel and wf Sarah of Halifax to RICHARD FLEWELLIN JR same 18 Apr 1778, £50, 152a part of land acq by James Matthews Sr 10 Jan 1762, jng Abraham Brinkley, John Cleve, James Mathews, Conway Ck. only Wm Daniel sig. wit Thomas Lt. Hall, Frances Jones. recd Feb 1779
1778 - Richard Donyers [probably Conyers] of Bute to Wm Flewellen of Halifax 30 Sep 1778, £100, 277a, jng Henry Jones, Miery Branch, Hill, ISAAC MATTHEWS, Francis Drake. wit Wm May, TAYLOR FLEWELLIN. recd Feb 1779.
1778 - William Flewellen of Nash to William Walker of Hal 13 Nov 1778, £700, 206a beg at a pine thence runing W 140p to a Gum, then S 280p to the center of a White Oak, Red Oake, and gum, then E 38p to William Braswell's line at a pine, then N 72p to Braswell's corner a Hicory, then E 102p to two small white oakes, then N 210p to first station, "containing in all 206 acres all which premises are more". sig William F. Ellen. wit Howell Ellen, Frederick (x) Daniel. recd Apr 1779
1778 - Thomas Low of Hal to John Lansdell same 18 Aug 1778, £60, 112a jng Aaron Strickland, Garden. sig says John (x) Langsdell [grantor/grantee reversed?]. wit Jno Hill, JAMES FLEWELLEN. recd Nov 1778.

1779 - James Daniel of Nash to Frederick Daniel of Nash, 3 Mar 1779, 140a on N sd of Pigbasket Ck or Braswell's Ck, part of tract grtd to Robert Young 1 Jun 1764, beg at a White oak then S 252p to a red oak, thence E 90p to a Water oak, thence N 252p to a red oak in James Daniel's back line, thence along sd Daniel's line W 90p to the first station. wit Howell Flewellen, David (x) Daniel. recd Jul 1779.
1779 - William Branch of Hal to William Flewellen same 22 Dec 1779, £700, 150a on E sd Beech Sw, jng Abraham Hill, William Branch. wit John Branch. recd Feb 1780
1779 - William Flewellin of Hal to James Flewellin same 25 Jun 1777, £133.6.8, 450a jng Calhoun's former corner, HUNTER, Abraham Hill. wit WM. FLEWELLEN JR., TAYLOR FLEWELLEN. recd Aug 1772.
1779 - Richard Donyers [probably Conyers] of Bute to Wm Flewellen of Hal 30 Sep 1778, £100, 277a, jng Henry Jones, Miery Branch, Hill, ISAAC MATTHEWS, Francis Drake. wit Wm May, TAYLOR FLEWELLEN. recd Feb 1779

1780 - James Parham and wf Frances of Halifax to Taylor Flewellen same 27 Nov 1779, £2000 [2 thousand], 308a on N sd Jacket Sw, jng Frances Jones, Parham's own line, Joseph Eelbeck. only John Parham sig. wit Jno Daniel Jr, Thos. Lent Hall. recd Feb 1780.

1781 - William Flewellen of Hal to John Lee same 20 Feb 1781, £1000, 20a jng Thomas Hill, Isaac Matthews, Conyear. wit William Pullen. recd Feb 1782

1782 - William Hill of Hal to Henry Overstreet same 5 Feb 1782, £60, 100a jng Thos Smith, David Hunter, Gulledges Branch. Mary Hill also sig. wit Jno Branch, Wm Flewellen. recd Feb 1782.
1782 - NC Grant 158 by Govr Richard Caswell to William Braswell Junr 13 Mar 1780, 50sh/100a, 640a Nash on waters of Pigbasket Ck, beg at a red oak his own corner, runing Daniel's line E 200p to a pine, thence along Howell Flewellin's line N 46p to a corner pine, thence Flewelling's other line E 180p to a white oak in Hart's ine, thence along Hart's line N 272p to a corner pine, thence with Hart's other line E 270p to a red oak, thence N 234p to Knight's line, thence along Knight's line S 50W 140p to his corner, then Knight's other line N 22W 145p to a hicory, thence along Beckwith's line S 250p to his corner white oak, thence by Beckwith's other line W 250p to a white oak in Thomas Beckwith's line, then with his line S 172p to his corner pine, thence by his other line W 100p to a white oak in his own line, thence with his own line to the beg. Nash 1782. A true copy from Book B, page 347.
1782 - William Flewellen of Hal to John Lee same 20 Feb 1781, £1000, 20a jng Thomas Hill, Isaac Matthews, Conyear. wit William Pullen. recd Feb 1782.
1782 - Richard Carney Jr and Sallie Lewelling, a native of Norfolk, VA. were in Halifax County by this year.   By 1807 they were in Montgomery County, TN (Tennessee the Volunteer State 1769-1923, Vol 2 - see Richard Llewellyn's posting.)

1783 - James Flewellen, Richard Flewellen Sr. and Richard Flewellen, Jr., Taylor Flewellen, William Flewellen, William Flewellen Sr. and William Flewellen, Jr. listed on tax records
1783 - Thomas Sheppard 9 Oct 1783, 250a jng John Cane, Thomas Harvey, Elijah Umphries, George Angell, Jacket Sw, Taylor Flewellin.

1784 - Brittain Gulledge of Hal to Henry Overstreet same 10 Aug 1784, £260, 188a which Brittain Gulledge's fa willed to him, jng Jackson, Dilliard, Beach Sw, Miry Branch. wit Wm Branch, Wm Flewellen, Wm Branch Sr. recd Feb 1785

1785 - Benjamin Langsdale of Bladen to Wm Flewellyn of Hal 12 Feb 1785, £50, 100a jng William Flewellin, Hills Branch, Law, William Branch. wit Henry Overstreet, Joel Dilliard. recd Feb 1785.
1785 - George Angell and Thomas Sheppard of Hal to Moses Winter same 22 Feb 1785, £50, 108a jng George Angell, Upphries (Humphries?), Wm Fuqua. wit Taylor Flewellin, Charles Sheppard. recd May 1785
1785 - ca - William FLEWELLEN JR married Nancy Ann Branch.   (His date of birth has been given as April 21, 1754.)

1786 - William Flewellen died.   Will names wife Betsy, children James, Howell, William, Taylor, Alexander, Abner, Shadrach & Nancy.
1786 - Abner Flewellen shown in tax records.
NOTE:   The 1820 census for Georgia shows James, Shadrach and Archeleus Flewellen in Warren County, GA.   There was a Taylor Flewelling in Richmond, and William in Jones, Alexander in Putnam)

1792 - James Flewellen sold and to his brother, William Flewellen (Jr.)   He was the son of William and Betsy (Holloway) Flewellen and the father of Archelaus who married Nancy Pace
(See note of 1786 showing family moved to Georgia)

1797 - Richard Flewellen Jr.   Will dated Oct. 28 and proved May 1798.   Names wife and children Obadiah, Thomas, Richard and granddaughter Mary who was the daughter of Richard.   Richard received 129 acres from the Will.

1800 - Census shows:
All of the following are shown as being "of Edgecombe City, Halifax County:
   Abner Flewellin with one male under 16, 3 males over and 3 free white females and 9 slaves.
   Elizabeth Flewellin with 3 free white females and 9 slaves
   James Flewellin with 1 male under 16, 2 males over 16 and 3 free white females
   Richard Flewellen Jr, 1 male under 16, 2 males over 16, 3 females
   Shadrach Flewellin with one male over 16
   Taylor Flewellin with 4 males under 16, 1 male over, 3 females, 11 slaves
   William Flewellen with 4 males under 16, 1 male over 16, 3 females, 11 slaves

1801 - Mary Flewellen married William Matthews Children were Margaret (born 1809, married Roderick Pullen) Tabitha, John, Sterling and Isham

1805 - Howell F. Ellin (Flewellin) (F. Ellin was Flewellin) wr 17 Oct 1805 pr Nov 1805. wf Elizabeth F. Son and exr Loderick F. Ellin land on E sd Beaverdam and the Hunt land, also mill. Daus: 1 Sally Williams; 2 Polly Ricks; 3 Elizabeth F. Ellin; 4 Nancy F. Ellin; 5 Temperance F. Ellin. Grson Howell F. Ellin (Flewellin) Williams. exr James Qilliams. wit Demsey Braswell, Hines Drake, Archibald Braswell.

1810 - Census shows Sarah Fluellen and Archey? Flewellen

1818 - Richard Flewellen - Will dated July 21, 1818 and proven September 1818.   Wife Elizabeth.   Children Mersey, Prisler, Polly Matthews, Eaton, Patsy Sherring.   Friend Isham Matthews was executor.
(From GenForum:   Mary Flewellen was the daughter of Richard Flewellen & Elizabeth ______. The Will of Richard Flewellen dated 21 Jul 1818 and probated in Halifax Co, NC in Nov 1818 refers to his daughter, Polly Matthews. The Will of William Matthews in Halifax Co, refers to his wife, Polly. The Will of Richard Flewellen (father of the above Richard) refers to his gd, Mary Flewellen. This latter Richard Flewellen was a brother of William Flewellen of Halifax County, NC)

1819 - Jesse Nevill Sr. 21 Apr 1819, Aug 1819, dau Sarah Nevill (sic) the wf of Benjamin Nevill Jr (sic) land and plantation I bought of Edmond Nevill, negroes, etc. for life and at her death it all to go to her chn (names not given). Tempy Holt's chn (names not given) the land I bought of Abner Knight and the land called Daniels. son Jack Nevill negroes and the lands I bought of Chappell Carstarphen and land on Bear branch, negroes and the rest of my property. exr son Jack. wit Miles Smith, Ransom SHERRIN, Harvey B-----?

1820 - Mary Fluellen (no parents given) was born
1820 - Census shows Richard Flewellen JR with one male under 16, 2 males over 16 3 females

1832 - In Carrol County, Tennessee, William Flewellen applied for his Revolutionary War pension.     He made no reference to wife or children in his application

1854 - Carroll Lewellin married Mary Jane Williamson September 1. Bondsman Belfield Stiles. Witness Jno. Campbell.   Married by Jno. Campbell, J.P.

1859 - C. H. Lewellin married M. H. Bonner November 4.   Witness James H. Whitaker.   Married by D. R. Bruton, M.G.

Formed 1788 from Rowan County

1810 - Census shows:   Erasmus Loweln            


1800 - Census shows Sarah Fluellen with 4 females
                                 Archibald Fluellen with one male over 16 and 2 females

1810 - Census shows Richard Flewellen and Desn??? Flewellen

John Flewellen, son of Richard of Charles City and Prince George Counties, died.   His wife was Mary Hobby.   (See Edgecombe County)   His son James was to have the large bible.   Sons:   Howell, James, William, Taylor, Alexander and Abner.   James and William were executors and witnesses were   Isham Roses (?) and Rebecca Parham.

formed from Tyron 1778

1810 - Nathan Davis in census

1822 - Nathan Davis was born in NC 1775/84 and died abt 1822 in Dallas, Lincoln Co (now Gaston), NC.  


1840 - Luda Lewellen married James Haner August 22.   Bondsman David Ballew.   Witness John Hall, Clerk

Martin County was created 1774 from Halifax and Tyrell

Note:   John Lewelling was from Norfolk Virginia.   He in Tyrell County prior to Martin County (see Tyrell below)   because:

1761-Daniel McLamb of Tyrell Co. to John Lewelling of same, 29 Aug 1761 for 5 pounds proclomation 200A on No. side of Conneto Cr. adj Wm. Everett. signed Daniel (x)McLamb. Wit:   William Wailes, Willilam Smith, Richard Taylor. Sep Court 1761  

Plus, there's documented information that Richard Taylor was a close neighbor of John Lewelling.   See:
which states in part: "...From James Rawlins to the Worshipful Justices of New Bern
Some days past, George Wainwright, from Martin County, a Great Friend to John Lewelling, was here. I expect to endeavour to hear some News by his short stay of what I had Related, and I knowing the Great Influence Capt. Lewelling has over that Neighborhood have Great Reason to fear he will make any attempts to invalidate my Testimony, and though no other person but myself could have discovered the Beginning of the Scheeme, unless himself. Yet I will acquaint you of some Evidence as yet I believe unknown, that may be Material. Richard Taylor, Sr., a near neighbour to Capt. Lewelling, told me in private that Lewelling had Told him if he could git but ten Men to Joyn him he would fall to work and kill them every one, speaking of Whitmel Hill and others that had threaten’d him as a Tory. This Richard Taylor told me Long since the Seheeme was begun; also James Mayo..."

1770 Frances (Culpepper) Lewellyn's Will was made this year.   She was the wife of John.   See Tyrell County for names of her family.   According to "Family Tree Maker CD509, North Carolina Willis 1665-1900, An Abstract of NC Wills 1760-1800 Martin Co., NC., she died 1775.

1774 - Martin County formed from Tyrell County.

1774 - Abstract of Wills 1690-1760, pg 391, by Genealogical Publishing shows William Wallace of Martin County.   Made Will Sept. 19, 1774, proven Feb. 13, 1775.   Will names son William, daughters Keziah, Dinah, Quotina, Agness, Alba, wife Martha who was also executrix.   Witnesses:   James Rawlins, WILLIAM LEWELLING, David Taylor, William Bowers
1774 - William Jackson to Bila Williams jackson.   25 Jun 1774.   50 pounds, 225 acres, beginning at a pine at Daniel's corner, as mentioned in deed from Lord Granville to John Williams bearing date of 31 Oct 1752.   William jackson (seal).   Wits:   Samuel Turner Everett, JOHN LEWELLING, Nathan Mayo.

1775 - Will of John Jackson named John LEWELLING as an executor and was witnessed by William LEWELLING
1775 - Norfolk Virginia   Db 27, page 28, date of deed 13 Jan 1775, date recorded 20 Apr. 1775, John Lewelling and Mary his wife, of Martin Co., NC to Thomas Moore, St. Brides Parish, Norfolk   for 124 pounds, 1 shilling, a tract of land on the Western Branch beginning on Lloyd’s Creek and running up a cove dividing the said land from the land of William Bunting then running to a pine corner tree of William Bunting and Thomas Green then by a line of marked trees dividing the said land from the land of Thomas Green to a white oak at the head of a branch or cove then down the said branch or cove to Lloyd’s Creek then up said creek to the first station, containing 40 acres, signed John Lewelling, (Mary did not sign), wit. Geo. Veale, George Collins, John Owens, John Moore (+). Abstracted 8-12-00, Kirn Lib. film 13,845, CTC.

1777 (this info came from a website on the internet)
   John RAWLINS, of Martin County, fleeing from thence to Mattimuskeet, being there apprehended on a Report that he had a hand in a Conspiracy carried on against the State of North Carolina, Deposeth and Saith:
That about the time of Laying the Constitution of Government (as well as he can remember) a General Muster was held at Plymouth, the Court House of said Martin County, on or about the 28th day of March last past, when John LEWELLING & John CARTER, Both of that County, going home in Company with the sd RAWLINS (told him, one or both), that the Country was Like to become subject to popery, for which reason LEWELLING sd there ware a Necessity of Indeavoring to seek relief and had thought on Means proper, and hop'd for a Blessing on the Indeavour he, the sd LEWELLING, said there must be an Instrument of Writing Drawn to which people Might agree under oath and Related something of the form and some few Days after ye sd John LEWELLING and his son William came to the house of sd RAWLINS and the sd Jno. LEWELLING further declared the form which contained much writing and also the form of an oath of Compliance - all of which John LEWELLING sd to the said Deponent if he would Take the Trouble to write down he should be well satisfy'd.   And that then his son should Coppy from the same which he also did as he the sd Wm. LEWELLING Told sd Dpo. that he had wrote some for MARTIN, EDGECOMBE, HALIFAX and think he sd for BARTEE and TERIL. He also heard James SHEROD say he had wrote some and likewise John LEWELLING. Now after Many had come into this Society, as it was Term'd, they became known to each other by word and sign; and some time after John LEWELLING told sd Deponent that if they could destroy Whitmel HILL, Colonel WILLIAMS, Thomas HUNTER, Nathan MAYO, Colonel SALTER and one TAYLOR, that then the Country would soon be settled. In Behalf of the King, this being proposed by John LEWELLING, seem'd to be approv'd off by several others, But not yet put in practice as the Dep't knows off. After this John LEWELLING Told the Deponent it would be a good scheeme to Git some Body to Diseffect the negroes and thought David TAYLOR would do it and Give out an oration of their Rising would draw the soldiers out of Halifax, whilst he and Company could seize the Governor and Magazene, but hearing the Governor was not to Come at the appointed time it was Dropt for that time, but that scheeme became not public to many, the Dept. believes, for when he objected against it John LEWELLING said if he Divulg'd anything, Death was the portion to him or any one else. Another scheeme was to go to General HOWE. John LEWELLING with the Deponent agreed if he would go with him to do for him what ever he Could to advance him as also the Deponent expected to see his father and friends, but going as far as Scotland Neck, returned Back and in a few days something of the matter Became Discovered, [When John LEWELLING persuaded the Deponent to flee and not to be taken by any means; accordingly he fled from home the 5th day of July. It is certain none of these vile proceedings were Incerted in their writings; but very Repugnant to them, some of the Express words in their writings were those to Govern their Lives and actions By the Just Laws of Morality and by the Scriptures of old and New Testament, to which they were sworn, which caused Many to be Cald in the proceedings of Cruelty, I believe altho first proposed by John LEWELLING.
Sworn before me this 10th August, 1777.

1777 - From James RAWLINS to the Worshipful Justices of New Bern:
Some days past, George WAINWRIGHT, from Martin County, a Great Friend to John LEWELLING, was here. I expect to endeavour to hear some News by his short stay of what I had Related, and I knowing the Great Influence Capt. LEWELLING has over that Neighborhood have Great Reason to fear he will make any attempts to invalidate my Testimony, and though no other person but myself could have discovered the Beginning of the Scheeme, unless himself. Yet I will acquaint you of some Evidence as yet I believe unknown that may be Material. Richard TAYLOR, Sr., a near neighbor to Capt. LEWELLING, told me in private that LEWELLING had Told him if he could git but ten Men to Joyn him he would fall to work and kill them every one, speaking of Whitmel HILL and others that had threaten'd him as a Tory. This Richard TAYLOR told me Long since the Scheeme was begun; also James MAYO, Captain, had threatened Mr. LEWELLING. To take him up for a Tory for which Reason Mr. LEWELLING Desired Peter TYLER and myself to waylay sd MAYO on the Road to kill him, but when I told him I could not he persuaded, Peter TYLER and lent him his Gun and told him Tarry till he sent him victuals, which TYLER did, but saw MAYO not. This may be prov'd by TYLER and Myself. Again a few days before I made My Escape, Mr. LEWELLING said to me it would be no Damage if he were Taken to swear that a Travling Man brought the writings to My house and that I and that Travelling man Carried the same to his house, by which Means the Beginning would not be Discovered, so that I being to My hurt, as all the friends or power I have is to declare the Truth and Humbly Crave pardon for having had any hand in sd plot or Scheme, testifying whatever shall Come to my Memory I will make known about this matter.

1777 - Nathan HATTAWAY being sworn on the holy Avangelists of Almighty God, deposeth & sayth as follows (to-wit), that John CARTER swore him to keep John LUALLEN's name a Secret and that John CARTER give him a stick with three notches, which stick he was to carry to the sd John LUALLEN, and the meaning of that stick was to let LUALLEN know that he was Entered into their Society to support the Old & New Testament and that John CARTER told him that the French was coming in & that the Gentry was joining them to being in the popish Religion, this Deponent sayth that when he Delivered the stick to John LUALLEN he asked him what he gave him that for, this Depon't answered for a sign. The sd. LUALLEN asked him if he had got that sign - this Depo't answered, I have. He said then, give it me. This Dep't answered B, he sd E, the Dep't T, he said R, the Dep't sd U, he sd E, this Dep't then said be true, he answer'd I hope you will. Then the sd LUALLEN Read to this Dep't what he called a Constitution, & after that this Dep't told him he could not join in it & then left him - this Dep't sayeth that John CARTER told him James SHARRARD was in the Scheme and that James SHARRARD handed him a Book and told him he might swear if he would or not, this Dep't then swore that he was to join with him if the people was Drafted, & they should find themselves about to oppose those that Drafted them, and further this Dep't sayth not.
Sworn before me the 4th July, 1777.
N.B. - This Deponent further sayth that he heard CARTER say that he got no Powder & shot at Halifax.

1777 - Letter from John B. BEASLEY to Gov. Richard CASWELL:
2nd December, 1777
The distressed circumstances of Mary LEWELLEN, wife of poor John LEWELLEN now under the sentence of death in Edenton Gaol induces me to write your Excell'y. I am so unhappy to have nothing to plead in his behalf but Mercy which as it is a darling attribute of the Deity hope it will prevail, this much I can say that when he had an opportunity toe scape out of Edenton Gaol he did not.
I am Your Excellency's Most Obed Humble Servt.,
John LEWELLEN was one of the first to organize the Tories in Martin, Bertie and Washington Counties, and had been tried for treason, convicted and sentenced to death for the part he took in the Conspiracy against the State. His pardon was granted, and he was not executed.

1779 -   Tax List of Martin County shows:
WILLIAM LEWELLING 438 acres and JOHN LEWELLING 12,026 acres

1790 - Census shows   John Lewillin
1790 - Census, Halifax District:   Robert (name spelt Sherrord) is living next to John (Sherrord) (his brother?). Robert is living with 4 males under 16 (John, Salathiel, Robert, Wilson), five females (Lydia, Abbay, Sabra, Sally, & Polly) and nine slaves. Several house away are Lewis and Randall Sherrord, his cousins   (NOTE:   This information came from a site on the internet.   They believed that Lydia, the wife of Robert Sherrod was a Llewellyn..see Norfolk, Virginia, and the Will of William Lewelling)
The posting goes on to read: The Abstracts of Will Books 1 and 2, 1774-1868, for Martin Co., NC, included the wills of both Robert Sherrod and his wife Lydia Llewellyn Sherrod. BOTH of them list Abba Shivers (Robert's will dated December 25, 1800) and Abbey Shivers (Lydia's will dated November 24, 1820. Also included are:
         Robert's will: Sons John, Salathiel, Robert and Wilson. Daughters Abba Shivers, Salra Hyman, Salley Weathersbee, and Polly Best.
         Lydia's will: Sons John, Salathiel and Wilson (Note: Robert had died ca 1810/1811). Daughters, Sabray Hyman, Salley Manning and Polly Best. Also mentions Abbey Shivers and children of John Sherrod and children of Robert Sherrod
Also a posting on GenForum:
 Salathiel SHERROD, STATONs and Gibson Co
Posted by: Lucy Barron Date: July 01, 1999 at 09:14:25
 of 754  
I       am interested in Salathiel SHERROD for two reasons. (1) He's the grandfather of Turner James SHERROD, who married Lucinda Elizabeth HAYWOOD, a daughter of Tillman HAYWOOD in DeSoto Co., MS. Turner and Lucinda (HAYWOOD) SHERROD removed to Phillips Co., AR. By 1880, Lucinda appears to have remarried a PALMER (per father's will) and her children are living with her siblings in White Co., AR. Seek descendants of these SHERROD children and whereabouts of Lucinda in 1880. (2) Salathiel appears to have strong ties to Martin Co., NC STATONs due to his daughter Betsy marrying a Harvey STATON and due to his LLEWELLYN ancestry, a family that also intermarried with the STATONs. This leads me to believe that Salathiel travelled to TN with other Martin Co., NC families (possibly including STATON and LEGGETT). When did he come to TN?? Who were the other families that came?? I also am wondering if the Thomas STATON found in 1830 census of Gibson Co., TN is none other than Thomas STATON, son of Jesse and Sarah (JACKSON) STATON of Martin Co., NC up through 1810. Disappears after about 1816. Were the STATONs found on the 1830 census of Gibson Co., TN all children of this Thomas

1793 - The following is the Will of JOHN LEWELLING of Martin County, N.C.:
“This twenty second day of October in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Three –
“I John Lewelling of the County of Martin and State of North Carolina, being in sound and perfect mind and Memory, Blessed be God, Knowing it is appointed unto all men once to Die do make and ordain this and no other to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following VIZ.   First and principally, I recommend my Soul in the Hands of the Almighty God, who gave it one and my Body, I commit, to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner.   And as touching those worldly goods and Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me, I give Bequeath and dispose of them in manner and form Following:
“Item.   I give and bequeath unto MARY BOWERS my wifes Daughter, six pewter plates and one small pewter dish to her and her heirs forever.   I lend unto said Mary Bowers, one Negroe Woman named Lucy and one Negroe Girl named Milly and after the Decease of my wife, I lend unto sd Mary one Negroe Man named Neplion for & during the term of her natural life, and after her Death, I give and bequeath said Negroes unto the Children of said Mary Bowers then living to them and to their Heirs forever…
“Item.   I give and bequeath unto CHLOE BOWERS my wifes Daughter six pewter plates and one small pewter dish to her and to her heirs foever, my Will and desire is that there shall be a Negroe Girl purchased out of my Estate between the Age of Fourteen and Twenty years of Age, which said negroe girl I lend unto said Chloe and her husband William Bowers During their natural lifes.   Also one Negroe Man called Jim and after the Death of my wife one Negroe Woman called Silvy with her increase from this time after the Decease of sd Chloe and William my Will and Desire is that said Negroes shall be equally divided among the children o sd Chloe then living…
“Item.   I give and bequeath unto CLARY SOUTHERLAND my wifes Daughter six pewter plates and one small pewter dish to her and to her heirs forever.   I lend unto said Clary Southerling one Negroe girl named Rachel and one Negroe girl named Pine and after the Death of my wife, I also lend said Clary one negroe man named Sam, for and during the term of her natural life and the life time of her Husband John Southerland and after the decease of said Clary and John, my Will and Desire is that sd Negroes and increse shll be equally divided among the children of said Clary then living.
“I give and bequeath unto CHARLOTTE STATON my wifes Daughter six pewter plates and one small pewter dish to her and to her heirs forever, my Will and desire is that mony shall be raisd out of my Estate at convenient times to purchase a Negroe girl beetween the Age of Fourteen & Twenty years of age, which said Negroe girl, I lend unto sd Charlotte and Arthur Staton During their natural life times, likewise one Negroe girl child called Chane and after the death of my Wife, one negroe Man called Isaac, and after the death of sd Charlotte and Arthur my will is that sd negroes and increase shall be equally divided among the children of sd Charlotte then living.
“Item.   I give and bequeath unto GRACY MOOREING six pewter plates and one small pewter dish to her and her heirs forever.   I lend unto said Gracey Mooring one Negroe girl named Trebany, and one negroe Boy named Charles, and after the death of my wife, I also lend unto sd Gracey Mooring one negroe Man named Lewis, for and During the term of her natural life and the life time of her Husband John mooring and after the death of sd Gracey & John, My Will and desire is that sd Negroes & increase shall be equally divided among the children of sd Gracy then living…
“Item.   I give and bequeath unto ANNESS MOORE my wifes Daughter six pewter plates and one small pewter dish to her & to her Heirs forever.   I lend unto sd Anness Moore one negroe girl Nance also one negroe woman named Chane after the Death of my wife one negroe Man called Toney and after the Death of sd Annes & William, my Will & Desire is that sd negroes & increase be equally divided among the children of sd Anness then living…
“Item.   I give and bequeath unto SUSANNAH MOORING my wifes daughter six pewter plates and one small pewter dish to her and to her Heirs forever.   I lend unto sd Susannah Mooring one Negroe girl named Hasty and one negroe boy named Sampson & after the death of my wife I also lend unto sd Susannah one negroe man named Luke for and during the term of her natural life & the life time of her Husband James Mooring and after the death of Susanna & James, my Will is that sd negroes & increase shall be equally divided among the children of sd Susannah then living.
“Item.   I give and bequeath unto JOHN LEWELLING son of my wife one Negroe man named Phillip, one negroe man named America one Negroe Boy named Harry one Melatto girl named Charlott, one Negroe man named Bob, all my Will & desire is that the sd negroe Bob shall make my wifes shoes during life, after the death of my wife I give sd John Lewelling one negroe girl named Brett & increase from this time & likewise one half of Household & Kitchen furniture.   Likewise working Utensials Likewise Horses Cattle Hogs Sheep & Bees & Likewise my part of the Water Griss Mill Likewise my Stills All my desire is that his mother shall have the liberty of Stilling her Liquor in sd Still during the term of her natural life, which property I have given to my son John Lewelling I give to him & to his Heirs forever…The other half of the Household & Kitchen furniture working utensils & stock of every Kind I lend to my wife during her life and after her decease, my will & desire is that part of my estate shall be equally divided among her daughters.   My will and desire is that Toney Isaac Neption Sam Lewis & Luke be four of them hired out every year and the other two to be kept upon the plantation the money so arising for the hire of sd Negroes to be advanced for giving my wife a genteel maintenance during her lifetime, if any should be left at her decease my will & desire is that it should be equally divided among her daughters...
“Item.   I give and bequeath unto my son John Lewelling all my land excepting as much as his mother can tend with two hands and one fourth part of the orchard during her life.
“And I do further make and ordain, constitute and appoint Coll. Nathan Mayo, William Wallace & my son John Lewelling to be joint Executors to this my last will & Testament Hereby revoking & disannulling all other former wills by me heretofore made if any such should be found –  wratifying & confirming this & no other to be my last Will and Testament, in witness whereof the above John Lewelling hat hereunto set his hand and fixed his seal, the day & date above written signed, sealed & delivered to be the last will & Testament of the said John Lewelling.     John Lewelling (Seal)
Signed sealed in the pesence of Matthew Bennet, Martha Ciose, Francis Burnett

A document on file in Edgecombe County indicates that John Lewelling’s property was by the Martin line (See Edgecombe County)
1797 -   in Edgecombe   “Grimes, Thomas.   Inventory taken by Thos. Grimes and J. LEWELLING June 5, 1797, Aug. Ct. 1797.   Account current with JOHN LEWELLING and Thomas Grimes, exrs.   A legacy was paid to John Grimes (May Ct. 1799)."  
(NOTE:   Thomas Grimes m. CHLOE LEWELLING, dau. Of WILLIAM and FRANCES LLEWELLING of Martin and Tyrrell Counties, N.C
1794 - “Bible Records of Early Edgecombe, N.C.” by Williams and Griffin shows page 167-168: “Mayo-Grimes Records from the William Grimes Bible.   Original owner of the Bible was William Grimes, son of Thomas and CHLOE LEWELLING Grimes…”Thomas Grimes, father of William Grimes, d. May 8, 1797.   Chloe Grimes, mother of William Grimes, d. Dec. 8, 1794…
“CHLOE LEWELLING, w. of Thomas Grimes, owner of the Bible, was dau of William and Frances Llewelling of Martin and Tyrell Counties, N.C.   Chloe Llewelling’s brother, Capt. JOHN LEWELLING was foremost Tory in Martin Co…”

1820 - Lydia (Llewellyn) Sherrod, wife of Robert Sherrod died.   Her Will is dated Nov. 24.   ItLnames sons John, Salathiel and Wilson (Note: Robert had died ca 1810/1811). Daughters, Sabray Hyman, Salley Manning and Polly Best. Also mentions Abbey Shivers and children of John Sherrod and children of Robert Sherrod.   For Sherrod information, see:
[NOTE: broken link]

Created 1762 from Anson

James WYLIE m. Martha ____? He d. Dec. 1771 and his will filed Mecklenburg Co., N.C. He had property New River, Boutetourt Co., Va. He left Harris McKinely WYLIE who moved to Alabama; John WYLIE d 1772 1 yr after his father died; Thomas WYLIE d. 1 year after father's death; Robert WYLIE settled Greene Co., Tenn. m. to Dorcas ____?; Jane WYLIE m. Francis McCall when she was still a minor and lived in Miss. somewhere; Martha WYLIE m. Henry Miller and moved to Roane Co., Tenn.; Margaret WYLIE m. James HALL; and James WYLIE. There is a suit against Cullimus Miller by the Estate

Cemetery Records and Known Burials - Mecklenburg County (includes many buried in the 1700's)
[NOTE: broken link]

1790 - James, William, John and Joseph WYLIE in census

1792   - Cabarrus County formed - See info in that county

1798 - Feb. 7.   William WYLIE died at age 60 and is buried in Mecklenburg County

1803 - Nov. 8.   James WYLIE died in Mecklenburg County at age 32 and is buried there.

1805 - William Alexander Sr. died Oct. 26 at age 77 (see above cemetery records)

"History of Mecklenburg Co. N.C. 1740-1900" Company C, First Regt. N.C. Cavalry Non Commissioned Officer - J. Lewellyn

1823 - Hardy Lewain (Lewellen) married Catherin Secress Jan. 27.   Bondsman David Parks.   Witness R. J. Dinkins

1826 - John Lewellen born.   (Married Margaret Knowles 1856)

1830 - Census shows Hardy Lewallen.   Others on same page were Caldwell, Morrison, Riley, Hunter, Kirk

1836 - William Alexander died Dec. 19 at age 84 (see above cemetery records.
NOTE:   A William Alexander and William Alexander Sr. are found living right next to the Lewallens in Randolph County.

1837 - John Tally and Susan Montgomery   30 Nov. l837   Hardy Lewallen B.M.

1840 - Census shows Hardy Lewallen

1844 - Jesse R. Lewellen married Laney McLelland April 6.   Bondsman James Montgomery.   Witness N. B. Taylor

1846 - John Lewallen married Margaret Nowles April 6.   bondsman George Jordan. Witness B. Oates

1850 - Census shows Hardy Lewallen age 50 born N.C., wife Elizabeth 30 NC, James 23 NC, Hiram 19, Mary 17, Robert 16, Elizabeth 14, Henry 10, Albert 8, Cyrus 6, Clementine 4.
On the same page of the census with Hardy is:
Jesse R. Lewallen age 26, wife Laney 30, Leander 4 and William 2
Others listed on the census were Jordan, Walls, Sanders, Harris, Hunter
   NOTE:   Hardy moved to Panola County, MS about 1855 and he died there 1871.   His first wife died and he married a second time.   Researchers have her name as Elizabeth Betsy Kelley.
1850 - Jesse Lewallen married Elizabeth Rodgers Jan. 24. Bondsman Jesse R. Lewallen. Witness B. Oates, CCC

1852 - James Harrison Lewellen, son of William Milton and Sarah Elizabeth Rames Lewellen was born Sept. 2 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co

1858 - ca Hardy Lewallen moved to Panola County, MS.

Created 1779 from Anson

1792 - Wilie Harris married Elizabeth Hearne.   Wiley was born 1766 and died 1840.   Whether the same Wiley Harris or not, there was a Wiley Harris who had a daughter Priscilla who married John Lewellen and lived in Tennessee; Priscilla is found in Henderson County 1850 and died in that county 1858 while living with Alfred Lewellen and nearby was Wiley Lewellen

1822 - 150 acre survey was entered in the name of Moses Lewallen in Montgomery Co., NC on 8 October 1822, land adjoined   John Lewallens to Alexander Biles formerly Jessee Luallen and Geo Smith's on the Waters of Pee Dee River both sides of the Camp branch of Long Creek.   Warrant 8493


1800 - Census shows Lyson Llewellin

1810 - Census shows   Lyson Lewellen          

1841 - Mary Lewellin married Charles W. Calhoun Dec. 6.   Bondsman Arthur T. Long.   Witness Wm. Bottom, Clerk

1842 - James Lewellin married Nancy Guardner (Gardner) Sept. 5.   Bondsman Etheld W. Brittie. Wit. Thos. Hughes, Clerk.

Formed 1752 from Bladen, Granville and Johnson

1770 - Guilford formed - see that county

1800 - Census shows Hugh Lewings (was this a Lewellyn or a Lewings?)

1810 - Census shows:   J. Lewellen                      

1816 - Rhodah Lewellyn married John Scoggin Feb. 28.   Bondsman:   Smith Scoggin

1831 - Eligah (Elijah) Lewelling married Anne M. L. Phillips Nov. 22.   Bondsman Allen Parks. Witness J. Taylor

1840 - Ann Phillips Lewelling died.   She was born 1809


Richard and Betsy (Taylor) FLEWELLING lived in Charles City and Prince George County in the 1600's and 1700's.

Created 1779 from Guilford.   Guilford was created 1770 from Rowan and Orange

Census online for Randolph County:
[NOTE: broken link]

1769 - Jonathan Lewallen - b. 7 Apr 1769 in Randolph Co, NC - d. 4 Jun 1848 in Randolph Co, NC - m. Jane Cashatt - b. abt 1763 in NC (source: Jonathan Lewallen Family Bible) Children were Albert, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, McLauren C, Rebecca, Jane, Dawson, Lavinia, & John.   (note:   Randolph County wasn't formed until 1779.   He was was probably born in Bladen/ Orange Co NC but the section that later became Randolph

1779 - Mannering Brookshire and William Brookshire, brothers, both died this year.   Both were probably born Fairfax County, VA; their father was James Brookshire from Sommerset, Maryland, and mother was Sarah Mannering.   Mannering Brookshire married a Miss Swift and had children:   (1)   Mannering Brookshire II b ca 1754 and died Dec. 23, 1843 Randolph Co NC; (2) John Brookshire Sr. b ca 1759 and died Jan. 15, 1847 Greenville Dist., S.C, (3)   Swift Brookshire b ca 1761 and d possibly Spartanburg Co./ SC; (4)   Thomas Brookshire b ca 1762 and died Oct. 9, 1835 (see his Will below); and (5) Joseph Brookshire b ca 1864 and died possibly Sevier County, TN.   The places of birth given for the children was either Randolph or Rowan Counties. (Note:   The info was found on the internet and has not been substantiated by me, but there are no Brookshires listed in the 1785 petition  

1785 - Petition To the Honourable the Generall Assembly for the State of
North Carolina
The Petition of the Inhabitance of Randolph County Humbly Sheweth That a Number of them Labour at a Great Disadvantage in Attending on Public Meetings Owing to the Place Whare the Courte is held being so far from the Center of the said County We your Humble Petitioners Beg that your Honourable Body Would Pass an Act Directing that Commishoners be Appointed for the Purpose of Centering the Said County & Erecting the Publick Buildings At or Neare the Center of the Said County and We your Petitioners are Ever Bound to Pray etc.
Richard Bird, Jas. (x) Mallett, Richard Bean, William Bird, Jas. (x) Lathem Jr, Peter VonKannen, Nimrod Brewer, Wm. (x) Reade Sr, Asel Dollarhide, Thos. Mullins, ___ Powers Sr, Wm. VonKannen, Nathaniel Mullen, Aaron Hill, George Tripett, Arther Reade, Arther Reade Jr, Daniel Presnall, Bird Powers, Isaac Cox, Wm. Wright, Wm. Rains, Thoms. Carter, Jno. Lucas, John Rains, Henry Craven, Uriah Wright, Jesse Pitts, Jno. Williamson, Peter VonKannen, Jas. Wilson, Henry Brown, George Tucker, Wm. Teague, Wm. Needham, Thos. Tucker, Magnass Teague, Math. Deaton, Jas. Tucker, Isaac Redfern, Eldrig Deaton, Jno. Tucker, John Rustain, Benjamin Williams, Jno. Tucker, Abreham Hammer, Wm.(x) Reade Jr, Jno. Harvey, Joseph Routh, Joseph Bookout, Michael Harvey, Jerremiah Mullin, Marmen (x) Bookout, George Dollerhide, Peter Craven, Charles Bookout, Wm. Davis, Thoms. Craven, Wm. Richards, Jno. Lathem, Jacob Routh, Wm. Ditto (Richards), Wm. Lathem, Edward Routh, Jno. Cox, Jacob Moser, James Allred, Shadreik Ditto (Cox), Johnson King Jr, Aaron Hopkins, Francis Chaney Jr, Wm. Bean, Mosses Diffey, Saml. Hendrix, Thos. King, Sollamon Trogend, Wm. York, Obediah Hudson, John Avery, Joseph Hendrix, Christian Luther, John Trogdon, John Hodgen, Saml. Reed, Moses Hopkins, Abreham Taylor, Jno. Reed, Samuel Walker, Wm.(x) Kendelee, Nat. Tucker, John Duncan, Emanuel Asabell Sr, Mikhel Bollin, Dennis Hopkins, Howell Brewer Sr, Jno. Steed, Josiah Hopkins, Jas. Presnall, Charles Bollin, Dennis Hopkins, Richard Coxe, Drury Richeson, Charles Duncan, JOSEPH LEWALLING, Christopher Etherton, William Sworford, William Harvey, Jno. Rollen, Jacob Lowdermack, Joseph Wright, Calob Coxe, John Lowdermack, Richard Graves, Ben. Bland, John Lowdermack, Jr, George Lucas, Vachel Handcock, Philip Lowdrmack, George Tucker, Jno. Handcock, Flourance Taylor, Johnson King Sr, Jno. Bollin Jr, Windsor Pearce, Wm. Richeson, Jon Carmen, Joseph Hix, Wm. Harvey, Daniel Cox, Arther Smith, Mark Cole, Joseph Brown, Michall Andress, Jno. Williams, Sm. Ratliff, Jas. Ledford, Wm. Presnall, Amos Ratliff, Jno. Hase, Jeremiah Ozier, Bury Thompson, Wm. Mallett, Wm. Tucker, Michail Harvey, Jno. Williams Jr, David Cranford, Peter King, Mathew Cole, Lanerd Cranford, (___) Neadom, John Harvey, Finch Carter,   John Hollowday, Daniel Presnall, Elis Cranford, Thos. Lucas, Stephen Presnall, Eleven? Cranford, Isaac Williams, Michail Harvey Sr, William Cranford, Wm. Lucas, Michael Harvey Jr, William Cranford, Wm. Pitman, Jesse Harvey, Samuel Cranford, John Conner, John Harvey, Charles Hopkins, Johnson King, Jasper Cunce, Thomas Hardester, Jas. Pitman, John Kearns, Sammul Hopkins, Matthew Cole, Isac Kearns, Thomas Tolbord, John Graves, Silas Kearns, George Haregrove, William Graves, John Baley, William Hanah, Nathaniel Tucker, Joshua Cox, Richard Bean, Will. Bland, Thos. Cox, William Queen, Moses Bland, Henry Ramsowers. John Sugg, Rolle Spinks, John Henley, Thomas Randol, John Pearce, Nathan Cox, James Randol, John Read, John Spivey, William Cole Jr, Richard Fincher, William Searcy, Stephen Hussey, John (Avery?), Joseph Carr, Christopher Hussey, Thos. Williams, Wm. Argo, Thos. Castelo, (___) Williams, Robt. Carr, Benj. Cox, Jorg Williams, John Deaton, James Goodwin, Thomas Bruckshure, Isack Kornedy, Paule Engles, Samuel Picket, Archebol McNorton, Moses Hammon, John Hopson, Moses George, Jno. Hammon, (___) Cagle, Charles Gery, James Scot, Stephan Presnall, John Putman, Danul Scot, Morgan Edwards, Gidethon Macon, Will. Cox, John Scot, Jas. Bowden, Jeremiah Cox, Jon Richeson, Howel Brewer, Jno. Cox, Moses Hammons, William Bowen, Wm. Lathem, Jno. Needham, John Spinks, Christor. (x) Assbell, William Smotherman, Lewis Spinks, Isaac Brewer, Benjamin Reader, Garrto Spinks, Reuben Brewerm Jno. Laurence, Enoch Spinks, John Smith, Moses George, Matthew Hamilton, Wm. (x) Colyer Sr, Cornelias Latham, John London, Wm.(x) Colyer Jr, Thos. Cost, Sen. William Read, John Presnell, Thos. Cost Jr, William Constand, Jorg Power, Jas. Latham Sr, John Costand, Maning Bruckshur, Johnson Latham, Adam Andrews,   Jacob Skeen, Wm. Laurence, David Andres, Jonathan Edwards, Jesse King, Charles Stewart, Jos. Wade, Joseph ___dson, Derias Mash, William Brucksher, Abr. Presnell, W. Duskin, William Lacey, John Johnson, John Duncan, John Amick, Linsey Bell, Nehemiah ODell, Hardeman Porchs, Wm. Bell, William Trogdon, Isaac ODell, David (x) Powers, Joshua Kinworthy, George Julen, Jesse Comber, Abram Hamons, Enock Berrey, Thos. Waddill, Balam Halsy, Edwd. Jones, John Needham Sr, Thomas Cocks, Wm. Davis, William Smotherman, William Cox, William Pearce, Benjamin Readors.?, Ths.? Kinworthy, Dennis (x)Carpender, John Laurance, Abram Williams, David (x) Andrews Jr, Thoms. (x) Cost Sr, Nathanial Cox, Nathan Hornady, Thoms. (x) Cost Jr, Jesey Hamons, William Caull, Wm. Smith, Samuel Brown, Jas. Powers, John Cocks, Wm. Brown, Daniel Bedsall.

1787 - Meshach Lewellin married Jane Brookshire Jan. 29.   NOTE:   It is unknown if this information is correct because Meshach is given as having married a Margaret Williams on this date also. There is a Jane (Brookshire) Luallen mentioned in her father's 1835 Will, but if she married Meshach Lewelling, son of William Lewelling who died 1799, then that Meshach wasn't of age in 1799 so this wouldn't be the same individual.   And, too, no Meshach is mentioned until 1801 other than in William's Will.  

1790 - Census shows:
WILLIAM LUVALLIN, 100 Hillsboro District
JONATHAN LUVELLIN, 101, Hillsboro District
   (Note that neither William nor Jonathan are listed in the 1785 petition above and the Joseph who was listed in that petition is not in this census but probably is the one listed in South Carolina born N.C. 1763.   Joseph was probably the son of William Lewelling and named in William's 1798 Will.   )

1791 - Bastardy bond   16 June 1791 Sarah Dollarhide accuses Jonathan Lewelling as father of her child. William Lewelling   is the security

1796 - ALFRED LEWELLING born.   He married   Rachel Williams, born about 1800 (undocumented but is probably

1797 - John Scarlott enters 150 ac of land in Randolph Co. on waters of William
McGee's Cr beginning on LEWALLEN's line running W to Samuel ALEXANDER line thence
to FEAQUERS line thence along FEAQUERS to John ALLREDS for compliment; Nov 17

1798 - Will of WILLIAM LEWELLING of Randolph County, N.C.:
“North Carolina, Randolph County.   Bee it known to all men that I WILLIAM LEWELLING of the aforesaid being in a perfect mind and Memory thanks be to god for it there fore knowing that it is once appointed for all Men once to dy and the time when an sartain as touching such Worly Estate whar with it hath pleased god to Bless me with in this Life I give and Dismiss and Dispos of in the following Manner and form.
   “First My Will is that all my just Debts shall be paid and 2ly I give to my Dear Wife MARY LEWELLING my house and plantation and two horse beasts and my plantation hulls and 3 cows and five sheep and as manny hogs as she wants and two feather beds and furnetur and all my house hold property to be for her soport while she lives a widow and if she marrys nothing to remain hirs but one feather bed and furnitur one horse beast and hir saddle and one cow and calf and all the rest to be for the youse of the fore youngest children and the plantation to be rented and kept for them till they come of age and 3ly I leve five shillings to my son JOSEPH LEWELLING, 4ly I leve to my son JONATHAN LEWELLING five shillings and 5ly my son WILLIAM LEWELLING I give one hundred acres of land beginning on Margret Belfours Line and runing south to a corner from thence West to the Long Branch on scarlots line thence down the Long Branch to the mouth of the first Branch   thence to Margret Belfours Corner. 6ly I give to my son JOHN LEWELLING Fifty Acres of land lying between Samuel Alexanders line and John scarlots line. 7ly I give to my daughter JEAN TURNERr five shillings and 8ly I want the two hundred acres I know liv on equally devided between THOMAS LEWELLING and SHADRICK LEWELLING and MASHACK LEWELLING when they come of age and each of them one horse beast and saddle if to be had out of my estate and 9ly to my daughter MARY LEWELLING I give one feather bed and furniture and one horse beast and saddle if it to be rasid out of my estate and some of my house hold ware and Lastly I nominate and appoint my dear wife MARY LEWELLING and son JONATHAN LEWELLING and son JOHN LEWELLING My Executors to my Last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly disalow all and every other Will and testament requests Executors by me in any before this time by me Naimed Willed and Rattifiing and confirming this and no other to be or contain my last Will and testament in witness Whoreoff I have hereunto set My hand and Seal this 7th day of May 1798 signed and sealed in the presents of us.  
William Lewelling (Seal)
Elisha Hobbs, Barnabas Hobbs, Joseph Newby, Richard Hutton

NOTE:   See genealogy on his family.   They moved into Indiana and some to Oregon and California.

1799   - Randolph County Tax List shows WILLIAM LEWALLEN

1800 - Census shows:   John Lewallen, Jonathan Lewallen, Mary Lewallen
(Note:   Mary would be the wife of William Lewelling, John and Jonathan their sons)

1800 - Bill of Complaint" (8 Feb 1800) by JOHN LEWALLEN against JOHN SCARLETT, JR. and SAMUEL ALEXANDER on charge that they came to his house, 5th inst, abused him and marked trees on his land.

1801 - List of Rev. soldiers, Capt. Tucker’s, shows in 1801 MESHECK LEWALLEN

1802 - SHADRACK LEWELLING married   Sarah Hobbs –  December 23 –  bondsman Barney Hobbs   (The moved to Washington County, Indiana)

1803 - Back Creek Monthly meeting, Quaker record: Jan. 29   Sarah ( Lewalling)   (form Hobbs) rpd mou. (married out of unity)

1808 - Will of John Scarlet
     Know all men by these presents that I JOHN SCARLET of the county and state aforesaid do think proper to make and order this to be my last will and testament in manner and form as followith.
     Being 1st it is my will and desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses should be paid by my Executors herafter mentioned.         2nd I give and bequeath unto my loving wife, SARAH SCARLET, one horse and saddle, one cow, and calf, one bed and furniture, one puter dish, one basin, half dozen puter plates, onr iron pot, half dozen spoons to her and her heirs forever. It is my desire that she shall have the privelidge of the house wherein I now live during her life or widowhood and it is my will that she have her comfortable maintenence out of my estate during her life or widowhood.         3rd Item. I give unto my son, JOHN SCARLET, five shilling besides what I have heretofore given him.         4th Item. I give unto my daughter ELIZABETH DAFFERN five shillings besides what I have heretofore given her.
     5th Item. I give unto the heirs of my daughter SUSANNA LEWELLING (Lewellan), Dec'd, five shillings besides what I have heretofore given them.         6th Item. I give unto my son LEWIS SCARLET five shilling besides what I have heretofore given him.           7th Item. I give unto my son, STEPHEN SCARLET the remainder of my real and personal estate and lands together with all the improvements thereto belonging to him and his heirs forever.
     And lastly I nominate and appoint my wife SARAH SCARLET, STEPHEN SCARLET and WILLIAM HOBBS to be my executors to fulfill this my last will and testament as witness my hand and seal. This the Seventeenth day of the Twelth month ont thousand eight hundred and seven.                     JOHN SCARLET

1809 - Delinquent return at court house Shadrack Lewelling

1810 - Census shows:   Jonathan Lewallen, Shadrick Lewallen, Thomas Lewallen

1813 - Dec. 25 -   Back Creek MM information.     Sarah ( Luoulling) rqct Lick Creek MM, Harrison Co., Ind (requested certificate to monthly meeting, which means Shadrack and Sarah had moved to Indiana about this time.)   See Washington County, Indiana      

1815 - Tax List of Randolph County, N.C.,
Steed’s District:
MESHEC LEWALLIN, land 180, location McGee’s Creek, whole amount –300, white polls –  Armstead’s district:
JONATHAN LEWALLIN, land 340, lcoation Richland Creek, whole amount 300, white polls –  1
NOTE;   By 1820, Meshach had moved to Henry County, Indiana.   (See that section)

1816 - Quaker record:   Feb. 24.   Mesheck Lewalling recrq. (received by request.)

1817 - Sally Lewellen had child by Martin Chandler. Bond by Thos Ive and Geo Hoover

1818 - Hannah BROOKSHIRE (b ca 1799, daughter of Thomas)   married John Hammonds

1819 - MARY LEWALLEN married Thomas Branson, Jr. –  December 25,–   bondsman McLAREN LEWALLEN

1821 - ALFRED LEWALLING married Rachel Williams Dec. 3
1821 - April 25. - Quaker record:   Jane (Lualing) recrq (received by request)

1822 - Feb. 27.   Quaker record:   Mesheck rq mbrp for ch, Henry, Henderson, John, William & Seth, rqct White Water MM, for himself & ch.   rq=request, requests, requested,  
mbrp=membership       ch= child, children     rqct=requested certificate to
MM= Monthly Meeting

1825 - McLAREN LEWALLEN married   Edith Newley –  May 28, 1825
1825 - June 29, Quaker record:   Edith (Louallen)   (form Newby) rpd mou. (married out of unity)
1825 - per book article, Meshach and his wife left Randolph County.

1826 - A document on file indicates that ALFRED LEWALLYN died without making a Will.   The document is dated March 31, 1826.
1826 - Document dated May 25, 1826, “…all the above articles to RACHEL LEWALLEN, widdow of ALFRED LEWALLEN decd for the support & maintenance of sd widdow and family for one year…”   (NOTE below 1828 it shows his wife's name as Sarah)
1826 - Document dated May 1, 1826, binding JONATHAN LEWALLEN, Administrator of the estate of ALFRED LEWALLING for six (?) hundred dollars

1827 - REBECCA LEWALLING married Charles Slack –  March 28, 1827

1828 - , May.   Ordered that J(?)ohu Hinley and James Elliott be appointed to settle the estate of ALFRED LEWALLING with JONATHAN LEWALLING the administrator and make report.
1828 - Document filed May with SARAH LEWALLIN as petitioner.   Her husband ALFRED LEWALLING “late of this county departed sometime in the month of March last, intestate…”

1829 - MARY LEWALLEN married   Charles Luther –  May 5, 1829
1829 - RACHEL LEWALLIN married   Joseph Swafford –  August 14, 1829
1829 - Will of Jacob Cashatt Sr. Will probated Aug 5.   Names wife Mary, children:   Elizabeth C. Davis, Mary Hapson or Hobson, Amy Brazier, Hannah Brazier, Margaret Vestal, Rachael Johnson, Sarah Smith, John Cashatt, Joshua Cashatt, Jacob Cashatt Jr (went to Alabama and became Coshatt), and Jane Cashatt wife of Jonathan Lewelling.

1830   Quaker record.   October 27.   Edith (Loualen) dis. (disowned) (Edith would be Mclaren's wife)
1830 - Census shows:
JONATHAN LEWALLIN with one male 60-70, (1760-70) one male 5-10, one male 10-15, one female 40-50 (1780-90), one female under 5 and one female 5-10.   Neighbors include Jacob Miller, Joshua Cox, Drury Richardson, several other Cox families.
W. LARIN (or McLarin) LEWALLEN, age 26-45

1832 - Sheriff to bring Rebecca Lewalling 6, daughter of Sarah Lewalling   Feb.

1833 - SARAH LEWALLEN married Kendall Ramsouer –  February 5, 1833

1835 - (B: 0719) Thomas BROOKSHIRE, written 21 June 1835, probated November 1835.
Sons William, Benjamin, Mannering, and Wiley - each $300. Wife Mary - plantation, household furniture, farming tools dw. My seven daughters: JANE LUALLEN, Margaret Brookshire, Rebecca Nance, Sarah Neeley?, Hannah Hammon, Mary Henley, & Olive Tuncannon - proceeds of sale after decease or remarriage of wife. Executors: wife Mary Brookshire appointed by Court with Horace F. Cannon & John W. Caldwell, Esq. as sureities. Witnesses: John W. Caldwell, Robert C. Caldwell

1835 - JANE LEWALLIN married   Myalo Bryn –  November 24, 1835

1840 - Census shows
JONATHAN LEWELLING with one male 60-70, one male 10-15, one male 15-20, one female 50-60, one female 10-15 and one female 15-20.

1846 - LAVINA LEWALLLEN married   Elias Henderson Hancock –  Nov. 22, 1846

1847 - State of North Carolina.
To the Sheriff of Randolph County –  Greeting.
You are hereby commanded to make known to ALFRED LEWALYN that he, laying aside all manner of excuse, be and appear before the Justices of our Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held at the court house in Asheboro on the first Monday of February 1848 then and there to answer, plead or demur to the petition of Henry B. Elliot administrator of Joel Lewalyn deceased filed in said court, against the heirs at law of Joel Lewalyn deceased praying for a sale of real ___ the make the same assets and stand to abide by and perform such judgment orders and decrees as the court shall make in the premises –  under the penalty of one hundred dollars.   Herein fail not; and have you then and there this writ.   Witness, B. F. Hoovis (?0 Clerk of our said court on the first Monday of November 1847.   Issued the 7th day of December AD 1847.”

NOTE:   legal document filed with the court which is difficult to read but in part reads “The Petition of H. B. Elliott, Admr. Of JOEL LEWALYN vs JONATHAN LEWALYN, ALFRED LEWALYN, of full age - DATE unknown

1847 - listing filed of Henry B. Elliot in account with the estate of JOEL LEWALYN, decd. Dated Aug. 7.   Other documents representing inventory of this estate were filed

1848 - JONATHAN LEWALLEN of Randolph County, North Carolina, wrote on April 28, 1848, his Will.   It was torn on the right side, missing words on that portion, and was difficult to read.   It mentions the following individuals:   wife JANE LEWALLEN; children W. LARIN LEWALLEN, DAWSON LEWALLEN, JOHN LEWALLEN, ELIZABETH LAX, MARY LUTHOR? , JANE (cannot read her last name), SARAH RAMSOWEN, REBECCA SLACK ?, l____?   LEWALLEN, LAVINA HANCOCK, ANN LEWALLEN,.   Michael Cox was named as the executor   (Note:   W. Larin may have been McLaren and it could have been read wrong, because there was a   Also, Jonathan would have been the son of William Lewelling.   See 1769 Randolph County)
1848 - DAUSON LEUALEN married   Nancy Hancock –  May 2, 1848, bondsman WILLIS B. LEWALLEN

1849 - WILLIAM B. LEWALLEN married   Martha Henley –  March 17, 1849 (Note:   This William was probably Willis.   See 1848 where Willis was named as a bondsman in the 1848 marriage of Dawson/Dauson and Nancy Hancock and also see the 1850 census showing Willis and Martha)
1849 - State of North Carolina
To the Sheriff of Randolph County –  greeting:
You are hereby commended that the goods and chattels, and tenements of JOEL LEWALYN deceased in the hands of Henry B. Elliot his administrator if to be found in your county, you cause to be made the sum of seventeen dollars and eighty cents which lately in our Court of Pleas and Quarter sessions, held for the County of Randolph at the Courthouse in Asheborough, were adjudged in the suit wherein H. B. Elliot admr is plaintiff and Jonathan Lewalyn & others are defendants for costs and charges in said suit expended, whereof the said H. B. Elliot as administrator is liable as appears to us of record.   And have you the said moneys, besides your fees for your service, before our said Court on the first Monday of August next, then and there to render the said costs and damages aforesaid.   Herein fail not, and have you then and there this writ.
Witness B.F. Hoover, Clerk of our said Court at Office the first Monday of May, 1849.   Issued the 6th day of June AD 1849.   /s/ B.F. Hoover.”

1850 - Will of JANE LEWALLEN, JONATHAN LEWALLEN's wife, dated June 10, 1850, reads as follows:
“I Jane Lewallen of the County of Randolph and State of Northcarolina being of sound mind and memory but cosidering the uncertainty of my earthly existence do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first that my executor hereafter named shall provid for my boddy a decent burial soutiable to the wishes of my relations and friends and pay all funeral expences together with my just debts howsoever and to whomsoever owing out of the moneys that may first come into his hands as a part or parcel of my estate.
“I give and devise to my eldest daughter ANN LEWALLEN one high walnut beadsteads ___ and furniture one Roan mare six years old, one flaux (?) wheel one cotton wheel one ___, one pair of cords one large family Bible, one looking glass, five head of sheep, one loom and all the things pertaining to it.
“To my eldest son DAWSON LEWALLEN one clock.
“To my daughter LAVINA HANCOCK one ___ one ___ one beadstead.
“To my son JOHN LEWALLEN five had sheep one corner cubbord one suclin cold all the farming tools one wheat fan all the barrels and ___ one beadstead and furniture one red nowhorn cow and calf one red heifer one grinestone, I give and devise an equal division of all the furniture on the cubboard to be deveded equally between Anna and John Lewallen; and all the residue of the household furniture; except the bead clothinging not otherwise disposed of to be difided equally between Dawson Lewallen Lavina Hancock; I give and devise and equeal division of all my stock of hogs between Anna and John Lewallen, also all the kitchen furnirure and all the growing crop of grain and ___ of every kind; and further I give and devise the remainder of my property to be divided between my four children equeal and lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my son Dawson Lewallen my lawful Executor to all intents and purposes to execute this my last will and testament according to the true content and meaning of the same and every part an clause thereof hereby revoking and declaring ___ void all other wills and testaments by me heretofore made.
“In witness whereof I the said Jane Lewallen do hereunto set my hand and seal this the tenth day of June 1850.     Jane Lewallen   x her mark
“Signed sealed and published and declared by the sd Jane Lewallen to be her last will and testament in the presence of us who at her request and in her presence do subscribe as witnesses thereunto.   /s/ William W. Vestal.   Wm W. Brower

1850 - Census shows:
1850 - Census shows:
#341 - WILLIS LEWELLYN 25 NC, Martha 17, Emma J. 0
#344 - M.C. LEWELLYN (no age), Edith 47, Henry 19, Mj> 16, Martha 14, Sally 11, Zimmie 9, Dawson 7, Louise 5
#389 - REBECCA LEWELLYN 22, S. J. Adeline 6, Noah C.W. 3, A. George W. 1
#467 -   REBECCA LEWELLYN, age 54 (1796) NC living with Drury Richardson 84, Christina Richardson 35, Allen 11, Elwood 8, James 5, Noah 1 (Richardsons)
#504 - Josiah BROOKSHIRE (1826), Hilly A 1826, Jonathan 1846, Elizabeth 1849
#506 - JOHN LEWELLYN 19 (1831), Ann 27 (1823) (Son of Jonathan and Jane)
#508 - DAWSON LEWELLYN 25 (1825) NC, Nancy 26, Mary 1, JANE LEWELLYN 65 (1785) NC.   Note:   Jane,   Her Will was made out in 1850.   Did she make out the Will and die after the census was taken?

1851 - Document dated May 6, 1851, reading in part:   The amount of settlement of the Estate of JONATHAN LEWALLEN, Deceased, by Michael Cox, executor of his last will and testament.
One note on James Proctor $18.37
The amount of sale was $124.51
Account on John Humble $2.00
Account of Moses Hammond .35
 Total 155.23
Bad debts and credits were listed.   Distributions were as follows:
Elizabeth Lax 10.00
Mary Luthen 10.00
Jane Obrien 10.00
Sarah Ramsowen 10.00
Rebecah Slack 10.00
Lavina Hancock 10.00
By commissioners 3.99
Total $103.99

1853 - Margaret Lewallen married Felix Walker, Jan 17; Randolph Co, NC; RR Jan26, 1853

1858 - Nov. Bastard children of Rebecca Lewallen be bound: Elvira, 16; Noah, 14;
Geo. Washington, 10; William 3.”   No mention of father’s name

1859 - REBECCA LEWALLEN married Isham Upton –  April 29, 1859

1860 - Rebecca Upton is shown in the census as are her Lewallen children, Elvira, Noah, George and Willliam, and the names show as Upton.

1860 - McLarin Lewellen administrator   of Joshua Newby\Edith Lewelling of daughter of Joshua Newby

1861 -   State of North Carolina
“To the Sheriff of Randolph County –  Greeting:
“You are hereby commanded, that of the Goods and Chattles, Lands and Tenements of McLARAN Lewallen deced in the hands of Joel Ashworth his Admn if to be found in your county, you couse to be made the sum of Fourteen Dollars and thirty cents which lately in our Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, held for the county of Randolph, at the Court House in Asheborough, were adjudged in the suit wherein Mc Lewallen plaintiff and the heirs of law of Newby deced Defendant, for costs and charges in said suit expended, whereof the said Joel Ashworth Admn liable as appears to us of record.   And __ have you the said moneys, besides your fees for this service, before our said Court, on the first Mondy of November next, then and there to render the said costs and charges aforesaid.   Herein fail not and have you then and there this Writ.
“Witness, F. H. Brown, Clerk of our said Court, at Office, the first Monday of August 1861.   Issued the 9th September 1861.   J. H. Brown, Clerk.”

1861 - Another document the same but to “McLAREN LEWALLEN, ded, in the hands of HENRY LEWALLEN his Executor, for Six dollars and twenty cents.   McLaren Lewallen was the plaintiff and R. B. Jones the defendant.   It was issued November 4, 1861.
   A document reading in portion:
“The following is a true and perfect list of the effects of the estate of McLawren Lewallen, Dec’d, delivered by the hands of Joel Ashworth adm’r into the hands of H. Lewallen, escr.: …one note on H. Lewallen due May 14th 1859 $42.40, one note on H. Lewallen due June 31st 1857 $67.81; one note on H. Lewallen due Feb. 27th 1857 $50.00, one note on H. Lewallen due Sept. 1st 1859 $15.00…one note on willis Lewallen due May 16th 1856 $15.00
NOte:   McLaren Lewallen was born Dec. 15, 1797 and died March 8, 1861.   He was the son of Jonathan Lewallen born April 7, 1769 and died June 4,

1861 - Document dated May 7, 1861, Randolph County, appointing Joel Ashworth as Administrator of McLARIN LEWELLIN.   (note:   this was the estate of McLarin Lewallen, not as a minor.   See above).

1861 - Louzena Artimichia Spencer, daughter of Alexander and Mary (Presnall) Spencer was born July 24.   She married Franklin Lewallen who was born Oct. 1858 in N.C. (assumed to be Randolph County)   Louzena died   Apr. 4, 1942 Randolph County

1864 - A document reading as   follows:
“Notice.   Having taken out special letters of administration on the estate of DAWSON LEWALLEN ___ deceased on the 17th day of January next at the dwelling of the said deceased, I will expose to public vindue on a credit of six months the perishable property of said deceased consisting of the following articles, to wit:   about 10 heard of hogs 2 head of sheep and 2 head of cattle and a few other articles.   The purchaser will be required to give bond and security before the delivery of the property and the other conditions made known on the day of sale.
“The 27th day of December 1864. /s/ HENRY LEWALLEN, Admn.”
1864 - LOUISA C. LEWALLEN married   William M. Pickett –  May 25, 1864

1868 - An account of sales of personal property of JONATHAN LUALLEN, deceased, by his executor, M. Cox, was dated Sept. 7, 1868

1870 - “State of North Carolina
Randolph County.
Know all Men by these Presents.   That we Stephen Henley, Zebedu F. Rush and William M. Pickett and Felix Walker of said County, in the State aforesaid, are held and firmly bound unto the State of North Carolina, in the sum of One Thousand Dollars, current money, to be paid to the State of North Carolina in trust, for the benefit of the children hereinafter named, committed to the tuition of the said Stephen Heley to which payment, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves and each of us, each and every of our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.
“Sealed with our seals and dated this 12 day of January 1870.
“The Condition of the above Obligation is such, that whereas the above bounded Stephen Henley is constituted and appointed Guardian of SALLIE A. LEWALLEN and WILLIAM L. LEWALLEN, minor orphans of WILLIS B. LEWALLEN, Deceased, now if the said Stephen Heley shall faithfully execute his said guardianship, and particularly shall well and truly secure and improve all the estate of the said Sallie A. Lewallen and William L. Lewallen until they shall arrive at full age, or be sooner hereto required, and shall render a plain and true account of his said guardianship, an oath, before the Probate Judge for Randolph County, and obey the law in all cases as required by the Act of Assembly, and deliver up, pay or possess the said Sallie A. Lewallen and William L. Lewallen of all such estates as they ought to be possessed of, when lawfully required by said Sallie A. Lewallen and William S. Lewallen or to such other persons as shall be lawfully empowered or authorized to receive the same and the profits arising therefrom, then this obligation to be void; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
/s/ Stephen Henley, Z. F. Rush, Wm M. Pickett, Felix Walker
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of B. B. Bulla (?) Probate Judge.”

1867 - Another document, Randolph County, pertaining to WILLIS B. LEWALLEN, deceased, with Wm. M. Pickett as Administrator of the Estae.   The first paragraph reads:   “Know all Men by these presents:   That we william M. Pickett and Henry Lewallen & John H. Hill, all of the county and State aforesaid, are held and firmly bound unto the State of North Carolina, in the sum of Twelve Hundred Dollars to be paid to the said State, to which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves and each of us, each and every of our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.   Sealed with our seals and dated the 6th day of August A.D. 1867.”

1878 - Sept. 8.   Lunda A. Lewallen married Cicero L. Fry

1881 or 1882 - Louzena Spencer married Franklin Lewallen.   Their children were:
(1) Henry L. Lewallen born Aug. 1882 N.C. (2) Carl A. Lewallen born Jan. 1884 N.C., (3) Lula V. Lewallen born July 1886 N.C., (4) Roy J. Lewallen born Apr. 1888 NC. (5) William F. Lewallen born May 1891 N.C. (6) Gensey Lewallen born Aug 1893 NC; (7) Charlie D. Lewallen born Aug. 1895 N.C., (8) Worth M. Lewallen born May 1898 N.C.  
NOTE:   Since Louzena was born and died in Randolph County, it's assumed their children were also born in that county.   Source - Jerry Spencer

1885 - Quaker record.   Nov. 14.   Hattie & Emery Eugene recrq.   (received by request)

1888 - Avis Thad Lewallen was born April 11 in Ashboro.   He was the son of   J. Thomas and Edith Rachel (Vestal) Lewallen (J. Thomas was a planter).   He had one sister, Ann Shippey Lewallen, and he started Goody's Headache Powders.   He married Nell Estell Shippy, b: Jul 25, 1897 in Greenville Co., S.C.

1890 - Quaker record:   Apr. 12. Zimri A. & w, Sarah J., & dt, Mary Ada & Lula, recrq. (this would be Zimri and Sarah, his wife, and their daughters Mary Ada and Lula were received by request.

1897 -In the Superior Court of Randolph County a Petition to Sell Lands was filed in May of 1897 wherein Z. D. LEWALLEN was plaintiff and L. A. Fry, C. L. Fry, N.E. Williams, W. A. Williams and Lavina Lewallen were the defendants.   The documents state that Z. D. Lewallen was the son of DAWSON LEWALLEN and NANCY LEWALLEN, widow

1902 - A document consisting of a sale list of the personal property of NANCY LEWALYN, decd as sold by ? S. Cox, admr on the lst day of Feb. 1902.   Some of the names of the purchasers of the items include:   John Craven, A. H. Smitt, Bud Slack, Minnie Fry, D. Allred, Landa Fry, A. E. Williams, William Brower, Bud Staley, S. Stricklin, Calvin Presnell, J. Cranford, Clark Hammons, Z. Stewart

Formed Dec. 1785 from northern part of Guilford County.

History and pictures:   [NOTE: broken link]

Lewellyn Cemetery:

Note:   The Thomas Lewellyns are confusing. 1791, Thomas Lewellyn was in Rockingham County.   About this time a Thomas Lewellyn married Elizabeth Powers, daughter of John and Susanna Powers.   It's been said the Thomas who married Elizabeth was Thomas Jr but some sources on the internet say it was Sr.   Diane Langston is of the opinion Thomas Lewellin Sr. of Rockingham Co is the same Thomas Lewellen of Botetourt Co. VA.  

1800 - Census shows Thomas Lewellyn and   Thomas Lewellyn Sr.   Thomas Sr. has 4 children.   (His Will was dated 1858)

1808 - Susan Lewellin married Thomas Overton; bondsmen J. M. Scales and W. Barker; witness T. Gallaway

1810 - Census shows Thomas Lewellen
1810 - James Lewellyn born in July, son of Thomas

1819 - Samuel Lewellin married Mary Ibass 27 January; bondsman Joseph Vernon, witness Ewel Dalton and Leander Dalton

1822 - Elizabeth Luallen married Nathaniel Vernon 25 November; bondsman Joseph Vernon; witness Ewel Dalton and L. Dalton

1830 - James Lewellin married Peggy Read 10 June; bondsman Thomas Lewellin; witnesses N. Dalton and Nathaniel Vernon
1830 - J. H. Lewellyn was born Oct. 10.   He died 1903 in Surry County, N.C.   He was a Baptist preacher and his wife was Sarah Elizabeth Pratt.   See Surry for more info.
1830 - Census shows:
   Thomas Lewellen.   Living next door was Richard Jones and John Webster.   Also on same census page:   William Howerton, Edward Smith, George Gatewood, Amos and Webster

1832 - Samuel C. Llewellyn Jr was born, son of Samuel C. Sr.
1832 - Martha Lewallen married James Brook 18 September; bondsman James Lewellen (sic), witness John Dalton

1833 - John Lewellen married Caroline Powers 6 August; bondsman James Lewellen; witness L. H. Dalton

1839 - Delila Lewellin married Robert Martin 14 December; bondsman William Martin; witness J. M. Scales

1841 - Richard Lewellin married Sarah Philips 12 August; bondsman G. W. Fair; witness J. A. (sic) Scales

1844 - Betty Powers died in Sept. at age 70 years and is buried in the Lewellyn Cemetery.   (She would have been born 1774)

1845 - Maryann Luallen married James A. Sharp 24 April; bondsman Jeremiah Pritch(?ard?); witness T. B. Wheeler, CCC
1845 - James Lewellyn died.   He was born July 1810 and was husband of Margaret.   Buried Lewellyn Cemetery

1848 - Thomas Lewellen married Rutha Vernon 3 September; bondsman John Vernon; witness Jos. Norman, J.P

1849 - James H. Lewellin married Sary E. Pratt 6 October; bondsman J. H. Harrison

1856 - Catherine Lewalin married James More (sic) 18 May; bondsman George W. Webster; witness J. W. Martin; m. by Charles Duncan
1856 - Samuel Lewellen married Sarah Jane Sharp 15 September; bondsman Thomas S. Black, witness A. P. Smith; m. 17 Sept by Allen P. Smith, J.P.
1856 - Nancy M. Lewalin married Austin T. Kallam 4 November; bondsman Thomas Joyce, witness Wm EM. Ellington; m. by Charles Duncan

1857 - Alexander Luther Llewellyn, son of Samuel C. and Sarah Harp, was born
1857 - Mary A. Lewellen married Ewel L. Robertson 18 February; bondsman James Hall; witness A. P. Smith; m. 19 Feb by Stinceon Ivey
1857 - James H. Lewallin married Mary E. Powars (sic) 21 February; bondsman B. F. Foy; witness D. J. Jordan, J.P; m. 21 February by R. H. Gladson, J.P

1858 - Thomas Lewellyn Sr.'s Will was dated June 18 and probated May 1861 in Rockingham County.   He was born ca 1771.   He married (1) Elizabeth Powers about 1791 in Rockingham County, daughter of John and Susanna Powers; (2) Ruthana Vernon on Sept. 3, 1848, daughter of Amos Vernon and Mary Patton.   His children were:   David (born 1791), Thomas (1793-183), Samuel Sr (Oct. 6, 1797 - Mar. 13, 1854; Nancy Ann, Elizabeth (1801-1895 Tazewell Co9 VA), John (5-13-1808-Dec. 17, 1885), James H. Sr. (1810-Mar. 1845), Peter (1811 - 1897 Sullivan, In), Robert (1812 - ?), Martha 1814 (married James Brooks 1832 and lived Jefferson Co. IN, Sally (married Noah Vernon, Richard (b 1816)

1863 - James Robert Llewellyn, son of Samuel C. and Sarah Harp Llewellyn was born

1866 - Ann Lewillin married General Webster 28 August; bondsman John Oliver, witness A. P. Smith, Clerk; m. 1 Sept by J. R. Cardwell, J.P.

1871 -Case of J. M. Vaughan v. Samuel J. LEWELLYN, et. al., civil action tried July Term, 1885, of the Superior Court of Rockingham Co. 1
Testator, P. Black, owned 196 acres of land and on 14 FEB 1871 entered into an agreement with Samuel J. Lewellyn, for the sale of the land at $700. Plaintiff argues that Samuel failed to pay $41.86, the sum remaining on the note as of 1 JUN 1877. Title was to be conveyed to Sally LEWELLYN. Samuel argues that he did pay in full, but that the plaintiff made an error in recording the payments. “3. For that the referee excluded the testimony of A. L. LEWELLYN, witness of the defendants and their son, after proof that the estate of his father was insolvent.” “The defendant Samuel having died before the taking the account, the objections came from his surviving wife …”

1880 - Jan. 25 - Samuel C. Llewellyn Jr died.

1885 - John Lewellyn died Dec. 17 and buried Lewellyn Cemetery.   He was born May 13, 1808.   (His wife was Caroline.)

1886 - Margaret Lewellyn, wife of James, died.   She was born 1805.   Buried Lewellyn Cemeter

1890 - Caroline Lewellyn died. was buried March 27; she was married to John Lewellyn 6 Aug 1833.   Her head stone shows she was about 78 years of age.

1900 - Susanna Lewellyn died.   She was born Nov. 8, 1832.   She's buried in the Lewellyn Cemetery.

1905 - R. J. Lewellyn died May 28 and buried in Beaver Island Baptist Church Cemetery.   He was born May 10, 1840

1922 - Katie E. Lewellyn died Jan. 18.   She was born April 15, 1835

(NOTE:   Most of the above marriage records came from Llewellyn Traces, Sept. 1990)


1768 - William Lewellin listed on tax records

1844 - John Lewellin married Elizabeth A. Brown Nov. 11; bondsman Jno J. Shaver

Formed 1779 from Burke and Tyron

1782 - John Lewelin listed on tax records

1800 - Ruth Luallen married David Capshaw Dec. 20

1826 - Ruth Lewallen married William H. Ledbetter 2 June; bondsman Shadrach Lewlin (si) witness T. F. Birchett, D. (sic)   (see Buncombe County for Shadrach Lewellyn who was from Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewellyn's line.)

Created 1770 from Rowan

1851 - Thomas Lewellin married Jane Roberts 8 May 1851; bondsman John Robertson

1903 - J. H. Lewellyn died Nov. 18.   He was born 1830 in Rockingham County.   His wife was Sarah Elizabeth Pratt.   They had four boys, five girls, eight of whom survived him:   J. R. Lewellyn of Dobson, Richard Lewellyn of Elkin, Thomas Lewellyn and F. T. Lewellyn of Dobson, Mrs. Jack Cox, Mrs. Monroe Jarvis, Mrs. Bettie Davis and Miss Susan Lewellyn of Dobson

Created 1729 from Bertie, Chowan, Currituck, Pasquotank

1760's - John and Frances (Culpepper) Llewellyn came to Tyrrell County from Norfork, Virginia in the early 1760's.   John was from St. Mary's County, Maryland originally according to genealogists but I've found no documentation to support   The part of Tyrrell County where the Llewellyn lived became Martin County, NC. when Martin was formed 1774.   Frances Llewellyn's will was recorded in Martin County, NC dated 11-29-1770:
     I, Frances Lewelling of Tyrrell County, North Carolina, ...... memory thanks be given to...... last Will and Testament, principally..... I recommend my soul into the hands of ...... hoping through the merits, Death and...... Jesus Christ to have free ....on an forgive my sins and to inherit everlasting life the earth to be..... entered at the D.... hereafter named and as .....dispose of the same in the following .... I will and desire that all my just debts..... to any persons shall be paid. Item. I will and desire that the .... Blessed with to bless me with that I have got by my industry since the decease of my beloved husband, John Lewelling, be equally divided between my five children, John, Anna, Chloe, Lyddia, Abbey Lewelling. Item. I will .... Negroes that is my right and proper....I equally divide amongst my afore........ children and three grand children, William Manning, Willis Culpepper and Fanny Culpepper, and that the said William.....Share to their share but the seventh..... Item. I will and desire this..... heretofore mentioned .....lawfully begotten of their body that the said Negroes.....fall to them return to the said living children to be equally divided amongst the said living children or grand children heretofore mentioned. In testimony whereof I have hereunto hand and seal the day and year above written. Witnesses James Sherrod, Lyddia Sherrod, Robert P. Sherrod

1761-Daniel McLamb of Tyrell Co. to John LEWELLING of same, 29 Aug 1761 for 5 pounds proclomation 200A on No. side of Conneto Cr. adj Wm. Everett. signed Daniel (x)McLamb. Wit:   William Wailes, Willilam Smith, Richard Taylor. Sep Court 1761  

1774 - Martin County formed.   (See that county for more on John Lewellen)

1790 Census shows James, Stephen, and Thomas WILEY

UNION COUNTY (formed from Anson)

1841 - Feb. 6.   William C. Lewellen sells his portion of his father's (Jesse Lewallen) land to L. B. Lewellen.   Note:   L.B. Lewellen is thought to be a son or the wife of Jacob Lewellen who was deceased and Jacob was the son of Jesse.

   The county was formed in 1771 from parts of Cumberland County, Johnston County, and Orange County. It was named for Margaret Wake, wife of Governor William Tryon. The first courthouse was built at a place called Wake Courthouse, commonly known as Bloomsbury. In 1771, the first elections and court were held, and the first militia was formed.
   Wake County lost some its land area during the subsequent formation of other new counties. Portions were taken by Franklin County in 1787 and by Durham County in 1881 and 1911.
   Wake County is divided into 20 townships: Bartons Creek, Buckhorn, Cary, Cedar Fork, Holly Springs, House Creek, Leesville, Little River, Marks Creek, Meredith, Middle Creek, Neuse, New Light, Panther Branch, Raleigh, St. Mary’s, St. Matthew’s, Swift Creek, Wake Forest, and White Oak

(See Prince Edward County, Virginia, for previous info on the Lewallens)

1789 - By this year, Jesse Lewellen was in the county.   He was from Prince Edward County, Virginia.

1790 - Census shows:   Moses Laulin (one male under 16, one male over and one female) and Jesse Loalan
The census also shows John Sherring

? -   Date unknown but between 1771 and 1796 A deed from Jesse Lewellen to Moses Lewellen proved by George Barbee.
? - Date unknown but between 1771 and 1796 a bill of sale # 653-274 from Thomas Brown to Anderson Lewellen was duly proven in open Court by the Oath of John Molley a Witness thereto and ordered to be registered.

1793 - Andrew Leutian Lewellen was born oct. 7.   He died Nov. 30, 1873 Scott County, TN.   (Son of Anderson Lewellen.)   (Following from the History of Morgan County, TN)
Andrew L. Lewallen begins in Stirrup Iron Creek, Wake County North Carolina where he was born the son of Anderson and Lucy Rice Lewallen, October 7, 1793. In 1811, when Andrew was 18 years old, they relocated to Roane County, Tennessee. The family settled around Wolf Creek, an area that would become part of Morgan County in 1817. These family members were Anderson and wife Lucy Lewallen, sons William L., Joel, Andrew, Wiley, Thomas and one unknown son. Daughter Polly and 3 unknown daughters. The "unknowns" are based on the 1800 Wake County, NC US census.

1794 - Moses Lewellen was born Nov. 11.

1795 - Jesse Lewellen married Delpha Fogaty (sic) 30 March; bondsman Anderson Lewellen; witness J. Rice

1797 - "Wake County North Carolina County Court Minutes", 1797-1800, Book IV; a deed from Aaron Johnson to Clabourn Lewellen, dated December 1797
1797 - December     A deed from Jesse Luellen Senr to Jesse Luellen Jnr. was in open Court duly proved by the Oath of Going Barbee a witness thereto and Ordered to be Registered.

1800 - Census shows, Hillsborough District:
Jesse Lewellin, 2 males 0-10, 1 male 16-26 (1774-1784), 1 female 26-45 (1755-1774)
Anderson Lewellin, 3 males 0-10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45,(1755-1774)   3 females 0-10, 1 female 16-26
Francis Lewellin, 2 males 0-10, 1 male 10-16, 1 female 0-10, 1 female 16-26 (1774-1784)
   NOTE:   1788 Prince Edward County, VA. Moses Lewallen married Frances Chumbley.   The Francis in this census was probably Moses
1800 - Obediah Fluellen with 4 males under 16, 1 male over, 2 females
Also in Hillsborough District was John Shearing and John Shearing Jr.

1800 - F. John Carlton shown in census, Hillsborough district with 4 males under 10, 1 male 16-25, one male 26-44, one femal under 10 and one female 26-44.   There is a posting that states Wylie Lewallen married Mary Carlton.   Substantiated?  

Hillsorough District Militia 1776-1783:

1803 - Joel Lewallen born June 10 Stirup, Iron Creek, son of Anderson Lewallen.   He died Mar. 11, 1883 Scott County, TN.   His wife was Rachel Taylor; they married ca 1828 Morgan Co TN.   She was born June 9, 1798.

1803 - Deed Bk T, pg 317, 17 December 1803 Clabon Leweling purchased 95 acres from Thomas Johnson, lying on both sides of Kits Creek. (thanks to Sue Cooper)

1804 - 1804-1807, Book VI   Jesse Luellen sold to Joseph Alley some property

1805 - Jackson Lewellen born ca 1805 and died 1785-1788 (documentation needed )- said to be the son of Anderson

1806 - Deed Bk T, pg 370 7 August 1806, Claborne Lewelling sold to Edmund D. Ford 50 acres.   This property adjoins Thomas Johnson.   (Gibson Mainord was one of the witnesses to this deed and he moved to Tennessee) (thanks to Sue Cooper)   (Note Edmund D. and Eliza Ford were witnesses to the Will of of a Lewallen in Prince Edward County.
1806 - Deed Bk U, pg 370, 12 September 1806, Claborn Lewelling sold to James Morris, 95 acres.   This deed was recorded at the May Term 1808
NOTE:   Clabourn was in Warren County, KY by 1810 and by 1816 was in Maury County, TN (per Sue Cooper).
1806 - Jesse Lewallen sold 50 acres to Moses Roberts on 3 Sept 1806, Recorded Deed Bk T, pg 393.   This property joined Moses Lewelling's corner, this is the husband of Frances, because their son Moses was not old enough in 1806 to be mentioned in a deed.   Even though Moses (Sr) was already deceased, the property was still referred in his name.   Property is on Kitts Creek   (thanks to Sue Cooper)
1806 - Deed Bk T, pg 400 Jesse sold 65 acres to Moses Roberts, property on Kitts Creek.  

1808 - John Lewellen married Nancy Roberts 26 December; bondsman William Smith; witness K. Jones   (Note:   John Lewellen is probably the one who died 1860 in Jackson County, Alabama.   Nancy is shown in the 1860 as being born 1790.   He was 3 years older according to the info.)

1809 - William L. Lewellen born August 2.   Died Nov. 16, 1897 Knox TN.   Married Nancy Wallace.   Said to be the son of Anderson Lewellen.  

1810 - Jesse, Anderson and Francis are not in census and probably have moved to Tennessee

1810 - Francis Lewellin made a purchase at the Estate sale of Aaron Johnston, dec'd on on 13 May 1810.   (thanks to Sue Cooper for most info about Francis, Jesse and Moses Lewallen)  

1811 - Francis Lewellin and Aaron Roberts attended an Estate sale on 13 Sept of Edmund Ford and made a purchase.   Note Edmund D. Ford named above.   He is also witness to the Wills of Richard Lewallen 1785 and Thomas Lewallen 1787 in Prince Edward County.   (Note John Lewellen married Nancy Roberts - any connection?)

1816 - Rhody Lewellen married John Scogin 5 February; bondsman John Lewellen, witness Nathl J. Pride (This marriage is also recorded in Orange County, N.C.)

1819 - Francis Lewallen bought 186 1/2   acres from Solomon Roberts, witnessed by Aaron Roberts.   (A little triangle as his mark.)   This property also joins Aaron Roberts.   Deed Bk 3, pg 195   (Note the mentions of Roberts above.)

1820 - Francis Lewellen sold 50 acres to William Lewellen on 17 May.   Francis signed with an X, Moses Lewellen, one of the witnesses, also signed with an X.   Mitchell Oliver also signed as witness.   The property was located on Kitts Creek.   (Claiborne Lewallen also lived on Kitts Creek)

1821 - Moses Lewelln married Matilda Oliver Oct. 27

1827 - Caroline Flewellen. She was born on 12 November 1827 in Wake County, North Carolina. She married Josiah Evans, the marriage bond date being 17 September 1846,   Wake County.   Bondsman: Joel Clifton   Witness: James T Marriot   (Her marriage bond shows Caroline Flu Ellen.   They moved to Tuscaloosa AL 1852-1855 where she died Aug. 18, 1896; she's buried in the Liberty Hill Primitive Baptist Church Cemeter.

(NOTE:   Most of the marriage records above came from Llewellyn Traces, Sept. 1990)

1830 Census shows:
   Ellen, Micajah (Probably Fluellen)   3 males under 5     3 males of 5 and under 10
1 male of 10 and under 15     1 male of 40 and under 50     1 female of 10 and under 15
1 female of 30 and under 40
   Ellen, William (probably Fluellen)     2 males under 5     1 male of 5 and under 10
1 male of 40 and under 50     2 females under 5     1 female of 5 and under 10
1 female of 10 and under 15   1 female of 15 and under 20     1 female of 40 and under 50
   Fluellin, Allen,     1 male of 30 and under 40     1 female under 5     1 female of 20 and under 30
   Lewelling, John     1 male under 5     1 male of 10 and under 15     5 males of 15 and under 20     1 male of 40 and under 50
   Lewelling, Moses     1 male under 5     1 male of 5 and under 10     1 male of 30 and under 40     1 female under 5     1 female of 5 and under 10     1 female of 20 and under 30
   Lewelling, Wm.     1 male of 20 and under 30     1 female of 50 and under 60

1830 - Tax list - William Lewellin entered   o acres for himself but 238 acres for Francis
Moses Lewelling entered 0 acres for himself.

1840 census shows:
   Ellen, Howel (probably Fluellen)   1 male of 15 and under 20     1 male of 40 and under 50     1 female of 15 and under 20
   Ellen, Micajah     1 male of 10 and under 15     1 male of 15 and under 20     3 males of 20 and under 30     1 male of 50 and under 60     1 female of 20 and under 30
1 female of 50 and under 60
   Ellen, Micajah       1 male under 5     1 male of 20 and under 30     1 female of 20 and under 30
   Ellen, Redley (widow of Allen)   1 male of 5 and under 10   1 female of 20 and under 30
   Ellen, William     1 male of 10 and under 15     1 male of 20 and under 30     1 male of 60 and under 70     1 female of 5 and under 10     2 females of 10 and under 15
2 females of 20 and under 30     1 female of 40 and under 50

Formed 1779 from Craven and Dobbs

1784 - (from GenForum posting) Joseph Dawson Sr. whose will was probated in April Court 1784, Wayne Co. NC named sons William, Isaac, Joel, Thomas and Jesse and eight daughters. I do know that his youngest and only child by second wife Patience Pike Scriven Dawson was Jesse and he removed to Ohio by 1807. Patience and Jesse were Quakers and Jesse married Elizabeth Doudna in 1807 at Stillwater MM in Belmont Co. Ohio. The other sons of Joseph Sr. appear on the 1790 Census of Wayne or Dobbs Co. William appears on the 1800 Wayne Co. NC census, Thomas in Lenoir Co. NC Joel in Robeson Co. NC and Isaac in Duplin Co. In short I do not believe any of these men went to Tennessee although some of their sons could have. I have not traced all the lines. I descend from William and have that line as well. William had sons
John, Joseph, William, Isaac, Matthew, and Wilson. Most of these however did move away but I do not know where. I descend from this last Joseph who removed to Sampson Co. Some of his children removed to Arkansas

1788 - Moses Johnston made his will in Wayne County August 26, 1788; it was probated in October Court, 1788. Terms: to son JAMES, five shillings sterling money (including a debt of 45 barrels of corn); son WILLIAM, a small pot and pothooks, 3 pewter plates; son MOSES, five shillings sterling money; son ROBERT, the same; son AARON, 100 acres adjoining Richard Pearce, a bay mare, saddle and bridle; son AMOS, 100 acres adjoining the fork of the Swamp and Great Branch and also adjoining JAMES Johnston, and a young horse, cow, calf, and a gun; daughter REBECCA FAULK, a heirfer and an old side saddle; daughter ALSE Johnston, 100 acres on Great Branch, a bed stead, and furniture; daughter SARAH Johnston, a bed stead, and furniture; daughter EDITH Johnston, a bed and furniture; daughter RACHEL Johnston, all sheep. He called Michael Fulgham and William Powell friends, and named them executors; witnesses were Willoby Rogers, Hardy Talton, and Simon Branch. (Wayne County, Wills & Settlement of estates, 1, 1782-1791, p. 61).
(NOTE:   See Wake County for Aaron Johnston)

Sue Cooper - Jul 17, 2010

Francis Lewallen is not found on the 1810 NC census, but she is still in Wake Co. as evidenced by "Abstract of Record of Wills, Inventories, Settlements of Estates" 1802-1812 Wake County, North Carolina" Vol II by Frances Holloway Wynne;   Francis Lewellin made a purchase at the Estate sale of Aaron Johnston, dec'd on on 13 May 1810.   She attended another Estate sale on 13 Sept 1811 of Edmund Ford and made a purchase.

The 1820 census for Wake Co., NC was destroyed but according to the tax list both Francis Lewelling and a Wm Lewelling were still in Wake   Co.   Unfortunately, there is no way for us to be able to determine an age other than the fact they would both be over 21 for them to be on a tax list.

Moses Lewallen married Matilda Oliver 27 October 1821 in Wake   Co., NC.  

Moses Lewelling is found on the 1830 Wake Co., NC Census age 30-40; he has 1 male <5, 1 male 5-10; 1 female <5, 1 female 5-10 and 1 female 20-30.

There is also a William Lewelling on this 1830 census, he is age 20-30.   There is an older female in his household age 80-90.   According to the 1830 Tax List, this would be Francis.   William Lewellin entered   o acres for himself but 238 acres for Francis.   Moses Lewellin entered 0 acres for himself.

Kay McKinnon - Jul 19, 2010

Francis very well may be a man rather than a woman.

Sue Cooper - Jul 19, 2010

Moses Lewelling married Francis Chumbley. Daughter of John Cumbley, Surety Jesse Lewelling, 14 January 1788, in Prince Edward Co., VA.   Moses Laulin is found on the 1790 Wake Co., NC census, with his family which includes 1 w/m <16, 1 w/m 16 & ^, 1 w/f.   Moses is not on the 1800 Wake Co., NC census, but Francis Lewallen has 2 males <10, 1 male 10-15; 1 female <10 and 1 female 16-25; there is no male in this household old enough to be head of household, therefore Francis is the female head of household.