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Virginia Death Records 1690s

Virginia Death Records 1750

Note:   The 1812 War records shows a Benjamin Lewellen in the 4th Regiment (Woods) and a Samuel Lewellen in the same regiment.   Who were they?
There was a Thomas Lallen in the 2nd Regiment (Evan's) Virginia Militia.   Who was he?

Amelia County was formed 1734 from Brunswick and Prince George counties

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Some history of Amelia County:
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1736 -   This Indenture made this ninth day of September 1736 Between Charles Burkes of Amelia County of the one part and Daniel Lewellin of the same County of the other part Witnesseth that the said Charles Burkes for his Love and affection which he hath and beareth towards his son Daniel Lewellin above named but more especially for and in consideration of the sum of five pounds to him in hand paid the rec’d whereof he hereby acknowledges that given granted and by these presents does freely absolutely and clearly give and grant to the said Daniel Lewellin his heirs and assignees forever Two hundred acres of Land lying in the County of Amelia on the lower side of Flatt Creek. Beginning at a Beach on the head line me— of Charles Burkes Junr. Thence along Charles Burkes Junr. Joins to a line of __ trees. Thence along that line to the said Burkes side . Line thence up the said line to the beginning it being part of one thousand acres of land granted to the said Charles Burkes, patent together with all appurtenances to the same belonging to have and hold the aforesaid two hundred acres of land with the afore written premises and all its Appurtenances unto the said Daniel Lewellin and his heirs forever in witness whereof the said Charles Burkes hath hereunto set his hand and seal this day and year above written.
     Signed Sealed and Delivered       his     Charles C. Burkes     mark
In presence of Tho Coompton, Edw.d Booker junr     Langford Owen
     At Court held for Amelia County November 12, 1736 Charles Burkes Senr acknowledged this his deed to Daniel Lewellin which is ordered to be recorded.
     Samuel Cobb   ClCt

1740 - Joseph Rice deed land to his son Icay Rice on Sandy River.   Mentions James Logan's line.   Witnesses David Rice, Joseph Rice and Richard Blanton.   (It's said this deed was in Prince Edward County, but that county hadn't been formed yet.  

1750 - ca and undocumented.   Charles Lewellen was born..   He died 1804 in Campbell County.   He had a son, Greenberry, who married 1809 in Campbell County to Elizabeth Carter.   Greenberry and Elizabeth's daughter, Lucinda T. Lewellen was born 1811 Missouri and married John Standifer Ferguson.   This information was found on a query on the internet and has not been substantiated.   There doesn't seem to be record of Chrles in this county.   See Bedford and Campbell

1752 - THOMAS LEWELLIN, inventory of estate
Will Book 1, Amelia County, Wills 1735 –  1761, Bonds 1735 –  1754, by Gibson Jeffers McConnaughey
William Craddock, adm. For Thomas LEWELLIN, deceased, 28 May 1752, p. 56
Thomas LEWELLING, estate returned 25 June 1752 value 15/5/1, settlement mentions Jesse LEWELLING, Charles Burk, John Nash, William Craddock Richard Burk & Mr. Ligon (for coffin & digging grave) among others.
For more on the inventory, see this posting:
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1752 –  Wills and Administrations Shows RICHARD LEWELLIN

1752 - Richard Burke and Charles Burke of Amelia mentioned in estate sale of Thomas Lewelling.

1753 - William Craddock of the County of Amelia sells to SUSANNAH LEWELLING and to JESSE LEWELLING, her son of the same county.   (Susannah was the wife of THOMAS LEWELLIN)
Amelia County Deed Book 4, page 549:
         This indenture made this County fourth day of May in Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty three between William Craddock of the County of Amelia of the one part and Susannah Lewelling and Jesse Lewelling her Son of the same County of the other part Witnesseth that the said William Craddock for and in consideration of the sum of ten pounds current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the said Susannah Lewelling and Jesse Lewelling her Son __ receipt whereof he the said William Craddock doth hereby acknowledge have granted bargained sold aliened released and confirmed and by those presents do grant bargain sell alien release and confirm unto the said Susannah Lewelling for and during her life or widowhood and after her death or marriage to her son Jesse Lewelling and to his heirs and assigns forever one certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Amelia containing seventy acres be the same more or less and is all the land that lies on the South side of a small branch that makes out of a Great Branch of Sandy River and is part of a tract of two hundred and eighteen acres of land granted to the said William Craddock by patent bearing late the tenth day of October one thousand seven hundred and fifty two and all the estate   rite title intrust was ___ property claim and demand of him the said William Craddock on in and to the said land and promises and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders hereofwith there and every of there appurtenance unto the said Jesse Lewelling and his heirs assigns forever after the death or marriage of his mother Susannah Lewelling to the only proper use and ___ of him the said Jesse Lewelling his heirs assigns forever and the said William Craddock for himself his heirs executors and administrators do covenant grant and agree to and with the said Susannah and Jesse Lewelling her Son his heirs and assign in manner and form following that is to say that Mr. William Craddock now is and ___ ___ and ritefully seized of the aforesaid land and promises with the appurtenances and hath good ritefull power and absolute authority to grant and convey the same to the said Susannah and Jesse Lewelling and to his heirs and assigns forever and that it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Jesse Lewelling his heirs and assigns and every of them from time to time and at all times forever hereafter. After the death or marriage of his Mother Susannah Lewelling to have __ __ occupy possess and enjoy all and singular the above mentioned land and promises with there and every of her appurtenances free and clear of and from all encumbrances. Whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever by those present defend & witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.
     William Craddock
Signed sealed and delivered
in presents of (no names)
         Memorandum that __ and __ of the within granted land and promises was made by the within named William Craddock to the within named Susannah and Jesse Lewelling according to the form and effect of the within deed.
     William Craddock
         Received May 24th 1753 of Susannah and Jesse Lewelling the __ money mentioned in the within Deed.           William Craddock
         At Court held for Amelia County the 24th day of May 1753 William Craddock __ into ___ and presented and acknowledged this his Deed for land and livery and __ and receipt endorsed __ to Susanna and Jessee Lewelling which is ordered to be recorded.
       Samuel Cobbs, Clerk

1754 - Amelia County VA Deed Book 5, pages 132-133:
         This indenture made the fourth day of April in the twenty seventh year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Second and in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and fifty four Between Daniel Lewelling of the parish of Raleigh in the County of Amelia of the one part and George Burck of the parish and County aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary for and in consideration of the sum of fifty pounds currant of Virginia to them in hand paid by the said George Burck at or by the first day of April next ensuring the date hereof the receipt whereof he the said Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary doth hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained and sold alienes[?] enscoffed?] and confirm unto the said George Burck his heirs and assigns forever all that tract of parcel of land situated lying and being in the parrish of Raleigh and County of Amelia aforesaid on the lower side of the beaver pond branch of Flatt Creek containing by estimation one hundred acres more of less being part of two thousand one hundred and twenty acres granted Samuel Cobbs by patent bearing date the third day of June One thousand seven hundred thirty two and is bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at an Elm in the beaver pond branch of the said creek thense along George Burkes line to Col. Harrissons corner hickory thense along the said Harrissons line to a white oak in the first small branch thence down the said branch as it meanders to the Beaver pond branch near the said Creek thence up the said beaver pond branch to the beginning with all woods underwoods swamps low grounds meadows floodings profit.   Commodities advantages involvements[?] hereditaments[?] and appurtenances whatsoever to the said tract or parcel of land belonging or in any wise… appurtaining and also the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders ranks and services of all and singular the said premises above mentioned and of every part and parcel thereof and all the estate right title interest claim and demand whatsoever of him the said Daniel Lewelling of in or to the premises or any part thereof to have and to hold all and singular the said tract or parcel of land and premisses above mentioned and every part and parcel thereof with the Appurtenances unto the said George Burcks his heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behalf of the said George Burcks his heirs and assigns forever and the said Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary for themselves their heirs and assigns doth covenant and grant to and with the said George Burcks his heirs and assigns that he the said Daniel Lewelling his wife Mary and their heirs shall and will warrant and forever defend the above granted premises from the claim and demand of all persons whatsoever in witness wherefore the said Daniel Lewelling hath hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first above written.
             his   Daniel     x       Lewelling       mark
             her   Mary     x Lewelling           mark
In presents of us Test: Thomas Wren, John Roberts. John Bently
           Memorandum That on the day and year within written full peaceable and quiet possession and seissin of the lands and premises within mentioned was had and taken by the within named Daniel Lewelling and his wife Mary and by them Delivered unto the within named George Burck to hold to him his heirs and assigns forever according to the true intent and meaning of the within Deed.
         his     Daniel     X     Lewelling       mark
         her     Mary     X     Lewelling           mark
In presence of us   Test: Thomas Wren         John Roberts

1754 - PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY formed from Amelia

1759 -   Oct 22 Richard Burks of Amelia and and Jesse Llewelling witnessed the Will of William Ligon.

1760 - John Chumbley is shown in the reconstructed census.   He was the father of Frances Chumbley who married Moses Lewelling in Prince Edward County 1788 and Jesse Lewelling was the bondsman.

1764 - Marriage   December 4, Stephen Cocke and Amy Jones, daughter of Richard Jones, who consents.   Witness to consent:   Llewellyng Jones and Andrew Redford.   Surety Llewellyn Jones

1766 - May 15, Marriage of John Crane and MARY LEWELLING, surety ALEXANDER LEWELLING
   Note:   John Crane MAY have been a son of Ambrose Crain whose family moved into Rowan, Surry and Wilkes NC., Knox Co., TN - this needs more research.

1766 - Llewelling Jones land sezied.

1786 - Apr 29 Abraham Forrest of Amelia County sells to ANDERSON LEWELLING for 36 L a tract of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres.   Witnesses were John Smith, RICHARD LEWELLING and JESSE LEWELLING

1786 –  May 13 Nicholas Vaughan and Elizabeth, his wife, of Prince Edward County, sells to JOHN LEWELLING of the same County for L 50 a tract of land in said county and in Amelia County containing 50 acres, adjoining lands of among others, ANDERSON LEWELLING.   Witnesses were RICHARD LEWELLING, ANDERSON LEWELLING, MOSES LEWELLING

1788 - MOSES LEWELLING married Franches Chumbley.   JESSE LEWELLING was the bondsman.   (See Wake County, N.C.)

1804 - Moses Lewelling married Sally Grant in December

1810 - No Lewallens or variations in census

1820 - No Lewallens or variations in census

Bedford County was formed 1753 from Albemarle and Lunenburg counties

1789 - Aug. 8 SUSANNAH LEWELLEN married William McIntire

1794 - Will of John Hall, Written: May 10, 1794. Recorded: September 22, 1794.
Wife: Magdalene.   Sons: Matthew, William, Elisha, Jesse, Hezekiah, John.
Daughters: Tabitha, KEZIAH.   Executor: wife Magdalene.  
Witnesses: William Hancock, John Hancock, John Hall Jr.   (Note:   a Keziah Hall married Charles Lewallen)

1804 - April 17.   County unknown but presumed to be Bedford.   Asa Lewellen is born, probably the son of Charles.   Asa moved to Cedar Missouri with his family after his last child, Nancy, was born 1851.  

1810 - No Lewallens or variations in census

1812 - There was a Green B. Lewellen in the 5th Regiment of the Virginia Militia and is listed three times.   Was this the same as the Greenberry in Bedford County?

1814 –  May 13 -   GREEN B. LEWELLEN to Jonathan Cundiff, his 1/7th interest in the lands of his father, CHARLES LEWELLEN, deceased; that will fall to him after the death of his mother, ELIZABETH LEWELLEN; Charles Lewellen’s Will is recorded in Campbell County, Va.   (See Amelia and Campbell Counties)

1817 - December - Anderson Lewellin to be bound to John Fizer.

1818 - December - Asa Lewellin to be bound to John Fizer (the orders are similar for Asa and Anderson) At the motion of John Watt it is ordered that the overseer of the poor bind Asa Lewellin to John Fizer.
1818 –  Dec. 24 - GREEN B. LEWELLEN from William Hopkins, et ux.   Lots 1 abd   #8 in the town of Little York
1818 - J. Ayres vs G. Lewellin.   Judgment in favor of plaintiff.

1819 –  Jan. 30 -   MARY LEWELLEN (of   Pr. Edw. Co) from Hy Campbell’s heir ? acres, head waters of Little Otter River
1819 –  Dec. 6 -   GREEN B. LEWELLEN (Mortgaged) to Alex Kasey, personal property
1819 - May   Court order that the indentive bindary Asa Lewellin to John Fizer be ammended in this Viz. that the age of the said Asa Lewellin be inserted as of the age of fifteen the 17th of April last, and the John Fizer be bound to give him that education which is usual to apprentices and the law requires.

1820 –  Census shows, among others:
   SALLY LUALLEN, female 45 up, male 16-26 in the Northern District
   GREEN B. LEWELLEN, 26-45; female 26-45; male 0-10; 2 females 0-10; male 0-10 in the Southern District

1821 -   WILLIAM LEWELLEN married Frances Hodges
1821 - Aug. 6 -   WILLIAM J. LEWELLEN married   Susanna Tyler (surety –  John Tyler)
1821 - March   Overseer of the poor summoned to show why Asa Lewellin has not been bound.   To show cause if any they can why they have not bound Asa Lewellin to John Fizer agreeable to an order of this court.   (Anderson and Asa’s mother was listed as   Sally Lewellin)

1822 –  Sept. 12 - GREEN B. LEWELLEN to Sheriff J. H. Otey 8-1/4 acres, he declared himself an insolvent debtor and assigned his land to the sheriff to get out of debtor’s prise.

1823 –  Jan. 30.   WILLIAM J. LEWELLEN to James McGline, personal property, including a set of shoemaker’s tools
1823 –  May 28 - MARY LEWELLEN from Hy Campbell’s heirs, 70 acres, joining Mrs.Lewellen’s land on headwaters of Little Otter

1825 - Anderson Johnson Lewallen was born March 30.   He died Jan. 1, 1879 in Hancock Co., IL.

1826 -   Will dated Jan. 16 of MARY LEWELLEN, probated May 22, 1826 named son WILLIAM A. LEWELLEN and Lucy Oliver's children
1826 –  Feb. 27 -   WILLIAM A. LEWELLEN (Frances S.) to Thos. R. Oliver, 50 acres, waters of Little Otter

1827 - Dec. 10 -   ASA LEWELLEN married Lucinda Parker (Ezra)

1830 –  April 3 –  GREEN B. LEWELLEN to William Ore, personal property
1830 –  Census shows:
   GREEN B. LEWELLEN, 30-40; female 30-40; male 15-20; female 15-20; male 10-15; female 10-15; male 5-10; male 0-5; 2 females 0-5 (Neighbors included Holden, Parker, Johnson, Kennell)
   WILLIAM LEWELLEN 20-30; female 30-40; female 5-10; male 5-10; male 0-5; female 0-5
   ASA LEWELLEN 20-30; female 20-30; female 0-5; male 0-5
   SALLY LEWELLEN 1 female 20-30, 1 female50-60

1830 - Green B. Lewellen sent to 10 years prison for passing counterfeit money.   He served two years and was pardoned 1832.

1832 - See 1830 above re Green B. Lewellen

1835 - Feb. 23 - CHARLES LEWELLEN married Keziah Hall

1840 –  Census shows:
   SALLY LEWELLEN 50-60; female 20-30

1841 - At the division of the lands of Elisha Hall, Lot #9, 6-1/4 acres was assigned to KEZIAH LEWELLEN on Feb. 15
1841 - ASA LEWELLIN was witness to a marriage of his sister-in-law.
NOTE:   By 1860 Asa and Lucinda Lewellen were in Cedar County, Missouri

1846 –  Dec. 27 -   CHARLES LEWELLEN (Keziah) to James K. Sheon, his wife’s interest in Elisha Hall’s land on Rock Castle Creek

1850 –  Census shows:

1855 –  May 17 -   CHARLES C. LEWELLEN (Keziah C.) to James K. Shoan, 62-1/4 acres, lot #9 in the partition of the lands of Elisha Hall
1855 - SALLY LEWELLEN died, per Library of Congress

1860 - Sept. 23 - SARAH E. LEWELLEN married William M. Lust
1860 - Census shows A. A. LEWELLEN, Elizabeth, age 57, Virginia, Mary, age 19, Virginia
A.A., Jr. age 15, Virginia

1863 - Anderson J. Lewallen was in the Civil War.   It showed him born 1825 Virginia and residing in Warsaw, Hancock County, Illinois in 1863.

1869 - A.A. Lewellen, Jr., age 24, Virginia, married in September, 1869. To Marry Mollie Burnett.   Monnie E. Burnett was age 18 born Ohio.   By 1880, Mary Lewallen age 28, was living with Hiram Burnett age 69 (born New Jersey) in Champaign, Illinois

1870 -   Census shows A.A. Lewellen, Sr., age 67, Virginia, Elizabeth, age 69, Virginia

For Bedford County –  TO BE USED AS A GUIDE ONLY:
The following information was submitted by Mrs. Barbara M. Hunt:


“Llewellyn is one of the most famous of the old Welsh names.   Wales united with England 300 years before Scotland, and the Llewellyns started moving into England from Wales about the time of Edward I.   they were great fighters and were noted as joining the English army and joining in many battles.   Shakespeare’s ‘Fluellen’ is a jocular way of spelling the name.   (From ‘English Surnames’ by C. M. Mathews).

“The first Llewellin (one spelling) to be on record in America was Daniel Llewellin who patented land in Charles City, Va. In 1653.   In 1680 he was a Justice and Captain of Militia. (Va. Hist. Mag. Vol 4, p. 6)   Dnalie Llewellin, who was Justice of Charles City in 1699 and 1702 was probably his son.   A third Daniel Llewellin, who is probably the grandson of the first mentioned, is mentioned in the Amelia Co. records as receiving a gift of 200 acres from Charles Burkes (who patented 100 acres originally in this country.)   the nature of this gift was a wedding present because Daniel Llewellin is on record as having married Mary Burke in 1763, the date of the gift.

“Now we move up to 1785 in Prince Edward Co. which was formed in 1755 from part of Amelia Co and therefore can be assumed as the same location.   We now find the following recorded Llewellins.   (However the name is now spelled Lewellen which is as we find our direct ancestor).   The Lewellens in Prince Edward co. in 1785 are:

Sons of Daniel:   Jesse (had sons John, Jesse, Claiborne & Moses), Charles, William (died 1790, left 2 sons Enoch & Aaron), Richard (son of Daniell & Mary Burkes Lewellen)
Grandsons of Dan’l:   Thomas (died 1788 childless), Anderson (brother of Thomas), Moses, John (died 1788 childless, son of Jesse Sr)

“(In the above Daniel’s Will, proved 18 July 1785, he left everything to his wife Mary, to be delivered upon her death to their son Richard, and to be distributed among their other children and grandchildren at Mary’s choice.   This indicates that Richard was the oldest son, but doesn’t give us any information as to the actual names of the other sons, if any.)

“However, by comparing records from several sources, we now know that there were several Lewellens in this area which is a short days ride (by horse) to Campbell and Bedford Counties, where we find two William Lewellens, both married in the year 1821 in Bedford County.   These could e the sons of the brothers, Enoc and aaron, the sons of William, who are not found in the records of Prince Edward Co. after the death of their father in 1790.   Perhaps their widowed mother moved with them to the nearby county of Bedford.   We do know that the first William Lewellen married Hannah Smith 17 February 1783 in Prince Edward Co so it does give us her maiden name.

“The other William married a Miss Hodges in February of 1821.

“Our William J. Lewellen married Susannah Tyler on 6 August 1821, in Bedford Co. and her brother John Tyler acted as Surety.   (Surety meant someone who acted as ‘security’ in guaranteeing debts to be paid, usually the dowry in a marriage.)


“William and Susannah were married in Bedford Co. Virginia on 6 August 1821.   They lived there for the next ten or more years and had most if not all of their seven children there.   (We do know that their daughter Sarah who was the youngest daughter and third from youngest child, was born in Virginia as stated in the 1850 U.S. Census when she was the wife of Hardin R. Wright, aged 18.)

“About 90% of the population in these times was making a living by farming and William was one of the 10% otherwise engaged.   In 1823 in Bedford Co. William J. Lewellen is listed as selling some personal property, including a set of shoemaker’s tools, so it may have been his trade.

“In the 1830’s his family migrated to Ohio and we found them in 1840 living near their sisters and parents (Tylers) in Highland co. town of Fairfield.   At that time they had 7 children, four sons and three daughters, who ranged in age from 20 to under 5.   Piecing together the information we have we can venture to guess the ages and names of them at this date;
   This is at the date 1840.   We are sure of the three youngest ages but are only in the area for the older ones.
   William 20, Eliza Ann 19, Nancy 18, Johnson 14, Sarah 8, Charles D. 6, Andrew Jackson 3

“Eliza Ann was married to Edward Smalley 13 Feb. 1845 in Highland Co.   William was married to Frances Lowman 11 Sept. 1851 in Highland Co.   Nancy is listed as the wife of John Murphey of Indiana in 1850.

“Susannah died 20 Oct. 1844, and William died sometime before 1850.   This left several minor children, who probably lived with their Tyler grandparents until the death of Daniel and Sarah (Tyler).   In 1850 (30 April) Charles D. Lewellen was placed under the guardianship of joseph Huff.   He is stated to be the heir of Daniel Tyler.   On 12 Dec. 1854, Andrew Jackson Lewellen was placed under the guardianship of William P. Hughey, aged 17 years, son of Wm. Lewellen, dec’d.

“In 1850 the children are listed as living:   WILLIAM LEWALLEN, CHARLES D. LEWALLEN, JACKSON LEWALLEN ‘all of ohio’; JOHNSON LEWALLEN, SARAH LEWALLEN ‘of Illinois’; NANCY LEWALLEN ‘now wife of John Murphy’ of Indiana, ELIZA ANN LEWALLEN ‘now wife of Samuel Murphy (?) of Indiana.

“so this all we know so far.   After the death of their parents, the children scattered to different states and lived out their lives far from each other.   In fact, Sarah even migrated to California, with her husband hardin R. Wright in 1870’s after spending some years in Missouri.”

ADDITIONAL NOTE which substantiates part of the above:   There is a Common Pleas County Record, Highland County Ohio naming a William Lewallen. "dec'd" William Lewallen Charles D Lewallen, Jackson Lewallen of Ohio, Sarah Lewallen, Johnson Lewellan of Illinois, John Murphy and Nancy Murphy his wife, late Nancy Murphy of Ill, Samuel Murphy and Eliza Ann Murphy his wife, late Eliza Ann Lewallan of Ind. and children and heirs at law of William and Susan Lewallen dec'd, who was a daughter of of Daniel Tyler" Now this Daniel Tyler of Bedford County Va. and ARW Vet who received land in Highland County Ohio as payment of war bonus. Daniel Tyler died March 10, 1843, Sarah Cash Tyler Died Dec 29, 1849. They had out lived several of their children. (per posting on GenForum)

From a posting on GenForum:

Asa Lewellen b. abt 1807 in VA
Posted by: Donna Williams Date: March 15, 2001 at 20:57:41
 of 35920  
I am looking for the parents and siblings of Asa Lewellen b: Abt. 1807 in Virginia. Married Lucinda Parker on December 10, 1827 in Bedford Co., VA
Children were:
John A. Lewellen b: Abt. 1830 in Virginia
Edith E. Lewellen b: Abt. 1832 in Virginia
Sarah E. Lewellen b: Abt. 1834 in Virginia
Carenia (Carria or Karamie) Lewellen b: Abt. 1837 in Virginia
Asa R. Lewellen b: Abt. 1840 in Virginia
Lucinda Lewellen b: Abt. 1842 in Virginia
Lucy (Jane) Lewellen b: 1844 in Virginia
Jacob N. Lewellen b: 1847 in Virginia
Nancy Lewellen b: 1850 in Virginia
Asa moved his family to Stockton, Cedar Co., MO by the 1860 census. Would like to exchange information with anyone researching this Lewellen line.


1774 - Elizabeth Lewellin, (also Llewellyn) an immigrant, was indentured this year.   She was born ca 1749, was literate and a convict.   She was a Welsh woman, smart, attractive and capable of any business.   She could read and write and may have forged a pass.   She had a sum of money which she brought to this country. (from immigration information).   More:  

1774 - appearing in newspaper at Williamsburg, June 2.
TEN POUNDS Reward. RUN away from the subscriber, in Botetourt, on the night of the first instant (May) two convict servants, viz. JOHN JONES, a shoemaker, born in Liverpool, but I believe can speak Welsh, of a yellow Complexion, brown hair, a large nose, and pitted with the small pox, about 36 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, round shouldered, thick made, stoops much in his walk, and has a scar on his right leg, occasioned by a wound when he followed the sea; had on, and took with him, a light coloured sailor's jacket, fearnought breeches, two shirts of country made linen, a pair of trousers, and osnabrigs to make another pair. I also miss a new pair of buckskin breeches, with John Stewart wrote on the inside of the waistband, which I suspect he has taken. ELIZABETH LEWELLIN, a Welsh woman, about 25 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, black hair, full faced, fresh and lusty, wants one of her fore teeth, and has a very remarkable scar on her throat; had on, and took with her, a new calico gown that buttons before, black calimanco petticoat and shoes, an old pair of green coloured stays, new striped country made linsey bedgown and petticoat, and sundry other clothes. She is smart and active, and capable of any business, can read and write, and probably may forge a pass. She has, I am informed, a sum of money which she brought into the country; and I imagine they will make for a seaport, as the man formerly followed the sea. Whoever takes up and secures the said servants, so that I get them again, shall have the above reward, besides what the law allows; and I forewarn all masters of vessels, and others, from carrying them off at their peril. PATRICK LOCKHART.

1774 -   Ord. that Elizabeth Lewelling serve Patrick Lockhart, her Master, three years to reimburse him eleven pounds, ten shillings and ten pence expended in getting her when run away and for twenty eight days up of time.

1780 - Per "Botetourt County, Virginia, Its Men 1780-1786" Thomas Lewellen was there 1780, 1781-, 1782, 1783, 1784, 1785, 1786.   Company in which he was taxed Capts. of Co. 16:1780-1783 - Pauling.   1784-1786 - Graham

1785 - Nov. Surveyor of the Road from the Bedford line to the Big Lick, for not keeping said road in repair; Thomas Lewelling for turning said road contrary to law.
1785 - Capt. Graham's District, Thomas Lewallen with 8 whites in household, 1 dwelling house, 0 other buildings

1791 - Sept 2 - Thomas Llewellyn died (needs verification).   He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.   Service under Capt. Daniel Trigg's Co. Militia per DAR record.   He was born ca 1750.

1791 - Nancy Lewellen married Richard Bandy.   Bondsman John Depew.   Witness:   Henry Bowyer, clerk of the court.   Consent:   Thomas Lewelen.   Witness John Depew and Joseph Richardson.   Sept.

1848 - Sarah Lewallen married William R. Blankenship June 13.   Bondsman Adam Lewallen, father.

Brunswick was formed 1720 from Prince George, Isle of Wight and Surry counties

1770 –  March 18 - THOMAS LEWELLING married Sarah Adams.  
1770 –  LISON LEWELLIN, born 1770 Brunswick County; married in Greensville County 1790.   (Note:   Thomas and Lison are shown in Greensville County in 1790)


1782-87 - va tAXPAYERS INCLUDES lEWELLEN, aLEX.   mCg   1/0

Campbell County was formed 1781 from Bedford County

1791 - Joseph Harrison married Mary Ann Gregory, Quaker ceremonty.   Some of the Quaker harrisons came from Talbot County, MD.   Whether Joseph did, hasn't been researched.

1795 - John BRADFIELD 's first mention in Quaker records is when John and his children (Joseph, Benjamin and Thomas) were received by request at the South River MM in Campbell Co., VA on 21 February 1795 (Hinshaw, Vol. VI: 299). Hannah wife of John BRADFIELD received on certificate from the Fairfax MM, Loudoun Co., VA dated November 25, 1795. It states that she was living in Campbell Co., VA for considerable time and condemned the conduct for which she stood disowned. Hannah was a daughter of George & Sarah (COX) BURSON of Loudoun Co., VA. Moreover, she is also more than likely not the mother of John's three children who came under the care of the Friends at Campbell Co., VA. There is a document purporting to be a transcript of the family bible for this family, copies of which are in circulation among descendants researching John BRADFIELD. The mother of Joseph, Benjamin and Thomas BRADFIELD is identified in the bible transcription as Mary (no surname). Moreover, a civil marriage took place between John BRADFIELD & Hannah READER on November 20, 1798 at Campbell Co., VA. John BRADFIELD was disowned for this act by the meeting for marriage contrary to discipline February 9, 1799

(See Bedford County for Charles Lewellen_
1803 –  Nov. 14/15 CHARLES LEWELLEN married   Mary Akers (Quaker).   Charles Lewellen (b) and John Akers (b).   M.R. 15 November 1803 by Henry Brown lists the groom as Charles Lewallin. (b = bond and w = witness)

1804 - Charles Lewellen (Sr)   is said to have died.   Charles was the father of Greenberry Lewallen who married Elizabeth A. Carter 1809.   He undoubtedly had other children as well, probably Charles who married Mary Akers 1803, as well as James, and Elizabeth (Sally) who married Richard Thurman 1805)   but a copy of his Will hasn't been obtained.

1805 –  Dec. 12 - SALLY LEWELLEN (Elizabeth) married Richard Thurman, surety JAMES LEWELLEN
1805 –  July 26 –  JAMES LEWELLEN married Sally Harrison (Quaker).   Morrison Bryan (b) and James Lewallen (b); Morrison Bryan (w) and James Bryan (w).

1809 –  Dec. 26 -   GREEN B. LEWELLEN married Elizabeth A. Carter (Quaker).   Green B. Lewellin (bond) and William George (bond); William Clement (witness) and William George, Jr. (witness)   It's said they were in Missouri by 1811 when their daughter, Lucinda, was born.

1810 - Census shows:
   CHARLES LEWELLEN 26-45; female 16-26; 3 females 0-10; 1 male 0-10
   JAMES LEWELLEN 16-26; female 16-26; female 0-10

1812 –  Mar. 5 - POLLY LEWELLEN (Elizabeth) married Ambrose Gills, surety JAMES LEWELLEN (Quaker)   (Question:   Was Polly and Sally (1804) the same person?

1816 –  Dec. 31 -   BETSY H. LEWELLEN (Elizabeth) married Richard Baugh (Quaker)

1820 –  Census shows:
     CHARLES LEWELLEN 45 up; female 26-45; female 16-26; 2 females 10-16; male 10-16; 3 males 0-10; 2 females 0-10; male 26-45; female 16-26
   JAMES LEWELLEN 26-45; female 26-45; female 10-16; 3 females 0-10; 2 males 0-10    
   ELIZABETH LEWELLEN 26-45; 2 females 26-45; 2 males 16-26

1823 –  July 14 -   JOHN LEWELLEN married Elizabeth Bryan (John) (Quaker)

1826 - CHARLES L. LEWALLEN (Jr??) died 4/4/1826 and is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Lynchburg.

1831 - Mary Lewallen died July 29 and is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Lynchburg.

1832 –  Sept. 22 -   JOHN LEWELLEN married Sarah Martin (Quaker)

1843 –  Jan. 19 -   ALFRED LEWELLEN married Frances Walker (Elizabeth)   Surety –  MARCUS LEWELLEN

1844 –  June 10 -   ANN E. LEWELLEN married Maurice Hamersley   (Quaker)

1849 –  Dec. 10 CATHERINE LEWELLEN married Simon P. Akers (Quaker)

Charles City County was an original shire and formed 1634

1620 -   Robert Hallam arrived in Virginia August on the Bonaventure.   Ann Price arrived the same year.   (Some of the Hallam information came from a posting on GenForum by William Roper.)

1623 –  Robert Halam is shown in the Virginia Muster of Feb. 16, 1623/4   and lived at “neck of the Land” and lived adjacent to Robert Hallam.

1624 - John PRICE is shown to be age 40 at January 20-February 7 1624/5, while his wife Ann is shown to be age 21

1628 –  John Price died.  

1633 -   Daniel Lewellin   of Chelmsford, Essex, England, was a 1633 headright, along with George Baker, of Henry Perry. Perry also claimed headrights of John Carpenter whose daughter would marry William Baker, grandson of the 1st John Baker. Perry's wife was the widow of Richard Pace, and the mother of Richard Baker's wife. Daniel Lewellin married Ann Baker, daughter of John Baker (1604-1654).   (sources unknown)

1634 –  Daniel Lewellin was a witness to a deed of Charles Manger 8 Feb. In 1634, Lewellin witnessed a land transaction at Flourdieu Hundred (Captain William Barker of Flourdieu Hundred),  
1634 - From "Early Virginia Families Along the James...." John Cawsey, Planter, of Chas. City in Va. unto Walter Auston, Gent of Causes Cleare, by estimation 200 acs neare Sherley hundred, S. upon Henry Watkins Cr., N upon the main land, E upon the Company land & W upon land of Robert Brown.   Consideration: 1,000 wt of Tobacco & 1 cowe already to him delivered.   Feb. 7, 1634, page 78, signed John Cawsey.   Witnesses:   Richard Milton, DANIELL LUELLIN

1636 –  Ralph Wyatt to Richard Johnson, Roger Davis and Abraham Wood –  21 yr lease.   Dated last day of Dec.   Witness DANIELL LEWELLIN
1636 –  Note this property was in Henrico County:
Patent of Robert HOLLOM
02 Jun 1636
To All to whome these presents shall come I Capt John West Esq. Governr etc send greeting etc. Whereas By Letters etc. Now Know yee that I the said Capt. John West Esq. doe wth the consent of the Councell of State accordingly give and grant unto Robert HOLLOM one Thousand acres of lande situate lying and being in the County of Henrico butting Southerly upon the land of Edward OSBORNE Westerly upon the maine river Northerly up towards the ffalls Easterly up into the maine woods the saide lande lying right opposite against a Creake called the fallen Creake. (The Saide one thousand acres of land being due unto the said Robert HOLLOM by and for the transportation at his owne expense coste and
charrges of twentie psons into this Colony whose namesare in the records mientaned Under this pattent To have and to hold etc. dated the second of June 1636.
Names:   James Place, Rich Ferris, Nobr? Perfitt, Jon Nickols, Richard Baly, Edwd Hollom, Tho Smith, Anah Clarke, Francis Nissell?, Humphrey G. ?? Zell?, John Read, Qirk Dixon, James Roddey, Barth Cooke, Masry Aston, Humphrey Cassell, James Hormer, Tho Morethorpe and two Negro all servants.

1637 –  “Cavaliers and Pioneers” shows Henry Perry, son and heir to Capt. Wm. Perry, 20000 acres known by name of Buckland, Chas. Cittee Co. 18 Dec.   Bequeathed by Will of his father 5 Aug. 1637.   One of the names appearing under this record is DANIELL LEWELLIN
1637 - "Early Virginia Families Along the James River, Their Deep Roots and Tangled Branches, Henrico County, Goochland County, Virginia" by Louise Pledge Heath Foley shows:
   Capt. Thomas Paulett, 2000 acs, Chas. Citty Co., 15 Jan. 1637, p. 514, Bounding to the River S, N.W. to the main Ewd. to land of Capt. Perry, W. upon Berkeley hundred land & extending by the river side from herring Cr to gutt of land dividing this from sd Berkley hundred, Due for the per. adv. of himself & brother Chiddock Paulett & trans. of 38 pers:   Jon Trussell, And. Hore (or Hooe), Edw. Shippey, Tho. Cox, Wm. Havert, Evan Morgan, JON. LEWELLIN, Walter Nichols, Jon. King, Phi. Major, Jon. Towell, Jon. Long, Rich. Carpenter, Jon Cuninghorm, Jon Beldam, Eliz. Clarke, Elias Tally, Tho. Gregory, Wm Cooper, Susan Hate, Wm Rose, David Flood, Peter Low, Robt. Chapyn.

1638 –  Robert Hallam died between Nov. 1637 and May 1638
1638 - 6 May, a regrant of Robert Hallom’s land to Ann Hallom, widow, and to the heirs of Robert Hallom. "1,000 acres lying in Henrico, N by E into the woods, S by W upon the river, W by N towards Bremo, adjoining the lands of Richard Cocke, E. by S. towards Turkey Island Creek"

1642 –  Daniel Llewellyn of Chelmsford Co., Essex, England arrived and settled near Shirley Hundred. (records documenting this are unknown.)   NOTE above that he arrived 1633 as a headright.     According to “Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666” by George Cabell Greer, Clerk of Virginia Land Office, Daniel was brought to the colonies by Henry Perry.   Also arriving was JON. LEWELLEN in Charles River County, by Capt. Thomas Paulett.

1642 –  Joseph Royall 600 acres Aug. 20, bounding on the land of Edward Madden above Sherley Hundred, N.&E. on the river to Dockmans Creek, adj. DANIELL LEWELLIN, W. & by N. Trans of 12 persons.
1642 - “DANIELL LEWELLYN, Gent. 856 acs. The Northermost part beg. Above Mrs. Heyman, N. on the upper branches of Turkey Island Cr. And S. on the head of Mr. Aston’s land.   The southernmost part extending to Mr. Aston and W. upon Joseph Royall between Dockermans Cr. And Sherley Hundred.   Trans. Of 17 pers:   Michael Peacock, Charles Edgar, Tho. Morgan, James Foster, Robert Hopps, Tego Frayle, Hen. Hitchcox, Robert Ward, Tho. Richardson, John Devall, Robert Hallome, Frances Hallome, Eliza Jackson.   Page 845.   Oct. 27

1643 –  ca Sarah Hallom married Samuel Woodward.   For good Woodward information, see:
[NOTE: broken link]

1644 - "General Assemblie, James City I, Oct. 1644. Mr. Fra. Poythress, Burgess for Charles City. Daniel Llewellin for Henrico."

1645 - From "Early Virginia Families Along the James River..."  
   DANIELL LUELLIN 270 acs. Chas. City Co. 26 Oct. 1650, p. 268.   Lyeing on the head of Shirty (Shirly) hundred commonlyknown by the name of Richard Levell, bounded W. upon the head of Shirly hundred, E. by S. upon land of Mr. Walter Aston & upon a former devdt of his own.   Trans. of 6 pers:   Edward SHEPPARD, Sam Pediston, Edward Baker, Fra. Clarke, Kath. Allen, Wm. Breman, John BULL, Wm. Sucker.   (Note:   the last 2 names enclosed in brackets.)

1650 –  ca.   Sarah Hallom Woodward married   John Sturdivant.   According to a posting on GenForum,   Sarah and John Sturdivant had son u/k b. 1662 killed by Indians in 1684, along with his father John Sturdivant.   Other children:, Daniel Sturdivant-b.1665., Chichester Sturdivant-b. 1668., Llewllyn Sturdivant-b.1670 and Matthew Sturdivant-b. 1672.   One source says the children were Daniel, Matthew and Chichestor (no mention of Llewellyn)
1650 -

1650 - Sept. 20.   Survey of the "Rich Level" portion of Shirley Hundred for JAMES LLEWELLEN

1653 - From Early Virginia Families Along the James River...
   Capt. DANIEL LUELLIN, 200 acs, lying in or neer Sherly hundred, which was late in possession of Edward Gardner, dec'd, bounding E. into the woods, W. upon the river, N. upon 40 acs purchased of Edward Maddin, and S. upon land lately belonging to serjeant John Harris.   Sd land formerly granted unto sd LUELLIN by order of the Quarter Court dated -- and alsoe for trans. of 4 pers:   Jon White, Geo. Midlemore.   11 july 1653, p 26

1654 - “Margaret (2) named in her father’s will as MARGARET CRUSE, was witness 1654 to a deed for a portion of ‘Turkey Island’ given by her half sister, Sara (Hallam) Woodward; , her husband was probably James Crewes of Charles City, merchant, who was closely associated with DANIELL LLEWELLYN SR.. in numerous business transactions.   (Note by Billie.   (1) Is this the correct date?   (2)   If James Crews was Margaret’s husband, then there may have been more than one; either that or she must have been deceased by 1676.   There was a James Crews involved with Nathaniel Bacon in the Bacon Rebellion and because of his association with Bacon, he was hanged.   Bacon died of natural causes in 1676 and   Crews was hung in 1677.   At that time, James Crews owned at least a portion of Turkey Island in Henrico County.   William Randolph purchased Turkey island from Crew’s niece, a Whittington, in England.   There may have been a nephew also, but I do remember this discussion on the Randolph MyFamily site and there was a Wittington who sold the property.   At any rate, James Crews of Bacon’s Rebellion made a Will the1676 and did not name a wife or children)

1655 –  66 Lt. Col. Walter Aston to pay to Capt. DANIEL LLEWELLEN one terce of goodsack –  to the bill of Mrs. Susanna Major, or produce the person of Capt. Batt who married Mrs. Major.
1655 - From "Early Families Along the James River..."
   Capt. DANIEL LUELLEN, 636 acs Chas. City Co. 10 Mar. 1655, p. 379.   270 acs. on the head of Sherly hundred, commonly known bythe name of rich Levell, E. upon land of Mr. Walter Aston, & N. uon his own land; & 200 acs in or near Shirly hundred, which was in possession of Edward Gardner, dec'd, N upon 40 acres of land purchased of Edward Madison & S upon land lately belonging to Serjant John HARRIS, 63 acs in Sherly hundred, beg. at land of sd LUELLINS lately purchased of Robt. Partin, Senr & Robt Partin Junr & sold to Mr. John Meares; 63 acs another part being in Sherly hundred or Bermuda hundred, lately belonging to Michael Turpin; 43 acs next to land lately belonging unto Joseph Royall, dec'd, next towards Sherly hundred maine, 270 acs by patent dated 26 Oct. 1650; 200 acs by patent 11 July 1653; 63 acs purchased of Dorothy Baker, the relict of John Baker; 63 acs purchased of Michael Turpin, 40 acs purchased of Edward Maddin.   All of which several parcels were ordered to be included in one patent.

1655 - 58 - Ordered that the court make good the debt and damage against Capt.
Daniell Lewellin for the escape of Elias Webb for want of a prison according to act. Page
116. The order obtained by Capt. Daniell Llewellin late sherr agst the court for the escape
of Elias Webb is reversed and made voyd and the sd escape appearing by default and
neglect of the sd sherriffs officer Mr. Charles Sparrow plt agst Webb is left to the benefitt
of his proceedings agst the sd sherr

1656 - Aug. 26.   Deed of sale of 60 acres.   Daniel Llewellin to Col. Edw. Hill

1657 - The earliest record of Christopher Woodward, Jr. was in Charles City Co. dated Feb. 9, 1657 when he was allowed and paid his share of the crop made at Capt. Llewellin's plantation.

1660 - From "Early Virginia Families Along The James River..."
   Col. Edw. Hill, 2476 acs. Chas City Co., 8 Dec. 1660, p -- (450).   416 acs lying in Shirley Hundred bounded S on the swamp that parts *** Island, E on Mrs. Aston, N. on Joseph Royall, & W. on the main river.   The following names and places are mentioned in this record, which is badly mutilated:   John Meeres, Cameages Cr., M--. Ashton, --- LEWELLIN, Turkey Island Cr., Mrs. Haymans land316 acs. by purchase, 850 acs deserted by John Meeres was granted to sd Hill 3 Oct. 1659, by order of the Quarter Ct & due for trans of 17 pers.* The residue likewise due for trans. of 26 pers.*

1663 - From Early Virginia Families Along the James River...
   Major Wm. Harris, 450 acs, Henrico Co. 22 jan. 1663, p. 304 (278).   N side of James River, Ewdly, side of the Poplar Cr & Edwdly, run of 4 Mi Cr & called by the name of Slashes, bounded S on the head of land former in possession of DANLL LEWELLIN, E. on Maborne hills & s.w. on land of Brian Smith, trans of 9 pers:   Morgan Williams, Adam Rosse, Margary Forgott, Mary Bourne, Nich. Gyles, Tho. Deere, Wm. Blackman, Margt. Floyd, Ann Gay.
   Thomas Ludwell, Esqr., 961 acs, 1 furlong & 26 perches, being an irregular tract known by the name of Timber Slash, Henrico Co., 16 June 1663, p. 103 (599).   Beg. at cor. tree between Mr. Cocke & Mr. CREWES, hard by a Cart path &c. E by the 4 Mi. Cr. &c. W. up on land of Thomas Taylor, E. by land of Bryan Smith &c. Trans. of 20 pers:   Phill. Ludwell, Wm. Broadrib, Wm. Drakeford, Ann Drakeford, Wm. Hughlett, Robt. Jarrett, Rich. Crome, Rich. Talbot, 2 Negroes; Tho. Barton, James Duckett, Richard Heywood, Robt. Ward, John Venne, Dan. Cormacke, Hugh Berry, Ralph Parkson, Seth Dobson.

1663/4 Feb. 6 –  Will of DANIEL LLEWELLYN   is in Prerogative Court of Canterbury, England.   Names wife ANN, son DANIEL LLEWELLYN, daughter MARTHA JONES, daughter MARGARET CRUZ, son-in-law (actually his stepson) ROBERT HALLAM.   (Note:   Ann was a Price and married a Hallam, then married Daniel Llewellyn, also note that Daniell Lewellyn brought a Frances Hallom to the colonies 1642)   The will reads:
         Daniel Llewellyn of Chelmsford, Essex, England, Planter of Charles City County, Virginia.   Will dated February 6th 1663/4, proved March 11th 1663/4
“Lands, tenements, heriditaments, in Charles County in upper part of James River in Virginia, to wife Anne for life, then to son Daniel Llewellyn.   Ditto as to goods but to daughter Martha Llewellyn Jones, Daniel’s sister, two seasoned servants.   Also to son Daniel Llewellyn best suite, cloake, coate, and hatt, second best hatt with sivver hatband, all Linnen and my sayle Skinn Truncke, to friend Mary Elsing of Chelmsford, spinster, for care, one of best white rugs and my piece of Dowlas, saving sufficient for a winding sheet to bury mee.   To Mary Deerington of Chelmsford, widow, one of worst white rugs.   To daughter Margaret Llewelyn Cruse 40 shillings for ring and to her husband ditto.   To son-in-law (stepson) Robert Hallam ditto.   To Master Chr. Salter living in Wine Court without Bishipgate and Anne, his wife, 10 shillings each for gloves.   Goods sent over from Virginia this spring and summer to be sold for debts due, rest to son Daniel.”
Executors:   Thomas Vervell of Roxwell, Essex, Gent.:   James Jauncey of Cateaton Streete, London, Merchant; Giles Sussex of Thomas Streete, London, Hottpresser; and Master William Walker of Colchest, Essex, Shopkeeper
“To be buried in Parish Church of Chelmsford, neare the Reading Deske, and friend Doctor James Michelson to preach.”
Witnesses:   Robert Lloyd, Tim Code, senior, scivenor.

1664 - From "Early Virginia Families Along The James River..."
   Geo. Bullington, 503 acs, Henrico Co. 21 June 1664, p. 224 (133).   On N. side of James Riv. beg at Thomas Feelds Cr Trans of 10 pers:   JAMES CREWS, Jno Tomson, Mary Huffe, Wm. Harding, Eliz. Arnell, Wm English, Negro, margaret, Eliz Hart, Edw Cocke.
   Mr. John Beauchamp & Mr. Richard Cocke, Sr. 2994 A. 2 R., 35 p. 2093 acs. part of S. side of Chickahomeny Sw., running S &c to a run called Col. OWINS Quarter, W. by S. to a run above the Pamunkey path &c. over the run called Cow Taile Quarter &c. 901 acs, 1 rod in Henrico Co. on N. side of James River known by the name of the forke of the Cattails Run & bounded N & by W. to the head of land formerly surveyed for Mr. Rich. Cock, Sr., along his line 367 (3900>   Trans of 60 pers:   Corn, Canida, Neale White, Lucy Davis, David Gload, Wm Shewmaker, Robt Browne, Mary Deth Langford, John Elkes, Jno Gunter, Jno Beauchamp, Wm Andrews, Henry Bullocke, Humph. Miles (or Mills), Rich Hayward, Jno Parke, Wm Partridge, Eliz Bridges, Rabecca More, Robert Sherly, Rich Dennis, Henry ___, Jno Sanders, Timothy Isar, Robt Marsh, Wm Hensy, Saml Knibb, Geo Price, Ester Barfield, Henry Watkins, Kath. Smith, Wm Baldin, James Foster, Jno Hine (or Hind), Robert ___, Ann THOMPSON, SIMON OWIN, Jno Myles, Salsbury Land, Geo. Hinton, Ed Lester, Jno Smith, Henry Flag, Owin Davis, Wm Lowder, James Hickman, Wm. Coxon, MARY CREWS, Margery Baker, Edw. Crump, Wm. Walkner, Margery Spencer, Mary Stone, Danll Jordan, Ann Jordan, Gilbert Jones, Clent. Bayly, Tho. Gully, Richard Varling, Phill Sparkes, Tho. Read
1664 - Certeficat is granted to Curtis Land for his right to 800 acres of Land proved in
Court for 10 persons imported vidz:     Will Coleby             Hannah Greene      
THOS LLEWELLYN           Bishopp Sheppard           Maudlin           Sara Stills
Tho Stone     Maria Aston   Abram Storey     Maria Sheward
and six persons assigned by Mr. Hamelin out of a Certificat on record vizt:
         Sam:   Henrick                       Tho:   Perun
         Ste:   Persian                       Tho: Richmond
         Sam: Moses                           Michaell Talin
Note:   Curtis Land married Mary Hodges.

1665 - Daniel Llewellin brought Thomas Hooper to court for hog stealing.   According to Mary Bird, aged 23, it seems that "a week after harvest her master and mistress being gone, Thomas Hooper and one Gerrard and an Indian boy, servants of her master Capt. Edwin Hill, did drive some hogs out of the yard at Shirley Hundred which did belong to Mr. Llewellin..."   Judgment was for the plaintiff.   (From "Autographs 1701-02".

1666 –  May 15.   Ann Price Hallom Llewellyn was apparently deceased by this time.   DANIELL LLEWELLYN at this time repatented his father’s land which became due him as son and heir
1666 - From "Early Virginia Families Along the James River..."
   DAVID LUELLIN (LEWELLIN) (....note by Billie...this was actually Daniel and just transcribed as David) 636 acs Chas Citty Co. 15 May 1666, p. 518 (635).   270 acs commonly known by the name of Rich Levell, bounding W upon the head of Shirly Hundred, E. & S. upon land of Mr. Walter Ashton & N. upon his own land; 200 acs in or near Shirly Hundred, which was late in the possession of Edward Gardner, dec'd, bounding W. upon the River, N. upon 40 acs purchased of Edward Maddin & S. upon land lately belonging to Serj. Jno HARRIS, 63 acs in Shirly Hundred, beg at land sd LUELLIN lately purchased of Robert Partin Sr. & Robert Partin Jr & sould to Mr. Jno Meres; 63 acs another part in Shirly or Burmody hundred lately belonging to Mr. Michaell Turpin; 40 acs being next to and lately belonging to Joseph Royall, dec'd; next towards shirly hundred.   Granted unto Capt. DANLL. LUELLIN, DEC'D, 10 Mar. 1665, & now become due sd DANLL as son & heire.

1676 –  Robert (name also given as Richard) Jones, husband of MARTHA LLEWELLYN, died.

1677 –  DANIEL LLEWELLYN called himself the son-in-law of Capt. John Stith.

1680 –  April in Henrico County, John Sturdivant and Sarah, his wife, of Charles City County to Samuel Woodward a tract of land at Turkey Island patented by the relict of Robert Hallom and granted to her, the daughter and heir of Robert Hallem and her two sisters the whole tract containing 1,000 acres.

1683 - In a dispute over land, on 21 Mar. Joseph Royall gave bond of L. 500 to Capt. Daniell (2) Llewellyn pending the outcome of survey of 523 acres, Charles City.  

1687 –  ca.   Amy Batte married Richard Jones, son of Richard and MARTHA LLEWELLYN Jones.
1687 - Sept. 2.   Fragment of a note of John Nash?.   Found inside a "Christian Directory" published 1678.   Book purchased 1706 by Robert Carter

1688 - Richard Lewellyn was security of an estate (from Rick Llewellyn's site)   NOTE:   could this Lewellyn have been from the York/Warwick Lewellyns.. See the Drewry/Drury connection in
1688 - Richard was defendant in a lawsuit and granted a non suit against William Irby
(from Rick's site)

1689 - John Lett received 2 days attendance as evidence against Richard (from Rick's site)

1690 - Richard mentioned in judgment for non-appearance (from Rick's site)

1690 - ca Llewellen Epes was born, son of Littlebury Epes and ? Llewellen.   He died 1758.   His wife was Angelica Bay and their children Elizabeth, Llewellen, Mary, Ann, Angelica, Temple and Peter.

1693 - Will of John STITH, Sr. of Westover Parish, Charles City County, Virginia, Gentleman.
To oldest son John, all land I live on and my mill lately built, and all other lands belonging to me except my land on eastern branch of Herring Creek, which I give to my son Drury.
To my daughter Jane, now wife of Capt. DANIEL LUELLINn, 5 pounds.
To my daughter Ann, now wife of Mr. Robert Bolling, 10 pounds.
To my daughter Agnes, now wife of Mr. Thomas Wynn, 5 pounds.
All rest of my estate divided in three parts to my wife Jane and sons John and Drury. Drury is to take his share of personal estate at plantation left to him, but if more than his share, then surplus to the other two.
To my loving friend Hugh Davis, 20 shillings to buy him a ring.
He is to settle any difference among my executors. Dated 13 Nov 1690
Wit: James Batty, Frances (FH) Batty, John Gay, Hugh Davis
Signed John Stith     Recorded 3 April 1694
Codicil: I originally divided my estate in three parts. Since marriage of my son Drury, I have allowed him his third of my personal estate and made over the plantation left in my will. Therefore rest of estate is now divided into 2 parts for my wife and son John. 3 Oct. 1693.
Wit: William Cole, John Jones, Thomas Grig
Signed: John Stith     Recorded 3 April 1694
               From: Charles City Virginia Records 1737-1774, p. 185

(John Stith's wife, Jane, was previously married to Thomas Gregory, and 2nd, Joseph Parsons. Her maiden name is not known. John Stith married Jane in the latter part of 1656.)

1699 - “List of County Officers in Charles City County” 17 June 1 shows DANIELL LEWELLIN

1700 - From Early Virginia Families Along the James River...
   William Randolph, Gent. 1230 acs Henrico Co. 7 May 1700, p. 270, 480 acs part thereof called Curles, formerly Long Feild, being part of patent to THOMAS HARRIS dated 25 Feb. 1638, with the Swamp & Marsh, beg. at a Cr over against Capt. Martin, N. on back of Sw., E.S.E. into the woods towards Bresso W.N.W. upon the main river, Ac. 750 acres, commonly called the Slashes, lying on the poplar Brook on head of lands formerly Capt. DANIEL LEWELLIN's, E. along the heads thereof two (to) Mawborn Hills, ac.   Late in the seizen & inheritance of NATHANIEL BACON, Jr., Esq., dec'd from whom it escheated by his attainer for high treason, as by inquisition under William Randolph, Each'r., Ac. 21 july 1698, who hath paid to his Majestie's Auditor & Receiver Generall, Ac., the valuable consideration of 150 lbs Sterling, Ac.

1701 - .   Presumably DANIELLl (2) was deceased by 1701 when 2 of the original witnesses, William Randolph and Frances Epes, acknowledged the bonds in Henrico Court

1702 –  “English Duplicate of Lost Virginia Records” shows DAN’L LEWELLIN as a Justice July 8
1702 - The land that belonged to Capt. Littlebury Epes, William Epes and Capt. Francis Epes by patent of 1000 acres for transporting 20 people at this time was in Prince George County and in 1704 Littlebury Epes is on the Quit Rent rolls there with 633 acres.

1704 –  “English Duplicate of Lost Viginia Records shows LWLIN (LEWELLAIN) DAN’L 600 acres in Charles City Co.
1704 -   Quit Rent Roll shows Danll Lowelin

1710 - Extract from Daniel Llewellin's Will bequeathing "Rich Level" plantation to his grandson Llewellin Epses.   There was a provision that if Llewellin Epes died without issue, the property was to go to his nephew, Richard Jones.

1712 - "Daniel Llewellin lived about an hours ride from Westover.   In William Byrd's diary, he writes on June 22, 1712, "I heard this day that Capt. Llewellin died on Thursday last which surprized me because I knew not that he had been sick."   Two days later, Colonel Epes (a) wrote inviting Byrd to Llewellin's funeral on the 26th.   "It was very cool, that my wife and I resolved to go to the funeral of Captain Llewellyn.   About 11 o'clock we sent in the   coach and got there soon after 12.   There were abundance of people.   Mr. Anderson gave us a sermon.   We had wine and biscuits according to custom.   We stayed there till 6 o'clock and then returned and our horses performed very well."

1714 - Richard Flewellin eeceived 278 acres adjoining land of Drury Stith in Charles County.   Note:   See Prince George County.     See 1730   (See York and Warwick Counties.   Could this Richard have been from that line?)

1722 - Richard Llewellyn received 296 acres adjoining his old land   (In 1723 in Prince George County he received 209 acres on the south side of Warwick Swamp).

1728 - Richard Llewellyn witnessed a Will

1730 - Thomas FLEWELLIN of Westover Parish, Charles City Co., to Benjamin Harrison of same, for 5 pounds, land on West side of Herring Creek Swamp, being part of a tract   Richard FLEWELLIN, father of said Thomas , etc. signed by Thomas FLEWELLIN, 6 Jan 1730

1764 –  Dec. 4.   Stephen Cocke and Amy Jones, daughter of Richard Jones, who consents.   Witnesses to the marriage: Llewellyng Jones and Andrew Redford.   Surety:   Llewellyn Jones.   (Note:   Richard Jones was the nephew of Daniel Llewellin who made his Will out 1710/11.   See 1710 entry above.

“Adventures in Purse and Person” pages 274-5 shows:
“Ann (---) Price (b 1604) who came to Virginia in the Francis Bonaventure and was living with her (1) husband John Price at neck of land, Charles City, 1623 md (2) 1636 Robert Hallam and (3) probably by 1640 Daniell Llewellyn, who was in Virginia by 19 Sept. 1633 when he was a headright (See Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nell Marian Nugent (1934).   Abstracts of Va. Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666), page 78.
“Llewellyn received a patent, 27 Oct. 1642, for 856 acres on the ‘upper branches of Turkey Island Creek’ and adjacent to ‘Mr. Ashton’s land’ in which he claimed among 17 headrights.   Robert Hallom and Frances Hallom.   (See P. 128 of above).   As shown in an account of the Hallam family, he had taken over by 1644 the management of their affairs in Va.   He served as Burgess from Henrico 1642-1644 and from Charles City 1646, 1652, 1655-6, as Justice of Charles City 1650 and as Sheriff 1656.   (See the Colonial Va. Register by Wm Glover Stanard (1902)   See page 62, 66, 69, 72.   Also Va. Colonial Abstracts Ser. 1 by Beverly Fleet.   34 v. Series 2 by the Rev. L. O. Duvall.   3 v.   Both series devoted largely to abstracts of Virginia County Court Records.   Page 34 XIII, 76).   His will 6 Feb. 1663/64 –  11 Mar. 1663/64 England recites he is Chelmsford, Essex (Eng) planter, bequeaths ‘lands, tenements, hereditaments in Charles Co. in upper part of James River, in Va to wife Anne for life, then to son, Daniell Llewellyn, ‘mentions his daughter Margaret Cruse and her husband’ and son-in-law (step-son Robert Hallam and directs that he be buried in the Parish Church of Chelmsford ‘neare the reading deske’.   (See Va. Magazine of History and biography Richmond 1893---) pages 53 and 54.   The Martha Jones mentioned in the will appears to have been a sister rather than a daughter of Llewellyn.
“Apparently Ann (----) Price-Hallom-Llewellyn was deceased by 15 May 1666 at which time Daniell (2) Llewellyn repatented his father’s land now became due him as son and heir. (See Cavalier & Pioneers, P. 561)   the name David given in the patent obviously is intended for Daniell, since the patent names ‘Daniell, son and heir’; several parcels of land near the 1642 grant to Llewellyn Sr and acquired separately were grouped and a patent for a total of 636 acres issued to Daniell Sr. 10 Mar. 1655, Cavaliers and Pioneers, p. 317.)
“Issue:   (There is no record that Daniell Sr. had been previously married; moreover, his bequest of his Va. Holdings to his wife during her life and then to his son is evidence of the mother-son relationship; a son by a former marriage would have received his separate inheritance.
“2.   Daniell (2), Justice of Henrico 1681, 1696 (See Va. Colonial Abstracts XIII 95, 102) in 1677 called himself the son-in-law of Capt. John Stith.   (See William & Mary Quarterly (1) V111   238).   In a dispute over land, 21 Mar. 1683, Joseph Royall gave bond of L. 500 to Capt. Daniell (2) Llewellyn pending the outcome of a survey of 523 acres, Charles City.   Presumably Daniell (2) was deceased by 1701 when 2 of the original witnesses, William Randolph and Frances Epes, acknowledged the bonds in Henrico Court.   (Va. Co. The Myra Kingsbury (1906-1934).   4 v. 1619-1622, II 1622-1624, III 1607-1666, IV 1623-1626   (Henrico D. 1697-1704).
“Margaret (2) named in her father’s will as Margaret Cruse, was witness 1654 to a deed for a portion of ‘Turkey Island’ given by her half sister, Sara (Hallam) Woodward, her husband was probably James Crewes of Charles City, merchant, who was closely associated with Daniell Llewellyn Sr. in numerous business transactions.   (See Virginial Colonial Abstracts X 44, X1 8, 22).”

There is an article regarding Daniell Llewellyn in “William and Mary College Quarterly –  Old Letters of the Seventeenth Century” Vol. 8, pages 237 through 245.   Because of the length, I have not included the same herein.   One thing it does mention which may be of some significance in doing a genealogy on this family is “This second Daniel left no sons, but a sister appears to have married Col. Littleberry Epes of Charles City, since Llewellin Epes was his son.”


1814 - John McCargo (born 1736) died.   In his Will he directed "To Barbara Lewelling during her natural life a tract of land...containing 100 acres and after her decease be sold at a credit of 12 months to highest bidder...and money arising from sale be equally divided among my seven children.  
   She was probably an employee.   In April 1822 James McCargo ejected her from the property at Reynolds Fork.   It appears she MAY have retained 9 acres, but that information needs substantiation.   (Could she have been the wife of Christoper who died 1847?

1847 - Will of Christopher Lewellen was recorded Sept. 7, 1847 and mentions Mrs. Lewellen, Elvira Lewellen and John S. Lewellen.   NOTE:   There was a Christ Lewellen in the 21st Regiment of the Virginia Militia for the War of 1812.   Was this the same individual?


1791 - Will of John Woodson was witnessed by Freeman Lewellen


1752 - Ann T. Fluellen, "daughter of Ann Thomas of Philadelphia," was born August 28.   In 1784 she married Dr. Reuben Flanagan (b Mar 6, 1764 Newberry Dist., S.C.).   Their children were James Flanagan and Elvira Flanagan, both born Laurens Dist. S.C.   (From Llewellyn Traces Dec. 1990, and records found in Ann T. Fluellen Flanagan's family Bible.   /Ann died June 3, 1828 and her husband Dr. Reuben Flanagan died July 3, 1829. (See South Carolina - Chronology, and the section on Laurens)

1880 - Census shows Nancy Lewellyn, age 65, widowed, living by herself.



Created 1742 from Prince William

1749 - tithable - Tho. Lewellin, Tithable1 (note: Wife Quaker, Upper Parish                 Cameron)

1751 - Joseph Buson moved from Buckingham MM PA to Fairfax with his 3 children, Rachel, Benjamin and Deborah.   He purchased 175 acres on Caloctin Creek.

1757 - Loudoun County created - see that county for more

Created 1785 from Bedford, Henry and Patrick

1829 - Lucinda Lewallen married John Standifer Ferguson.   She died in Missouri 1855 and is said to have been the daughter of Greenberry Lewallen and Elizabeth Carter of Bedford and Campbell County.

1849 - Catherine Lewellen married Simon P. Akers   (see Bedford above)


See King & Queen County; this is where Christopher Llewellyn immigrated to in 1750.   The following article was taken from Llewellyn Traces by Martha Abbey, March and June 1997.   Prior to reading the article take note of the Virginia Gazette article regarding Christopher Llewellyn.   I'm not sure where I obtained this article nor from whom but my apologies to that individual   for not giving him/her credit for it because it is important in working on the information regarding Christopher.   Hopefully you'll let us know so rightful credit can be given you.

[NOTE: broken link]

"This was an article in the newspaper 1752:
   "Ran away from the subscriber, living in King and Queen County on the 10th Day of July last, a Servant Man named Christopher Lewelin about 21 or 22 years of age, of a middle stature and somewhat pitted with small-pox; has a Fly look, pretends to be a fine Singer, has a large Scar on the out-side of his right Legg, a great many Letters and Flowers marked on his Arms in Blue, with the Letters CL on one of his Hands, very dull:   He is a Blacksmith by Trade, and was imported in the Ship Rachael, Capt. Armstrong, in the year 1750.   Whoever secures the said Run-away so that I may have him again shall have Two Pistole Reward if taken up in Virginia and Five Pistoles if taken up in any other Province, paid by
   William Taliaferro"

King and Queen is right next to Gloucester.   In going over what's provided by Mrs. Abbey, it doesn't appear there's a connection of Christopher with George, Homer or Henry so these were probably two different lines.

Because of the typing involved, I haven't included information by Mrs. Abbey entitled "The elusive Llewellyns of Gloucester County, Virginia, ca. 1750," nor History of gloucester County, Virginia" and instead am going directly to the chronology.

"Time line for Llewellyns of Gloucester County, Virginia.

"Below is a time line of dates and events attributed to a Virginia man named Homer Lewallen, son of a George Lewallen, and another man named Christopher Llewellyn.   the dates and information come from family records and tax and census records.

"Throughout this time line, for the most part, we're refrained from speculating about what these records indicate.   We will say, however, that the records below surely deal with more than one man named Christopher Llewellyn.   Consider, for instance that if the person baptized in 1758 was an infant at the time, he would have been only 12 years of age if he is the same person who was taxed in 1770."

NOTE:   Christopher who was baptized 1758 was undoubltedly the son of Christopher born ca

"1740   Homer Lewallen, son of aGeorge Lewallen, was born in 1740.   In an unknown place and on an unknown date, but before 1764, he married Mary Jefferson, who was born 12 July 1743 in Frederick County, Virginia.   (LDS Archive Record.)

"1754:   Christopher Lewallen was born ca 1754 (Billie Haris, Llewellyn, Lewallen, Lualin, etc., etc.).

"1758:   Christopher Llewellyn was baptized 8 October 1758, Gloucester County, Virginia (DAR membership application 529298).
   Note:   Christopher was in the Revolutionary War, Gloucester County, militia. and his wife was Catherine.

"1764:   Henry Lewallen, son of Homer and Mary (Jefferson) Lewallen was born 20 May 1764, in Gloucester County, Virginia (LDS).   On an unknown date, probably in Buncombe County, North Carolina, he married Barbara Wilkes; their six children were born between 1785 and 1796 in Buncombe County (LDS).

"1766:   Robert Lewallen, son of Homer and Mary (Jefferson) Lewallen was born 27 January 1766 in Gloucester County, Virginia (LDS).   He married Sally Denby in Jefferson County, Kentucky (LDS), although their first three children were born between 1790 and 1794 in Gloucester County, Virginia.   Five more children were born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, between 1796 and 1806 (LDS).

"1766 Catherine Lewellon, according to the 1810 Virginia Census of Gloucester County, was born sometime between 1766 and 1784 (Census).

"1787:   Seth Lewallen and Samuel Lewallen, twin sons of Homer and Mary (Jefferson) Lewallen, were born in November 1767 in Gloucester County, Virginia (LDS)

"1770:   Christopher Lewellyn (sic) owned an acre of Gloucester County, Virginia, land which was taxed in 1770 (Poly Cary Mason, Records of Colonia Gloucester County, Virginia.)

"1770:   Christopher Lewellen (sic) is shown with one tithable in 1770 (Robert F. Woodson and Isobel B. Woodson, Virginia Tithables from Burned Record Counties.

"1770:   Luella Lewallen, daughter of Homer and Mary (Jefferson) Lewallen was born 1 March 1770 in Gloucester County, Virginia (LDS).

"1771:   Christopher Lewellen had two tithables as shown in the 1771 Gloucester County tithable list (Woodson).

"1773:   Nancy Lewallen, daughter of homer and Mary (Jefferson) Lewallen was born 14 August 1773 in Gloucester County, Virginia (LDS)

"1777:   Christopher Lewelling (sic) received payment from the 'State of Virginia' for 'pay of his Guard of Gloucester Militia' on 7 October 1777 (Virginia Magazine of History and Biography:   DAR and Harris).   This record qualifies Christopher Llewellyn (baptized 1758-1805) with a wife named Catherine as a DAR patriot.   harris records claim the same service for Christopher (1754-1805) who had a wife named Mary.

"1780:   Christopher Lewallen was listed on an April 1780 list of slave holders in Abington Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia (harris.)

"1782:   Christopher Lewellyn (sic) appears on the 1782 tax list of Gloucester County, again taxed for one acre of land (Mason).

"1782:   Christopher Lewellyn is on the 1782 census in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, with a family of three (Harris.)

"1784:   Christopher Lewellyn on 1784 tax list, has a household of "three white souls."   (Harris)

"1784:   the 1810 Virginia Census for Gloucester County seems to indicate that a son and daughter were born to Catherin Lewellon between 1784 and 1794 (Census.)   Christopher's children appear to have been son Christopher Llewellyn (Jr), John Stephens Llewellyn and William Foster Llewellyn and daughters Catherine and Lucy (DAr)

"1787:   Christopher Llewellin (sic) was called upon 27 April 1787 to obtain information for the 1787 Gloucester personal property tax (known also as the Census of 1787 and used as the 1790 U.S. Census of Virginia.)   this tax record shows Christopher Llewellin with no males between the ages of 16 and 21 in his household (no males born between 1771 and 1776).   On this tax return he had three blacks over 16 years of age and three under 16, one horse and two head of cattle (Nettie Schreiner-Yantis and Florce Speakman Love.   The 1787 Census of Virginia

"1795:   Christopher Llewellyn married Catherine ? sometime before 1795.   (DAR).

"1795:   The 1810 Virginia Census for Gloucester County seems to indicate that a son was born to Catherine Lewellin between 1795 and 1800 (Census)

"1797:   John Stephens Llewellyn, son of Christopher, was born 22 November 1797.  

"1800:   Christopher Lewellin (sic) appers on the 1800 Gloucester County, Virginia, tax list with one white male (Christoperh himself), one horse and several slaves.

"1800:   Lucy Llewellyn, a daughter of Christopher, was born ca 1800 (Census).   She married a Lucus (DAR) and is found, probably a widow, as head of her household int he 1850 Census of Gloucester County, Virginia, with a family of four (Census).

"1800:   The 1810 Virginia census in Gloucester County seems to indicate that a son and daughter were born to Catherine Lewellon between 1800 and 1810 (Census)

"1802:   William Foster Llewellyn, son of Christopher, born 22 December 1802, Gloucester County, Virginia (DAR)

"1803:   Henry Lewallen, son of Robert and Sallie (Denby) Lewallen was born 28 September 1803 in Jefferson County, Kentucky.   He married Sarah Hite, probably in Calhoun County, Mississippi, where she was born in 1804, and where their eight children were born between 1826 and 1842 (LDs)

"1805:   Christopher Llewellyn died this year, Gloucester County, Virginia (DAR and Harris)

"1809:   Henry Lewallen, son of Homer and Mary (Jefferson) Lewallen died at Buncombe County, North Carolina, in 1809 (LDS)

1810:   Catherine Lewellon, as head of a household, evidently a widow, is on the 1810 Virginia Census for Gloucester County.   She was between 26 and 44, born between 1766 and 1784.   Others in her household seem to be five children (a male and female born between 1784 and 1794; a male born between 1795 and 1800, and a male and female born between 1800 and 1810) and nine slaves (Census)

"1810:   Catherine ? Llewellyn died sometime after 1810 (DAR)

"1812:   Christopher and his wife died between 1812 and 1820 (Harris)"
   (Obviously Christopher died by 1810...billie)

"1821:   John Stephens Llewellyn married Harriet Edwards Jones on 15 March 1821 9DAR)   They were the parents of nine children (Harris)

"1828:   Catherine C. Lewellin (sic) married John D. Woodland about 1828 and they had 11 children (Harris)

"1831:   William Foster Llewellyn married second Mary Elizabeth malloy (born ca 1803) in February 1832 (DAR).   They were the parents of four children (DAR)

"1845:   James Edward Llewellyn, son of William Foster and Mary Elizabeth (Malloy) Llewellyn, was born 28 December 1845 in Gloucester County, Virginia (DAR)

"1857:   Catherine Lewellin Woodland, widow of John D. Woodland who died between 1850 and 1857, married on 8 September 1857 Thomas E. Johnson as her second husband (Harris).   The license for this marriage names Catherine's parents as Christopher and Mary Lewellin (sic) (Harris)

"1858:   John Stevens Llewellyn died 22 September 1858 in Halifax County, Virginia (LDS).

"1880:   William Foster Llewellyn died after 1880 in York County, Virginia (DAR)  

   "References:   DAR membership application 549298:   Gloucester County, Virginia, tax accountants 1770-1771; Gloucester County, Virginia 1782 Census, page 98; Billie Harris, Llewellyn, Lewallen, Lualin, etc. etc (Sacraento:   19810 page 179, 181 to 185; LDS archives Records ancestor charts:   Polly Cary Mason, compiler, Records of Colonial Gloucester County, Virginia, Volumes I and II (Baltimore:   Clearfield Company, Inc.) 1992 and 1994, page 98; U.S. Censuses, Virginia, Gloucester County, 1800 and 1810; The Virginia Genealogist 1980, page 183; "Virginia Militia in the Revolution," in Virginia Magazine of History and   Biography, Volume 10, page 297; Robert F. Woodson and Isobel B. Woodson, Virginia Tithables from Burned Record Counties (n.p.: Isobel B. Woodson, publisher 1970), page 68; Nettie Schreiner-Yantis and Florene Speakman Love, the 1787 Census of Virginia (Springfield, Virginia: Genealogical Books in Print 1987), pages 1009 and 1026."


1772 - Jonathan Flewellin married Ann Lawrence Oct 20, St. James Northam Parish.   (Note:   See 1753 New Kent County where Jonathan Flewellin was christened; son of John and Elizabeth Flewellin

Created 1771 from Brunswick and Sussex counties

1786 - Thomas Llewellyn died about March 23.   He was born May 17, 1726 South Wales.   He was a private in the North Carolina army of the Revolutionary War under Capt. William, Col. Patten, 2nd Battn, discharged 5/31/1778 (or 1770).   His wives were Christa ? and Sarah Adams (per DAR records.)   Sarah died 1831.  

1790 - Thomas and Lison in census

Created 1752 from Lunenburg

1752 - William Owen died.

1753 - Richard Owen died.

1769 - Edward Owen (ca 1705) died this year.   He was of Dinwiddie, Lunenberg and Halifax County.   He had a son, John (ca 1741-1819 of Halifax VA and Chester SC.)   According to a DNA test, Moses Griggs' father was an Owen.   Griggs was born 1748 and died after 1830)

1826 - Rice v. White
Source: Virginia Reports, Annotated, pgs. 1006 –  1008 April 1833
   This case was tried in the circuit court of Halifax County, in April of 1826. In essence, the case was for deceit in the sale of a female slave, the case was brought by White against Rice. The record has some limited genalogical value as discussed below.
The slave in question had been the property of Matthew Rice, deceased. Llewellyn researchers familiar with Anderson Lewellin (m. Lucy Rice, 1784, in Prince Edward Co., VA) will recognize that a close family connection existed between this Lewellin family and that of the Rice family.
Upon obtaining the female slave, she was sold to “one Lewellen”. “That Rice, the defendant, in the year 1811, as the agent of his mother, Ann Foster, sold the slave in question to the plaintiff, White for 220 dollars;”. Further, “…  of M. Rice, Mrs. Foster’s first husband and the defendant’s father …”. “Mrs. Foster died in 1817.” Apparently Mrs. Foster, upon obtaining the slave then sold her to Mary Lewellen.
There is no further genealogical value in the text of case, however, Llewellyn researchers may wish to examine Halifax Co., VA Circuit Court records from approximately 1826.
(QUESTION:   Was the Mary Lewellen possibly Christopher llewellyn's wife?

1840 - John Thomas Owen married Elizabeth Connor (NOTE:   His descendant's DNA matches Jay Lewallen's with one marker off in 37).   The children were born between 1841 and 1858 and remained in Halifax County.   Ann married William Hughes, William H. married Nancy O Conner. Alexander Louis Owen married Edmonia Pugh of Charlotte County Va..

1858:   John Stevens Llewellyn died 22 September 1858 in Halifax County, Virginia (LDS) (see Gloucester county above)


1801 - Thomas Lewellen married Tabitha Beck.   (He may be the same Thomas Lewellen who married Mary Polly Gough in Monongalia County 1804, per Llewellyn Traces)


1850 - Census shows J. Richard Lewellen age 27, born VA, printer.   Also in the household Sarah Lewellen 62 born Virginia.   (He died 1886 and was editor of the Danville (an independent city in Virginia) Register Independent at the time.   He married Virginia Morris.
1850 - Thomas Lewellen died at age 35 (born 1815) of cholera.


1750 - Christopher Llewellyn immigrated to the colonies and to this county.   He was born ca 1730 and was (pretend) a fine singer and a blacksmith.


1860 - Census shows Thomas Lewellen (born 1785 Wales)


1797 - deed in Russell Co, VA (signed by Joseph & Rachel Hatfield) to dispose of the property of Ericus Smith, decd., says that Joseph was now "of Lee Co, VA."
(Note:   Ericus Smith was probably Rachel's   Also note Joseph Hatfield was probably not lrelated to Jonas Hatfield of Loudoun County)


1747 - 26th October - Charles RICE Deed - Louisa Co., VA
Charles RICE of St. Martin's Parish, Louisa Co., Planter, and Mary, his wife, to Pauncey ANDERSON, Gent. Pound 50 currt. money. 200 acres land and plantation in St. Martin's Parish...Capt. DABNEY's corner...Mr. CHAMBERLAYN's line. Col. DIGG's line...OWENS' branch...line between sd. Charles RICE and his father, Edward RICE, to a patent line of sd. Edward RICE's; conveyed by deed of gift from his father, Edward RICE, 4 May 1737 in HANOVER County. Signed: Charles RICE,   Mary RICE

1782-87 - Virginia Taxpayers include:
   Thomas Lewellin   1/0
   Shadrack Lewellin   1/0

Created 1757 from Fairfax

See separate posting in History section under "Loudoun County, Virginia - Chronology."


1821 - John Richard Lewellen was born.   He died 1886 and is found living in 1850 in Henrico County.


1719 - Lucy Fluellin was born, St. Peter's Parish

1753 - Jonathan Flewellin was christened June 24, St. Peter's Parish.   His parents were John and Elizabeth Flewellin

See West Virginia


1777 - Thomas Lewallen was in Capt. Daniel Trigg's Company, sworn Sept. 13

1789 - Claburn Akers married Elizabeth Thompson

Created 1636 from Lower Norfolk


[NOTE: broken link]

1656 - Aug. 13.   William Thomas, alias William Fluellin (Lewellin) was given power of attorney by his "brother, Richard Yate (sic), merchant, now in Barbados."   (See Llewellyn Traces

1658 - 15 Jun 1658 - Whereas Christopher BUSTION hath given out language tending to disgrace & disparadgent of Jno. Briggs, undersheriff, It is therefore ordered that ye said Bustion shall acknowledge his error in open court & pay ye court Charges also execution. (Norfolk Co., VA Book D (1656-1666) p.150)

1658 - 20 Oct - An order is granted unto Mr. Tho: WILLOUGHBY against Jno. Briggs undersheriff for ye non-appearance of Simon Peters at ye court with the reservacon that if he do not appear at ye next court then judgement to passe against him. (Norfolk Co., VA Book D (1656-1666) p.171)

1659-61 - Richard Llewelling, son of Abel and Hannah born.   (See Llewellyn Traces.)   Richard's wife was Elizabeth Manning and children were Richard II who died 1753, Abel, Lemuel and Edward and five daughters.  

1659-61 - Edward Llewellyn was born, son of Abel and Hannah Llewellyn (see Llewellyn Traces)

1661 - or before.   Abel ffewellin (sic) and Hannah Horne were married.   She was the granddaughter of Johanan (?) Yates.

1663 - April 15.   Johanna ? Yates, widow of John Yates (ca 1595-bef 1648) a shipbuilder who was in Lower Norfolk County, VA, rec'd a certificate for 100 acres of land in Norfolk for the transport of Abel ffewellyn and John Sparkes (Lower Norfolk County (Virginia), Court record Book E, pp 119a, 120, 236, 277.   John and Johanna Yates had daughters, Johanna and Francis and a son Richard.   Johanna (daughter) married Thomas Horne and were parents of Hannah Horne who married Abell ffewellyn (sic).   Daughter Frances Yates married (1) Ricchard Markham and (2) George Ballentine (Valentine) before June 16, 1662.   (See Llewellyn Traces)

1664 - Joanne Yates died October 22

1671 Elizabeth Keeling died

1672 - Abel fflwellyn bought 250 acres of 400 acre tract from Alex Foreman of the South Branch of the Elizabeth River, recorded in Lower Norfolk County June 17

1673 Sarah Willoughby died

1676-8 - Hannah ffewelling married John Herbert II, son of John (I) alias Wilkinson and Mary (Bennett) Herbert

1672 - after.   Abel fflewellen died.   According to the Walter charts, they were parents of Edward Llewelling (sic), Richard Llewellyn (sic) and Mary Llewelling (sic) (See Llewellyn Traces.)

1675 John Herbert's Will.

1679 - William and Mary College Quarterly, page 148, vol 8 shows   (NOTE   See 1675 above):
“…In Norfolk county, Va, there was a family of Herberts at an early date.   John Herbert made his will in 1679, and left his estate, after his wife, to his son John and the child unborn.   His wife was to enjoy the estate as long as she lived.   Should the children die, then his estate was to go to RICHARD and EDWARD LEWELLIN.   Names his “brother Thomas Willoughby”.   Thomas Herbert, ‘aged and weak’ made his will in 1749, and hames his sons Mareom, Thomas, Henry, John, William, Hillery, dau. Margaret Tucker, grandson Nathaniel, son of son Thomas, grand-dau, Courtney, dau of Markeon, granddau Elizabeth, wife Margaret and uncle Richard Herbert.”
NOTE:   John Herbert (possibly born abt 1630) Land Grant in 1667 in Lower Norfolk Cty for 1227 acres. Made his will 15/Jan/1669; A.P. April 1675.   Married Mary (?) living in VA in 1671.
   Also:   According to the abstracted will of John Herbert dated 24 Apr 1728, pr. Aug 1728 there were children: Richard who he gave land in Norfolk Co, VA; Thomas, Willoughby (land in Norfolk), John, Peter, Elizabeth Batcheler, Mary Suggs, and Dinah (we have been told she married John Simmons of Wake; she apparently was a child in 1728); Margaret, Violet, and Anne. Wife Elizabeth.
NOTE:   John Herbert was the stepfather of Richard and Edward Lewellyn.

1679 - Will: of Richard Taylor, 29 Mar 1679, Norfolk Co., Virginia. 67 Testator: Richard Taylor Residence: Norfolk Co.
Executor: my wife, Margaret Taylor Date Signed: 29 March 1679 Date Proved: 21 May 1679 Signature or Marks: Richard Taylor Witnesses: Roger Hodges ,Ellinor (x her mark) Owens Bequests & Devises:
To my wife, Margaret Taylor--one third part of my whole estate,
To my friend, John Landing--two cows and hay
To my daughter, Margaret--one cow
To my son, Richard--one two year old and hay for
To my daughter, Suzan--one yearling hay for wch properly
To Richard--? and cow
To my god son, Richard Hodges--one cow
To my god daughter, Elizabeth Daniel--one cow
To my son John--the plantation that I now live on
To my son Richard--all my land on north side of G Creek and against my house
And if my wife remains a widow my sons to live with her until they come of age of one and twenty years and if she marry then to be at age
To my son John at age eighteen--I give all my wearing clothes with ? yards of canvas
To my son John--two guns, my old gun and the gun I bought of Jno Fallack
To my son Richard--one musket wch I bought about of the
1679 -   NOTE entry of 1710.  
Will: of Margaret Taylor, Aug 1679, Norfolk Co., Virginia. 65 Testator: Margaret Taylor Residence: Norfolk Co.   Date Signed: 5 April 1679 Date Proved: 15 Aug 1679
Signature or Mark: Margaret M Taylor Witnesses: Roger Hodges Richard R Harris
Bequests, Devises:
To my 4 small children--all my goods
To my son John--to have his share of
I appoint guadians: my brother Roger Hodges may have my daughter Margaret, my brother Thomas Manning--my daughter Suzanna, & Wm. Owens--my son Richard
To my son John may live upon the plantation with his stock
I appoint my brothers Roger Hodges, Jno Manning & Thomas Manning and my loving friend Wm. Owens to be my overseers over my son John and to putt whomever they shall think fitt to live on ye plantation w/him.
As for my son Thomas, after his years nursing to be at his disposal of my overseers and in ? time his share to remain on ye plantation with my son John
   NOTE:   Margaret Taylor was a MANNING before she married.   Margrett Manning Taylor, c. 1661-1679 - Will dated 5 Apr 1679, proved 15 Aug 1679. Margaret was married to Richard Taylor, c. 1655-1679 - Will dated 29 Mar 1679, proved 21 May 1679
1679 - aug 15. Thorowgood Keeling died
1679 - Aug 15     Margaret Taylor died

1683 - Adam Keeling died

1691 - Edward Lewelling as Edward ffuelling (son of Abel and Hannah) and George Ballentine, witnessed Richard Herbert's noncuplative Will.   (see Llewellyn Traces)

1694 - before May 14, Edward Llewellyn married Margaret (Ballentine) Markham, widow of John Markham, son of Fances Yates and richard Markham.   Edward and Hannah had:   Edward Lewelling Jr (ca 1673-1755), Luke Llewelling (over 16 in 1730), William Llewelling (before 1714 - 1752), and Samuel Llewelling (before 1714.)   (See Llewellyn Traces)

1699 - Henry CULPEPPER died

1702 - George Ballentine died

1704 - RICHARD LUELLING received 200 acres
1704 - EDWARD LUELLING received 315 acres.

1706 - Maurice Veale died

1707 - June 18 - RICH'D LEWELLING witnessed Will of John Joyce

1709 -Aug. 16 - RICH'D LEWELLING and EDWARD LEWELLING witnesses for the Will of Edward Hewes.
1709 - Book 8 f. 66, dated 11 May
"...Thos. Harbert and Margarett his wife of ye Southern branch pras ct of Elizabeth Rivher prish in ye County of Norfolk Ship Edward Lewellen of the same...100 Acres...on ye North Side of a Creek ... Called ...paradise Alias broad Creek...East...Joyning to Diggbys in ye possession of Wm. Wallis...west...Trees Dividing itt from Jno Ballentines Land.
Thomas Harbert           Seale           Margaret X Harbert Seale

1710 -   The will of WM. OWEN, SR. (Book 9, p. 45 Norfolk Co.) names his three bros-in-law EDWARD DAVIS, RICHARD TAYLOR and RICHARD LEVELLING. (Dated Dec. 10, 1710).
Will: of William Owens Sr., Between 10 Dec 1710 and 18 May 1711, Norfolk Co., Virginia. 6,85 Testator: William Owens Sr. Residence:
Executor: my three brother-in-laws, Edward Davis, RICHARD LEWELLING and Richard Taylor                       Date Signed: 10 Dec 1710 Date Proved: 18 May 1711
Signature or mark: William (W his mark) Owens
Witnesses: Jno (I T his mark) Taylor, Rich'd (R B his mark) Bunting, Sen'r &
Tho. Nash Sen'r
Bequests, Devises:
To my son, Wm. Owens--one parcel or tract of land adjoyning to Richard & Jno Taylor and so running unto the woods adjoining the eastward side on a place called the cow (?) and along the old road going to the western branch as for the crooked chickopine and on to southwest side joyning on a new road as goes to the western branch as far as the first branch is here there has been a timber bridge and so up the northward side of the main run as far as the place called the Livesake Glade & so from thence to the Crooked Chincopine before mentioned
To my son, John Owens--the plantation I now live on and the house, orchards, clear grounds and woodland grounds (?) adjoyning to out road going to the western branch as far as the crooked chincopine and joyning upon EDWARD LEWELLING his land only my free and loving wife Mary to have her life in the mannor plantation without any interruption
To my son, Edward Owens--all my lands on the southwest side of the new road going to the western branch and so joyning on Jno. Taylor's land and George Ballentine's land and .......
To my son, Thomas Owens--part or parcel of my land which is called by the name of the western branch Bridges and so joyning on Edward Hues and RICHARD LEWELLING and EDWARD LEWELLING.
I desire that my wife nor none of my sons cutt no timber nor burn lightwood now nor wayes improveish that part of land which I have given to my son Thomas until he comes of age to enjoy it himselfe
I also will that my four sons Wm, John, Edward, and Thomas personally enjoy there legacies every part or parcell accordingly as I have given it to them and there heirs lawfully begotten of there boyes for ever and in case either of my sons dies without heir that part or parcell of land shall be equally divided amongst the other three brothers and I entail it from age to age that it may not be sold except it be from one brother to another
To my son, Edward--my muskett
To my son, Thomas--my long gun
To my son, William--three iron wedges, two small axes, and one grate one
To my son, John--two grate wedges, my best coat, vest & breeches
To my daughter, Anne Owenings--one pewter dish, one pewter bason, and half a dozen pewter plates to be delivered at her marriage day
To my daughter, Mary Owens--one pewter dish, one pewter bason, and half a dozen pewter plates to be delivered at her marriage day
To my daughter, Elizabeth Owens--one pewter dish, one pewter bason and half a dozen pewter plates to be delivered at her marriage day
To my two eldest daughters, Ann & Mary--to have a cow delivered to them at their wedding day
To my wife, Mary--all the rest of my personal estate good and chattels both within and without during her natural life and after her decease to be equally divided between all my children

NOTE:   William Owen's wife was Elinor Manning according to the Manning researchers.   Richard Llewellyn's wife was Elizabeth MANNING, Richard Taylor's wife was Margarett Manning and Mary Manning married (1) Roger Hodges and (2) Edward Davis.  

1710 - thomas Willoughby died

1711 - William Owens Sr died

1712 - Thomas Willoughby died

1713 -   John TAYLOR and wife Judith Taylor of the Southern Branch precinct of Elizabeth River Parish of Norfolk Co, VA., to John Taylor, residence not stated, for natural affection and love for out natural son, John Taylor, the plantation whereon I now live after my and my wife’s decease or if she marry, she to have her third of the land. If John died without issue land to son Thomas Taylor. If Thomas should died without issue, land to son Jonas Taylor. In the meantime, I deliver unto my son’s possession, a small neck of land lying between the plantation where I now live on and a small creek and (George BALENTINE) to ..., signed John Taylor (mark), Judith Taylor (mark), wit. Richard Taylor, Richard Nash, Jno. Portlock. Mark of this John is same as mark for John in another deed registered on the same day. Abstracted from Db, Chesapeake Circuit Court

1713 -   John Taylor, the aged, of Elizabeth River Parish, Norfolk Co., Va. to my loving brother, Richard Taylor, same parish and county, deed of gift, whereas my deceased father, Richard Taylor, late of this county, deceased, did give and bequeath in his last will and testament to my brother, Richard, 75 acres that he is now in possession of, I give unto my (cousin) after the death of his father, I mean Richard Taylor, son of my brother, Richard Taylor. If Richard should die without issue, land to next brother, Thomas Taylor. If Thomas should died without issue, land to the next brother, Wm. Taylor. If William should die without issue, land to the next brother, Jno. Taylor. If John should die without issue, land to the next brother, Edward. Signed John Taylor (mark), wit. Edward Davis, Alexander BALLENTINE, Jno. Portlock. (Note land was willed to Sr. Richard, who is in possession of land but does not have legal deed. This deed is to clear legal title to make ownership of land as intended by John Taylor’s father, Richard. Mark of this John is same as mark for John in another deed registered on the same day.) Abstracted from Db, Chesapeake Circuit Court.

1715 - Alexander Ballentine died

1716 - Robert CULPEPPER and Edward LEWELLING witnessed the will of William Dale

1721 - May 16 -   Richard Llewellyn Se. [Senior?] sell [sells] to Abell Llewellyn for five shillings 100 acres on the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River; one hundred acres, more or less, on Paradise Creek; also at the same time and date, 60 acres in the same locality

Will dated 27 Oct. 1722, proved 18 May 1723.
Wife ELIZABETH.   Sons (1) RICHARD LEWELLING, (2) AABEL (Abel) Lewelling, (3) LEMUEL LEWELLING, (4)   EDWARD.   Note:   Edward was probably deceased.   A brief abstract of his Will:   " my ... son Richard Lewellen my plantacon and all the land belonging to it except the land I have son Aabel...Son Richard should dye with heirs then the said pl---to return to my son little gunn and my son Leml...alsoe my little pot that was his brother Edwards. (probably deceased).
Had 5 daughters. Executor was his wife.   Witnesses:   John Oerngs (Owens/Owings) and Rich. Taylor.  

1722 - Norfolk Co. Db F, page 70, date of deed 13 March 1722, Thomas Willoughby, planter of Norfolk co. to Thomas TAYLOR, of Norfolk Co. for 5 pds. a tract of land in the Western Branch of Elizabeth River beginning at a maple CULPEPERS corner and running along a line of marked trees to a pine a corner then along a line of marked trees to a live oak and so running along a line of marked trees to a maple Culpepers corner tree then along a line of marked trees to the first station, containing 25 acres, signed Thomas Willoughby (I), Anne Willoughby (A), wit. John Willoughby (I), Wm. Bishops. Dower release.

1723 - RICHARD LEWELLEN died May 18

1727 - "John Harbett of Princess ann County and Thomas Prescott of Norfolk County...100 acres...East Side of Indian appears by a Deed of Sale made by phillip Haward and Recorded In ye sd County records ye 26th November 1706...unto Richard Johnson..."
John Herbert."

1729 - Will of Richard Taylor of Elizabeth River in the County of Norfolk in Virginia, abstract.   Original Will dated 26 Sept. 1729, proved 19 Feb. 1730/1 by John & Wm. Owens.   Names son William Taylor, son John Taylor,   son Edward Taylor, daughter Mary Taylor, daughter Margaret Taylor and daughter Richal (Rachel?) Talor.   Wife Jane.   Witness:   John Owens, Willa (William) Owens, Thomas Owens.   Richard Taylor made his mark.

1730 - RICHARD TAYLOR died

1733 - George BALLENTINE died

1734 - Appraisement of Richard Taylor, dec’d, 29 June 1734 by order of court on 17 May 1734, various live stock, (?) cooper tools, various household furniture

1734 - Henry Deale died (Veale ? )
1734 - John BALLENTINE died

1736 - ABEL LEWELLING witness to Will of William Wise dated Jan. 16; proved May 20, 1937

1740 - Sarah WILLOUGHBY died

1741 - 18 March.   Luke Llewellyn and Martha his wife deed to William Bustion for five shillings 100 acres on the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River, a tract on which Luke Llewellyn now lives; also 19 March 1741, to William Bustion, Jr., for £30 (thirty pounds) 100 acres more or less.

1742 - Joseph MANNING died.

1743   - Robert CULPEPPER Sr. died
1743 - Edward DAVIS died

1744 - 6 Oct.   Richard Jackson married DINAH LEWELLING.   Sur. ABEL LEWELLING
(Abel Lewelling was one of the early (1740s) members of the Borough Council for Norfolk. He died just before 1750, according to Council records - Dinah was probably his daughter)
NOTE:   Abel Lewelling was a son of Richard and Elizabeth (Owen) Lewelling.

1747 - LETTA LEWELLING, daughter of EDWARD and MARGARET LEWELLING was born Oct. 24
1747 -Richard DAVIS died
1747 - William BALLENTINE died

1749 -   estate inventory of an Aaron Tucker. This inventory was dated 16 November,1749 and was witnessed by James Batchelder,THOMAS CULPEPER, and another name that was very difficult to decipher, but could have been Richard Davidson or Richard Owinds(sic). (probably Richard
1749 - Thomas HERBERT died
1749 - Margaret HERBERT died

1750 - Will of ABEL LEWELLING.   Dated April 28, 1750, proved 22 (June probably), 20 July Administration.   Capt. John Hutchings.   (part torn) ...unto my beloved wife Sarah -- (torn).   Boom & Bobspritt, and a Rudder...(torn) to be equally divided between my said Wife and seven children -- (torn) --hard, Danai Abel John Paul Elizabeth & Frances Leweling (torn) - and two hundred acres of land, not touching my son Richard (torn) disposed of and then an equal division to be made .../s/ Abell Lewel(torn).   Witnesses:   William Nash, George Rouviere, William Pool

1750 - 10 Nov -- Deed Bk 15, p 33. Edward and Catherine Hugh to Daniel Culpepper, shipwright, for £15, 10 shillings, 200 acres on the West Branch of the Elizabeth River bounding Richard Bunting, Richard Taylor... (difficult handwriting) Wit: THOMAS LEWELLING, John ..., Matthew Manning

1751 - Will of WILLIAM LEWELLING, wife Frances.   “The House of Plant” reads, page 118:
“Wife of Thomas Grimes and the mother of Mrs. Luke Ross was a Lewellyn.   Of her there is positive evidence that she came from Norfolk County, Va.   Her father, William, died in Va. And his Will drawn 1751 names his wife, FRANCES, and their children.   Will of Frances drawn in North Carolina in 1770.”   (Note:   See also Tyrrell-Martin County 1765)
SEE EDGECOMBE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA.   ALSO, on the internet but no source given, it's written that this William and Frances were from   St. Mary's County, Maryland.   "...The Llewellyn family were communicants of the Church of England and worshiped at a small chapel called St. Martin's in the little town of Hamilton. They did not approve of the American Revolution and believed that the Church of England would 2 CONT not survive in America if the colonists were successful in breaking away from England. They were thus considered to be Tories. JohnWilliam Llewellyn's will is recorded in the Archives at Portsmouth dated 1-28-1751..."   i see nothing to substantiate that he was from

1751 - Will, 1/28/1751: proved 4/16/1752: In the name of God, Amen. This Twenty Eighth Day of January in the Twenty Fifth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith and in the Year of our Lord Christ, One thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty One, I, WILLIAM LEWELLING, of the Western Branch of Elizabeth River and County of Norfolk, Virginia, being very sick and weak of body but of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be God for it, Therefore, calling to mind the mortality of man, and thus owing it is appointed for all men once to die do make, ordain, constitute and appoint this to be my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say first and principally I recommend my soul to Almighty God who gave it and hoping to be saved the only merits and of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, any my body I commit to the earth from whence it was taken to be buried in a Christian and decent manner by my Exec’rs, hereafter named, doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive and once again by the mighty power of God and as worldly goods and Wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me, I give, bequeath and dispose of those in the following manner and form.
I will that all my just debts and funeral charges be discharged in a convenient time after my demise by my Executors. I make, ordain, constitute and appoint my Dearly Beloved Wife, FRANCIS LEWELLING, to be Joint Executors of my Last Will and Testament.
Item. I give and bequeath to my Well Beloved Wife, FRANCIS LEWELLING, the plantation whereon I liveth during her widowhood and then fall and belong to my Dearly Beloved Son, JOHN LEWELLING, I give and bequeath to my Dearly Beloved Wife the use of all my Negroes, moveables, cattles, hoggs, sheep and all my things during her widowhood and then fall to my Dearly Beloved children to have it all divided equally amongst them all and my Dearly Beloved grandson, WILLIAM MANNING, and if he dies without heirs lawfully begotten of his body, for it to fall to my children again, JOHN LEWELLING, SARAH LEWELLING, FRANKE LEWELLING, ANNAS LEWELLING,, ANA LEWELLING, CHLOE LEWELLING, LIDDIA LEWELLING and ABBE LEWELLING, to have their equal parts alike; in case my wife marries, she shall take only the use and then to fall to my children again. And I do hereby revoke and disavow all former and other wills by me heretofore made if any such are found. Ratifying and confirming thisand no other to be my Last Will and Testament. Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered to be my Last Will and Testament of the said William Lewelling
Witnesses Richard Bustion, John Owens, Daniel Culpeper

(NOTE:   Margaret, his wife, was a MANNING- Margaret Manning.   After Edward died, she married in 1754 to Peter Dyer)   Also NOTE.   A posting on the internet states:   Library of Congress Report: Lemuel Veale, b. 1713/15 as he was old enough to witness a will of his uncle-in-law, Henry Nichols on January 28, 1735/6, d. 1756 in Norfolk County, Virginia. His wife was probably the daughter of Edward LEWELLING who in his will of January 10, 1752 and probated in Norfolk County, Virginia on April 16, 1752 (Book I, page 241), he left to my godson George Veale, he is not coming in for any more of my estate. That George Veale was probably a grandson of Lemuel Veale

1752 - Will of WILLIAM LEWELLING (see 1751)
1752 - William OWEN died.
1752 - John Drury died.

1753 - 5 Oct.   William Murray married MARTHA LEWELLING, WilliamNewbolt was surety.
1753 - ca (undocumented information) Sally Lewelling was born. She married Richard Carney.   When they married Salley was an orphaned only child, who owned and was living on her own plantation. She had a number of slaves. This was taken from a Carney family history written by Dr. Norfleet L. Carney.   They moved to Halifax County, NC by 1776 when their first child was born.
1753 - Richard Inkson died
1753 - Thomas Willoughby died
1753 - Peter Taylor died.
1753 - David Ballentine died.
1753 - Richard Inkson died.

1754 - 27 Aug.   Peter Dyer married MARGARET LEWELLING (Margaret was the widow of Edward Lewelling)
Marriage Bond: Peter Dyes & Margaret Lewelling, 27 Aug 1754, Norfolk Co., Virginia. Know all men by these presents that Peter Dyes and Thomas Owens are held and firmly bound unto our Soveign Lord the King his heirs and sucessors in the full and just sum of fifty pounds current money to which payment will and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs, executors & admin. jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals this 27th day of Aug't 1754.
The condition of the above obligation is such the whereas above bound Peter Dyes hath obtained a marriage license in conjunction with Margaret Lewelling. Now know ye that if there is no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage then the above obligation is to be void or else to remain in full force power & virtue
Peter Dyes. Thomas Owens,   Sealed & delivered in the presence of Sam Newby
1754 - September 2, Lemuel Veale sued Margaret Lewelling, executrix of Edward Lewelling (O Book. 1753-1755, page 86), ( perhaps for a part of the estate )

1755 - Inventory of the estate of EDWARD LEWELLING

1755 - By this year several from this county moved to Edgecombe County, NC including the Sugg family.

1756 - Lemuel Veale died 1756, William Crawford being appointed his Administrator on December 16, 1756 (O Book, 1755-59, page 103).   It's been presumed (no documentation) that Lemuel Veale married a daughter of Edward Lewelling.   Their children were Dempsey (b ca 1735/7), George (b 1738-40), Frances (b 1747), Sally (b 1749, and Crawford (b 1745/50)

1757 -  
Will: 1757, Norfolk Co., Virginia. 78 Testator: John Maning Residence: Norfolk Co.
Executors: my sons, John & Mathew Maning
Date: 11 Nov 1757 Date Proved: Jan 1758
Signatures or Marks: John (x his mark) Maning
Witnesses: David Porter, Rich'd Ballentine, Mikes ? (x his mark) Manning
To son, John Manning--1 tract of land containing 100 acres lying on Herbert's Neck, 1 negro fellow called George, 2 small basons, 4 plates, 1 bed with a cotton tick of the furniture there unto belonging together with a low bedstead & 1 still
To grandson, Wm. Maning--one negro girl named Sukee & her increase--should said Wm. die without lawful heir, then his father Mathew Maning shall have said negro girl & her increase and that the said William have the said negro girl & increase at the age of 21
To my daughter, Ann Taylor--1 negro girl called Nanny, 1 feather bed & furniture with a low bedstead, 2 large basons. I likewise lend unto her--1 negro boy named Primas--to her daughter, Elizabeth
To my daughter, Sarah LEWELLING--1 negro wench called Sibb & her increase, 1 nego boy called London, 1 feather bed & furniture with a plain bedstead, a handmill, 2 midling dishes, & 1 plate
To my granddaughter, Elizabeth Taylor--1 negro boy called Jacob
To my daughter--Eliza Cherry--one negro boy called Jack, 1 negro boy called George and at Elizabeth's decease to my grandson, Lem'l Cherry the above mentioned negro Jack
To grandson, Seth Cherry--the above mentioned negro George
To daughter, Elizabeth Cherry--feather bed & furniture whereon I do lye & 1 large dish
To daughter, Marg't Dyes--1 negro girl named Jenny & her increase, 1 feather bed below stairs & furniture with half dozen pewter plates
To daughter, LETTE LEWELLING--1 negro boy named Tom, the son of Jenny the said negro
Rest of my estate to be equally divided among my sons & daughters

1758 - "Peter Harbert of the County of Princess Simmons of the same...Land...near the head of Indian Creeke in Norfolk County...may contain eighty-eight Acres..."
Peter Herbert and Seale         Mary X Herbert and Seale.   her mark"

1760 - 19 Oct   Samuel Langley married ELIZABETH LEWELLING

1761 - Will of RICHARD LEWELLING  
Will dated 8 Sept. 1761.   Proved Dec. 1761.  
Wife ALICE LEWELLING.   Son:   WILLIAM LEWELLING.   Wife’s granddaughter:   Mary Holmes, dau of John Holmes.   Cousins Richard Inkson and Eliza Inkson.  
Executors:   Brother JOHN LEWELLING and John Phripp.  
Witnesses:   Saml. Langley, Wm Colley and Joseph Langley.  
Chage in Will 26 Oct. 1761 leaving out Mary Holmes.   Witnesses:   Philip Carberry, Saml Langley and Gibbons Doinby?
(NOTE:   It isn't know if this Richard was the son of Richard Lewelling who died 1722/3 or of Edward.   Note the children given in Richard Sr.'s Will were Richard, Abel, Lemuel, Edward and five daughters.   This one names his brothers as John, Abel, and Paul so neither John nor Paul are named in Richard Sr's Will.)

1762 - Inventory of the estate of SARAH LEWELLING
(Sarah MAY have been the daughter of William Lewelling ? ?)

1762 - "Mary Herbert Executrix of ... of Markham Herbert decsd Late of the County of Norfolk...unto William Herbert of the same County Ship Carpenter...85 Acres...One Moiety of ...170 Acres...formerly the Property of Willoughby Herbert and by him the said Willoughby sold to Capt. Thomas Herbert decsd:   as by Deed recorded in the Secretarys Office in the City of Williamsburg the 15th of October 1740..."   Mary X Herbert and Seale   Her mark"   (In April of 1762)

1762 - Audit of Estate: of John Manning, 18 Nov 1762, Norfolk Co., Virginia. The estate of John Manning dec'd to Markcom & John Manning executors
Sept 16, 1758   (included are the following)
To do Richard Owins 1--1--
To do ABLE LEWELLING 1--17-6

1763 - Mar. 19. John Johnson married FRANCES LEWELLING   (Frances was probably the daughter Franke mentioned in William Lewelling's Will)

1765 - Will of ALICE LEWELLING (wife of Richard who died 1761)

1765 - Solomon Hodge's Tithables: South side of Tanner's Creek as far as Willis Cares on the north side of creek, Jun 1765, Norfolk Co., Virginia. 165 William Brown & Kader Hodges, PAUL LEWELLING & negroes Coffey & Molly--5, and 50 acres of land

1768 - 6 Dec. –  Benjamin Bunting married LETTA LEWELLING.   Robert Fry, Clerk of Vestry, makes oath that Letta, dau of EDWARD and MARGARET LEWELLING, was born 24 Oct. 1747

1771 - Inventory of the estate of ALICE LEWELLING

1772 - Ann Bailey, born say 1725, was called a "free Negro" on 18 July 1754 when she sued William Freeman in Norfolk County court for taking her daughter Sue outside the colony. She was called Ann Bailey, "a free Molatto," on 17 January 1755 when the court bound her daughter Sue to Lewis Stanford. She was the "free negro" mother of James Bailey who complained to the Norfolk County court on 17 December 1772 about the treatment he was receiving from his master JOHN LEWELLING


1774 - 3 Aug. –  Richard Carney, Jr.married SALLY LEWELLING

1774 - ca ABEL LEWELLING born (See 1850 census)

1775 - Norfolk Co. Db 27, page 28, date of deed 13 Jan 1775, date recorded 20 Apr. 1775, John Lewelling and Mary his wife, of Martin Co., NC to Thomas Moore, St. Brides Parish, Norfolk Co. for 124 pounds, 1 shilling, a tract of land on the Western Branch beginning on Lloyd’s Creek and running up a cove dividing the said land from the land of William Bunting then running to a pine corner tree of William Bunting and Thomas Green then by a line of marked trees dividing the said land from the land of Thomas Green to a white oak at the head of a branch or cove then down the said branch or cove to Lloyd’s Creek then up said creek to the first station, containing 40 acres, signed JOHN LEWELLING, (Mary did not sign), wit. Geo. VEALE, George Collins, John OWENS, John Moore (+). Abstracted 8-12-00, Kirn Lib. film 13,845, CTC.

1775 - Will of Daniel Culpepper, april 23, 1775
(In the name of God Amen I Daniel Culpepper of the Parish of Portsmouth in the County of Norfolk in Virginia being Sick but in good and perfect Sense and Memory praised be Almighty God for it knowing the uncertainty of human Life have thought it fitting to make this as my Will and Testament and First I give and bequeath my precious and immortal Soul unto God and the Lord Jesus Christ who gave it me and my body to be buried in the Earth as my Executors hereafter mentioned shall think fitting as for my Worldly Estate I give and bequeath it in manner and form as followth
         Item -- I give and bequeath unto my Loving Wife Mary Culpepper the use of the Plantation and Houses whereon I now Live with the privelege of Rail Timber and fire wood for the use of the said Plantation and also to cutt and sell fire wood to support her and the Children if need require it but not to waste nor imbezzle any thing thereon I also give my said Wife the priviledge of fifty acres of Land Lying between the Land of William Buttin [Bunting] and Richard Taylor and fifty acres more that Lyeth in the Deserts of the Southern Branch to her use in manner and form as the other Land before mentioned also the use of Three Negroes Vist. Quomino, Sam and Ruth, All my Household furniture Cattle Horses Sheep hogs and all other Species of what kind soever which appartaineth unto me with Doors and without which use of all my Estate as above mentioned I give unto my said wife Mary Culpepper for and during her Natural Life or Widowhood and at her Decease or Marriage to descend to my Children as hereafter mentioned only reserving to My wife if she should be married again the use of all my Houses a Third part of my Lands above mentioned and one Third part of all my moveable Estate for her natural life.
         Item -- I give and bequeath unto my Son Daniel Culpepper at the decease of my Wife the Manor part of the Plantation whereon I now live Beginning at a Cove that divides my Land from the land of Benjamin Buntin thence running along the creek to another Cove dividing my Land from the Land of Capt. Thomas Veale and William Owens and running to the Main Road thence running along the said road to the Land of Benjamin Buntin then along the said Buntins line to the first Station
         Provided my said Son Daniel Culpepper shall allow unto my Son William Culpepper the westward Room of my New House and also maintain my said Son William Culpepper the westward Room of my New House and also maintain my said Son William Culpepper in humane manner and keep in reasonable Clothes from the time of his Mothers decease for and during his Natural Life on condition of which I give unto my Son Daniel Culpepper Twenty Five Acres of my Land lying between William Buntin and Richard Taylor also two Negroes vizt. Quomino and Ruth all which on his complying with the above said Terms to him and his Heirs forever and if my Son William Culpepper should be married I then give my Negro Man Sam unto Him and his Heirs forever as a help to support his Family his brother Daniel not to be exempted still from doing his part by himself as above mentioned but if my Son William should decease without Heir I then give the Negro Sam unto my Son Daniel and his Heirs forever and my Will is that my Son Daniel shall keep an open Bridle Way by the Line of Benjamin Buntin down to the Landing for the use of my other Children and their Heirs forever.
         Item -- I give and bequeath unto my Two Sons Robert Culpepper and Thomas Culpepper the remainder part of my Manor Plantation from the Main Road upwards to the equally divided between them also Twenty five Acres of the Land lying between William Buntin and Richard Taylor to be equally divided between my Two said Sons Robert and Thomas Culpepper all which I give unto them and their Heirs forever or the Surviver of them if one should decease without Heir My Will also is that the fifty Acres of my Land that lyeth in the Deserts of the Southern Branch shall be equally divided at the decease of Wife between my Three Sons Vizt. Daniel, Robert, and Thomas Culpepper or the Survivers of them and their Heirs forever.
         Item -- I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah Culpepper One Feather Bed and Furniture at the decease of my Wife and to be the same Bed which her Mother useth to lay on which I give to her and her Heirs forever also one Brass Kettle to her and her Heirs forever
         My will and desire is that my Lot of Land in the Town of Portsmouth shall be sold and the Money arising for it to pay my Just Debts and if any remains I give it for the support of my Children   and as for all the Rest of my Estate within Doors and without that is not already given away my desire is that it shall at the decease of my Wife be equally divided between my Five Children Vizt. William, Daniel, Robert, Thomas, and Sarah Culpepper or the Survivers of them and their Heirs forever.
         I also Nominate Appoint and Ordain my beloved wife Mary Culpepper to be my Executrix and my loving Brother William Culpepper my Executor of this my last Will and Testament to see it well and truly performed revoking disallowing and disannulling all former and other Will or Wills by Me before made But Ratifying allowing and Confirming this In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my Hand and fixed my Seal this Twenty Third Day of April One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Five.
         Signed Daniel (X his mark) Culpepper & Seal
Signed Sealed and Acknowledged in the Presence of Wm. Bayley, Henry Lowe, and Thomas Cokls (sic)).2

1778 - Will of JOHN LEWELLING (Note:   Because John Lewelling of Martin County NC. owned property in Norfolk, could this have been his Will since Wills are generally filed where there's property owned by the deceased?)
1778 - April 9 - James Spahn married Miss KEZIAH LEWELLING.   Surety:   ABEL LEWELLING
1778 - May 23 - James Boush married Miss ELIZABETH LEWELLING
(Date 1778?) - James Kilgrow and Sally Stockley were married.   RICH'D LEWELLEN
1778 - 2 July   George Collins married MRS. ANNE LEWELLING

1779 - John Bruce Jr. and his wife Eunice of Norfolk Co. to Martin Joyce, Norfolk Co. for 140 pds, a tract of land where Mary CULPEPPER lives containing 25 acres in the Parish of Portsmouth ....

1780 - Census shows:
ABEL LEWELLING 1785 –  10 whites

1783 - 4 Jan –  Manor Dyson married ANN LEWELLING
1783 - 6 Jan.   Spiva Wiatt married ELIZABETH LEWELLING


1785 - 12 Mar.   James Ives married LYDIA LEWELLING (written in Bond is ‘with their guardian’s consent.)     Surety John Talbott  

1787 - Audit: of William Manning, 20 Dec 1787, Norfolk Co., Virginia. 344 The estate of William Manning In Acc't with Willis Culpepper admin'r
To each for Bests Bonds 12--0--6
To do for JOHN LEWELLING do 3--4--3
To do for Wm Hodges do 1--2--

1790 - 6 Aug.   Charles Williams married MARTHA LEWELLING
1790 - 4 Dec.   Nicholas Wilkinson married ELIZABETH LEWELLING

1793 - March 30.   RICHARD LEWELLING married Grace Stokley, suretyEyrs Stokeley.   Note:   This is not the Richard Lewallen of Prince Edward County who moved to Tennessee and married a Vowell.

1795 - 22 August.   Deed Book 36, p 53.   David and Sophia Culpepper of Norfolk County to Ralph Pigot of Portsmouth, for £18, -?- acres on the South side of Paradise Creek, on the South Branch of Elizabeth River, formerly the property of George and John Bowness and confiscated during the Late War.   As will more fully appear by James Lewelling's and wife deeds and release to the aforesaid Bownesses.   Wit: And. Kidd, William C. Veale, Wilson Williams, Annas Culpepper relinquishes dower.

1796 -JAMES LEWELLING married Annis Owins July 2, 1796

1798 - Dec. 22.   James M. Kilgrow married Sally Stockley, sister-in-law to RICHARD LEWELLING.   Sur:   RICHARD LEWELLEN. (probably Kilgore)
1798 - PAUL LEWELLING married Margaret Holmes april 6, 1798

1799 - ANN LEWELLING married Gideon Kilgore May 10, Abel Lewelling surety

1801 - Norfolk directory shows Abel Lewelling as a boat builder.   It also lists a John Grandberry as a merchant and a mary Willoughby and a Margaret Willoughby, both widows.

1802 - Will - LEWELLIN, Richard, boat builder, of Boro of Norfolk, Will dtd 04 Oct 1801, proved 24 May   1802, Norfolk Boro, Hustings Ct. [Clete Note:   Hustings Ct. = Hustings Court.]
     Wife, Grace; Son, Joshua; Dau, Nancy.
     Wit. John Pretlove, Joseph Evans, Jas. Dyson, James Kilgrow           P.114
1802 - LEWELLIN, Richard, Est App recorded 27 Jul 1802.     P.129-130

1802 - Mrs. GRACE LEWELLING married Turner Stevenson July 17, surety James Kilgore
1802 - PAUL LEWELLING married Ann Godfrey June 15

1803 - LEWELLIN, Richard, Est Acc recorded 28 Feb.   Adm. Turner Stephenson

1810 - Census shows:

1812 - FRANCES LEWELLING married Robert Tatterdale Feb. 25

1818 - LUCY LEWELLING married William R. Hall Jan. 21, 1818
1818 - MISS NANCY LEWELLING married Edmund Spense Jan. 23.   JOSHUA LEWELLING, security.   Tucker’s Note:   According to an annotation on this bond, Nancy Lewelling was the sister of Joshua Lewelling, the security.

1825 - November 2, 1825 –  JOSHUA LEWELLING and Miss Mary Lester.   Thomas Lester, security.
1825 - Gideon Kilgour married Mrs. Elizabeth Potts, a widow.   Abel Lewelling, security.

1827 - Meeting: meeting to oppose the election of Gen. Andrew Jackson for President, 21 Nov1827, Portsmouth, Norfolk Co., Virginia. 298 Herald--21 November 1827
Norfolk County Meeting
At a numerous meeting of the citizens of Norfolk County, opposed to the election of Gen. Andrew Jackson to the Presidency of the United States, convened at the Court House in Portsmouth, on Monday the 19th of Nov. 1827, the meeting being called to order, the Rev. Jesse Nicholson, a soldier of the revolution, was appointed Chairman, and John A. Chandler, Secretary.
The Chairman explained briefly the objects of the Assembly, and Holt Wilson, Esq. offered for adoption the following resolutions:
Resolved, 1st: That we entirely concur in the preamble and resolutions adopted by our fellow citizens at a meeting held on the 3rd inst. at Hickory Ground, in this county, and that we will use all fair and honorable means to promote the object of the said meeting;
Resolved, 2dly: That the Delegates appointed at the meeting to represent this county in the proposed anti-Jackson Convention to be held in Richmond on the 2d Tuesday in January next, be, and are hereby appointed Delegates in behalf of this meeting to the said Convention:
Resolved, 3dly: That ____ be and they are hereby appointed Delegates on behalf of this meeting to unite with the Delegates appointed at Hickory Ground to represent this county in the anti-Jackson Convention to be held in Richmond on the 2d Tuesday in January next:
Resolved, 4thly: That the gentlemen hereafter named, be added to the Corresponding Committee, appointed at Hickory Ground, whose duty it shall be to act in conjunction with the said Committee in securing the object of the said meeting.
The resolutions having been read, Gen. Robert B. Taylor, addressed the meeting in an animated, impressive and convincing argument, in which he exhibited the anti-republican nature of the caucus nomination by the Legislature, and the necessity of counteracting it by a ticket formed by Delegates elected for that purpose by the people in their primary assemblies. He then took a view of the biography of General Jackson, and while he extended to him the full need of praise and honor, for his glorious defense of his country, he at the same time exposed in bold relief his disqualifications from high civil office, as exhibited by his acts in almost every public station he has filled.
After General Taylor had concluded, the resolutions were again read and adopted unanimously, and the following gentlemen appointed Delegates under the third resolution: Col. William Wright, Thomas Talbot, Esq., and William B. Manning, Esq., and the following gentlemen appointed a committee under the fourth resolution:
John Thompson, Holt Wilson, Tapley Webb, George M. Bain, George Webb, Thos. Edwards, David Reynolds, John Collins Sr., H. Pendleton, Wm. Benthall, Robert Peed, James Reed, Beverly Bayton, John Talbot, Jesse Newcomb, ABEL LLEWELLENG, George Wilson, John Gay, James Carr, Matthew Manning, Sr., William White, David Ruth, John P. Leigh, Jesse Nicholson
Resolved, 5thly: That the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the Chairman and Secretary, and published in the newspapers of the Borough of Norfolk.
Jesse Nicholson, Chairman
John A. Chandler, Sec'y

1825 - August 24 –  Henry Stevenson and Mrs. Elizabeth Castine (widow).   JOSHUA LEWELLING, security.     Tucker’s Note:   The above couple were married August 25th by the Rev. John French, a local Methodist (Protestant) minister.   (Question:   Was Henry Stevenson a son of Turner Stevenson and Gracie (Stokeley) Lewelling Stevenson?)

1828 - March 14, 1828 –  Ayres Kilgrove and Miss Ann Burgess.   John Barrett, security.   Tucker’s Note:   The above couple was married the same day by Thomas T. Jones, a local Methodist elder.
1828 - April 25 –  William Keeling and Miss Eliza Lester.   JOSHUA LEWELLING, security.
(Question:   Was Eliza Lester kin of Joshua’s wife, Mary (Lester) Lewelling.)

1829 - July 11 –  Josiah Dows and Miss Frances Ann Kilgrove.   JOSHUA LEWELLING, security.
Tucker’s Note:   The above couple were married the same day by the Rev. B.T. Blake.   (Question:
Was Frances Ann Kilgrove another child of James Kilgore and Sally (Stokeley) Kilgore?)
1829 - August 6, 1829 –  John May and Miss Mary Ann Poke.   JOSHUA LEWELLING, security.

1832 - October 30 –  William Stiron and Miss Louisa Kilgrove.   Josiah (mark) Dobbs, security.   (Question:   Could Josiah Dobbs have been Josiah Dows, who Tucker reports as posting bond to marry Frances Ann Kilgrove?   Again, Joshua Lewelling was security for that bond. Who was Louisa Kilgrove?   Was she another child of James and Gracie?)

Date unknown: - Sarah Lewellyn 1350 real property 200 personal property; Charles Lewellyn 2000 personal property; Clara Lewellyn 2000 personal property.

1840 - Census shows:
   Abel Lewellen with one male under 30.   Neighbors were Whitehurtst, Sewart, Edwards, Jones, Cherry.   (NOTE:   Abel Lewelling is shown in Princess Anne County, in the 1850 census as age 76 (1774) and wife Sarah.  

1850 - List of slaveowners shows Abel Lewelling of Elizabeth River Parish

1850 - Census
   Abel Lewelling 76 (1774) farmer with wife Sarah 61, Sarah A. 20, Charles B. 20, Eliza 18, Laura 10, Richard Lee 15, and Ann Kilgore 30.
1850 - Census:
   Dwelling 1614/Family 1806 LEE Thomas R. 44 Male VA Blacksmith, LEE Lelia 33 Female VA
LEE Lucy D. 16 Female VA, LEE Ellen 13 Female VA, LEE Sally 12 Female VA, LEE Fanny 11 Female VA
LEE Esther 10 Female VA,   LEE Virginia 9 Female VA, LEE Laura 5 Female VA, LEE Chas. G 7 Male VA
LEE Thos. R. 2 Male VA. LEE Richd. K. 4/12 Male VA

1858 - 25 February 1858 marriage of Chas. B. Lewelling, 28, to Lucy B. Lee, 22, a daughter of Thos. R. and Lelia Lee.   The bride and groom were both single.

1866 - Dunstan (J. B.), Lewellyn (C. B.) & Co., blacksmiths, 6 E Wide Water, h 104 N Church [p. 35]     Lee T. R., blacksmith, h 8 N Brewer [p. 53]     Lewellyn, Charles B. (Dunston, L. & Co.), h Norfolk County [p. 54]
1866 - The Norfolk City and Portsmouth Business Directory for 1866 also had this entry:
Lewellen, J. Richard Col., publisher “Norfolk Virginian,” opp. Ex. National Bank, h 102 W Bute
     [p. 55]

1870 - Charles B. Lewelling was head of this household in Tanners Creek Township, Norfolk County, Virginia:
Dwelling 252/ Family 309
LEWELLYN C.B. 40 Male White VA Blacksmith
LEWELLYN Lucy 32 Female White VA Keeping House
LEWELLYN Charles 9 Male White VA
LEWELLYN Lilly 8 Female White VA
LEWELLYN Lucie [sp?] 7 Female White VA
LEWELLYN Lee R. 5 Male White VA
LEWELLYN Sarah 4 Female White VA
LEWELLYN Richard 2 Male White VA

1872 - The Norfolk City Directory for 1872 [J. F. Milligan & A. J. Dalton, Solicitors and Advertising Agents, Norfolk, Va.; printed at S. Hodge’s Book and Job Office, Norfolk, Va., 1872] contains these listings:
Dunstan, J. B., Grocer, h 341 Church [p. 59]
Lee, Mrs. Lelia, widow, h 81 N Cumberland [p. 97]
Lee, Charles C., clerk, h 81 N Cumberland [p. 97]
Lee, Thomas R., book-keeper, h 81 N Cumberland [p. 97]
Lewellen, A. T., harness maker, h 22 Bermuda [p. 98]
Lewellen, Mrs. Sarah, widow, h 22 Bermuda [p. 98]
Lewellen, Charles B., blacksmith Water st., h Jerusalem Armistead’s bridge road [p. 98]
Lewellen, George, shoe maker Church st., Jerusalem Armistead’s bridge road [p. 98]
Lewelling, Mrs Jane, widow, h [home] 262 Bute.
Lewellen, J. Richard, City Sergeant, h 48 Duke.
Lewellen, R. Mortimer, clerk J R Lewellen, h 48 Duke.

1880 - Tanners Creek, Norfolk, Virginia, Census
   LEWELLYN C.A. Head Married Male White 50 VA VA VA Farmer
LEWELLYN Lucy D. Wife Married Female White 47 VA VA VA Keeping House
LEWELLYN C.L. Son Single Male White 20 VA VA VA
LEWELLYN Lelia Daughter Single Female White 19 VA VA VA
LEWELLYN Lucy Daughter Single Female White 16 VA VA VA
LEWELLYN Lee R Son Single Male White 14 VA VA VA
LEWELLYN R.M. Son Single Male White 10 VA VA VA
LEWELLYN Sallie Daughter Single Female White 9 VA VA VA
LEWELLYN Elenor Daughter Single Female White 5 VA VA VA

1894 - 3 October 1894, Norfolk (Independent City), VA
Groom:   Chas. Scott Milligan, 27, White, Single, b. 1867, Jones County, NC
Father:   Jas. F. Milligan, Mother:   Sallie L. Milligan
Bride:   Sallie Malbone Lewellyn 26, White, Single, b. 1868, Wayne County, NC [?]
Father:   C.B. Lewellyn, Mother:   Lucy D. Lewellyn

1896 - According to LDS FamilySearch, Virginia Deaths and Burials, 1853-1912, Charles B. Lewellyn (66, male, white & married), born in Virginia in 1830, died in Norfolk on 29 April 1896.   His father was Abel Lewellyn.   His mother was Sarah Lewellyn.

1900 - Ward 6, Norfolk City - census
LEWELLYN Lucy D. Head White Female 67 (b. Dec 1832) 9 Children/7 Living VA VA VA
LEWELLYN Charles D. Son White Male 39 (b. Jun 1860) Single VA VA VA Blacksmith
LEWELLYN Lee R. Son White Male 33 (b. Nov 1866) Single VA VA VA R.R. Clerk
LEWELLYN Richard M. Son Male White 31 (b. Feb 1869) VA VA VA Bartender

1903 - 20 February 1900, Norfolk (Independent City), VA
Groom:   Harry Lee Griswold 28, White, Single, b. 1872, Norfolk, VA
Father:   Albert C. Griswold, Mother:   Susan M. Griswold
Bride:   Eleanor Bagley Lewellyn, 24, White, Single, b. 1876, Norfolk, VA
Father:   C.V. Lewellyn [not C.B.], Mother:   Lucy D. Lewellyn

1903 - 26 January 1903, Norfolk, VA
Groom: Charles Llewellyn 42, White, Single, b. 1861, Norfolk VA
Father:   Chas. B. Llewellyn,   Mother:   Lucy D. Llewellyn
Bride:   Mary Elizabeth West 23, White, Single, b. 1880, Portsmouth, VA
Father:   James A. West, Mother:   Elizabeth West

Much of the above came from the Manning website:

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Norfolk, 17th Century
1607 -- Three English ships landed at Cape Henry. After giving thanks fortheir safe passage to the New World, the colonists proceeded up the river to establish Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America.
1610 - Hampton Roads named to honor Henry Wriothesly, Earl of Southampton and Treasurer of the Virginia Company in London

1613 - tobacco is introduced to the colony and becomes the center of colonial economy. It was the dominant crop in what would become Princess Anne County through the 1680s.

1622 - 200 acres of land now occupied by the City of Norfolk was owned by Lewis Vandermill, who in the same year sold it to Nicholas Wise, senior, shipwright.

1624 -- Thomas Willoughby granted 500 acres by King James I (present-day Ocean View).

1634 - Virginia consisted of 8 shires, or counties, with a total population of approximately 5000 inhabitants. The area that comprises the present cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Hampton was part of Elizabeth City Shire.

1636 - William Willoughby granted 200 acres by King Charles I (present-day downtown Norfolk).

1636 - Ferry service begins across the Elizabeth River

In 1642, Upper Norfolk Co. became Nansemond Co., now the city of Suffolk.

In 1691 Lower Norfolk County was divided to form Norfolk County and Princess Anne County.

1637 - first court for Lower Norfolk County meets. For 25 years, the court met in private homes.

1640 - Elizabeth River Parish completed (site of present Norfolk Naval Station)

1661 - Lower Norfolk County builds its first courthouse on Broad Creek, which was replaced in 1689 by 2 courthouses, one on the Elizabeth River and the other on the eastern portion of Lynnhaven River, on the southern end of Great Neck.

1673 - Half Moon Fort built at Four Farthing Point (now Town Point) in Norfolk.

1680 -- The Virginia House of Burgesses orders each Virginia county to purchase 50 acres of land, to be laid out for a town and storehouses. By an Act of Assembly the purchase of 50 acres was authorized for the Town of Norfolk, the purchase price being 10,000 pounds of tobacco. In 1682, in pursuance to the act, land was purchased from trustees of Nicholas Wise, a house carpenter and son of the elder Wise. The deed was recorded and Norfolk Towne was established on the area now bounded by City Hall Avenue on the north, the Elizabeth River on the south and west, and the Norfolk and Western Railroad tracks on the east.

1691 - Norfolk County formed from western Lower Norfolk County.

1698 - First church in Norfolk built on Church Street (site is in churchyard of present St. Paul's)

Created 1754 from Amelia County

1754 - The first civil case was heard at the April Court; Charles Anderson brought suit against John Coldwell for L1:7:5. The defendant confessed judgment.

1760 - 1 Mar deed from Abraham Womack of P & St. Patrick's Parish, to James Moore for 11 acres of land being part of a tract granted to Abraham Womack. Bounded by Henry Barksdale, Peter Gustavous' old line, the cleared ground, said James Moore, a new line agreed on by Abraham Womack and William Womack. Signed by Abraham Womack. Witness: Joseph RICE, ICay (+ his mark) RICE, Joseph RICE. Recorded Mar 12, 1760

1763 - RICHARD LEWALLEN was born per his Revolutionary War records.  

1764 - On December 31, 1764, John Watson, Sr., sold to John Watson, Jr. of Prince Edward county, 250 acres for ten pounds. The land was on the upper side of Little Buffalo, bounded by Ryland Randolph, John Morton, and George Smith. Witnesses were Matthew RICE, Jr., John Morton, and Samuel Watson

1765 - Deed   from Joseph Rice to his son Icay Rice.   It mentions on Sandy River, James Logan's line and witnesses were David Rice, Joseph Rice and - I think - Richard Blandon

1770 - Prince Edward Wills 1754-1776.   Page. 145.   “Account current of the estate of John RITCHIE dec’d. Debts include mention of: Andrew French, Thomas Caldwell, Thomas RICE, Samuel Baker, Vincent Wren, James Mcelroy, Samuel Richie, Josiah Morton, George Davis, John Thompson, Robt Elliet(sic), Hugh Mclroy, William Caldwell, Alex’r Richie, James Rockey, Revd Mr. Sankie, Christian Baker,...1770

1771 - 22 Nov 1771 Thomas Morton Jr, parish St Patrick, county Prince Edward, to John Richards of same, for 40 pounds, 134 acres of land on lower side of Sandy River in Prince Edward County adjoining Gravelly?s line & lands sd Richards bought from William Davidson; this is part of land granted to Royal & John Sutton Bowman sold to George Morton and then to sd Thomas. Signed: Thomas (his mark X wiggly) Morton. Wit: ICAY RICE, MAIDEN RICE, CHARLEY LEWELLING. Recorded 18 May 1772. (Prince Edward County VA Deeds, Vol 4, p 182)   (See Amelia 1740, and 1779 Prince Edward Co.)

1775 -   Rhoda Wiley was born 20 Feb 1776, presumably in Prince Edward County, but not verified.   She died in Perry County, TN, date unknown.   She married Doctor Jennings

1779 - Ica (someone on the internet suggested his name might have been Isham) and Maiden Rice moved to Kentucky.   Per posting on GenForum:   Ica Rice and his wife Maiden went to Kentucky in 1779 and settled at Martin's Station. Ica was serving in Capt. Charles Gatliff's company and was killed by the Indians while hunting in May 1780. His wife Maiden along with her children (Mary, Jean, William, Anna, and Moses) were captured by the British and Indians (June 26, 1780) and taken to Detroit. Maiden remarried to John Stacy in 1784 and the family settled in Canada. Moses Rice, son of Ica and Maiden Rice, had a son named Ica Foster Rice

1779 - Charles Rice died.   His wife was Frances ? and their children were Anderson, Matthew, Suzannah, Rowlette, Charles (married Sarah Bryant July 1786) and Frances Rice.   (Note:   Both Anderson and Matthew Rice moved to Kentucky; Anderson is shown there 1790 and 1800, 1810 and 1820 shows Anderson and Matthew living next door to each other.   (NOTE, 2nd.   There was another Charles Rice who died 1785 in Goochland County, VA.   )

1780 - Feb. 1.   FREEMAN LEWELLEN of Prince Edward County applied for bounty land for his service in the French and Indian War (1754-63).   He served under William Byrd and assigned his right to the land to Robert Goode.   In 1790 Robert Goode received bounty land in Western Virginia (Kentucky, which Freeman Lewelling was entitled to 50 acres)

1781 - RICHARD LEWALLEN entered service as a pivate.   Lived Prince Edward Co, VA during the war. Entered the service as Pvt. 1781. Service-VA Line.

1781 - Jordon ANDERSON received a patent Feb. 2 of 63.5 acres on the branches of Falling Creek, adj. Hill, thaxton, etc.   (He was born 1759 in Virginia)   patents D/508

1783 - Feb 17. WILLIAM LEWELLING married   Hanna Smith (Register)

1784 - ANDERSON LEWELLING married Lucy Rice on June 8th. (Note:   Most Rice researchers give her father as Charles Rice (see 1779 when Charles Rice died, however she isn't mentioned as a daughter.)

1785 - DANIEL LEWELLIN   - Will dated 25 Feb. 1785, proved 18 july 1785.  
Wife, Mary.   Appoints his son, Richard as Executor.   He leaves to his loving wife Mary Lewellen during her natural life the land and Plantation whereon I now live, together with all my Stocks of Horses, Cattle, Hogs & Sheep with all my Household and Kitchen Furniture and all Plantation utensils of every kind and at her decease I give & Bequeath the said land and Plantation to my son Richard Lewellin to him and his heirs forever my will & desire is that my said wife have full power to Dispose of   & give any of the above mentioned things (the land Excepted) to any of her Children or grandChildren that she shall think most needy in her life time and at her death I do give her full power to dispose of them by will to any of my Children or Grand Children she shall Judge most needy and that her gift be accounted good and Valid as tho it had been my own act............
   Witnessed by Edmund Dayrill Ford, Zachariah Rice and John Vaughn.   Daniel signed with his x.   Edmund D. Ford was security on Richard's bond as Executor.   Presented in court 18 July 1785.  
   Notice in the will Daniel refers to her children and grandchildren, then he later calls them his children and grand children.   (NOTE:   Edmund Ford is shown in Wake County, N.C. in connection with another of the Lewallens there later)
   Daniel's Inventory is also recorded at the November 1785 court.   Just the usual furniture, stock and tools of a farmer; he did own some books.
1785 - Also in Prince Edward County but living a distance away was DANIEL LEWELLEN with 4 whites, one other and one building.   Whether related to Anderson, Jesse and William, it isn't known but until we find some evidence, then we can't connect them.  
1785 - ANDERSON LEWELLEN is shown living right next to JESSE LEWELLEN and WILLIAM LEWELLEN as well as Matthew Rice.   Matthew Rice was probably Anderson's brother-in-law since he married a MARGARET LLEWELLYN/Lewelling ( -- OR, was Matthew Rice old enough to have been a step-father of Anderson??? bh).   Anderson is shown with 3 whites 0 dwellings, 0 buildings.   William is shown with 4 whites, 1 dwelling, 0 other buildings.   Jesse is shown with 8 whites, one dwelling 0 other buildings..   Matthew Rice is shown with 6 whites, 2 dwellings, 1 other building.   Matthew Rice lived next to Jesse Leelling.   Living next to Matthew was Samuel Pow and Stephen Lockett.     On the other side of William was Page, Howerton, Haskins, Ellington.  
   DANIEL LEWELLING lived in the county, too, but apparently not close to the others.   He had 4 whites, 1 dwelling 1 other building.   Living next to him was Berry Green, Blanton, Wootten, and Benjamin Harrison  

1785 - Tax Toll shows Jordan ANDERSON with 1 white soul one dwelling and 2 other buildings
1785 - James Anderon of Lunenburg Co., gave to his brother Jordan Anderson of Prince Edward, all his land, goods and chattels now being "in my present dwelling house , the Land in the County of Charlotte, the Goods in the County aforesaid of which before the signing of these presents I have delivered him the said Jordan Anderson an Inventory signed with my own hand and bearing even Date. To have and to hold all the said Land and Goods and Chattels in the said premises or dwelling house to him the said Jordan Andeson his heir's Executors or Administrators from henceforth as his and their proper Land, Goods, and Chattels, absolutely without any manner of Condition. In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal this tenth day of February One thousand seven hundered and eighty five.   /s/Jesse Watson James Anderson   Wit:   Matthew Jackson, Josiah Burton

1786 - Abraham Forrest of Amelia County VA sold to ANDERSON LEWELLING for 36 L a tract of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres.   Witnesses to the transaction were John Smith, RICHARD LEWELLING and JESSE LEWELLING.     (In many instances, you'll find those who witness these deeds are related to both the seller and the buyer and obviously Richard and Jesse must have been related to Anderson.)
1786 - May 13 Nicholas Vaughan and Elizabeth, his wife, of Prince Edward County, sells to JOHN LEWELLING of the same County for L 50 a tract of land in said county and in Amelia County containing 50 acres, adjoining lands of among others, ANDERSON LEWELLING.   Witnesses were RICHARD LEWELLING, ANDERSON LEWELLING, MOSES LEWELLING

1787 - THOMAS LEWELLING –  Will dated 28 Oct. 1787, proved 20 Oct. 1788.  
leaves to   his niece Liddie Rice, daughter of Matthew & Margaret Rice
my Grey mare with all my money that is due me from my crops, with all that I have in my possession at this time together with my chest and every other thing belonging to me except my wearing apparel.   Matthew Rice appointed Executor.   Witnesses Edmund D. Ford and Eliz Ford (her mark)   (The person who abstracted these wills again used Todd and the surname, it is very plainly Ford)
1787 - JOHN LEWELLIN –  Will dated 29 Oct. 1787; proved 16 June 1788.  
Brothers:   (1)   JESSE LEWELLIN (under age); (2) CLARBORNE LEWELLIN (3) MOSES LEWELLEN.   Father:   JESSE LEWELLIN. Executor, father JESSE LEWELLIN.   Witnesses:   Edmund Todd, NANCEY LEWELLIN   and NANNY LEWELLIN
1787 - 9 November; Richard Lewelling sold to Charles Lewelling the property which he inherited from his father, proven by his statement in the deed, "is the same land by the said Richard Lewelling's father devised to him".   The deed was signed by both Richard and Mary Lewelling (his mother and widow of Daniel Lewelling).  

1788 - Jan. 14   MOSES LEWELLING married Frances Chumbley, dau of John Chumbley.   Sur.   JESSE LEWELLING   (NOTE:   John Chumbley was in Amelia County as was Jesse - see Amelia above.)
1788 - THOMAS LEWELLING died and in his Will named his niece, Liddia Rice, daughter of Matthew and MARGARET Rice.

1789 -   “Deed Book 8 (1788-1790” page 188 shows that on Aug. 3, 1789, JESSE LEWELLING of the County of WAKE, State of NORTH CAROLINA, sells to Richard Phillips of the County of Prince Edward, State of Virginia …”
1789 - FREEMAN LEWELLING,   private, in command of William Byrd was granted land in the French War.   This land was assigned to Robert Goode in February Term of Court 1780.  
1789 - Deed Book 1 page 131.   ANDERSON RICE of Mercer Co. VA (probably should be KY) for good causes appoints his true friend Charles Chalwell his lawful attorney to sue for, receive, or recover of the person who is in possession of a tract of land in Prince Edward Co. containing 175 acres & which belonged to the father of Anderson Rice, Charles Rice, deceased, and same which Anderson claims as heir at law of Charles Rice since he is the eldest son.   /s/ Anderson Rice.   Witness:   William McDowell, Samuel McDowell, Nathan Rice.

1790 - WILLIAM LEWELLING –  Will dated 10 Feb. 1790.   Proved 19 July 1790.  
Executor:   Wife Hannah.   Witnesses Zachariah RICE, Thomas Howerton and Thomas Rice
NOTE:   William and Hannah (Smith) were married 1783; William lived next to Anderson, Jesse Lewallen and Matthew Rice.)   The Will Leaves everything to Hannah during her natural lifetime as long as she remains a widow.   At her death or remarriage his land is not to be sold but equally divided between his 2 sons Enoch & Aaron.   If Hannah remains a widow she is to have full power to dispose of any part of his Estate for the Benefit of Raising my said two Sons.   He desires no appraisement of his Estate and he appointed Hannah as Executrix.   Signed with an x.   Proven 19 July 1790

1791 - there's mention in a deed of Lewellings Creek which joins Bush River. (December 29, 1791, Berryman Green of Halifax County Va. sold 130 acres to George Smith of PE for £45. The land was on the branches of Bush River adj. Lewelling’s creek where Francis Watkins’s line crosses, then to Dotson’s creek to a corner between Matthew Jackson and Berryman Green then to an old line formerly Peter Davis’s now Berryman Green

1793 - Richard Vaughan/Vaughn m. Drusilla Rice, Prince Edward Co., Feb. 7, 1793. B/M: Zachariah Rice. Drusilla is d/o Matthew Rice. [115]
1793 - Richard Burkes made a Will.   Named wife Mildred, children Charles John, Thompson, Philemon, Richard Floyd, Mildred Rains, Elizabeth Burk, Edith Langston (moved to Bullitt Co Ky) and Mary Rice (wife of Benjamin).   Also names George Burkes Jr, Christopher DeJarnette, Jesse Owen.   He lived with part of his land in P.E. County and part in Nottoway County.

1794 - Martha Chumbley married William Rutledge Aug. 17.   She was the sister of Francis Chumbley who married Moses Lewallen.

1798 - Richard Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Ann Jackson, Prince Edward Co.,
Nov. 19. B/M: Zachairah Rice. Mary Ann is widow of Isaiah Jackson.

1804 - In Amelia County Moses Lewelling married Sally Grant

1806 - Dec. 15.   Thomas Oliver married LUCY LEWELLING, dau of FREEMAN LEWELLING, deceased.

1807 - May 26 - Nancy Ann Chumbley married John Miles.   (Nancy was the sister of Francis Chumbley who married Moses Lewallen.   This family moved to Montgomery County, VA.  

1809 - WILLIAM L. LLEWELLYN was born August 2. son of ANDERSON LEWELLING.

1811 - ca.   ANDERSON LEWELLING and his family moved to Morgan County, Tennessee (per Rick Llewellyn)

1816 - Ann Fleming married Sterling RICE 3 Feb

1824 - “Journey to the Island of St. John” by Harvey, contains an article on the emigration of JOHN LEWELLIN, born in Wales in 1778 and came to Prince Edward Island with his wife and four sons and two daughters in 1824.   It’s a lengthy article, from pages 175 through 179, but does not mention the names of his children or wife and because of its length, I have elected not to include it     NOTE:   This is Prince Edward ISLAND, not county.)

1832 - David Anderson of Prince Edward County., Virginia, declares that Jordan Anderson who now resides in Chesterfield County enlisted in Continental Service in 1777 for three years in the regiment of Col. Balor of the cavalry and continued until discharged.

Created 1700 from Charles City County

(The following was from Rick Llewellyn's web site:)
Could this line have been from the York/Warwick line of Lewellyns?

1713 - Richard Lewellyn witnessed a deed

1714 - Richard Lewellyn obtained a grant for 278 acres for transporting 6 people

1723 - Richard obtained 209 acres on the southside of Warwick swamp

1728 - Richard was the witness of a Will of Abraham Odium (Odom?) and then witnessed one of Hannah Gee
April 4, 1728. Abraham Odium to Bernard Sykes of Prince George Co., VA, land in Martins Brandon Parish on west side of Old Town Run, bounded on north by land of Phillip Jane, deceased, east by land of Edward Hill, deceased, and south by the main woods and land of Richard Pace, 100 acres, for 21 pounds; said parcel was formerly purchased of John Jean by Thomas Anderson, and by Anderson given by will to Mary, his widow, during her life and afterward to his eldest son James Anderson, and by Cornelius Cargill and Mary his wife (aforesaid widow of Thomas Anderson) and by James Anderson sold to Edward Goodrich, recorded in Prince George [County] by deed January 12, 1713. By Goodrich in his will recorded January 10, 1720 devised to Margaret, his executrix, to be sold for debts. Signed: Abraham Odium, Sarah Odium. Witnesses: William Binford, Timothy Rives, Richard Flewelling. April 9, 1728 Sarah, wife of Abraham Odium, relinquished dower right. Source: Prince George County, Virginia Wills and Deeds, 1713-1728, page 1090.

1763 -William Flewellen moved from Prince George County, VA. to Halifax County, N.C. about this year

Created 1727 from King George and Stafford


1762 - Book G folio 73, dated 15 Jan. 1727:
"John Harbett of Princess ann County and Thomas Prescott of Norfolk County...100 acres...East Side of Indian appears by a Deed of Sale made by phillip Haward and Recorded In ye sd County records ye 26th November 1706...unto Richard Johnson..."
John Herbert."         (See Norfolk)

1785 -   Lewelling, Lemuel - 22 Feb 1784/13 Jan 1785 - To wife Frances use of all my lands during her widowhood then to son Samuel.   To dau Euphan.   To son John when he becomes 21.   Rest of estate to be sold & money divided equally between 3 children.   Ex: wife & William Thorowgood.   Wit: Lemuel Thorowgood, Thomas Pebworth, Amy Barrott - p. 35   "Princess Anne County, Virginia Wills" 1783-1871 compiled by Anne E. Maling (page 7)   I did not see a Will Book #, but I probably over-looked it


Created 1785 from Washington.

(See Washington for 1779 and Joseph Hatfield)

1795 - Tax list shows: Daniel Young, David Young, Edward Young, Israel Young, John Young, John Young Jr and Samuel Young

1797 - The Aug 1797 deed in Russell Co, VA (signed by Joseph & Rachel Hatfield) to dispose of the property of Ericus Smith, decd., says that Joseph Hatfield was now "of Lee Co, VA."   By 1807 Joseph Hatfield was in Wayne County, Kentucky and from there he moved to Scott County, Tennessee.

1830 - Census shows Hiram Owens.   He married in Kentucky 1838 to Abigail Acres (Johnson County).   This census shows him with 1 male 5 to 9, 1 male 20 to 29. 2 females under 5. 1 female 10 to 14. 1 female 30 to 39   Other Owens in the same census:   David Owens age 30-39,   Abram, Hardin, John and Rees.   John was the oldest and perhaps the father since he was age 60-69


1855 - Abel S. Lewellyn was granted a license to keep an ordinary

1691 - William Crewes died.
1697 - Thomas Crewes died

1749 - David Fluellin was christened April 23, Albemarle Parish.   Parents:   Richard and Bothia Fluellin


1659 - 31 March   Henry Blagrave is bound to Mr. ROBERT LEWELLING at or upon the 10 November next for 1,700 lbs. tobacco and cask. Signed: Henry Blagrave. York County, Virginia Wills, Deeds, Orders, 1657-1659, page 74.

WARWICK COUNTY (discontinued)
Warwick County was on the north side of the James River and very near Charles City County

1704 - Quit Rents of Virginia shows Widdow Lewelling

1782 - William Lewelling shown on tax list with 9 whites and 15 blacks.
1782 - John Lewelling shown on personal tax list with 2 men, 8 slaves, 5 horses and 32 cows.   He is shown with neighbors:   Elizabeth Smith, Peter Houghton, William, Matthew and John Drewry, and several Malicoats
1782 - Personal Property Tax List:
1782 - Tax list:

1850 - List of slave owners includes Thomas Lewelling

Created 1776 from Fincastle and Montgomery

1776 - ca - Joseph Hatfield entered service; Rachel Smith married him 1779.
   From the internet:   Deposition of Rachel Hatfield to obtain widow's Rev. War pension:   "In order to obtain the benefit of the third section of the act of Congress   of the 4th day of July 1836 and the joint resolution of July 7, 1838 State of Tennessee Campbell County On this 21st day of October 1843 personally appeared before the subscriber a Justice of the peace for said County and State aforesaid Mrs. Rachel Hatfield a resident of said County, aged eighty years who first being duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4th 1836 and the Joint Resolution of July 7, 1838 That she is the widow of Joseph Hatfield who was a private and an Indian spy in the Virginia Militia in the war of the Revolution That her husband the aforesaid Joseph Hatfield entered the service in the County of Russell in the state of Virginia under Col. Chrisman and served two campaigns of six months each the names of his captains she has forgotten this service took place before her marriage She was married to her Husband the said Joseph Hatfield on the 28th of October 1779 by L. Worley Esqr. After the marriage her husband was called out to defend the frontier and was marshaled in to service under Captain Thompson at a place called the New Garden in Russell County Virginia and was in the service from March until November but the intermission in this Campaign he served as an Indian spy The next Campaign was under Captain Dickison and was mounted to Blackmorus fort was in the capacity a part of his time at the fort as an Indian spy the of the time her husband was in this service she is [illeg.] to say he was called under Captain Scott at different times and was considered one of the best woodsman in the western frontier She further declares that taking into account cannot the year her husband Joseph Hatfield served before the marriage and the time after the marriage it [illeg.] three years and at least one half of the time as an Indian Spy She further declared that she has not kept a family record of the births of her children owing to her husband being no scribe and she is a widow at this time and that her husband the aforesaid Joseph Hatfield departed this life August 26, 1832.  
     Rachel, her X mark, Hatfield  
Sworn to and subscribed before me the and year before written.   Allen McDonald  
J. Peace  
     On April 4, 1854, William Hansard, age 90, resident of Morgan Co., TN, testifies he was not in the service but knows of Joseph's service as he was a "close neighbor to said Joseph Hatfield in Russell Co., VA." Hansard declared Joseph served as a spy for 2 tours of 3 mos each in the company of Capt. Thompson; 1 tour of 3 mos. under Capt. Scott, 3 tours of 3 mos each under Capt. Wm. Campbell, 2 tours of 3 mos each and several tours of 4-6 weeks under Capt. Lyles, and 1 tour of 3 mos under Capt. Sevier. In all of these he performed as an "Indian spy" between the years of 1778 and 1782, and further declared the "Joseph Hatfield was such an excellent Indian Spy, he was always chosen by the Officers in all their expeditions against the Indians."    
     Mrs. Margaret Hansard, age 91, declared Joseph served as Indian spy on the frontier of Virginia between 1778 and 1782.  
     Andrew Smith, Rachel's brother, age 74, declared Oct. 16, 1843, he was at the wedding of Joseph Hatfield and Rachel Smith in the fall of 1779 and knows that Joseph was in the Rev. War.  
     Richard Crabtree, age 78, also a Rev. War pensioner, declared on Nov. 4, 1843, that Joseph served under Capts. Thomas, Scott, and Campbell for a period of over 3 years, before and after marriage. He also states that Joseph was "one of the best spy and Woodsmen in the whole western country."  
     On Oct. 10, 1843, Jane Smith, wife of Rachel's brother Eli, resident of Campbell Co., TN, age 78, declared she was present "when Joseph Hatfield and Rachel Smith were joined in wedlock." Then on Oct 21, 1843 Rachel also signed a declaration attesting to the accuracy of the above account. Also in Scott Co., TN, May 1852, Ezekiel Newport and Isaac Reed both sign similar statements attesting to their acquaintance with Joseph Hatfield and his Rev. War service.  
     On Mar. 17, 1861, Sampson Reed, Adm. for the estate of Rachel Hatfield, wrote to Comm. Of Pensions from Huntsville, TN and stated that Rachel died and left a small amount due on pension "from Mar. 4, until May 19, 1858."  
Rachel received for her pension, $80.00 per annum, commencing from the act of Congress, Mar. 4, 1836 and act of Feb. 2, 1848. Last payment dated June 1, 1854, from the pension office agency in Nashville
(See Campbell County, Tennessee)
Note:   Joseph Hatfield was probably NOT related to Jonas Hatfield who married Rachel Lewelling (daughter of Shadrach and Rachel Lewelling of Loudoun)


1696 - Morris Veale died


York Co., Virginia
The earliest mention of a Llewellyn in York County was of Robert Llewelling , September 1655 1 , Robert was a merchant who was ordered to pay five pounds sterling to Mr. Anthony Wyatt, both of Jordan’s parish. On 31 March 1659, he was apparently living around Martin’s hundred 2 as he owed 1700 pounds of tobacco. Robert died about 24 February 1691/92 3 . Also noteworthy is the mention of a merchant named Robert Llewellin who whose estate was ordered by the Charles City County court to pay for the burial of his agent4 . These were perhaps one in the same person. Also of York County was Mr. John Lewellin, who inventoried the estate of Gabriel Jones, 29 March 16715 .

Alexander Lewelling died in Warwick County sometime after 7 March 1698/96 . His wife Francis Lench7 was left to address the claims against his estate. The marriage between Alexander and Francis was implied in court records. In the 1704 Quit Rent Roll of Virginia, she was identified as “Widdow Lewelling8 ”. It is possible that Alexander had a brother or father named Richard who was accused of receiving stolen goods9 (a horse). There are no records that suggest Alexander is a descendant of Robert Lewelling.

John, a son of Alexander and Frances, was identified in a 1705 deed10 . John also was recorded in a failure to appear in court11 case.. John was active in county court, serving on a grand jury, surveyor of the Main [sic] road, and appointed as a guardian of an orphan. In the Warwick County Minutes 1748 –  1762 the following individuals were named in the minutes; Alexander, Steeley & John.

The relationships among fathers and sons is quite ambiguous. Unfortunately, the records only reveal a few facts. It is clear that Steeley was deceased12 by about 1755. Also we find that Alexander Lewelling has a son named Alexander Lewelling –  “on the motion of Alexander Leweliing he is appointed guardian to his son”13 . This at least clarifies that there were three Alexander Lewellings but it is possible that the second Alexander was a son of John. Steeley therefore could have been a son of Alexander that died at an old age or a son of John who died at an early age.

The son of Alexander in the Warwick County Minutes was likely the same of Charles Parish, York County. Parish records14 show his wife to be a woman named Elizabeth who bore the following children; Fanny (born 3 June 1779), James (born 15 August 1772), John (twin to James), Mary (born 26 March 1770), Nancy (born 30 May 1769), and Simon (born 10 December 1776). His will is recorded in Edgecombe County, NC, 20 June 179115 .

Also mentioned in Warwick County Minutes was Mary Lewelling who was plaintiff in a trespassing case16 . The entry was around 1753 and therefore could not have been the daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth whose daughter Mary was born in 1770.

Parish records suggest other complications to understanding this family group. The original parish was St. Peter’s Parish that covered New Kent. In 1704 St. Paul’s Parish was split off to cover the western portions of the area. In 1726, Martin’s Parish was split off from St. Paul’s. Therefore, any Lewellins found in these records could be relatives.

From St. Peter’s Parish Vestry, there is a record of the birth of Lydia Lewellin, daughter of James and Agnes Lewellin, born 8 November 1726 and was baptized 11 December 172617 . It is unclear how James is related to the Alexander who died in 1698, but possibly he was a son.

Also of note was a John and Elizabeth Llewellin that appeared in the records of New Kent County, specifically in the registry of St. Peter’s Parish. The vestry record specifically records the birth of David, son of John and Elizabeth Lewellin, 15 August 175518 . Also recorded is the birth of another son Jonathan, born 17 May 1753 and baptized in 24 June 175319 .

Charles Parish records mention Lucy Fluellin was born 23 September 171920 but the parents are not recorded.



Thomas, an indentured servant, was born in 1645, Pemney, Carmathian, Wales. By 1664, he was indentured to Daniel Vernon of Virginia--and in 1674 married Daniel's daughter Ruth.   Thomas and Ruth lived in the southeastern portion of the Virginia colony--Amelia county and the Isle of Wight.   The family of Daniel were strong Quakers and Thomas converted to that faith.

Thomas and Ruth's children are:
Thomas Henry, born 1675
Daniel, born 1677
Mary, born 1679
Richard, born 1681.   Richard's will, dated may 18, 1723 lists his wife Elizabeth, and son Able (Able was a common Quaker name).   Able's will, dated October 28, 1758, lists wife sarah and sons Daniel, Able and John.   Both of the wills are listed in Norfolk, VA.
Margaret, born 1684
Hannah, born 1686
Jesse, born 1689


Barbara Hensley - Jul 21, 2009

I hope this is in the right place. The John Crain who married Mary Lewelling in Va might have been a son of an Ambrose Crain but looking at the places they lived in including Rowan, Surry , Wilkes Counties, N.C. and Knox co Tn. I think this is the John Crain , son of an Ambrose married to an Elizabeth ,who moved on to Wilkes Co., GA. This John Crain married Suzanna Scott.  
Thanks, Barbara