Etta Lewallen

Jim Martin - Feb 5, 2009

I am researchin Etta Lewallen who was married to Homer Martin. Etta died in La Follette Tn sometime in the mid 1950's. Homer was killed in a coal mining accident in La Follette.

Billie Harris - Feb 5, 2009

LaFollette, Tennessee, is in Campbell County.   Does anyone have anything on Campbell County?  

Etta Louallen is shown in the 1920 census for Campbell County; she was born 1903.   Perhaps one of you who have Ancestry can check that census to see who her parents and siblings were.   I don't have a subscription to   Ancestry so can't look it up for Jim.

I looked to see what is in the Llewellyn book for Campbell County, and here's what's there:

One is a genealogy.   Noting that Etta was born 1903 and seeing Etta Lewallen in the following, made me wonder if there might have been an Etta named after the Etta McCampbell Lewallen or Etta Tiller   in this one:

JESSE LUALLEN, wife Etta Belle McCampbell.   Lived at Pauper Mill, VA.   Son:
CALVIN LUTHER LUALLEN, born Aug. 11, 1871 Campbell Co., Tenn.   Married Etta Tiller, born Anderson Co., Tenn.   5/15/1875.   Children:
5. BESSIE PEEBLES, married Ben Peebles
7. ERNEST MONROE LUALLEN, born Campbell Co., Tenn. Aug. 19, 1893.   Married Lula Elkins born Sept. 24, 1893 Campbell Co.   Children:
(3)   MARY STEWART, married D. G. Stewart
(4)   CHARLES EDWARD LUALLEN, married Corena Vinson.   Charles was born july 29, 1914 Lake City, Tenn. (formerly Coal Creek, Tenn.)  
It is said that Jesse Luallen and his brother shortened their name from Llewellyn for convenience of business transactions which were lumber and coal.

(Anyone know where Pauper Mill, Virginia is?)

Then the second item in the book pertains to marriages in that county, long before Etta was born:

1.   MATTHEW LUALLEN to Susan Lawson; license issued 11 Feb. 1841.   Married 11 Feb. 1841 by Allen Mcdonald, J.P.
2. Samuel Burge to POLLY LUALLEN; license issued 18 Mar. 1844; married 21 mar. 1844 by Allen Mcdonald, J.P.
3. Jacob Lawson to VIOLA LUALLEN, license issued 5 Jan 1844; married 5 Jan. 1844 by Allen Mcdonald, J.P

Again, though, if someone has Ancestry, would you mind looking at the Campbell County 1920 census.

Martha Lewallen - Feb 6, 2009

Found this will keep looking.

1920 United States Federal Census 1920 United States Federal Census
Name: Etta Lewallen
Home in 1920: Civil District 2, Scott, Tennessee
Age: 11 years  
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1909
Birthplace: Tennessee
Relation to Head of House: Daughter  
Father's Name: John H
Father's Birth Place: Kentucky  
Mother's Name: Liddie
Mother's Birth Place: Tennessee  
Marital Status: Single  
Race: White
Sex: Female
Able to read: Yes  
Able to Write: Yes  
Image: 633  
Neighbors: View others on page  
Household Members: Name Age
John H Lewallen 49   (1871)
Liddie Lewallen 46  
George Lewallen 22  
Bella M Lewallen 20  
Raymond Lewallen 18  
Luvanie Lewallen 16  
Erna Lewallen 13  
Etta Lewallen 11   (1909)

Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Civil District 2, Scott, Tennessee; Roll: T625_1761; Page: 24B; Enumeration District: 175; Image: 633.

Billie Harris - Feb 6, 2009

Martha, that's interesting and thanks for finding it.   Now we have an Etta in both Scott and Campbell County, and they aren't that far off in ages either.   In Scott, she's 11 and in Campbell she's 17.   Wonder which one she is.   Maybe Jim could tell us a little more about his Etta.

Martha Lewallen - Feb 6, 2009

This should be the one, if the online family tree is correct.   John F and his wife Mary Russell Lewallen. Have Etta as Etta Vernon Lewallen May 1908-1954

Etta and Homer married August 26, 1927 in Campbell, TN by Frank Thomas, JP; copy of record on line

1910 United States Federal Census 1910 United States Federal Census
Name: John F Lewallen
Age in 1910: 58
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1852
Birthplace: Tennessee
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Father's Birth Place: Tennessee  
Mother's Birth Place: Tennessee  
Spouse's Name: Mary
Home in 1910: Civil District 3, Scott, Tennessee
Marital Status: Married  
Race: White
Gender: Male  
Neighbors: View others on page  
Household Members: Name Age
John F Lewallen 58   (1852)
Mary Lewallen 47  
Major Lewallen 12  
Guy A Lewallen 11  
Ettie Lewallen 7   (1903)
James Lewallen 5  

Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Civil District 3, Scott, Tennessee; Roll: T624_1515; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 164; Image: 723.

Martha Lewallen - Feb 6, 2009

Forgot to say Etta's father was a coal miner.

Billie Harris - Feb 6, 2009

Good going but at this point, I'm not sure if she was the one showing in the 1910 census as being age 7 (born 1903) or the one showing in the 1920 census as age 11 (born 1909).

What I found in GenForum postings is that   Etta was born May 5, 1908 (that would be the same as the one in Scott County 1820 census you found).   She married Homer Martin and   they lived in Peabody, Campbell, Co., TN. She died in 1954 and is buried in Duff, TN.

Homer Martin born was born June 6,1905, possibly Georgia and he died May 5, 1943 in a mining accident at LaFollette, (Campbell County) Tennessee.   He had a brother Benny, a brother Claud and his twin sister Maude.

Could the person posting on GenForum that Etta was born May 5, 1908) have got the Ettas mixed up?   I mean look at the fact she was born May 5, 1908 and ironically Homer died on May 5 (same exact day).

Your thoughts, Martha.

Martha Lewallen - Feb 6, 2009

I found the Martins in the 1930 Census, with Homer's brothers living with them, I checked page before and after for Lewallen, none to be found. Ususally they live close to family when just married.

Found these census for John F. Lewallen. May be will give some clues.

1860 United States Federal Census 1860 United States Federal Census
Name: A R Lewallen
Age in 1860: 33  
Birth Year: abt 1827  
Birthplace: Tennessee  
Home in 1860: District 3, Scott, Tennessee
Gender: Male  
Post Office: Huntsville
Value of real estate: View Image
Household Members: Name Age
A R Lewallen 33
Perliscia Lewallen 31
Andrew F Lewallen 12
Robert H Lewallen 11
John F Lewallen 10 (1850)
Charlotte J Lewallen 7
Sarrah E Lewallen 6
William B Lewallen 2

1870 United States Federal Census 1870 United States Federal Census
Name: John F Lewallen
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1851
Age in 1870: 19  
Home in 1870: District 3, Scott, Tennessee
Race: White  
Gender: Male  
Value of real estate: View Image
Post Office: Horse Shoe Bend  
Household Members: Name Age
Andrew R Lewallen 45
Polecy A Lewallen 43
Andrew F Lewallen 23
Melvina Lewallen 30
Robert H Lewallen 22
John F Lewallen 19 (1851)
Charlott T Lewallen 17
Sarah Lewallen 15
William B Lewallen 11
Charles R Lewallen 4
Elan W Lewallen 2

1900 United States Federal Census 1900 United States Federal Census
Name: John F Lewellen (1858)
[John F Lewallen] ?
Home in 1900: Civil District 3, Scott, Tennessee
Age: 49
Birth Date: Sep 1858
Birthplace: Tennessee
Race: White
Ethnicity: American  
Gender: Male  
Relationship to head-of-house: Head
Father's Birthplace: Tennessee  
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee  
Spouse's Name: Mary
Marriage Year: 1883  
Marital Status: Married  
Years Married: 17  
Residence : Civil District 3, Scott, Tennessee
Occupation: View on Image
Neighbors: View others on page  
Household Members: Name Age
John F Lewellen 49
Mary Lewellen 38
Samuel Lewellen 14
Daniel Lewellen 14
Evy Lewellen 10
Lewcinda Lewellen 9
Nannie Lewellen 7
Sadia Lewellen 4
Major M Lewellen 2
Guy Lewellen 3/12

Billie Harris - Feb 6, 2009

Martha, I've incorporated what you've given into a chron for Tennessee and it looks like Etta's father was from Kentucky so he probably would have been a different Lewallen.   Take a look at this post, and scroll down to Scott County.   See what you think.

[NOTE: broken link]

Jim Martin - Feb 7, 2009

You said that Etta and Homer married August 26, 1927 in Campbell, TN and the record was availibe online. Exactly where could I locate it

Billie Harris - Feb 10, 2009

, do you have Etta's birth year?   Was she born 1903 or 1909?   I presume it's 1908/9.

What I just found pretty much goes along with what Martha has above in the 1920 census.   In Scott County, TN 1910's census shows:
John Lewallen age 39 (1871), Liddy age 37, Archie age 16, Hugho 14, George 13, Nellie 10, Rayman 8, Luvania 6, Earnie 4, and Maryetta age 2 (born 1908).   The Maryetta, of course, would be your Etta.   I couldn't access where John was born but from what Martha found, it appears he was from Kentucky.

Billie Harris - Feb 10, 2009

From the above, Etta was the daughter of John H. Lewallen.   I don't have a subscription to Ancestry but asked a friend to do a look-up for me.   Here's what she found:


First I checked 1900 Scott Co., TN and found:

Lewallen, Cambel, b. 8/1839, married 35 years,   TN     TN     TN
Lewallen, Millie, b. 10/1839,                               TN     TN     TN
Lewallen, Nancy, b. 7/1878,                                 ditto
Lewallen, Ulis, b. 6/1884                                     ditto

next door:

Lewallen, John, head, 8/1869, 30, married 7 years,     TN     TN     TN
Lewallen, Liddie, 2/1876,                                           ditto
Lewallen, Archie, 9/1893, 6                                       ditto
Lewallen, Hughie, 9/1895                                           ditto
Lewallen, George, 10/1897                                         ditto
Lewallen, Nellie, 7/1897                                             ditto

families living next to them & on next page:


Then, I checked the 1880 Scott Co., TN census:

Joel Lewallen, 80           NC     NC     NC
Rachel Lewallen, 81       NC     NC     NC
Elihu & Rufus Bowling, grandsons, b. TN
plus 2 servants and their children (white servants, not black)

next door:
are Newhart & Sexton families & then:

Lewallen, Campbell, 41,     TN     TN     TN
Lewallen, Milla, 40               ditto
Lewallen, Arninda??, 13,   KY     TN     TN
Lewallen, John H., 9,           ditto
Lewallen, Mary J., 7,           ditto
Lewallen, Larisa D, 5         TN     TN     TN
Lewallen, Nancy, 1,             ditto

family living next to them is Matthew Young, 64 & family.

In 1865, Scott County, TN., Campbell Lewallen married Malinda Young.   (Campbell isn't shown in the 1860 Scott County census).   But the 1860 census shows Campbell in Wayne County, at age 20

My guess is that Etta's father is John, her grandfather is Campbell Lewallen, and great grandfather   is Joel Lewallen, b. NC. .  

There have been postings that Joel Lewallen's parents were Richard and Grace (Stokeley) Lewellyn, and he was born ca 1800, married a woman named Rachel, had two daughters, but I don't know if that's documented or just an assumption. I believe there is documentation showing he married a Rachel, but I don't know about the other.   There was a Joel who died 1847 in Randolph County and he had surviving children but since there was an administration of his estate and no Will, we don't know about his children.   An Alfred and Jonathan Lewellyn were administrators of the estate.   There was an Alfred Lewellyn mentioned in his mother's Will - Dorcas Lewellyn, who died 1842 in Anson County.   I presume they're one and the same person, but Dorcas' husband appears to have been Jesse.

At any rate, at least now we have Etta's parents, her grandparents and her great grandparents.

Billie Harris - Feb 11, 2009

OR ... Is Joel the father of Campbell?

In Wayne County, Kentucky, Monticello post office, the 1870 census shows
   John Lewallen age 48
   Delila age 44
   CAMPBELL age 20 (1850)
   Andrew age 17
   Nancy age 14
   Columbus age 12
   Eliza Ann age 11
   Lucinda age 10
   William age 4

Billie Harris - Feb 11, 2009

Jim, I believe this is probably the way your ancestors go:

ANDERSON LEWALLEN, b. abt. 1764, VA, died 1825, TN, married Lucy Rice 6/8/1784 in Prince Edward County., VA.

Anderson and Lucy   had
Zachariah, b. 1785, VA
Anderson Grant, b. 1786, VA
Thomas, b. 1788, VA
Andrew Leutian, b. 10/7/1796, Wake Co., N.C
Mary, b, 1802, NC
JOEL, b. 6/10/1803, NC (yours)
William, b. 8/2/1809, NC
John, b. 2/12/1812, Morgan, TN, died 11/16/1896, Taylor, TX   John married Delilah Reed in 1833, Campbell, TN.

JOEL LEWALLEN born 1803 married Rachel Young
Joel and Rachel had:
CAMPBELL (yours), Eiza, Isaac, Anderson, Elizabeth, Andrew, Nancy, Columbus, Louisa, Lucinda & Wm

CAMPBELL C. LEWALLEN, b. 8/1839, TN married Malinda (Milla/Millie) Ann Young 10/12/1865.   Their children:

Arminda, b. 1866, KY
Millie, b. 1868, KY
JOHN HARRISON, b. 8/26/1870, KY (yours)
Mary Jane, b. 1872
Louisa Delilah, 1874, Scott, TN
Nancy Elizabeth, 1878, TN
Ulysses Matthew, 1884, TN

JOHN HARRISON LEWALLEN, wife Liddie.   They were the parents of

ETTA LEWALLEN, born 1908 who married Homer Martin.


What's confusing is the Johns in Scott County but I think from the above we find:  

1.   John F. Lewallen was born 1851.   He's listed in the 1870 census   as the son of Andrew and Polecy Lewallen, and he's listed in the 1910 census with wive Mary and daughter Ettie (born 1903).

2.   John H. (for Harrison)   Lewallen was born 1870.   He's listed as a son of Campbell (1839) and Milla.   Campbell lived a couple houses from Joel (1800) and Rachel (Young) Lewallen.  
   In the 1900 census, Campbell (1839) and Millie ( Campbell and Malinda Young were married in Scott County, TN 1865) live next door to John (1870) and Liddie.  
   the 1920 census lists John H. (KY 1870) and Liddie and one of the children is Etta (1909).

Apparently after Campbell and Malinda (Milly) married, they moved to Kentucky for a period of time - from about 1866 to 1870, where John H. and two of his siblings were born.   It's possible the move was to Wayne County, KY, where another John Lewallen was living with his wife Delila in 1870 with their family, the oldest of whom was also named Campbell (born 1850).   This John with wife Delila were related as you'll see above.