KENTUCKY - Chronology

Billie Harris - Feb 6, 2009

KENTUCKY became the 15th state in 1792.   The entire area was claimed by Virginia as part of Augusta County.  


1870 - Census shows Herrod Lewallen age 52 (1818), TN, farmer, wife Lucy 52 TN, son Rufus 16 TN, and daughter Vina 13 KY.   (this would mean they moved from Tennessee to Kentucky 1854-1857, probably to Casey County.   See Casey.   He had lived in Scott County prior to moving to Kentucky)   Neighbors included Parnell, Mays, Beaty, Buck, Morgan, Simpson, Hicks, Wilkinson

1871 - Herod Lewallen had 100 acres surveyed Mar 2 on Barnett Creek (See Casey County)

1884 - Rufus Lewellen had 100 acres surveyed on Barnetts Creek

Formed 1842 from Mercer and Lincoln

1850 - Census shows William A. Lewallen age 50 VA, mary 46, Agnes J 12, Lucy A. 11, Susan 9, Freeman 8, David 7, Thomas 5
(SEE Mercer County for William A. prior to 1850)


1780 - in what later became Bourbon County, KY, Icay Rice was killed by Indians.   Ica and Maiden Rice of Prince Edward Co., VA. were witnesses to a land deed in 1772 in Prince Edward county and went to Kentucky in 1779.   He was killed by Indians 1780 and his wife taken prisonor to Canada. (substantiated ???)

Created 1797 from Jefferson and Nelson

1795 - Phillip Luellen born.   See 1850.  

1800 - Census shows   John Lewallen 8/30/1800
1800 - John Lewellen listed on a tax list   (Moved to Preble County, Ohio about 1810.

1850 - Census shows PHILLIP LUELLEN born 1795 Bullitt County KY.   Moved to Preble County, Ohio 1810..


1825 - Mary Fluallen married James Hawes March 1

1857 - Sarah A. Fluallen married Russell G. Brown March 31

1863 - Elizabeth Fluallen married James C. Haws 7 May

Created 1809 from Livingston

Sometime in early 1850's Alexander and Elizabeth (Lewallen) Young moved from Maury County, Tennessee to Caldwell KY

Formed 1838 from Gallatin, Henry and Trimble

1850 - Census shows:   DAVID LLEWALLEN born 1799 NC, MARY A. 46 born 1804 NC, Peter 12 IN, Harrison 10 IN, Lafayette 7 IN, Samuel 5 KY.
   Living two doors from them was the Howard family - Samuel 55 born KY, Louisa 40 IN and children including a son Harrison and one Samuel.   This family seemed to have moved from Indiana to KY about the same time.   Clue ?
   Also, see Indiana, Switzerland County.   There was another David but he lived in Henry County
(possibly descended from Samuel and Hanna (Jones) Llewellyn)


Lewallens buried in Casey at one of the cemeteries:

1820 - Census shows Charles Lewallen at age 26-45 with children under 10 and some older.   Others living nearby:   Ridge, Hodges, Baker, Calhoon, Cannady (William, James, Robert, John)

1825 - Charles Lewallen married Sarah Mitchell Sept. 20

1830 - Census shows Jesse Luallen

1866 - Herod Lewallen had 50 acres surveyed April 10 on Puncheon
NOTE;   Herod Lewallen had lived in Scott County, Tennessee, prior to coming to Kentucky.   See Scott County for more info.)
1866 - Herod Lewallen had 50 acres surveyed April 10 on Puncheon Camp Creek
   (See Adair County for 1871 Herod)

1869 - Anderson Lewallen was born March 29 (son of John and Mary - see 1870)

1870 - Census shows:
   - John Lewellen age 32 TN, Mary 35, Amanda 10, Henry 6, William 4, Anderson 1 and Joseph Sanders 10

1956 - Anderson Lewallen died Nov. 4 and is buried in the Salem United Methodist Church Cemeter.   He was born March 29, 1869

Some of these Lewallens are said to have been from Scott County, TN. - unsubstantiated


1852 - Ellison B. Lewellyn settled in Clackamus Co.   He was born in 1820 in Kentucky.   Settled claim Oct. 1852.   Married Sally ? Aug. 1844 in Missouri


1846 - Saml Luelien had 50 acres surveyed Dec. 8 on Illwill Creek


1955 -   In the Pioneer Cemetery at Veronica are Claude Lewelling (1875-1955) and Lulu Lewelling (1874-1955)


1823 - Jno Field and Jno. Lewellen were securities to an estate settlement, estate of Jno M. Cubberson, decd. Nov. 3, 1823

Formed 1780 from Kentucky County, Virginia.
In the 1770's the Wilderness Road across the Cumberland Gap opened up Kentucky.   Kentucky County, which would later become the State of Kentucky, was organized 1776.

1780 - County may not have been Fayette, but see information on people captured at Martin's Station which includes RICE, "MAIDEN." Possible wife of Isaac Rice who was killed while hunting for Martin's Station in 1780. She was a prisoner at Detroit with four children. (Note that Isaac was probably Ica...see Prince Edward County, VA)
[NOTE: broken link]

1788 - Boone, Daniel of Fayette Co., wife   Rebecca. to CHARLES RICE of Fayette Co. Bargain and Sale A214 & A215 17 September 1788 in court 500 acres on the waters of Fleming's creek, corner to Frye's line; ends with Frye's and Small's lines; it being part of a tract of 4000 acres entered for Thomas Logwood and assigned to Daniel Boone
(Note:   See Prince Edward County, VA for information on Charles Rice as well as Ica Rice who may have died in this county, killed by Indians.)   See 1780 above


1795 - ca John Hart (b 4/191/1742 Berkeley Co VA) and his wife Hannah Johns moved to Fleming County from Berkeley County.   (Unknown children as of

1825 -   John A Lewellen married Lydia Hart

1835 - cemetery on farm of A. J. Sloop located on Hussey road about 4-1/2 miles from Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., Kentucky.   Copied by Krickle K. Carrick of Brookline, Mass. June 15, 1939:   In memory of Lydia Lewellin, consort of John A. Lewellin, who died April 19, 1835, aged 32 yrs 8 mos 26 ds.

1840 - No census records for Lewallens or variation of the name

1850 - Census shows Hannah Llewellyn age 18 ( born 1832) living with a Hilts family and Matilda Llewellyn age 22 (born 1828) living with a Browning family which was probably   a boarding house.   (These would have been the right ages to have been children of John and Lydia showing 1825 and 1835 above.)


1839 - Robert Lewallin had 50 acres surveyed April 30


1810 - James Kennedy in census   21201-01010, no slaves, page 217
         John Young in census 31001-01010, no slaves

1840 - Census shows John Lewellen


1830 - Census shows Benj. Lewallen and right next to him Will Lewallen; David Lewallen and Jonathan Lewallen on same page.   Onpage with Jonathan and David were Boyds and Dodds.

1850 - Census shows L. E. Louallen born 1829

Formed 1793 from Nelson

1796:   Hardin Co.KY Tax Lists, 10 May, shows a MESHACK LEWELLIN (one male over 21, 2 horses, 4 head cattle, no land).   He must therefore have been born in 1775 or earlier.   JOHN LEEPER appears in same list.   (SEE HENDERSON COUNTY. )   Meshack was born Loudoun County, Virginia, and died in died Randolph County, IN.   He had moved from Washington County, PA to Hardin County, KY, then to Preble County, OH, then to Randolph County, IN.  

1797:   Hardin Co. KY Tax Lists, 27 Aug, shows Meshack Lewellyn (over 21, 2 horses).   8 July shows a Jacob Lewellin (over 21, 3 horses); 12 July shows John Leeper. Hardin Co. Tax Lists are missing for 1798; no Llewellyns appear in 1799, 1800
1797 - Jacob Lewallen
1797 - Jacob Lewallen 150 acres.   Survey date Sept. 10 on Rough Creek

1816 - By this time, Meshach was in Randolph County, Indiana per posting on internet.   He had lived in Preble County OH before moving to Indiana.

1820 - Census shows Clara Lewallen (or could this be Celia in 1829?

1829 - Mrs. Celia Llewellyn married Benjamin Tobin, Dec. 10, 1829, by C. Lovelace

Formed 1799 from Christian County

1799:   John Leeper appears in Henderson Co. Tax Lists.   Nancy Lewallen also appears on list.   (See Hardin County above and, note, Nancy was Nancy Snow Lewellyn of Davidson County, TN who was the widow of Abednego Lewallen) .   John Leeper was one of the posse who killed the Harp brothers, first known serial killers in the U.S.   Others on the possee were Moses Stegall, James Tompkins, Silas McBee, Neville Lindsey, Matthew Christian, William Grissom, and Robert Robertson.

1799 - Nancy Lewallen received 108 acres, surveyed Sept. 28, on Highland Creek (Nancy Snow Lewallen, widow of Abednego)

1800:   Isaac Lewallin appears in the census.   (Isaac, Meshac and Shadrach Lewallen were the brothers of Abednego and were children of Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewallen.)

1803:   Henderson Co. KY Tax Lists, 4 Oct, shows a Masshac Lieuallin (1 male over 21, 1 male over 16, 1 horse, *).   The * means that he had adult sons.   This man would have been born before c. 1760 to have adult sons

1804: Henderson Co.KY Tax Lists, 4 Aug, shows Meshac Luallen (200 acres on Deer Creek entered and surveyed by same, 1 male over 21, 1 over 16, 1 horse).

1806:   KY Land Grants shows a Meshack Lewallen in Henderson Co. buying 200 acres on the middle fork of Deer Creek

1807 - Kentucky Land Grants shows April 19 100 acres for Abednego Lewellyn on the Fork of the Tradewater

1819 - Hopkins Co. Deed Book 3 pg 90:   27 Aug. 1819, Meshack Llewellyn and Nancy (Whitesides) Llewellyn of Henderson Co KY sell 200 acres on Deer Creek in Hopkins Co for $800.   Witnesses John B. Ruby and Sam(uel) Leeper
   Hopkins Co. Deed Book 2 p 435.   23 Oct. 1819 Meshack and Nancy Llewellyn of Henderson Co. KY and James Leeper his wife, sell 179 acres on Deer Creek to James Armstrong.   (the above comes from Joseph Jones)

1868 - Marriage license issued 24th day of ? 1868 to Enoch Llewellyn and Sophronia Sandefur

Formed 1807 from Henderson

See Henderson County

(See Webster county below)

1807 - Tax Roll shows Abednego Lieuallen 400 plus 100 A Tradewater River
           and Mashac Lieuallen 400 A Green River
1807 - 10 Oct   Abednego Lewallyn enters 200 acres of land in Hopkins Co by virtue of a certificate from the County Court of Henderson Co.   Henderson Co. June County Court, 1802, land lying on the waters of Clear Creek   (Note one deed of Oct. 10 shows land on the branch of Tradewater)
1807 - Meshack Lewellin and heir and executor of William Whitesides' Will.   Hopkins Co. Tax Roll shows that Mashac Lieuallen received 400 acres on Green River, registered by John Whitesides, owning 1 horse.   Abednego received 400 acres on "Tidewater" (for Tradewater) and again 100 acres on Tidewater (Tradewater.)   (NOTE:   Meshack's wife was Nancy Whitesides.   William Whitesides was his father-in-law.
1807 - 10 Oct   Nancy Lewelen, enters 147 acres of lands in Hopkins Co by virtue of a certificate from the Co. Court of Henderson.   Henderson Co March Co Ct, 1806.   (Nancy was the widow of Abednego Lewallen who died in Davidson County, Tennessee)

1810 - Census shows Michael Lewallyn and   Aldridge Lowallyn   (Note:   Probably transcribed wrong and it should be Abednego and Meshach?)
(Infor from Joseph Jones:   Meshack Lewallyn with one male 0/10, 2 males 16/26 (1784-1794), 1 female 0/10, 1 female 16/26; Abednego Lewallyn (2 males 0/10, 3 males 16/26 (1784-1794), 1 female 0/10, 1 female 16/26).  
   NOTE:   Written census in book shows it to be Abednego Lewallyn and Micheck Lewallyn.

1812 - Meshach Lewellyn appears as witness at Will-probate.   Hopkins Co. Will Book 2 pg 73 1 Jan 1812 probated July 1812, Will of John Leeper who names as heirs his wife Nancy, her son Abednego Lewallyn (22 years old in 1812), four Leeper children Samuel, James, Casia (Cassandry in other documents), Rachel.   Meshack Lewellyn and Samuel Guiler are witnesses.  
1812 - Will of Samuel Guyler, Sr. written 18 Sept. 1811, probated Feb. 1812.   Guyler names as heir, among others, his daughter Nancy Leeper.   Jane Leeper, who died shortly after her husband, alson James as an heir Nancy Guiler, "now Nancy Leeper" (Hopkins Co. Will Book 1, 85; inventory 97.   Mishech Lewallyn and James Leeper were witnesses for the Will and the probate.   Hopkins Co. Will Book 2 pg 237, records Will of Samuel Guiler Jr who names Nancy Leeper as his sister.   This Nancy is - in all probability - the wife of Samuel Leeper Jr and sister-in-law of James Leeper who married Sarah Ashby in 1813.   (per Joseph Jones)

1815, 1816, 1817 - Hopkins Co. Tax list shows Meshack Llewallyn, after which he disappears from lists (per Joseph Jones)

1815 - July   "Ordered that the Jailor employ two fit and proper persons to guard the Jail of this County whilst Jacob, a Negro slave of Abednego Lewallen is confined therein on a charge of poisoning."   Hopkins Co, KY Minute Book Vol #3

1819 - Aug 3 .   Abednego Lewallyn and Rebecca, his wife, of Hopkins Co, KY to John W. Clark, minor and heir-at-law of Benjamin S. Clark, deceased, of the County of Humphrey and State of TN,   $400.00 a tract of land containing by survey 100 acres lying in Hopkins Co, KY.   The said Rebecca being examined separate and apart from Abednego Lewallyn, her husband, as the law directs, relinquished her right of dower.   Hopkins Co, KY Deed Book II, pg 393.
1819 - Aug. 27 - Abednego Lewallen in county.   Hopkins Co. Deed Book 3, pg 90.   27 Aug. 1819, Meshack Llewellyn and Nancy (Whitesides) Llewellyn of Henderson Co. KY sell 200 acres on Deer Creek in Hopkins Co. for $800.   Witnesses:   John B. Ruby and Sam(uel) Leeper (info from Joseph Jones)
Hopkins Co. Deed book 2 pg 435, 23 Oct. 1819 Meshack and Nancy Llewellyn of Henderson Co. KY and James Leeper and his wife, sell 179 acres on Deer Creek to James Armstrong (info from Joseph Jones).  
1819 - Oct. 13, Abednego Llewellyn of the Co of Hopkins and State of KY, mortgages all of his household goods, farming utensils, kitchen furniture together with his stock and Negroes for $2,500.00 to John B. Ruby of Hopkins Co.

1820 - Abednigo Lewallen had 170 acres surveyed Sept. 13 on Tradewater River (See Union County for 1825)
1820 - Census shows ABEDNEGO LEWALLYN
1820 -   March 20.   Iin a suit over a debt, declares that MESHACK LLEWELLYN and James Leeper are no longer inhabitants of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. ( Meshack does not appear in the 1820 census of Kentucky)
(NOTE:   Julia Freels Chwalik, 7231 SW 132 St., Miami FL 33156 provides the following information:   Meshack Llewellyn and his wife Nancy moved to Chariton Co. MO with Daniel Ashby and other members of Ashby family;   Daniel was married to a dau. of John and Nancy (formerly Llewellyn) Leeper;   James Leeper, also a son of John and Nancy Leeper, also married an Ashby.   A History of Howard and Chariton Counties, Missouri (St. Louis 1883), pp. 552 ff., gives a list of 205 settlers who arrived in the area between 1818 and 1833, among them, M[eshack] Llewellyn and J[ohn?] Whitesides. James Leeper does not appear in the Chariton history, but he shows up in a History of Caldwell and Livingston Co. MO in 1822 as a resident of Chariton Co)
   Per Joseph Jones' posting:   "It appears that Meshack and Nancy Llewellyn sold off their property in order to move west.   If they are the Llewellyns who appear in Posey Co. IN (created 1814) the southwestern-most county of IN, in the 1820 census, then they lived briefly in the township of Mt. Vernon (the county seat after 1825) Posey Co IN, listed under "Ma-k Llewellyn," "Ma-k" being an abbreviation for Meshack, and the two capital Ls clearly intended as part of the surname.   In the household are two males under 16, one 26-45, 3 females under 16, one female 26-45; two persons were engaged in agriculture.   This family, however, may not be ours."

1828 -   Abednego Lewallyn buys 170 acres from Samuel and Margaret Whitesides and John and Sarah Whitesides. Hopkins Co. Deed Book 7, p. 318.

1830 - Abednego Lewellin in census with one male under 10, one male under 30, one male under 50, three females under 5, two under 15, one under 20 and one under 40.   Families on same census page:   Henderson, Cook, Holder, Johnson, Martin, Whiteside.

1839 -   Hopkins Co. Court loose files:   1 Nov Samuel Whitesides signs record regarding sale of land sold to him by William Whitesides, deceased, which mentions Nancy Whitesides LLEWELLYN, wife of MASHACK   “L. Lewellyn” (for Llewellyn) and cousin of William Whitesides

1840 - Hopkins Co. Order Book 1835-1846, p. 21, 11 May 1840, shows a deed from MESHACK and Nancy LLEWELLYN and John Whitesides, heirs of William Whitesides. See also Hopkins Co. Deed Book 9, p. 326.

1841 -   Hopkins Co. Will Book 4, pp. 324-5.   ABEDNEGO LLEWELLYN witness of the will of Samuel Whitesides, probated in October

1844 -   Hopkins Co. Deed Book 12,p. 63, November court session, shows Nancy LLEWELLYN, "unknown heirs of James Whitesides, dec'd," Samuel Whitesides [Jr.], John Whitesides, and others, as defendants in a suit over the bequests of Samuel Whitesides [Sr.].

1849 - L. C. Lewellyn had 10 acres surveyed Nov. 16 on Whitesides Creek
1849 - A. W. Lewellyn had 100 acres surveyed Nov. 15 on Slovers Creek
1849 - A. W. Lewellyn had 10 acres surveyed Nov. 15 on Slovers Creek
1849 - Hopkins Co. Deed Book 18, p. 58, 2 April 1853, shows for the March l849 court term, as an heir of Samuel Whitesides, NANCY LLEWELLIN as widow of MESHACK LLEWELLIN.   (Meshack died between 1840 and 1849). Circuit Court index no. 4643.

1850 - Census shows   Abednego Lewellen.   Ancestry shows him age 13 but in looking at the census, it appears he was 73 (1777) Tennessee, Rebecca 62 (1788)   Georgia (the census on Ancestry shows Germany but it's obviously Georgia when looking at the written census), Azra 24 Kentucky, Jane 23 Kentucky, Margaret W 22 Kentucky, Abednego Gardiner 16, Elizabeth Gardern 12.
1850 - Census shows Leroy? Lewellen 42 (108) KY, wife Nancy 39 (1811) KY, Narcissa 19 KY, Margaret A 14 KY, Mary S 13 KY, Rebecca 11 KY, Azell 8 (1842) male, KY, Abednego W 4 (1846) KY.  

1852 - Rebecca (Clark) Llewellyn, age 63, (1799)   born Franklin County, Georgia, died April 12, 1852 of "palpitation (of the) heart."  
1852 - The suit over the legacy of Samuel Whitesides was continued until this year when Gabriel Sisk was awarded the "Whitesides place." (per Joseph Jones)

1855 - Mary Linallen (Lewellen) age 18, born Union County died February 18 of "fever," parent Leroy Linallen (Lewellen).   Leroy Llewellyn was the son of Abednego.

NOTE:   Abednego Llewellyn continued to live in Kentucky.   He appears in the censuses for 1820, 1830, 1840.   In the 1860 census for Webster Co., formed from part of Hopkins Co. where Llewellyns lived, he appears as 70 yrs. old (1790), born in Tennessee, living in the house of his daughter Jane A. Graham and her husband John R. Graham.   He prepared a will on 8 March l861; it was probated on 8 March l866 (Webster Co. Will Book 1, p. 20.   Abedengo's son Leroy had a large family which also remained in Kentucky.   There are no marriage records for Llewellyns before 1850;   Henderson records are lost before 1806, are incomplete for 1806-1810.   There are no Llewellyn wills or administrations for Hopkins Co. (per Joseph Jones)

1860 - By this year, Leroy was living in Webster County.


1914 - J. R. Lewellyn had 117 acres surveyed Dec. 30 on Hughes Fork

Created 1780 from Kentucky County, Virginia

1785 - Freeman Lewelling - 50 acres May 18, surveyed by George Wilson of Jefferson County, on waters of Fishpond Creek.   ( Philip Fall Taylor, Earliest Surveys of Land In Kentucky, p. 118 (grants for services in the French and Indian Wars)
   NOTE:   Freeman was from Prince Edward County, Virginia, and assigned this land to Robert Goode.   See Virginia - Chronology.

1797 - Bullitt County created from Jefferson and Nelson

1810 - Census shows   Sam'l Louallen (died 1822, see below)

1820 - Census shows Richard Lewellan   with five females (one over 45), 4 males (one over 45).   Neighbors, Charles Baker, Finley, James Bates, Edwards, Rudy, Wilhorte, Gill, Thompson.  
   (This Richard Lewellen is said to have been from Maryland.   (Note the Bates were also from Maryland.   Richard Lewallen had married Philippa Bates.   And the Bakers were also from Maryland)   Richard and Philippa's children were: Margaret Elinor (born 1787), Anna (born 1789), Maria Jordan (born Mar 3, 1790), Jordan (born Dec 24, 1793), Eliza Bates (born Feb. 9, 1795), Charles (born 1797), Susan Ann (born 1802), John Richard (born 1803) and Justian G. (born 1805)

1822 - Kentucky Court and Other Records by Ardery, Vol II shows:
Samuel Lewellin gives to his wife, Patty Lewellen, to his children:   Nancy Speig, Thomas B., Catherine Bigs, Mary Everett and Samuel R.   Exr. Patty Lewellen, wife and David McCallister.   Probated 9 Dec. 1822

1823 - Mar. 27 Henry C. Dorsey married Eliza B. Llewellen, daughter of Richard Llewellen.   They were married by Rev. Richard Carwine at Louisville, Kentucky (info from copy of marriage license #58943)

1830 - Census shows:
     John Llewellen between 20 and 30 on page 126 of the census
       Neighbors:   Caleb & Lavin Dorsey, Burk, Evans, Taylor, Ormsby
     Woodson Luellen with one male 10-15, two males 20-30, one female 20-30
       Neighbors:   Robb, Welsh, Pierce, Bartlett and Henry & Hezekiah Brisco

1832 - Richard Llewellyn died.   He was born Maryland 1740, son of John Llewellyn.   He is not shown on the 1830 census but must have been living in the county (see 1823)

1840 - Census shows
     Page 109 - G. B. Lewallen with 3 males 15-20, one male 20-30, one male 50-60, two females 10-15, one female 20-30 and one female 50-60
   Page 53 - G. W. Lewallen with one male 20-30, one female 20-30
   Page 29 - Peter   Lewellen with one male 20-30 and one female 15-20.   On same page:   Smith, George, McGill, McPierson, Shelton, Moore

1845 - History of Adrain County, page 799-800, shows (Missouri)
“J.F. LLEWELLYN, druggist, Mexico, and one of the prominent and popular business men of this city, is a native of Kentucky, born in Louisville, September 13, 1845.   His parents were Robert Llewellyn and wife, whose maiden name was Mis Abbie Knott, both originally from England.   They came over to this country many years before the civil War, and the father was a bookkeeper in Louisville.   J. F. Llewellyn, the son, was reared in that city, and had the benefit of a high school course as he grew up.   He early began to learn the drug business, and was for three yeas in the Louisville Chemical Works, and was afterwards with George H. Cary, druggist, for seven years.   While learning the business he also occupied his leisure with study so that at the expiration of his experience in the drug and chemical houses mentioned above, he was justly regarded not only as a superior theoretic and practical pharmacist, but also as an experienced chemist.
“…On the 2d of October, 1879, Mr. Llewellyn was married to Miss Sallie C. Duncan of this county.   They have two children, Henry and Frederick.   Mr. L. is a member of the Episcopal Church.”

1850 - Census shows:   Robert Llewellyn born 1798 Wales (bookkeeper), Abigail Llewellyn born 1820 Ireland, William born 1843 KY, John T. born 1845 KY, Anna born 1847 KY and France born 1849 KY.   Also in the household Jane Knott 26 England and Mary Engal 21 Kansas

1906 - Elizabeth Lewellyn, wife of B. Frank Littrell died.   She was born 1859.   B. Frank Littrell was born 1860 and died 1921.   (Ref:   Kentucky Cemetery Records, and Llewellyn Traces Sept. 1990)

Formed 1799 from Fayette

1810 - Census shows Steely Lewellen   20010-30010-08

1820 - Census shows Steley Lewallen

1850 - Census shows:   JAMES LEWELLEN born 1815, Mary J. born 1824, James F. born 1847 and Sarah M. born 1849

Formed 1800 from Lincoln

1823 - Anderson Lewallen and Sarah Bain were married June 9.

1830 - Census shows Anderson Lewallen
Information on GenForum shows Anderson b. abt 1799 in NC married Sarah Bain.   their children were Phebe, Anderson, Elizabeth, Susan, Rowlet, Madison, George, Bradley and Josiah. Family moved to Knox Co.,KY in the 1820s from NC
Others on census page:   Gatliff, Farris, Mackey, John Davis, Pritchard

1838 - Anderson Lewallen had 50 acres surveyed Oct. 10 on Schoolhouse Branch

1840 - Census shows Anderson Luallen

1850 - Census shows
Anderson Lewallen age 50 (1800) born NC, Sarah 46 KY, Anderson 20 KY, Elizabeth 17 KY, Susan 15 KY, Rowlet 13 KY, Madison P. 10 KY, George 6 KY, Bradley 2 KY, Robert Patton 21 KY and Josiah Lewallen 22 (born 1828   NC)

1855 - Anderson Lewallen had 50 acres surveyed Oct. 2 on Little Poplar Creek.   (This shows up twice so whether he had two 50 acres plots or just one, isn't known; both show on Little Poplar Creek

1860 - Rice Lewallen had 75 acres surveyed Nov. 12 on Little Poplar Creek

1863 - 65.   Rice Lewallen served in the Civil War. and shows his birth as about 1830 KY.     At the time, he was unmarried.

1870 - Census shows:
   -   Rice Lewallen age 39 (1831)   born KY, Nancy J 35 KY, Mary J. 14 KY, Silvester 12 KY, John O. KY, Therza 8 KY, Rowlet 6 KY, Perry 6 KY, Ida B. 1
   - Rowlet Lewallen age 27 (1843), Mary 27, Sarah 4, Joseph 2, Anderson 3/12
   - George Lewallen age 23, Mary 17, Sarah 6/12
   - Bradford Lewallen age 21, Nancy age 20, Sarah age 3
   - Sarah Lewallen age 66 (1804), Elizabeth age 36, Charley age 14

1875 - James L. Lewallen born, son of Rice

(The 1880 census for Rice Lewallen (b 1830 KY) shows him a widower living in Greencastll, Putnam, Indiana)


1854 - Hannah L. Lewelling married A. M. Addington June 11
1854 - Elizabeth L. Lewelling married John Farlow 22 Jan.

1860 - Mary J. Luelling married Joel Addington 12 Feb

Created 1786 from Lincoln

1800 - Census shows John Lewelling, Stele Lewelling

1804 -   John Lewelling married Nancy Bottom 25 Mar. 1804

1828 - Elizabeth Lewallin married Aaron Rynerson 14 July 1828

1830 - Census shows William Lewellen

1840 - Census shows Enoch Lewellen as age 60-70.   Also on the same page was Ths (Thomas) Lewallen age 20-30 and William H. Rice.   The census also shows James Lewellen and William A. Lewellen.

1850 - Census shows the following in District 2.  
   Enoch Luallen age 70 (1780) NC. farmer, Mary 65   (1785) NC, Daniel Rennels 43, Elizabeth Rennels (age smeared and born KY), James Rennels 14, Thomas Rennels 12, John Rennels 10, Mary Rennels 9, Stith ? Rennels 7, William Rennels 5, Susan Rennels 1
   Next door:
   John Luallen 50 (1800) NC., Edna 40 KY, Thomas 18 KY, John 16 KY, Enoch 14 (1836) KY,       Absolom 10     KY, Benjamin 8 KY, Mary 6 KY, Sarah 2 KY     Living in vicinity was Sanders, Westerfeld, Huff, Washington.
1850 - Census shows under Leenallen, District 56:
Paten age 52 born NC, Gerins? (female) 47 TN, James 28 TN, Josiah 26 TN, Thomas ? 24 TN, John 22 TN, Anna 20 TN, William 17 TN, Rebecca 15 TN, July ? 14 TN, Noah 11 TN, Sarah 9 TN, and Alexander 7 TN
   Stele Lewelling

1860 - Census shows Enoch Liewallen age 83 (1777 North Carolina), Mary age 80 (1780) N.C.
Two houses away:
Enoch Liewallen age 22 (1838) KY, Massey A. H. 19 (1841) KY.   Note:   Enoch Lewallen was on the Union side of the Army (1861-5), 11th Kentucky Cavalry, as a private.


1889 - Joseph Lewallin to Dell Montgomery 3 Sept

Formed 1785 from Jefferson

(See Davidson County, Tennessee where Meshach and Isaac and Shadrach (of Buncombe County, NC) sold their share of the lot belonging to Abednego Llewellyn.)

1793 - Hopkins County formed (see Hopkins)

1790 -   John Lewelling was listed with one tithable in Nelson County, KY.  

1793 - John and Caty (Duval) Lewellen   (from Pennsylvania) were in Nelson County, KY in 1793, since their son Philip was born there (based on his pension application for service in 1812).   (John died Preble County, Ohio.)

1795 - ca.   Meshach Llewellyn from Washington County, PA. to Nelson County, KY.   Sometime around 1809 he moved to Wayne County, Indiana

1797 - Bullitt County created from Nelson and Jefferson

1800 - Census shows   Isaac Lewallen (census taken July 7)

1810 - Census shows:   Isaac Lowellen 10001-11010-00

Formed 1799 from Hardin

1800 - Jacob Lewallen 9/10/1800 (See Hardin County)
1800 - Jacob Lewellen paid taxes

1806 - John White Lewellen was born May 22 (he died Montgomery Co. MO)   John White Lewallen was the son of Samuel (born 1768) and Elizabeth (White) Lewallen (born 1787 SC)

1808 -   J. Lewellen was an appraiser of the estate of E. F. Hiram Graner. Oct. 3

1810 - Census shows
   Samuel Lewallen, 20100-00100-00 on page 18 of census.   On same page was James and Joseph Gentry, John F. Carter, Irwin, Campbell, Thomas, Ward, Jackson, Duke, Neal and Coleman.      
   Jacob Lewallen 12310-21110-00   on page 3 of census.   On same page were Barnetts, Hudson, Phelp, Williams, Burnbow, Thomas, John D Coffee and Joseph White (Samuel Lewallen's wife was Elizabeth White)

1810 - John Lewallen married Martha Campbell Sept. 17

1812 - Jacob Barnett married Martha Lewallen Aug. 27

1816 -   Jacob Lewellen married Eliza Rockerby May 21

1819 - Josiah Lewallen married Jane Thomas Oct. 23

1820 - John Lewallen married Elizabeth Lenham

1826 - Jobish Lewellan married Sally Taylor Oct. 22

1850 - Census shows Jacob Lewellen

1880 - Census shows:
   John Luallen 75 (1805) N.C., wife Charlotte age 45 VA and son Jerry 12

1906 - Magan Cemetery:   S. K., wife of M.P. (or F.) Lewellen, born April 4, 1858, died Oct. 14, 1906

1939 - Magan Cemetery:   D. C. Lewellen, born 1879, died 1939
Alpha, wife of D. C. Lewellen, born 1879 died ---


1870 - John Louallen age 27 (1843) KY, living with Barney Cull (age 25) and family.


1837 - Richard and Solomon Luillin had 50 acres surveyed Mar. 20 on Millstrong Creek


1880 - Census shows:
   -   Martin Lewallen age 49 TN, TN, TN, wife Malvina age 36, Susannah 9 and James W. 5.   They were living with the family of James Mafield age 50.   Others living in same household or nearby were Webb and Gadberry.

Formed 1837 from Henry, Oldham and Gallatin

1840 - Census shows Henry Luallen


1825 - Abednego Lewallen 15 Apr. 100 Acres, Book U, Water course - Crab Orchard   (See 1820 Hopkins)

1840 - Census shows L. C. Lewellin

Formed 1797 from Logan County

1799 - William Lewelling in county
1799 - William Lewallen had 145 acres surveyed on Dec. 8 on Sulphur Fork

1800 - Census shows   William Lewelling (died 1811, see below)

1805 - Matthew Young Jr migrated to Warren County.   (Note:   Matthew Henry Young married Flora Josephine Todd Aug 1787 in Abbeville and 96 Districts, S.C.)

1810 - Census shows Clabourn Lewallen and Wm. Lewallin.   NOTE:   Clabourn came from Wake County, N.C.; he sold his property in that county 1806.

1811 - Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and Inventories shows:
William Lewallen, Aug. 29, 1811, wife Miriam.   Children not listed.

1816 - By this time, Clabourne Lewallen was in Maury County, TN

1821 - Sept. 9. Alexander Chapman (Chap) Young born, son of Matthew Young Jr (born SC and migrated with his family and his father's family to Warren ca 1805.   Settled on waters of Indian Creek.   In 1848/9 Chap Young married Harriett Floyd.

1850 - William Lewelling in census


1800 - Tax list shows Samuel Lewallen

1820 - Census shows Lepe Lewellen

1850 - Census shows Elisha Lewellen born 1825, Permelia born 1834 and Louisa A. born 1850
1850 - Samuel Lewallen

(NOTE:   Wayne County KY borders Scott Co. TN)

1802 - Joseph Hatfield on tax roll.  

1806 and 1807 - Joseph Hatfield on tax list.   (Moved to what was Anderson County, Tennessee, later Scott County, TN)

1807 - Nancy Hatfield   (daughter of Joseph and Rachel) married Aaron Whitecotton   She was born Oct. 25, 1786 in Virginia and died Jan. 18, 1870 in Reynolds County, KY.   Witnesses to the marriage were John Maxwell and George Whitecotton.

1810 - Census shows John Lawlin

1830 - Census shows Henry, Jessee and Mathew Lewellen (see 1831)

1831 - Three men, marked as delinquent in paying their taxes, had gone to Tennessee:
   Jesse Luellen - Tennessee
   Henry Luellen - Tennessee
   Mathew Luellen - Tennessee

1859 - John Lewellen had 75 acres surveyed Feb. 2 on Troublesome and Difficulty
1859 - John Lewellen had 200 acres surveyed Dec. 3 on Rock Lick
1859 - Andrew Lewellen had 200 acres surveyed Mar. 25 on Troublesome

1860 - Rice Lewallen had 61 acres Nov. 12 on Poplar Creek

1860 - Census shows
 Town of Monticello, 7 July 1860:
   Dwelling 601 –  Anderson Lewellen, age 22, male, born Tenn., farm laborer; Sarah Lewellan, 26 years, female born Tenn; Columbus, age 2 male born Tenn
   Dwelling 602 –  John Lewellan, age 48, male, born Tenn, farmer; Delila Lewellan age 44 female born Tenn; Campbell age 20 male born Tenn; Andrew age 17 male born Tenn; Nancy age 14 female born Tenn; Columbus age 12 male born Tenn; Eliza Ann age 11 female born Tenn; Lucinda age 10 female born Tenn; William age 7 male born Tenn
   Dwelling 603 –  Andrew Lewallen age 66   (1794) male born NC farmer; Malinda age 69 (1791) female born Tenn; William Slavin age 17 male born Ky; Rebecca Lewallen age 58 female born Tenn; Marlin Lewallen age 22 male born Tenn   (NOTE:   Andrew and Malinda re buried in Scott County, TN)
   Dwelling 605 –  Walter D. Lewallen age 29 male born Tenn; Annie age 28 female born Tenn; Andrew R age 11 male born Tenn; Nancy M female age 9 born Tenn; Mary Ann age 7 female Tenn; John G. age 6 male born Ky; Samuel A 2 born Ky,; Rheda E. 2/12 female born KY

1861 - A. S. Lewallen had 100 acres surveyed Jan. 17 on Big S Fork

1866 - Arminda Lewallen was born Nov. 16, daughter of Campbell and Melinda Lewallen.   She married Alvin Hembree and died 1949.   (see note below)

1868 - Millie Louvania Lewallen was born Sept. 1, daughter of Campbell and Melinda Lewallen.   She died 1894 and is buried in the Lewallen Family Cemetery at Glenmary, Tennessee.   Her husband was Campbell Watts

1870 - John Harrison Lewallen was born August 26, son of Campbell and Melinda Lewallen.   He died May 21, 1954 in Glenmary, Scott County, TN.   He was the grandson of John Lewallen, first sheriff of Scott County.

1870 - Census shows the following individuals:
   -   John Lewallen age 57 (1813) North Carolina (he was the first sheriff of Scott County and a descendant of Anderson Lewallen), wife Louisa 56 TN, Lucy 20 TN, Wm 18 TN, Thomas C. 2 KY, Texas 4/12 KY, McDonel 15 TN, James 14 TN, Hellen 12 TN, Sarah 10 TN, Hiram 9 TN, Martha 8 TN, and Granville C. 1 KY.
Next door:
   -   Granville Lewallen 24 TN, Drusilla 24 KY, John 1
and next door to him:
   -   Andrew Lewallen 26, Barbara 25, William S. 4, Louisa 2 and Eliza Jane 1

1872 - . Mary Jane Lewallen was born October 5, 1872, daughter of Campbell and Melinda Lewallen. She died March 12, 1960 in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.

1881 - Andrew Lewallen had 100 acres surveyed Oct. 17 on Rock Creek
1881 - Andrew Lewallen had 50 acres surveyed Oct. 17 on Rock Creek

NOTE:   Campbell Lewallen served in the War in Kentucky.   He was born in Morgan County, TN. and is a descendant of Anderson Lewallen.


See Hopkins County above.

Date unknown - Webster Co. KY Will Bk l page 20:   Jane Graham; son L. C. Lewellyn, two grandchildren Jane and Emma, daus of my decd daughter Margaret.

1860 - Source unknown:   Abednego Llewellyn continued to live in Kentucky.   He appears in the censuses for 1820, 1830, 1840.   In the 1860 census for Webster Co., formed from part of Hopkins Co. where Llewellyns lived, he appears as 70 yrs. old, born in Tennessee, living in the house of his daughter Jane A. Graham and her husband John R. Graham.   He prepared a will on 8 March l861; it was probated on 8 March l866 (Webster Co. Will Book 1, p. 20.   Abedengo's son Leroy had a large family which also remained in Kentucky.   There are no marriage records for Llewellyns before 1850;   Henderson records are lost before 1806, are incomplete for 1806-1810.   There are no Llewellyn wills or administrations for Hopkins Co.
NOTE:   Abednego Lewellyn of Hopkins and Webster Cos. KY declares in the 1860 census that he was born in TN c.1790 (he was 70 years old in 1860, acc. to the census, but age was not always accurately kept).   He was the son of Nancy Leeper and   Abednego Llewellyn of Davidson Co. TN.

1860 - Census shows Leroy Llewellynn, Nancy, Narcissa, Acill, Abednego (see Hopkins county 1850) and living with them was Rebecca Lawson age 20 with a child W. H. Lawson age 1.   Rebecca was their daughter.

1870 - Census shows L. C. Llewellyn 62 (1808), Nancy 62 (1808 KY), and A.P. 23

Billie Harris - Mar 14, 2009

Does anyone know who the John Lawlin in 1810 or the Henry, Jesse and Mathew Lewellen in 1830/31 are?   Wayne County, Kentucky now borders Scott County, Tennessee.   Anderson Lewallen moved from Wake County, N.C. to what is now Scott County, Tennessee about 1811.   Are any of these individuals connected to Anderson when he was in Wake County?   If so, I'll edit that information above so we'll know which line they go to.

Dorothy Campbell - Jul 11, 2009

Attention Darlene:

Could this Mathew Luellen - Tennessee on the bottom of this section be your Mathew?

(NOTE:   Wayne County KY borders Scott Co. TN)

1810 - Census shows John Lawlin

1830 - Census shows Henry, Jessee and Mathew Lewellen (see 1831)

1831 - Three men, marked as delinquent in paying their taxes, had gone to Tennessee:
   Jesse Luellen - Tennessee
   Henry Luellen - Tennessee
   Mathew Luellen - Tennessee

Darlene Luallen Griffin - May 25, 2014

Hi Dorothy!   Somehow I missed your post!!!   I have seen this record before.   In 1831, my Mathew would have been only 10 years old.   I have wondered if any of these men could be
my Mathew's father.   Recent DNA has linked my family to a descendant from Richard Luallen/Lewallen/Llewellyn in Anderson Co, TN.   But I don't have a paper trail beyond my
Mathew, b. 1821.   I feel like he is still somehow connected to your ancestors (Andrew L, John) because they lived so close.   My cousin matched 66/67 markers with a descendant
of Zachariah Davis Lewallen who also lived nearby.   I feel that Mathew and Zachariah were probably brothers.   They do not match the other Lewallens in Scott County.   To complicate the entire situation, we match Davises and Sessions at 111 markers.   Zachariah's descendant did not test at 111 but I suspect he would remain a close match.

Billie Harris - May 25, 2014

Darlene:   Do we have the line of Davises who match with your Matthew?

Darlene Luallen Griffin - May 26, 2014

The Davis line that Matthew matches with can be traced back
to Nathan Davis, born between 1765 and 1784 in Lincoln
County (now Gaston), North Carolina.   His son William Davis
moved to TN about 1825, eventually settling in Monroe county.  
I know there were Davises in Morgan/Scott Co, TN.   In fact,
two Davis daughters married Lewallens.   I have not found
anyone from those families who has done DNA testing.   It is
interesting to me that the Davises who have done the DNA
testing and match with Lewallens/Sessions do NOT match with
the hundreds of Davis kits.   The Davis researcher who
contacted me in 2011 has been uncooperative with me and
with Sessions researchers.