John and Priscilla (Harris) Lewellen -- help needed (Brother of Wiley ? )

Billie Harris - Feb 9, 2009

Barbara Hensley is a new member of this site, and we welcome her !

She descends from John Llewellyn and here's the information she sent on him.   If anyone can add to it or help with the name of John Lewellen's parents, PLEASE DO.    

John Lewellen's wife was Priscilla Harris.   A marriage record for them has never been found so it isn't known where they married.   By l8l6 John and Priscilla   Llewellen were in Wilson Co., Tn., and he was buying land which he then sold in l820. They probably moved on to Madison County, Tennessee when he sold the land.   The 1838 school census of Madison shows Priscilla with two children in school so John died sometime between 1820 and 1838.   The 1850 census shows Priscilla (Harris) Lewellen age 60 born NC in the household of Alfred Llewellen age 29 with wife, Jane (Jane was probably the daughter of Haynes Lee Sr.) with William 8, Matilda 5, and Mary 2/12.   One researcher said William and Matilda are children of a Mr. Holmes.   Living next to Alfred is Wiley Llewellen, age 38, born Tennessee, Sarah 24 born NC., Arminta 16, Wiley 10, Elizabeth 9, Samantha 4, John W. 2 and Sarah J. 9/12

Per Barbara:   "This has to be a second wife for Wiley and believe he married first, Catherine Pain(Payne) in Madison Co, Tn and she died and he married Sarah. There was a marriage bond for Wiley Llewellen and Catherine Pain in Madison Do. in l830. Oct. 12

"After the war, A. M. Lewelling took loyalty oath in Henderson Co. He was a private Co. G Tn infantry l862..

"No. 4, l867 Priscilla Lewelling left a will which was lost in a courthouse fire but forturnately the   index was saved. Priscilla Lewellen, Alfred M. Lewellling executor, with Sutton Manley, and Jasper Rogers as B.M. I was unable to locate any of the Lewellings in the l860 census anywhere but in l870 I found Samantha Lewellen 23 b. Tn living with Joseph Treadgill 52 N.C. and Frances E SC 42.     One researcher said Alfred M. and Jane Holmes (don't know whether Holmes or Lee) had Mary E. l850, John Nelson l854, Frances l856, Leonora l860, Susan   M. l860, Mal, Jane.

"Wiley Harris is well-documented back to l600's in Isle of Wight Co., Va. The Hearnes are also but unfortunately we don't know Elizabeth's parents. but think they were Nancy Wilson and Thomas Hearne.   Numerous children of Wiley Harris and Elizabeth Hearne were located around them in Madison Co. I don't know if this is much help but it does give naming patterns . There was a document   a researcher found when one of Wiley's sons died that gave the names of all his children and if deceased, the grandchildren's names which was a gold mine. as Wiley's will in l840 only named the deceased."  

Priscilla's parents, Wiley and Elizabeth Harris,   were also in Wilson Co., Tn. about the time John and Priscilla were there. They were married in Montgomery County, NC and had lived in Randolph Co., N.C. before moving to Tennessee.  

children.Hope this is of some help to someone.Sincerely,Barbara Harris Hensley

Billie Harris - Feb 9, 2009

The reason I put a question mark in the title after "brother of Wiley" is because I'm wondering if Wiley Lewallen (born ca 1795 N.C.) might have been a brother of this John Lewellen.   Is it possible Wiley Harris (born 1741 and died 1824, son of Isham and Martha (Rowland) Harris) might have been where the given name of Wiley came from.   In other words if Wiley's father was a friend of Wiley Harris, he might have named a son after him - OR - maybe Wiley Lewallen's mother was a Harris who was a sister of Wiley Harris.   These are just things running through my head to search out.   Anyway, that's the reason for the heading the way it is.

Here are the records I found for Wiley Harris:

1800 - Montgomery County, N.C.

1810 - Randolph County, N.C., and one in Augusta Co. VA

1820 - Albemarle County, VA, Rowan NC, Putnum GA, Pike MS

1830 - Montgomery County, N.C., Maury TN, Davidson TN

Barbara Hensley - Mar 1, 2009

There were several Wiley Harrises, some kin, some not to the Wiley Harris who was the father of Priscilla Harris who married John Lewellen. My Wiley Harris was in Montgomery Co., NC, Randolph Co., NC, Wilson Co, Tn, and Madison Co., Tn.
Wiley Harris was born l766   NC and   died l840 in Madison Co., Tn. His parents were Isham Harris and Martha (perhaps Green).
There were no other Harris/Lewellen marriages in Wiley Harris and Elizabeth Hearne's family .
Thank you.
Barbara Hensley

Billie Harris - Mar 1, 2009

Barbara, can you tell me approximately what years Wiley Harris was in Montgomery and Randolph counties, N.C. and in Wilson and Madison counties, TN.