Children of Anderson and Lucy Rice Lewallen

Resa Miller - Mar 7, 2009

I believe Billie asked about this a week or so ago,   it was on an AOL hometown site that was shut down.   Fortunately it was saved in a email.   Dorothy Campbell shares many of my same lines.   This is one of them.

Children of Anderson & Lucy Rice Lewallen

1. Wiley Lewallen----------------Born 1786
2. Thomas Lewallen-------------Born 1788
3. Alexander Lewallen ---------Born October 07. 1793------------------------- M: Prudience Clark
4. Andrew L. Lewallen----Born: October 7, 1793----------------------- M: Malinda Davis
5. Polly Lewallen------------Born 1802------------------------------------------ M: Michael Robbins
6. Joel Lewallen--------------Born: June 10, 1803-------------------------- M: Rachael Talor
7. Willliam L Lewallen----Born: August 03, 1809------------------------ M: Nancy Wallace- 2-Elizabeth Hembree  
8. John Lewallen-------------Born: February 12, 1812-------------------   M: Delilah Reed

John Lewallen who was the first sheriff of Scott County was the brother to Anderson,which made him Rhoda Ann Uncle John Lewallen.

William another brother of Andersdon fought in the Battle of Gettysburg.

Family of My Great Grandmother Rhoda Ann Lewallen Young

Rhoda Ann Lewallen was born December 15, 1828 to the parents of Andrew L. Lewallen and Malinda Elizabeth Davis Lewallen. Andrew and Malinda were both born in North Carolina.   They were married November 14, 1814 in Roane County Tennessee.

Andrew was born October 7, 1793 in Wake County , North Carolina and moved with his parents in 1811 to Roane County at the age of seventeen. Parents of Andrew were Anderson Grant Lewallen and Lucy Rice Lewallan of Prince Edward County, Virginia. At this point , we have been unable to discover any ancestors of Lucy Rice Lewallen.

Andrew was a tall , slender Methodist Minister and also a farmer. He passed away November 30, 1873 in Scott County , Tennessee.

Malina Davis Lewallen was born April 1, 1792 in North Carolina to Joseph and Elizabeth   Davis of Virginia. Malinda died April 11, 1876 in Scott County, Tennessee.

Andrew and Malinda are both buried in the Carpenter Cemetery on Nydeck Road near Wolf Creek and White Oak Creek In Morgan County, Tennessee. Their headstones are clearly marked.

Children of Andrew and Malinda Davis Lewallen

1. Elizabeth-------Born August 11, 1818 ---------------------------------- M: Matthew Young
2. Nancy--------- --Born March 1, 1821-------------------------------------- M: Solomon Young
3. Andrew Russell-Born October 28, 1824------------------------------M: Perlisca Ann Davis---Susan B. Rose
4. Rhoda Ann---Born December 15, 1831------------------------------- M: Matthew Young
5. Walter Davis-Born April 4, 1831---- ------------------------------------ M: Anna Brown

Elizabeth Lewallen married Matthew Young and after she passed away, Matthew married her younger sister Rhoda Ann Lewallen. Matthew had twelve children between the two sisters. Rhoda Ann was my Great Grandmother though and she and Matthew raised all the children together.

Matthew’s brother also married Nancy Lewallen , so this made Nancy’s children and Elizabeth’s and Rhoda Ann’s children all double cousins.

Children of Matthew & Elizabeth Lewallen Young

1. Malinda Ann--- Born: October 03, 1839------------ M: Campbell C. Lewallen
2. Mary----------------Born: 1843------------------------------- M: Mr.Steel
3. Nancy -------------Born: 1844------------------------------- M: Joseph Bell

Children of Matthew & Rhoda Ann Lewallen Young

1. Elizabeth--------------Born 1849----------------------------------- M: Thomas Moffett
2. Louisa------------------Born: 1951---------------------------------- M: George Baker--Mr.McCoy
3. George W.------------Born:-November 01, 1853----------- M: Mary Smith
4. Vetha Frances------Born: 1857---------------------------------- M: Leonard Peak
5. Layton Webster----Born: 1859---------------------------------- M: Alphine Ira Peak
6. William Harrison--Born: 1863---------------------------------- M: Tina Smith
7. John Granville-----Born: May 23, 1866--------------------- M: Mary Etta Landrum
8. Arnold------------------Born: 1869---------------------------------- M: Bessie Gross, Sara Wilson,   English Woman,and Minnie Brown

My Lewallen Line (Dorothy Young Campbell)

6. Anderson Grant Lewallen-----------   M: Lucy Rice Lewallen
5. Andrew L. Lewallen-------------------   M: Malinda Elizabeth Davis Lewallen
4. Matthew Young--------------------------     M: Rhoda Ann Lewallen Young
3. John Granville Young----------------     M: Mary Etta Landrum Young
2. Harry Douglas Young ----------------     M: Cordelia Cecil Young
1. Dorothy Young Campbell----------     M: Mark Campbell

Billie Harris - Mar 8, 2009

Resa, I'm not so sure the descendants of Anderson are correct.   We've only assumed Wiley was a son of Anderson's, however, Wiley was born 1795.   From what was found, it seems Anderson had a son named Jesse and I think Wiley was from Jesse.   I think Anderson may have had a brother also with that name.  

In the search history blank above, type in North Carolina and then when the page comes up, click on the one that says "North Carolina - chronology" and take a look.   Scroll down to Wake County and you'll see what I mean about him having a son named Jesse.   You can also type in the search history blank Virginia and click on the page that says "Virginia - Chronology" and look at the section for Prince Edward County.   Most of the postings on those pages are documented.   Let me know what you think after you go over them.