John Lewellen, Catherine Duval, Preble Co., Ohio, Kentucky

Billie Harris - Mar 12, 2009

NOTE:   The DNA from a descendant of this line of Lewellens does not match with others.

Debbie sent the following site to me and I've asked the person who has the site if she'd like to join us on this site.   I doubt that all the early information is substantiated so use this as a guide from John and Catherine (DuVal) Lewellen on back until verification has been made.


Please note the following information was collected from numerous verified and unverified sources.   Much of the information came from other individuals who could not provide the source of their information.   Family members were placed in the listing based on the information available and may not be necessarily correct.   If you have information or corrections please feel free to contact us at   A final note, the listing only reflects our direct lineage and does not include connected family branches.

JOHN SR LLEWELLYN (unknown parentage) was born in Wales-England.  


·       DANIEL SR LLEWELLYN, b. Abt. 1600, Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA; d. February 13, 1663/64, Charles City, Charles Co, VA.


DANIEL SR LLEWELLYN was born Abt. 1600 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co, MA, and died February 13, 1663/64 in Charles City, Charles Co, VA.   He married ANNE BAKER February 16, 1640 in Charles City, Charles Co, VA, daughter of JONATHON BAKER.   She was born Abt. 1604 in Charles City, Charles Co, VA, and died May 15, 1666 in Charles City, Charles Co, VA.   Anne Baker was married (1) Jonathon Price, b. 1635, (2) Roger Hallome (Hollum), and (3) Daniel Llewellyn.


·       MARGARET LLEWELLYN, b. Abt. 1630, Virginia, She married JAMES CREWES.

·       MARTHA LLEWELLYN, b. Abt. 1645, Virginia; d. Bet.   1685 - 1745, VA; She married REV. ROBERT JONES, 1662, Charles City, Charles Co, VA.

·       DANIEL M. JR. LLEWELLYN, b. Abt. 1647, Henrico, Virginia; d. June 17, 1712, Charles City, Charles Co., Virginia.

Other Children of Anne Baker from previous marriage:

·       ROBERT HALLOME, b. Bet.   1620-1635.

DANIEL M. JR. LLEWELLYN was born Abt. 1647 in Henrico, Virginia, and died June 17, 1712 in Charles City, Charles Co., Virginia.   He married JANE STITH Bet.   1670 - 1712.   She was born about 1604.


·       DAVID LLEWELLYN, b. Bet. 1700 - 1750.

·       DANIEL ALEXANDER III LLEWELLYN, b. Abt. 1710, Virginia; d. July 18, 1785, Prince Edward Co., Virginia

DANIEL ALEXANDER LLEWELLYN was born Abt. 1710 in Virginia, and died July 18, 1785 in Prince Edward Co., Virginia.   He married MARY BURKS (BURKES) Bet.   1740 –  1748 in Prince Edward Co, VA.  


·       JESSE SR. LLEWELLYN, b. Abt. 1749, He married a Susannah and had two children

·       CHARLES LLEWELLYN, b. November 16, 1750, d. September 10, 1804, Campbell Co, VA, He married ELIZABETH HARRISON December 23, 1779, She was born May 17, 1760, and died December 18, 1826.   Children of Daniel and Mary are Sally, Charles, James, Polly, Greenberry, Elizabeth (Betsy) and John.

·       MARGARET LUALLEN, b. Bet.   1751 - 1781; d. Bet. 1808 –  1881, She married MATHEW RICE

·       WILLIAM LEWELLING, b. Bet.   1752 - 1768; d. July 19, 1790, He married HANNAH SMITH February 17, 1783 in Prince Edward Co, VA.   She was born November 16, 1750, and died December 10, 1804 in Campbell Co, VA

·       RICHARD LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1763, Prince Edward Co, VA; d. May 08, 1833, Anderson Co, TN.   Military service: 1781, Pvt. - Revolutionary War - Virginia Line.   He married (1) GRACE STOKLEY March 30, 1793 in Norfolk, VA (2) PARAZELA VOWELL.   Children of Daniel and Grace are John and Samuel

·       ANDERSON GRANT LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1764, Prince Edward Co, VA; d. Abt. 1825, Morgan Co, TN., He married LYDIA (LUCY) RICE July 08, 1784 in       Norfolk, VA.  

·       THOMAS LEWELLEN, b. bet.1725 and 1735, and died October 20, 1788

THOMAS LEWELLEN was born bet. 1725 and 1735, and died October 20, 1788, He married a Wilkes.   Records indicate that Thomas served in the Revolutionary War in 1778 with the North Carolina Brigade at Valley Forge, PA

Children of THOMAS LEWELLEN and unknown WILKES are:

·       DOCTOR LEWELLEN, b. August 25, 1757, VA; d. March 23, 1847, Monogalia Co, VA, He was married three times, (1) UNKNOWN (2) RUTH FOWLER, b. 1760's, d. Abt 1794, She was the mother of Martha (Ruth may have died giving birth) (3) CATHERINE ___ b. June 16, 1777 and d. 28 December 1841.   Both are buried at Nabors Cemetery, Monogalia Co, WVA (previously VA) Doctor's first child may have been born in KY before moving to OH, Doctor Served in Revolutionary War with Stokley’s Frontier Ranger on PA Frontier, Washington Co, PA.   Children of Doctor are Asa, Alexander, Benjamin, Jesse, Johnathon (John), Joseph, Thomas, Zadock, Julia, Louisa, Martha, Ruth, Mary, Matilda, and Patty.  

·       JOHN LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1765, VA; d. Bef. February 23, 1827, Preble, OH





·       SAMUEL LEWELLEN, b. about 1756, VA (Washington Co, PA), He married Elizabeth STAUTON (STATON) May 10, 1794.   She was b. about 1756, Nelson, KY; Children were born in Washington Co, PA (area later to become part of West Virginia)

JOHN LEWELLEN was born Abt. 1765, Virginia, and died before February 23, 1827 in Preble Co, OH.   He married CATHARINE ELEANOR DEVAL Bet. 1780 - 1786.   She was born September 07, 1763 in Virginia, and died November 27, 1846 in Preble Co., Ohio.   She is buried at Mound Hill Cemetery, Preble, OH


·       LEWIS LEWELLEN, b. Bet. 1781 –  1786 in Kentucky, He married CHARITY RUNYON-PARKE December 01, 1825 in Preble Co., Ohio.   She was born October 16, 1789 in North Carolina, and died August 31, 1855 in Preble Co., Ohio.   They had two children.

·       PATSY LEWELLEN, b. Bet. 1781 - 1812.

·       THOMAS LEWELLEN, b. January 11, 1787, PA; d. Bet 1816 - 1887; m. MARY CRANE, January 16, 1816; b. Bet. 1787 -1801; d. Bet 1816 - 1901.

·       MARTHA LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1789, PA; d. Bet. 1809 - 1889; m. THOMAS MURRAY, May 02, 1809; b. Bet.1779–1789; d. Bet. 1809 - 1889.

·       PHILLIP LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1795, Nelson, Kentucky; d. February 24, 1877, Dixon Township, Preble Co., Ohio; bur. Concord Cemetery, m. ANNE RUNYON-PARKE, January 05, 1815, Preble Co., Ohio; b. April 23, 1791, North Carolina; d. August 09, 1874, Preble Co., Ohio.

·       CATHERINE LEWELLEN, b. December 08, 1796, Kentucky; d. Aft 1870; m. PHILLIP MAY, January 10, 1819; b. Bet. 1776 –  1796, d. Bet. 1819 –  1896

·       SAMUEL LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1797, Nelson Co., Kentucky

·       JOHN LEWIS LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1802, Kentucky

·       DENNIS LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1804, Kentucky

·       SARAH LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1806, Ohio

·       DANIEL LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1808, Ohio, He married RUTH ALLEN March 12, 1829 in Preble Co., Ohio.   She was born Abt. 1803.   They had six children.

THOMAS LEWELLEN was born January 11, 1787 in Virginia, and d. before 1860 in Preble, OH.   He married MARY CRANE on January 16, 1816.   She was born July 28 1798.   According to the 1850 Montgomery Co, IN Census, both Thomas and Mary were born in Pennsylvania.   Thomas who served in the War of 1812 received two land grants in Preble, OH. Both are buried at Weir Cemetery, IN.   The 1860 Montgomery Co, Union Township Census lists Mary as “Head of Household”.

Child of THOMAS LEWELLEN and MARY CRANE:   (according to one source they had 13 children, seven boys six girls and six girls)

·       JOHN L. SR LEWELLEN, b. January 14, 1818, near Eaton, Preble Co, OH; d. Aft. 1838.

·       NANCY LEWELLEN, b. November 22, 1816; d. February 25, 1842; m. ISRAEL PATTON, May 04, 1837; b. October 07, 1813.

·       ELIZABETH LEWELLEN, b. November 14, 1819, IN; m. PAUL H. CHARTERS, March 16, 1842

·       PHILLIP LEWELLEN, b. February 21, 1824, OH, According to 1860 Montgomery Co Census, Phillip could not be located.

·       MARY ANN LEWELLEN, b. April 08, 1828; d. January 05, 1847.

·       MARGARET JANE LEWELLEN, b. September 15, 1833, OH.

·       THOMAS JR LEWELLEN, b. December 19, 1835.

JOHN L. SR LEWELLEN was born January 14, 1818 in near Eaton, Preble Co, OH, and died 1892.   He married MINERVA COONS August 10, 1845.   It’s believed she was born in TN.   Both are buried at Weir Cemetery, IN.   John moved his father Thomas to Ripley Township, Montgomery Co, (abt. 7.5 miles SW of Crawfordsville) IN. in 1838.   Both John and Minerva are buried at Weir Cemetery, IN.

Children of JOHN LEWELLEN and MINERVA COONS are: (They had 12 children, seven sons and five daughters)

·       THOMAS LEWELLEN, b. April 06, 1856, Union Twp, Montgomery Co, IN; d. February 15, 1934.

·       JOHN LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1843, IN.

·       ANDREW LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1849, IN., Missing from Census in 1860

·       ELIZABETH LEWELLEN, b. Abt. 1859, IN.

·       ELIZA LEWELLEN, b. 1855, IN (uncertain if this is Elizabeth)

·       CANDIA LEWELLEN, b. 1852, IN.

THOMAS LEWELLEN was born April 06, 1856 in Union Twp, Montgomery Co, IN, and died February 15, 1933. He married FRANCIS ARMINTA MOORE September 29, 1879 in Union Twp, Montgomery Co, IN.   She was born April 07, 1861, and died September 18, 1927.   Both are buried at Waynetown Masonic Cemetery, IN

Children of THOMAS LEWELLEN and FRANCIS MOORE are: (They had 10 children, four sons and six daughters)

·       LAURA STELLA LEWELLEN, b. July 15, 1880, She married Fred Wilkinson

·       WALTER WASHINGTON LEWELLEN, b. July 16, 1882, He married Edith Zachary

·       ZOLA MAY LEWELLEN, b. May 23, 1885, d. November 15, 1918, She married William Smith

·       BESSIE LEWELLEN, b. June 29, 1887, She married Frank Ellis

·       ARCHIE ALVIN LEWELLEN, b. October 12, 1889; d. August 29, 1964, He married Catherine Padgett

·       GOLDIE ALICE LEWELLEN, b. April 07, 1893, d.   Aft.   1989, She married Ralph Maxwell

·       EDWARD ORTON LEWELLEN, (twin) b. July 21, 1897 and d. September 1970, He married Mary West (Moore)

·       HERBERT GORDON LEWELLEN, (twin) b. July 21, 1897, d. June 1977, He married Mary Opal Cruea

·       DORIS LUCILLE LEWELLEN, b. July 20, 1901, never married, retired as schoolteacher in Akron, OH

·       MABEL ALICE LEWELLEN, b. September 01, 1904, d. December 1977, She married Herman Douglas

ARCHIE ALVIN LEWELLEN was born October 12, 1889, and died August 29, 1964.   He married CATHERINE PADGETT.   She was born May 27, 1892, and died September 13, 1973.


·       MARY LEWELLEN, b. October 20, 1912; m. CHARLES MCCLAMROCK

·       ALVIN SR IRVING LEWELLEN, b. December 15, 1913; d. July 1942

·       WINONA LEWELLEN, b. February 14, 1920; m. WARREN TAGUE

·       JOYCE CATHERINE LEWELLEN, b. July 02, 1926; m. LYLE KROUT

·       PEGGY ALICE LEWELLEN, b. October 16, 1931; m. JOHN CARR


ALVIN SR IRVING LEWELLEN was born December 15, 1913, and died July 1942.   He married MARIE SIMMS in 1929.   She was born August 1913, and died October 21, 1998.  


·       SON LEWELLEN, Living

·       SON LEWELLEN, Living

·       SON LEWELLEN, Living


Children of SON LEWELLEN and SPEARS are:





Billie Harris - Feb 22, 2011

While I'm not disputing the above genealogy, I do want to point out, the second Daniel   who died 1712 Charles City County above left no descendants.

Here's a mini summary of John or Preble County, OH, which may or may not be of help.   Note where he was from conflicts in different publications.

John Lewallen born 1760 moved to Preble County Ohio where he died. John Lewellen served in the Revolutionary War.   He enlisted as a private from Westmoreland Co, in PA, served in the PA militia.   (certificate issued 1785 PA State Archives)

Preble Co., Ohio History:   "John Lewellen and his wife, Catharine Eleanor Duvall (Kate DeVall), originally from Virginia , came to Somers Township in 1809 from Kentucky , and settled on Paint creek.   They reared a family of ten children.   Martha Lewellen Murray was the only one of their children to remain in Preble County .   John and Kate resided in Somers Township and then moved to Dixon Township , Preble County , Ohio

From "Preble Co., Pioneers (Ohio) R97.11P.7ru Somers Tp, pg 19:  
   "John Lewellen and his wife Catherine (DeVall) came from Virginia through Kentucky to Somers Tp in 1809 and settled on Paint Creek.   They were the parents of ten children.   He was a patriot of the Revolutionary War of 1812.   He was a flour inspector.   He was the father of 8 children and came from New Jersey in 1815.

Phillip Lewellen married Hannah Runion Jan. 5 (Note:   Per census, Phillip was born about 1794 in KY)   Also note.   There was a Phillip Lewallen and a Thomas Lewallen serving in the War of 1812 from the same county in Ohio.   They were in Lt. Fleming's company and served   from August 30. 1812, until February 28, 1813


Formed 1785 from Jefferson

(See Davidson County, Tennessee where Meshach and Isaac and Shadrach (of Buncombe County, NC) sold their share of the lot belonging to Abednego Llewellyn.)

1793 - Hopkins County formed (see Hopkins)

1790 -   John Lewelling was listed with one tithable in Nelson County, KY.  

1793 - John and Caty (Duval) Lewellen   (from Pennsylvania) were in Nelson County, KY in 1793, since their son Philip was born there (based on his pension application for service in 1812).   (John died Preble County, Ohio.)

Created 1797 from Jefferson and Nelson

1800 - Census shows   John Lewallen 8/30/1800
1800 - John Lewellen listed on a tax list

1850 - Census shows PHILLIP LUELLEN born 1795

Landy Gobes - Feb 25, 2011

I too can not verify the early part of this lineage.

I have the children of John and Catharine Eleanor Duvall Lewellen as:

Thomas b 1787
Martha 1789-1883
Samuel 1791-
Phillip   1793-1877   (served in war of 1812)
Catharine   1796-
Dennis   1796-   (not sure about these dates, were they twins?)
John Lewis 1798-
Sarah 1800-
Daniel 1808-

Lewis was what John Lewis was called and Patsy was Martha's nickname.   I descend from Martha, and I have a copy of her obituary + an article that she had fallen in the fire and was not expected to live long due to her advanced age. (This happened a year before she died at 95/6.)