The Final Irony - book excerpt - Haggard

Billie Harris - Mar 19, 2009

The following is a posting I put on the Randolph MyFamily site long ago.   I'm posting it here since there was a Martha Haggard who married John Llewellyn and apparently lived in Sevier County, Tennessee.

The following is from “The Final Irony” by Katherine Lane Nichols   It pertains to the Haggard family and one of the Haggards married Dorothea (Dolly) Randolph, sister of James, Thomas, John, and others of Albemarle County, Virginia.   You will find other Randolphs named in this information.


“Henry Hazelrigg Haggard was born 1745 in Albemarle County, Virginia, and died 1842 in Bibb County, Alabama.   He married Dolly Randolph about 1763.   Following the Revolutionary War, North Carolina in order to promote settlements on the frontier as protection against the Indians, issued the veterans land grants.   He received land grant #1623 for three hundred acres which was dated 1787, Greene County, Tennessee in Lisle Creek.   He helped establish the Baptist Church –  French Broad Baptist –  two and a half miles east of Dandridge, Tennessee about 1786.   He moved to Bibb County, Alabama about 1814 with James and Nancy Haggard Fancher, Martin, Noah, Lucy and Susan.   He is listed as one of the organizers of the Baptist Church of Cahaba Valley in 1818.   He served as minister of this church from 1818-1828, and remained active in it for several years afterward.   The church is still very active as one of the largest rural churches in that county.   He is listed in ‘History of Jasper County, Missouri’ in 1888 as being under the direct command of Gen. George Washington.   He is reported to have been a missionary among the Cherokee Indians in North Carolina –  that part is now Tennessee.   His land was sold in Bibb County, Alabama in 1838 to William Fryer and since there was no dower rights Dolly must have already died.   He is listed 1840 Bibb County, Alabama census with his daughter Nancy Haggard Fancher.   Henry and Dolly Randolph Haggard had eleven children:   James, David, Henry, Joel, Noah, Mary, Susan, Lucy, Nancy, Jimmie and Martin.

“Reverend James Haggard was born 1765 Albemarle County, Virginia and died 1851 Tennessee.   He married Mary Atchely about 1801.   She was born 1783 and died 1846.   They had nine children:   (1)   Martin B. Haggard was born 1803 and died 1847.   He married Minerva and then Millie ‘Amelia’ Hardin in 1823.   She was born 1803.   They had ten children:   Rev. James Porter Haggard, Pleasant Andrew, Fannie, Mary, Zachariah or Zero, Martin Van Buren, Clayburn, Mariah ‘Maria’, Nancy Minerva and Elizabeth.   (2)   Lydia Haggard was born 1804 and married John Campbell Atchley. (3) Atchley Haggard was born 1806 and died 1875.   He married Hulda Hardin.   She was born 1801 and died 1846.   He then married Sarah Morris 2 Feb. 1847.   She was born 1822 in Alabama.   He had thirteen children:   Martha, James, Abigail, Mary, William M., Katherin, Daniel, Atchley, Jr., John, Louisa L., Jane, Randall and Jasper.   (4) Polyene Haggard was born 1808   (5)   Jackson Haggard was born 1816 and died 1843.   He married Fannie Waters and had a son Ezekiel (6)   James Haggard was born 1821 and died 1885.   He married Anna Humbard ‘Betty’ 9 April 1839.   She was born 1821 and died 1884.   They had eight children:   Elizabeth, William H., Mary, Minerva A. Caswell D., James Wilson and Andrew A.B. (7)   Noah H. Haggard was born 1824 and married Sarah Randolph.   She was born 1833.   They had seven children:   William Henry, Lisa, John, Jane, Margaret, James and Elijah H.   (8)   Porter Haggard (9)   Mary Haggard.

“David B. Haggard was born 1767 Albemarle County, Virginia and died 1850 in Kentucky.   He married Amelia ‘Millie’ Elkins 29 June 1793.   She was born 1777 and died 1865.   They had fourteen children;   (1) Mary Haggard was born 16 April 1794 and married Thomas Edmunson 23 July 1810 (2) Lucy Haggard was born 31 Jan. 1796 and married William Hodges 6 May 1820.   (3)   Sally Berry Haggard was born 6 Nov. 1797 and married James Holloway 1 April 1821.   (4) Ezekiel Elkin Haggard was born 27 Dec. 1798 and married Malinda McAfee in 1827.   They had six children:   Lucy J., Harriet, Booker, Julia, Melissa, and William David. (5)   Zachariah Elkin Haggard was born 1801 and died 1870.   He married Zilpah Hodge in 1827.   She was born 1809 and died 1892.   They had thirteen children:   Charles Carroll, Alvin Bartlett, Christopher Columbus, Adeline, Malissa, Elizabeth, James H., Harvey, Jane, Marinda, william, John, Louisa.   (6)   John Haggard was born 19 Nov. 1803   (7) Robert Elkin Haggard was born 1805 and died 1885.   He married Rosaline Edmonson 6 Mar. 1830.   She was born 25 Oct. 1810 and they had nine daughters (8) Nancy Neal Haggard was born 3 Mar 1808 and married William Hodge 17 Jan. 1821 (9) Julianna Haggard was born 21 April 1810 and married Elijah Bunch 19 Jan. 1835. (10) Noah Gustuvus Haggard was born 26 Mar. 1813 and married Elizabeth Rupard 21 July 1836.   They had seven children:   Rosaline Malissie, Lary Bert, William Henry, Zechariah, David Erasmus, John Ezekiel, and Mary elizabeth (11) David James Haggard was born 1815 and died 1886.   He married Sarah Ann Edmonson 19 June 1837.   She was born 1818 and died 1897.   They had four children:   James R., Sally E., Zachariah W., and George T. (12) Malissa M. Haggard was born 13 May 1818 and died 9 Feb. 1837.   (13) Elizabeth Haggard was born 7 June 1819.   (14)   Elizabeth Dewley Haggard was born 28 June 1821.

“Henry H. Haggard, Jr. was born 1769 and died about 1829 Jefferson County, Tennessee.   He married his cousin Lucy Randolph 6 Oct. 1797 Jefferson County, Tennessee.   She was born 1775.

“Reverend Joel Haggard served in the Revolutionary War and preached at the Sardis Church, Bibb County, Alabama.

“Reverend Noah Haggard was married to Sarah “Sally” Randolph 28 Jan. 1805.   She was born 1778.   He is listed as the minister of Oakmulbee Baptist Church, Shelby County, Tennessee.   His will is dated 25 Oct 1853 and probated 15 Jan. 1866, Will Book H, pp 926, Shelby county, Alabama.   He had five children:   (1) Lucy E. Haggard married Willie Woods (2) Samuel Haggard (3) Henry Oliver Haggard died 1868.   He married Margaret Ann Mitchell 4 Mar. 1850.   She died 1914.   They had nine children:   John Flavel, Emma Fedora, Henry Francis, James Worthy, son, Carrie, Andrew Carson, Walter Watts, and John Henry. (4) Susan Haggard married Alamath Woods (5) Mary Haggard was born 1815 and died 1852.   She marries Israel Jones 26 Aug. 1835.   He was born 1809 and died 1899.

“Mary ‘Polly’ Haggard was born 1779 and died about 1803.   She married John Trotter.   See Trotter lineage.

“Susan Haggard was born 1782 and died 1860-3.   She married John Francher and had a son Richard born 1813.

“Lucy Haggard was born 1793 and died 1873.   She married Robert Brough Longbottom about 1820.   He was born 1797 and died 1883.   They had ten children:   (1) Mary Longbottom was born 1822 and died as an infant. (2) Susie Longbottom was born 1823-4.   (3) John Longbottom (4) Mary Longbottom was born 1827   (5) Jonathan Longbottom was born 1829.   (6)   Thomas Longbottom was born 1832.   (7)   Hannah Longbottom was born 1835.   (8)   Lucy Longbottom was born 1837.   (9)   Margaret Proteet Longbottom was born 1839 and died 1904.   She married a Mr. Crouch.

“Nancy Haggard married James Fancher.   His will is dated 20 Oct. 1850.   They had four children:   (1) Pleasant M. Fancher (2) Noah H. Fancher (3) Henry Fancher (4) Tabitha E. Fancher who married a Smith.

“Jimmy R. Haggard was born 1808 and died 1895.   He married Parmelia Fox.   She was born 1824 and died 1906.   They had eight children;   (1)   Jimmy Haggard (2) James Jackson Haggard was born 1849 and died 1931.   He married Cyntheia Ann Craze who died about 1925.   They had ten children:   William Andrew Jackson, John Wesley, McFarland ‘Mack’, Liza Jane, George Allen, Mary Lue, James Lafayette, Chattie Presley, Grover Cleveland and Frank Lenorable (3) Lily Haggard married Professor Payne.   (4) Mary Haggard (5) Will Haggard (6) Noah Haggard (7) George Haggard (8) Vina Haggard.

“Reverend Martin Haggard, a Baptist minister, was born 20 May 1810 in east Tennessee and died 26 Aug. 1882 Jewett, Texas.   He married Elizabeth Newport Anderson 18 Dec. 1828.   She was born 1812 and died 1867.   They had four children:   (1)   Mary Virginia Haggard was born 1830 and died 1903.   She married Phillip Thomas and they had ten children:   Theodore, Marcus Hilton, Eugene Jerome, Eudora Josephine, Theresa Henrietta, Viola, Lizzie Simmons, Mary Lienzena, Annie Elizabeth, and Eudora Henrietta.   (2)   Noah Randolph Haggard was born 1831, died 1857 and never married.   (3) Dr. Martin Luther Haggard was born 23 July 1836 and died 1897.   He married Pinkney J. Head and she died in 1859; he then married Mary Ann Caroline Heat Butler 20 Feb. 1860.   He had a son John Martin Haggard born 1861, died 1840, married Lula V. Fortner.   (4)   Jesse M. Haggard was born 1840 and died 1871 and never married.

“The author has much more data concerning these Haggard lines and will be glad to share this with persons who would like more information.   Please include stamped, self addressed envelopes with your inquiries.”

This is all I have.   I do not have a copy of the book, nor her address   If anyone can provide me with that information, please do.