Meshack Lewelling Estate Settlement 1844

Dorothy Campbell - Mar 27, 2009

Billie Harris - Mar 27, 2009

Good information, Dorothy.   Now if we could just find where William Lewelling (Meshack's father) was from, perhaps that would tell us who William's parents were.   Perhaps some of the names in that settlement will be a clue.

Dorothy Campbell - Mar 27, 2009

I have his father William F Lewallen born in 1740 in Virginia.
Died 1799 Randolph County,   N C

I have William's parents as Jesse Lewallen 1689-1778 born in   Frederick Co, VA, died in   TN. Mother Anne Owens died 1778.

Descendants of Jesse John LEWALLEN

Generation No. 1

1.   JESSE JOHN1 LEWALLEN was born 1689 in Frederick Co, VA, and died 1778 in TN.   He married ANN OWENS 28 Jul 1734.   She was born in VA, and died 1778 in VA.

Children of JESSE LEWALLEN and ANN OWENS are:

2. i. SHADRACK2 LEWALLEN, b. 1736, VA; d. 1807.
3. iii. MESHACK LEWALLEN, b. 1738, Frederick Co, VA; d. 1807.
iv. RUTH LEWALLEN, b. 1739.
4. v. WILLIAM F. LEWALLEN, b. Abt. 1740, VA; d. 1799, Randolph Co, NC.
5. vi. DANIEL RICHARD LEWALLEN III, b. 1742, VA; d. 18 Jul 1785, Prince Edward Co, VA.
viii. ABEDNEGO LEWALLEN, b. 1760; d. Jun 1789, Nashville, Davidson Co, TN.

Billie Harris - Mar 27, 2009

Dorothy, it's possible (and I believe probable) that Jesse was William's father and it's possible Meshach was a brother of William but I believe Daniel and Richard were two different individuals.   Type in the History blank above Virginia and scroll down the listing on Virginia chronology and look at the information on the Richards and the Daniels and see what you think.

Billie Harris - Mar 27, 2009

Incidentally, Frederick County, Virginia wasn't formed until 1736 so Jesse couldn't have been born there.   It was formed from Augusta and Orange.   Augusta was formed from Orange and Orange formed 1734 from Spotsylvania.   and Spotsylvania was formed 1720 from Essex, King and Queen and King William.   King William was formed 1700 from King and Queen and King and Queen formed 1691 from New Kent so by process of elimination, it had to have been New Kent County in 1689 but so far, we haven't turned up anything for Lewallens in that county.   Do you know where the information came from so we can check it out.

Dorothy Campbell - Mar 28, 2009

Billie, when I first started my ancestor tree, I didn't keep track of where I found info, I have checked so many places, and so many books, & etc., it would be hard to say where I got it. I was only keeping records for my self, so just didn't seem that important to me. That was long before I had Internet cousins.   I still don't put notes on everything that I do, if I did I wouldn't get much else done.   A lot of the legal papers get too confusing for me.

I realize a lot of counties have changed over the years and been combined, but most of the time, when I am listing ancestors from my local area in TN, I just use the recent county instead of having to write used to be and now for the counties.

Of course when I first started this many years ago, I didn't know later after the Internet, that I would meet so many new cousins, that other wise I would not have known. I am so thankful for the Internet and all my new found cousins.

Billie Harris - Mar 28, 2009

Nor did I keep notes on sources years ago.   I was just happy to have found something.   But then when our house flooded, what sources and correspondance I had were all destroyed anyway.

Sheila Wingate - Jul 14, 2009

Jesse Lewallen's parents are Thomas Llewellyn and Ruth Vernon.   Ruth's parents are Daniel Vernon, and unknown.... You will find information in Frederick County, VA on Jesse and his father Thomas.   They were Quakers also and you will find info on them in the various Quaker MM's... that's Monthly Meetings... for Fairfax Co, and others all over the country.  

Thomas Llewellyn' father is also Thomas Llewellyn b. 1618/1620 in Pembrey, Carmathian, Wales, d. 1732.   He married a Sarah...b abt 1620 b. Pembrey, Carmathian, Wales, d. after 1755.   They were married 18 May 1642 in the Isle of Wight, where you will also find records, but in the Isle of Wight of VA, not Wales.

Thomas Llewellyn and Sarah had 3 known children.  

Thomas Llewellyn b 28 Dec 1643 - Pemney, Carmathian, Wales, and died in Frederick or Loudon Co., VA.

Morris Llewellyn b abt 1644 at Castle Beith, Kemmes Parish - d Haverford Twp, Chester Co., PA.     His family history can be found online, and many names duplicate the ones in this line too, and some of his descendents intersect with some of yours and mine.

John Llewellyn b 1645.   Nothing else is known of him.

Now to Thomas Llewellyn b 28 Dec 1643.... He is the ancestor who came over from Wales and was indentured to Daniel Vernon who was a Quaker and had lived in Norfolk, VA before obtaining land in Frederick Co.   Thomas arrived 1664, worked for Vernon for 4 years and then to obtain 40 acres of land, worked another 3, at which time he then married Daniel's daughter, Ruth.

Their children:

Thomas Henry Llewellyn b 1675 in Frederick, VA
Daniel Llewellyn b 1677 Frederick, Va
Mary Lewallen b 1679 Frederick, VA

Richard Llewellyn b 1681 Frederick, VA -- d 1723 Norfolk, VA -- He married an Elizabeth b abt 1681.   d Norfolk, VA and had son Abel Lewelling.   The Will for Richard is on file in Norfolk and lists the wife and son.  

                       Abel Lewelling d abt 28 Oct 1758, married a Sarah who also died in Norfolk, VA.   Their children are:   Daniel Lewelling, Abel Lewelling, John Lewelling.

Margaret Llewellyn b 1684 Frederick, VA
Hannah Llewellyn b 1686 Frederick, VA
Jesse Lewallen b 1689 Frederick, VA -- d abt 1788 VA prob Norfolk

ABEDNEGO LEWALLEN, b. 1760; d. Jun 1789, Nashville, Davidson Co, TN is the son of Jesse's son Shadrack and Deborah Burson, and was killed by Indians.

Billie Harris - Jul 14, 2009

Sheila, thank you for this info.   It helps.   Now we are in need of two things.

1.   To trace this line on down, i.e., the children of Thomas, the children of Morris, the children of John and then their children.   I know we have much already which is summarized in the History section under "Pennsylvania - Chronology" and "Virginia - Chronology" but we need more.   (When you pull up those postings, scroll down to the various counties - they're in alpha order).   Thomas and Morris/Maurice are first found in Pennsylvania so it's important to look in Pennsylvania.  
   Another place to look in the History section is the posting "Maryland - Chronology" because we have Llewellyns in the early to mid 1600's there as well, including in a Frederick County, Maryland, which is right across the border from Loudoun County, VA where Shadrach and Deborah Burson Lewellen were.

   When you look at the Virginia - Chronology, scroll down to Loudoun County for information on Shadrach and Deborah.   There's a web site with Quaker info posted there.   Fairfax, Virginia, incidentally, wasn't created until 1738 (created from Loudoun and Prince William) so the Thomas, Daniel and Mary couldn't have been born there 1675-79..  

Also, take a look in the Virginia chron at Charles City County and you'll see Daniel.   Maybe this is where many researchers are getting the Daniels confused.   The Daniel III   in Charles City County doesn't seem to have left any sons when he died but with Ruth Vernon's father being named Daniel and Ruth married Thomas Llewellyn, then that's where the given name we find later on could have come from.

2.   We need a male who can actually trace his line back to one of these individuals to do a DNA for us.   We've had 10 or 12 men do DNA tests for us and so far we have four or five different groups which means we have more than one line of Llewellyns or some adoptions somewhere.

I'm sure you're right that Abednego Lewallen was the son of Shadrach and Deborah (Burson) Lewallen.   It's easy to get Shadrach's children mixed up with William Lewelling's children.   Both Shadrach and William were Quakers and both named their sons and daughters similar names so it's confusing.   I suspect Dorothy's posting above that Shadrach and William were brothers is correct, it's just a matter of finding confirmation - a source.   We've had a descendant of William's do a DNA but we can't find a descendant of Shadrach's to do one and we really need one.

Please help figure out who descends from whom.   In the Search History blank above, type in
     Virginia (and scroll down to the one that says Virginia - Chronology)
     then type in
     Maryland (and scroll down to the one that says Maryland - Chronology)
     then do the same for Pennsylvania.

If we could start piecing some of these early families together, it would help everyone.